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Oh, Caroline why?

Not a moment too soon if you ask me. Let's hope he takes Sox Appeal and Sweet Caroline with him.


Yeah, dude nevah met a PR scheme too tawdry to milk.


Hey, c'mon, you guys are being a bit too hahd on Steinberg.


His abilities in realizing the potential of idle resources was unequaled.


You mean idle resources like pink hats?


All of it. Those pink hat sales and all the rest went right into the revenue stream, every little bit played a role in both World Series wins.


Cheapens the brand if you ask me.


Yeah, even at Fenway of all places it's more and more WWF Vegas stage show and less and less pure baseball.


Absolutely. I'm old enough to remembah and relish a time when between innings there was no theme music, no gaudy spectacles to amuse the pink hats and their cell phone yapping boyfriends … There was just the sound of baseball.


The game is entertainment, and Steinberg knew that.


Isn't, you know, baseball in Fenway enough entertainment in and of itself?


For a new generation of fans, the answer is no.


To quote Brian Wilson, I guess I just wasn't made for these times.


Hey, Al, cheer up, at least The Dentist nevah went in for thundahsticks and white hankies.


But his succesah might.


C'mon, Al, Good times nevah seemed so good. Wah-wah-wah.



Funny: a blog that came of age along with the pink hats and Vegas-style Fenway bites the hand that feeds it.

Dr. Charles always struck me as pretty creepy. The dentist you wouldn't allow your daughter to go to without an escort.

And boy, did he like the TV cameras. Even though he had a face for radio.

He'll never make it in Los Angeles, unless liposuction is on the horizon.

Oh, and GreenSox, the characters are NOT H.B. (as he has to keep reminding me).

Funny: a blog that came of age along with the pink hats and Vegas-style Fenway bites the hand that feeds it.

That strikes me as wrong. The Soxaholix have always been about the baseball, not its modern trappings, despite the blog's nascency. And maybe there are some pink-hatters that read it, but given the comments around here, not too many of them.

I'm with the Portugese guy in the right hand corner (can't remember his name or just don't care).

And while he's at it, can he take Glenn Geffner with him?

While I agree with the sentiment, I fear that we are way past coming back from Sweet Caroline/pink hats/RSN/PORN/video montages {mon-tage}, pseudo punk Irish bands and the like.

Here's a weird memory I have, though. 2003 ALDS [correct me on the year if I am wrong]. Sitting in my choice bleachah seats with lc, jr (or one of them at least), and just before the game, Carl Bean announces that we should all look up on the right field roof (this was before the Budweiser-o-tron/Sox Appeal slut hut was built).

And there, no shit, was Boston.

The band, I mean. Scholz and Delp and the others. talk about ressurrected from the dead. [Delp wasn't dead yet, though]. I got a little choked up, but young lc didn't quite get the point, nor should he have.

At any rate, he was probably responsible for Millah coming back to Fenway to throw out the pitch during the playoffs, so that was cool.

I saw this on another site (ok, it was my site, I'm busted) yesterday, and it made me chuckle. It was a quote from the Dodgers announcement.

Finally, here's a warning to all the 10's out there on the West Cost:
"Steinberg, who is single, plans to make Los Angeles his home after the New Year"

anyhow, I don't know where any of that came from.


//Funny: a blog that came of age along with the pink hats and Vegas-style Fenway bites the hand that feeds it.//

Couple points:

1) "the blog" didn't say anything, the fictional characters did.

2) One character was supportive of the Dentist/pink hats etc, one was against, and one was more or less ambivalent. Not sure how that qualifies as "biting the hand that feeds it."

3) Since 2004 the characters have been back and forth on the "pink hat" issue. Susan, if you recall, "loathes the pink hat bitches" in the "Girlfriend in a Coma" post but Mike and some of the others have been much more accepting.

4) This blog is very, very niche with a very small audience. It is not being "fed" much at all in that regard. The core audience remains the same year in and year out. I have no idea how many of those are of the pink hat, Hollister wearing, cell phone yakking, bandwagon sort. But all are welcome.

5) I should learn to ignore the random, off the cuff, naive comment. But I'm still feeling ill and, consequently, I'm pissy and feel like being an asshole.

6) You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie.

Please take the Dropkick Suckys with you too.

I can live with Neil Diamond at least he can sing,

Good on ya, h.b.

Now when do you start up Bruinsaholix? This way you'd avoid the somewhat odd comments... nothing but the sweet sound of silence. And most of us hockey fans can't type, anyway.

Susan, if you recall, "loathes the pink hat bitches" in the "Girlfriend in a Coma" post
Didn't she say she 'loathes the casual fan bitches'? I quote that all the time and much prefer it to 'pink hats'. I'll take a hard core fan who happens to take a shine to non-standard colors over some clown wearing navy blue who couldn't pick Yaz out of a line up.

If it is any comfort, h.b., I love it when you're a pissy, bitchy, asshole...I picture you in my mind sighing loudly while muttering, "How many fucking times do I have to explain that the characters are not real, nor do they necessarily represent my opinion, etc...why, Why, WHY?"

