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Life's a ball

Holy shit, Ballgate 2? You've gotta be kidding me.


Yeah, but how symbolic is it that the first Ballgate was due to everybody wanting the ball, but the current Ballgate is due to indifference.


Really. Even the Hall didn't want this ball. No surprise it got lost in the shuffle.


You know, I could get used to this so-called "jaded" feeling.


Personally, I go out of my way to accentuate the jade just because I know it pisses off Yankees fan so much.



Dude, Tek handed the game ball to PAPELBON? That thing was aching to get lost. It's probably part of some elaborate prank Papelbon doesn't remember he pulled in the haze of booze, goggles and Irish jigging. I think that's hilarious.

Speaking of, anyone see Papelbon on Letterman last night? Guy is completely off the reservation, it's great.


Heh. I think Tek's lyyyying. I saw him stuff the ball in his back pocket after the last strike-out. Even made a point of saying, "look, Varitek's taking the ball this year."

Why would he give it to Paps?

I think this is all a prank. Having some good clean fun.

Even Larry this morning on D&C wasn't too concerned about it.

Hell, I could care less. Of course, I have the ball...

Leaving soon, Bob.

(Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmmm...bar stool...

//Even Larry this morning on D&C wasn't too concerned about it.//

I bet Dennis and Callahan love the fact that their radio show abbreviates to a female surgical procedure. Ouch.

Well, it looks as if the Sox will get something out of the Gagne deal: draft picks. Better than keeping Gagne.

So, did Bullpen Cop get a playoff share?


Being a guy, I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up... Ouch is right. I won't use those initials again.


Paps does a good job of deflecting the Lowell/ARod question, and drops an F-bomb to boot.

I'd keep Gagne [cue uproarious laughter].

As for the ball, um, who cares.


I'd give the ball to Lowell.

Not because he's the MVP...but because I hear he could use another one.

I believe Tek gave the ball to Paps.

He always does at the end of games, but when your closer fligs his glove 8 miles up in the air, you know better than to try and hand him the ball in the heat of the moment. So stuff it in your back pocket and give it to him later.

Since I don't give a shit about who got the game ball, I'll comment on yesterday's themes.

If the Sox wanted to do something along the lines of "We sell you fan recognition for $20.00 and give 85% of it to the Jimmy Fund" I'd jump on it. But as a way to make money for the club, no way.

A-Rod? Papi's knee isn't ever going to be 100% again; he's a big guy and the wear and tear on the legs isn't going to stop. Manny asking for a trade? What will Theo ask for in return that someone is willing to give to him? He doesn't buy players over value, he's not likely to sell them under value either. Manny is sticking around, but not forever. A-Rod will pick up as Papi and Manny fade. Let him pump a few balls into the stands and we'll all learn to love him.

Excited about his announcement during the WS? You know, I don't blame A-Rod; I doubt he told Boras, "Make sure you announce this during the game." And Boras' job is to represent his client, not MLB. No, the decision to interrupt the game and spend half an inning talking about it was made by Fox and their announcers. A brief "A-Rod has decided to exercise his option, more later." would have been appropriate and sufficient. Apparently Fox thought that the game itself was too boring or something; maybe they just figured that the Series was about to end and then no one would pay attention to baseball for a while. Regardless, it was their decision to be Boras' whore and pimp the game, not A-Rod's or Boras'. Fox Sports is the one who owes us an apology.

Gawd, Letterman is annoying.

Paps was great, though. Thanks for the link. :)

BTW, with regards to A-Rod; consider how especially sweet if a home run of his makes it a 4-1 final against the MFY some fine June night. I see great things happening against the Yankees this coming season. I hunger for it. George was an a$$hole, but he was a smart a$$hole and got results. His sons are a$$holes, but they're not nearly as smart and are bound to jazz the team up for years to come, even with their young pitching coming up.

Elias rankings out today show Big Papi (or as Papelbon called him "The Large Father") is a stud and Mike Lowell outperforms A-Rod:


//it was their decision to be Boras' whore and pimp the game, not A-Rod's or Boras'. Fox Sports is the one who owes us an apology.//

Ron, I completely disagree. Boras deserves 97% of the blame (give or take 1.7%).

To blame a network for breaking news that people are interested in is, well, unfounded.

Not a huge fan of Fox, but any, any other TV or radio outlet that had this news would have done the same thing. And rightfully so.

Plus, I hate Bore-Ass.

wtf did this become arodaholix?

We won a championship.


LC, it's spelled slappyoholix.

Or, bluelipsoholix.

Or, World Champion Boston Red Soxaholix.

I'm going with the latter.

I'm completely in the blame Bore-Ass camp... especially after reading The New Yorker profile. I'd go with a 99 44/100% blame quotient, making Bore-Ass a sort of anti-Ivory.

Seriously what is with all the AROD wishes? As Peter Gammons is rightly saying John Lester has more playoff experience and success than AROD. Has everyone forgot what a selfish asshole this guy is?

On top of that he's a complete head case.

I don't care how good this guy is. He's a complete jackass and not at all in line with the type of teammate the Red Sox bring on board.

Send Mcslappy Bluelips anywhere but here!

Let's see if the A-Rod haters are whistling the same tune after he busts a few taters over the Monster.

Let's see if the A-Rod haters say 'told you so' if he goes 3 for 20 in the playoffs.

I'd take him at shortstop. But I'd be worried all the same. Just like him, I guess.

Plus, anyone (that's not a Yankees fan) can see the beauty in stopping the "Red Sox go to Yanks to get ring" phenomenon by starting the "Yanks go to Red Sox to get ring" phenomenon.

I'm not sure about next year, especially the rotation...is Matsuzaka due for improvement (or rather, a continuation of the first three-quarters of his first year)? Is Lester and Buchholz in the rotation guaranteed to provide dividends? Would Schilling for one more year be an okay investment? I just don't know.

It's too early to think about this stuff anyway...they took the title 4 days ago!

You know the ball is behind some toilet in a LoDo bar. Either that or Paps drank it like a prank goldfish.

Actually, the ball is hidden behind a statue of a little boy holding a soccer ball in some bar in Boston.

Can you find it?

Heh. This is quite funny:


I suspect a Red Sox fan wrote it.

Or any person with a modicum of smarts.

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