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Out sick

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I picked up something that I'll euphemistically refer to as a "stomach thing," and, consequently, I'm not doing so well.

On the positive side, it's a quick way to drop a few extra pounds.



Feel better. You'll come back fitter and trimmer after this:) No pain no loss?

get well soon, h.b. If you have to be sick, the the doldrums of the HST is not a bad time I guess.

We will just fend for ourselves, here on the "island"


get well soon, h.b. If you have to be sick, the the doldrums of the HSL is not a bad time I guess.

We will just fend for ourselves, here on the "island"


Get well soon hb. I had that "stomach thing" too,but mine was a result of too much vitamin V (Svedka strain) :)

When Lee invaded Maryland, the Confeds had to cut their supply lines and subsist largely on the apples in the trees and on the ground.

So after a few days of this, the condition was named the "Maryland Quick Step" because it looked like a dance as one was rushing into the woods, if you know what I mean.

Feel better hb.

Get well soon H.B. The "stomach thing" really sucks. It's going around here in KC as well. Embarassing story of the year. I'm going to KU MU game at arrowhead....hard to find tickets...I'm in a line of cars with friends parents I just met directly behind us. 2 M.P.H. traffic when the "stomach thing" hits. I bolt from the car and needless to say I do not think they believed I was sick and not just drunk at 2:00 in the afternoon. Not to mention I had to leave and missed the biggest football event in KC EVER! At least it only lasted about 24 Hrs.

A stomach thing immediately after yesterday's "comfort food" Perhaps not so comforting.

Get better, hb.

LOTS of colds and stomach flu going around right now.

Probably not the right time to show that "2 Girls, 1 Glass" clip again, huh?

Feel better, H.B.

To echo others: hope you are on the mend soon, hb.

In the absence of any real new baseball news, how about TV? Anyone catch Heroes yesterday? It is FINALLY picking up steam. I had been bored to this point, but last night's cliffhanger was awesome...

Out of the bed and onto the floor,
Fifty-yard dash to the bathroom door.

Feel better H.B.

I haven't been able to watch Heroes in a long time, I have a prior engagement on Monday nights. I hope get the DVD for christmas.

I agree Heroe's is finally picking up steam....I think it started last episode with the flash baks. Only bad thing is I think there is only one episode left. Essentially a 2-3 episode season.

My funny "stomach thing" story:

Didn't know I was coming down with it. I went out with some friends to see the movie "Saw". Hopefully anyone who wanted to see it has seen it or avoids the rest of this story. Well, near the middle of the movie I get up and disappear for about 15-25 minutes...it was hard to keep track of time at that point. I felt well enough after my restroom visit to head back into the movie and stick it out until the end when I could catch my ride home. I sat down and watched the ending. The killer is exposed and everyone says "OOOoooh! It was *that* guy!". I was like, "that guy?..first time I'd seen him in the whole movie...it was an okay ending but the killer was a total deus ex machina just to end the film, I think". My friends had a good laugh and then had to explain that there was some sort of barely attached hospital scene where the killer was the janitor and that scene started and ended when I was out of the theater and there was no mention of it at all before or after the scene itself until the twist ending when the killer is exposed.



Well, suffice to say, since my own experience with the first movie was so blah, I haven't watched Saw 2 through Saw 83 either.

Friday night

Local restaurant

Bad chicken

Both ends

8 hours on bathroom floor

Begging for death to come

Monday co-worker asks if I was in a fight because my eye capillaries were completely burst

Restaurant offers $100 gift certificate for the trouble

Drank the hundred away with a buddy

gurgle, gurgle.

//Monday co-worker asks if I was in a fight because my eye capillaries were completely burst.//

Ah, good old petechiae. Also quite common among strangulation victims.

//Ah, good old petechiae. Also quite common among strangulation victims.//

Isn't it wonderful how our vocabs have improved since the CSI franchise erupted on our boob tubes? Now I know what the Miami-Dade coroner will mean when he says Seth Thomas "exsanguanated"

I think you meant Sean Taylor, not Seth Thomas.

BTW, doesn't anyone know how to make a tourniquet, anymore?

We need M*A*S*H to go back into re-runs.

If it does not improve, sometimes more Vitamin V helps:

2 parts vitamin V (100 grams)
1 part 'special sauce' (raw tomato, garlic and red chili pepper, 50 grams).

Mix. Consume. Wait. Expectorate. Repeat. This is called the 'Gulag Gargle'.

//Ah, good old petechiae. Also quite common among strangulation victims.//

So true.

Actually, Steve, I know petechiae from my job (and reading too many true crime books), not CSI.

Petechiae is a common side effect of many drugs and medical devices.

Fortunately, exsanguination isn't very common. Unless you're talking about the side effects of gun shots or stabbings.

Ah, true crime. I have a total voyeuristic sickness for that shit- plus a love of puzzles. My friends joke I could probably kill someone and get away with it by this point, I am so addicted to that 48 Hours Mystery, Hard Evidence, Court TV Forensics Files stuff. I often fall asleep to MSNBC after 11pm crime stories. Yeah, sick. I know.

In less disturbing viewership, spent last evening watching the 2007 MLB World Series DVD. Very enjoyable. Probably won't watch it the same amount of times as the 2004 (which would be roughly 495x) but it'll get hauled out every now and again...

Natalie, I read that at the premeire party, Matt Damon's narration had an alternate ending that isn't in the released DVD: "The Boston Red Sox are World Champions! Suck on that New York!"

Evidently, the crowd at the Wang went wild.

(Oh, Natalie, for a good murder, one word: Thallium. For a great murder, Thallium immediately followed by cremation.)

Matt was good, Bob, but I preferred Denis Leary in the first. He just had a great Boston flavor to his voice. But then again, it could be that 2007 is just such a different animal, emotionally. Maybe like losing your virginity, you may have better sex later but you'll always have that special spot in your heart for the first.

Sorry, I have had too much caffeine.

//(Oh, Natalie, for a good murder, one word: Thallium. For a great murder, Thallium immediately followed by cremation.)//

Bob, I can't decide whether to laugh or be scared. Maybe both.

You shouldn't be scared, Natalie. The Thallium I put in your beer at Fenway had no effect, so you're obviously immune to heavy metal poisoning (with the exception of Quiet Riot, of course).

And certainly not immune to heavy metal Poison. Dude, I still love love love that song "Talk Dirty to Me." Thanks for the reminder to download that one.


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