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Lisa the Temp:
What can I say, peeps, it's slow around here.


Lisa the Temp:
But look on the brightside — the less baseball news there is the less time you need to spend visiting baseball blogs and that means …


Lisa the Temp:
The more time you can spend at YouPorn*.



Lisa the Temp:
Oh, c'mon, peeps, Lisa wasn't born yesterday. I know all about the devil and your idle, hairy palmed hands.



Lisa talking about porn?

Gee, thanks, H.B.

Now I have to get the bleach to clean off my keyboad.

Luckily I'm not at work!

humana, humana, humana...

I'll shave my palms Peep if we don't have to give up Jacoby :)

The last thing I expected to see on the debate last night was one of the regulars from here. Congrats Pudge.

hmmm. Lisa has catholic tastes [in the original sense of the word]

//I know all about the devil and your idle, hairy palmed hands//

And how exactly DO you know, Lisa? Is there something you would like to share about your own hairy habits as you stare back at us? ("Mmmm...Bob, your Loyola Marymount t-shirt...it's so clean today...")

I have thought about it and I agree that no deal for Santana should include Ellsbury. I like our pitching as it is. Ellsbury has all the makings of a perennial all star in center.

I love Santana but let him go to the Yanks and bring it on.

That's awesome, Pudge!

Did you know beforehand that your vid was chosen?

Or did you actually perform the song live? Jeez, I woulda puked nails if I had to do that live.

Pudge, here's your coverage in the Boston Herald:


Pudge: niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

The guy who sang it, who apparently is "one of US", was at the debate last night. His video was played first, and frankly, was the high point of the evening. I can't imagine a more odious collection of candidates, although I am sure they could be topped.


Wow! Nice job Pudge! Loved your "Thank Goodness for the Bruins" BTW. Your not really a Republican though...?

My little bro just sent me this link: http://www.twincities.com/ci_7584709?source=most_viewed&nclick_check=1

Word outta Minnesota papers is that the Sox are the front-runners for Santana, dealing Crisp, Lester, Masterson and Lowry. Thoughts?


That was tres cool. I listened to that the first time you posted it and thought it was good stuff. I'm glad it got the attention of CNN to get included in the debate opener. Most of the candidates took it pretty well it seemed (although I think Mitt scowled a bit).

Also, a search for Lisa and Red Sox on YouPorn doesn't quite result in anything like what I was expecting. Still good though, just not expected.

Also, Snohomish.

Pudge. Wow. I'm totally awed. Bravo!!!!

Awesome indeed, Pudge!

I like trading Crisp/Lester for Santana, but not Bucholz or Ellsbury.

If anyone gets a sign-in page at Natalie's link:

[email protected]

In case you all were worried about Ron Paul in Pudge's first song...

He got his own whole song instead.

Sorry, yeah, that link required registration, for like two paragraphs of speculation. Here is the salient content:

A little birdie says the Boston Red Sox have become the favorite in the Johan Santana trade sweepstakes.

The Twins would receive four players for the Twins' two-time Cy Young Award winner, including center fielder Coco Crisp, 28.

Others would be shortstop prospect Jed Lowry, 23; left-handed pitcher Jon Lester, 23; and right-handed pitcher Justin Masterson, 22.

Before a deal could be made, the Red Sox would have to have time to negotiate a contract extension with Santana, 28, who can become a free agent after next season and could have a market value as high as $150 million over six years.

Pudge - way to take it to the street...er the interwebs! Pretty freckin' awesome. When's the stadium tour and tees coming out?

RE: Santana. SI is reporting that Ellsbury needs to be included to make RS frontrunner. No thanks. I'm happier w/ Crisp - but we'd be looking at another 20+mill/yr contract. I guess that's a bargain in the world of Scott Linebrink.

As a huge Ellsbury/Bucholz honk, I say no. Lowry would look good at SS for the next 8 years, but I'd burn him.


For some more feel-good Jacoby moments, his hometown parade:

No love out there for Jon Lester?

Sorry, I asked this yesterday, but it was the end of the day, so here goes again.

Has anyone received their season tix or 10th Man Plan invoice yet? I seem to remember they came somewhere around this time last year.

I imagine they'll be here any day, Bob, but no, I haven't gotten mine yet.

My hope is that the Sox are in the Santana negotiation just to make sure the Yankees (or better yet the Mets) over-pay for him. Because I don’t see how the combination of losing 4 good players (at least 3 who should be on the Twin's ML roster next year) combined with the risk of an 8 year $140 million contract is the best way to improve the Red Sox. And I define risky here as a contract that 1. is for a pitcher (most often injured position in baseball), 2. ties up money for more than 5 years, and 3. has a value over $100 million.

The Yanks are more desperate for an ace, and are genetically inclined to over-pay anyway, so the Theo magic here might be to create an illusion of serious interest to ensure that if the Yanks do get him, it really, really costs them. Because sitting out the process and letting the Yanks pay less than they should for Santana would hurt us. Maybe Theo has learned something from all those Boras negotiations. . .

In which case we can use Coco to pick up a solid reliever, which is what we need anyway.

Coming in late to send kudos to pudge. Well done, sir. I've gone back to YouTube a couple of times to hear your "Lines & Squares" rendition. Great pick-me-up.

My 2 cts: I'm OK giving up good players for Santana, but I don't like the idea of having to sign him for so much in addition to giving away the kids. Wouldn't mind seeing what the Lowrie kid can do.

Okay, hb, I am going to dork out here, but was just reading up on Steve Wozniak at Apple (work shit) and for the first time read that the Lisa was a personal computer designed for Apple in the 80s. Was that your inspiration for the temp's name (given her keyboard etc)? If so, awesome! If not, still awesome.

Heh. Natalie, you never heard of the Apple Lisa before?

Yikes. I know I'm getting old, but now I feel it.

"In myyyyyyyyyyyy day, we had computers named after office temps, and we LIKED it!"

Hi all. I've been busy travelling and taking care of some things, so I didn't reply sooner.

Long story short: YouTube guy asked me to write the song (having seen some of my questions to the candidates, and apparently, some of my songs), I did, he invited me to Florida to watch the debate, I didn't know it was going to played, Jeri Thompson (Fred's wife, sat behind me) loved it, and Chuck Norris shook my hand and said "it's a real honor to meet you, man."

So, a good time. :-)

Scott, and yes, I am a Republican. ph34r me. (And I didn't write "Thank Goodness for the Bruins," I just posted a link to it because I thought it was funny. :-)

Thanks for all the kind words.

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