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Lisa's Inbox

Lisa the Temp:
Hello, peeps, Lisa here and it's time to answer a few from my fans.


Lisa the Temp:
"Dear Lisa,
Are you ever going to take off your jacket? Isn't it uncomfortable to be so bound up all day? Signed Burt in Bangor."


Lisa the Temp:
Burt, thanks so much for your concern. And, yes, at times I do feel confined.

But here's the deal, Burt. The last time I took off my jacket the HR department threatened to send me home citing that I was a "distraction." What can I say, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
Ok, here's a question from Kevin in Newton.

"Dear Lisa,
Do you workout?"


Lisa the Temp:
Ah, Kev, is the Pope a Nazi?


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, I work out. In fact, some of the things I do with a Cybex machine are illegal in certain parts of the South.


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, my. Look at the time. That's it for today, peeps, until



Aaaah, an elongated Lisa strip.

(Coincidentally, I'd get elongated if Lisa stripped.)

So nice to finally have her email address.

Let the stalking begin...

Dear Lisa,

What's the probability that the mainstream media will report the remarkable progress being made in Iraq? Or is the fact that the media has placed Iraq on "ignore" for the last 3-4 months the surest sign of progress?

Also, you work that keyboard like Marlon Brando working the crystals in Superman.

Jason O.

h.b. gives the fans what they want.

What a nice guy!

Hey, Lisa, if Lowell goes who do we get to play 3B for the Sox? Alternatively, what enticement can you offer Lowell to take the Sox's offer? Would it involve the Cybex?

Holy shit! What an outrageous strip today.


What are you thoughts on Tulo getting totally robbed for the rookie of the year in the NL? You don't really understand the east coast bias until you leave the east coast.

PS Do you ski?

-Lonely in Denver

Dear Lisa,

Who would win the Cy Young award in the following scenario?

Josh Beckett: 20-7, 3.37 ERA in 200 innings pitched...or Ditka.

CC Sebathia

ps-brown or pink?

Ahhh, hb, do you know what you are getting yourself into with that email account? That could degenerate quickly. Just don't click on anything that says "2 girls 1 cup." Seriously. *retch* I am sure some of you know what I am talking about if you, like I, were unsuspecting enough to click on the link that's been making the rounds. *retch*

Anyhoo--- Is this going to be a recurring segment ala Simmons' mail bag? If so, I dig it.


yea, cause sabathia over beckett and braun over tulo really demonstrates that east coast bias in full effect. of course, i never lived outside of boston or ny, so what do i know?

We'll see how it goes with "Lisa's Inbox" and whether it sticks as a regular thing.

Not too worried about spam as the email is encoded making is bot-safe. And gmail is incredible at filtering out the junk.

I think I'll pass on lunch today-thanks Nat

Rich- dude, I warned ya. Sickest shit ever. Seriously the most NSFW of NSFW links in the history of the interwebs. Perez Hilton had one of his "If you don't want to be offended, don't click here" links up (which normally go to hideous pictures of Rumer Willis and other innocuous stuff like that) so I click thinking I'll get a chuckle...and instead that pops up. I may never recover.

2g1c... sickest thing since Divine's little "snack" in Pink Flamingos...

Natalie, and others, if you thought "2 girls, 1 cup" was ill, then you'll be completely stunned by "2 guys, 1 cup" (totally safe, honest)! John Mayer is a pretty funny guy.

Also, Mark Feinsand (Blogging the Bombers, NYDailyNews) outed himself as one of the 2 Cy Young voters who left Beckett off the ballot behind Lackey and Carmona. The other voter according to him was Jorge Ortiz of USA Today. Both of these guys shouldn't be allowed to opine publicly on sports any more. The BBWAA should have more integrity to their polling scheme than the current system. It's clear some of these guys wouldn't know how to normalize performances across divisions or strength of schedule if their professions depended on it...

Oops, meant to link to the assinine blog post at the NYDailyNews: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/yankees/2007/11/my_vote_and_cy_young_goes_to_s.html.

re: 2g1c

Wow, I am speechless. That was horrendous. I couldn't even watch past the filling of the cup.

Not my "cup of tea"

Back to Baseball...

So is A-Rod begging the Yankees to take him back???

Does King George fill the cup?

Why's everyone so upset over 2 girls, 1 cup?

I found it delightful.

Try the veal Bob ;D

I think those girls tried the pulled pork.

Okay, I was wrong - only one of the two dipshits who didn't vote for Beckett first, second or third, was from NY. The other was from San Francisco (Jorge Ortiz). Now I'm not familiar with this guy's "body of work", but I do just happen to have the USA Today sports section from Monday, Oct 29th, laying around the house, and looked for his byline. Apparently, the editors at USA Today think so highly of him that he was given the all-important assignment of writing the post-WS clinching game story about Manny's Corpas' dad's difficulties getting into the country to see his son pitch... Would somebody tell me why this guy has a vote? Shouldn't Mel Antonen or Bob Nithtengale, writers who actully cover the on-field action, be getting USA Today's vote?

Enough with the cups already!

I'm thinking of going to Japan for opening day - any starters?


See that A-Fraud is now negotiating directely with the Skanks, without Bore-Ass.

SDU, that's be a bit of a trip, especially for us east coasters. But if you go, be sure to get lots of pics to share.

I want to see you wolfing down an octopus with peppers AND ONIONS.

of course i love to see lisa the temp but the guy im really wanting to see is that nit wit from nyc

//SDU, that's be a bit of a trip, especially for us east coasters. But if you go, be sure to get lots of pics to share.//

According to this site: http://www.mapsofworld.com/utilities/world-airdistance-locator.htm

The distance from Sydney to Tokyo is 6904 miles, only slightly less than the 8133 miles between JFK and Tokyo.

In other words, if SDU goes, we all should go.



ps: pity the fools that have only digital contact with Lisa.

Aaaah lc-your cup runneth over :) NOW I'm done. Night all


LC, if you and some other 'oholixs wanna go, I'd be up for a trip.

Be funny if H.B. is a pilot.

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