//I'll take a hard core fan who happens to take a shine to non-standard colors over some clown wearing navy blue who couldn't pick Yaz out of a line up. //

Amen, Jack. I take feminist umbrage at all the pink hats comments because I think they are unfairly targeted to women. There are lots of "pink hats" among the male set, but they aren't included in the condescension when you reduce it to one color of cap. And actual die hard chick Sox fan can prefer new school caps (attempting to be both a fan and feminine, I guess). On that note, off to dust off my copy of the Feminine Mystique... in my light blue Sox cap (I just don't like the color pink :)

I guess I am with Mike, ambivalent. On the one hand, jumbotron antics are awful. On the other, anything that brings in revenue essential to winning the WS AND gets more people interested in the world's best sport is fine by me.

Well done, Jack. That is the actual quote. And you're so right, that is the better way to put it. There are plenty of serious, baseball loving pink hatters.

It's definitely not fair to use the "pink hat" as the symbol for that sort of "Dude, I'm at the game talking on my cell phone!" poseur type of fan, as others have pointed out above.

In re: today's title:

I'm a Democrat and I must say, finding out that Neil Diamond wrote Sweet Caroline for Caroline Kennedy kinda ruins it for me.

I much prefer thinking it was written after he hit a kid drunk driving (tm SNL). :)

Love the double Smile reference today. And, speaking of Hollister, I commented to my wife not long ago that there seemed to be an extraordinary number of teeny boppers from some suburban town called Hollister hanging around Downtown Crossing. She laughed her ass off.

Please leave Sweet Caroline alone. I love it and I'm not a "casual fan" or "pink hat". Great way to head into the bottom of the eighth, even when the score is down...you just feel good singing with everyone (and Take Me Out to the Ballgame is too whiny and drawn out to give the same pep).

Anything else can go with Charlie. But honestly, when I get into the stands and watch the game from my seats out in the bleachers, I don't notice any of the RSN Cards, Yawkey Way antics, Sox Appeal horsecrap. All of the ancillary money-grab that Charles introduced never really makes its way in between my seat and the infield. Sure the Bud Deck is up there over my shoulder and better seats have to see it more than me...but was the giant HOOD milk bottle any better? Ballparks have ads and if you never go up to that deck (and you can't even if you want to) you'll never have to experience the non-ballgame aura of it. It's like a spider chart where "real baseball" happens in the middle of the graph and all these little outreaches branch off every which way but never crossing the middle...never getting in the way.

As long as it can still be "me, baseball, and Fenway" whenever I go to see the game, then the Dentists of the world can do whatever they want around that and outside of my purview.

First Murphy Brown sets a bad example for America's youth, now this? Commie pinko-hats (pinkoe-hats?), the lot of you.

Very cool site.

Although I'm glad to see Dr. Charles go, Sweet Caroline isn't part of his legacy.

This is from Wikipedia: "Sweet Caroline is popular at sporting events. It has been the signature song played during Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park. The tradition began when Fenway Park music director Amy Tobey (the ballpark’s music director from 1998 to 2004) had noticed that the song was used at other sporting events, and decided to try it out at Fenway. The team continued to play the song occasionally (usually in the middle of the 8th inning) when the team was winning. In 2002, new owner John W. Henry requested that the song be played at every home game, because he liked the response that it got from the crowd. The sing-along gained fame in a sequence of the 2005 movie Fever Pitch."

Doc Chuck's only involvement was when he played piano with Jimmy Buffett on the Sweet Caroline/Why don't we get drunk and screw medely. Interesting combo...

I'm a long time Sox fan that actually likes the song. It's a long story that you can read here:


Keep up the good work.

I want a t-shirt that says: "h.b. IS the characters"!

You know, just for fun.

I'm w/ Kaz - the song can stay a lot else can go...like the casual fan bitches like the many out here.

When I first moved west in 2000, and yelled at the guy w/ a Sox hat on the street, we'd normally stop, talk, drink and go on our way. Since '04 when I yell at the guy w/ a Sox hat they huddle their children closely and move across the street as if I'm some disease...no hi-5 or nothing - they don't get it.

I do not like the song.
Refuse to sing it or dance out the hand gestures that now go along with it.
I don't have any problem being "in the moment" at Fenway, or at any MLB (and I have been to a bunch).

I also don't like

dot races
car races
weiner races
disk races

on the jujutron.


Has anyone received their season ticket or 10th Man Plan invoice yet?

Seems to be running late this year.

My daughter (the star of the cb handle) will generally only wear the traditional colors. But she really knows baseball, too, so a lime green cap for outfit matching when she's going out to dinnah is ok, I think. I get the point, certianly about the 'pink hat' mentality. Basically, the baseball come first, then you can enjoy or ignore or hate all the rest of the trappings. But people who show up at the game and don't watch the fricking game just piss me off.

The PR guy may be creepy, but if PR is the assignment, he's damn good.

H.B. wrote: "This blog is very, very niche with a very small audience. It is not being "fed" much at all in that regard. The core audience remains the same year in and year out."

H.B. you have no idea how widely read this blog is. I've been following for years; lurking until now.

The insightful comments on pink hats, faux irish punk rockers, etc... it's all good for this Sox fan way out in the middle of Illinois.


I really liked the blog , Feels like i will follow it.

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