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It's a nice day

Cafahdo's right. Yestahday was a rotten day for Red Sox fans.


Ah, Christ, would you two buck up a bit? We just won the World Series or haven't your heard? These are the good times.


What the idea of Yankees having A-Rod and Lowell at the cornahs doesn't piss you off?


Look, dude, it wasn't so long ago that we were the team trying to pick up the Bernie Williamses and the other formah Yankees. Now that the situation is reversed, I find it amusing.


Yeah, but what bothahs me about the possibility of the Yankees signing both A-Rod and Lowell is it doesn't cost them any prospects, just dollahs, so they are still in the running for a Santana.


Whatev. All I know is that every year the Yankees have some secret weapon, some wheel and deal strategy that will finally put them over the top — A-Rod, Randy Johnson, Damon, etc., and who can forget Suzy Waldman practically lactating ovah the news that Rogah Clemens was coming to the Yankees to save the '07 season?


But how'd all that work out?


He's got a point.


Damn right I do. And, look, it's not like while all this is going on Theo is sitting in his office watching two girls and a cup.


Seriously, for all we know Theo this is all part of some deepah strategy by the Red Sox front office.


Yeah, Theo is like chess mastah Kasparov, thinking 3-4 moves ahead.


And the Yankees are like Bobby Fisher — Once the best in the world but now frothing at the mouth and totally FUBAR.



Bill Belichick: 3 titles. "In Bill we trust."

Theo Epstein: 2 titles. "....?"

Kasparov in a gorilla suit?

The question is, if Lowell signs with the Spanks does he get an ovation at Fenway or does he get the Johnny Damon treatment?

I read the comments yesterday. There is no way I'm clicking that two girls link.

So, let me sort this out: The only way the MFY can get WS Rings is to gravy train former RS players that actually won one (or two). That can't be bad. Anyway, Posada has a 4 year deal and he'll be playing 1st before too many summers are gone.

More importantly, I am waiting for my personal email from Luscious inviting me on a special trip to Japan in Mahch to see the World Champions take on Bobby Kielty's old team, all for only $10,000 ( Unlimited 20 oz. Silvah Sapporos included).

Where do I sign up.


What is this, bizarro world? Lowell is not going to the Yankees!

(Hands over ears, stomping feet)"HE'S NOT HE'S NOT HE'S NOT!!!"

BTW-what is this wierd feeling I have about A-Rod approaching the Yankees without Boras in tow? Could it be r...resp...ect?

Mark my words: it'll all work out fine.

I said so when the season took a turn for the worse in August and September, and I's sayin' it again now.

The Twins will require too much for Santana.

The offseason duel to watch between NYY/BOS is for Jonathan Broxton...he's either #1 or #2 on Cashman's and Epstein's list, and Torre would love to stick it to NY by giving BOS Joba Chamberlain 2.0.


oh god not 2girls1cup!

If anyone is duped into watching it just think to yourself it's just soft-serv

I guess I just don't understand the things kids are into these days. Being an old-fashioned guy I much prefer 1 girl, 2 cups.

Couldn't watch that for more than 20-seconds. The internet has no end but it does have a bottom...

Lowell going to the enemy would be like the kicker who shall not be named going to the Colts. Not good times.

In the words of my boss's then 8 year old son, tears streaming down his cheeks when he heard about that aforementioned kicker going to the colts "Dad, I don't get it, is there no loyalty?"

Scott, that un-named kicker is still on the Patriots payroll, have you seen how he performed against the Chargers last week. He's still a Patriot!!!

Sorry, I refuse to be depressed by this. If A-Fraud signs a 10 year deal with the Yanks, gobbling up $27 mil in payroll per year, he will be 40 or older his last 4 years. Sounds like Juice-ambi 2.0 to me. If Mikey goes to the Yanks to play first base (I don't think he will, but I'm being hypothetical here) he probably reverts to 2005 Marlins form playing in Yankee stadium with the huge left field. No big improvement for the Yanks over 2006.

Worst case situation for the Sox is that Youk moves back to third, Papi goes to first, Manny becomes DH and Jacoby plays left. We lose some infield defense, but have the best defensive outfield in baseball in the smallest park, and the only offensive dropoff would be the small difference between Mikey's bat and Jacoby's. (Would I like to have both of them - sure) And that assumes Theo doesn't make any position player moves in the hot stove season.

Don't worry - be happy!

If the Yankees pick up Lowell, he'd be injured before he even got to Boston to get booed/cheered.

If the Red Sox keep Lowell, he'll be a Yankee crusher every time they meet. Also, Curt Schilling told WEEI the same thing that I said a few days ago about Lowell. If we come anywhere close to the money he gets offered elsewhere (like if we say 3/$42 and they say 4/$56), then he'll stay here in Boston. If they go 4/$60, we lose him and that's understandable from all sides of that equation.

I would love to have Lowell back but something tells me that there is a reason they are not offering him a 4 year contract. It feels similar to the Pedro/Damon ... negotiations and we know how those turned out. If the Yankees want to field a team of first basemen then I guess that is why they have the big bucks. Go Celts ... I feel 20 years younger.

The brain trust at ESPN.com is reporting that Little Boy Blue (or Blew) is resigning with the MFYs (breathing huge sigh of relief). Games's most selfish player locked up for 10 years? Check. Gerenic new ballpark on the horizon? Check. Annoying fan base basking in the glory of another decade of mediocrity? Check.

I chatted with a cousin up in Manchester yesterday. She went to game 2 - two tickets, $1,400 total. Maybe she'll opt for the Japanese travel package.

I rarely follow Doug's rational side but maybe it's the two rings - and his obvious vulcan mind probe work - but I'm completely on board. If Mikey L goes to NYY for 4/60 great & I'll stand and cheer when he comes to Boston. Do we really want a 40yr old 3B making 15mill?

Take that money and put in more $20 bleacher seats.

While we're at praising Theo & Bill...what about "In Ainge we trust??"
Although I'm more a paddy24-ist about the Celts chances.

It will all work out. Go to the Yanks and get sprinkled with A-Rod coodies. Meanwhile, any word about trading for Rholen?

I was never much of a Celtics fan - even in the days of Hondo and Co. But I'll admit I am jumping on the bandwagon if only to root for a
trifecta of championships this year.

I just can't believe people are getting worked up SO quickly after they won it all.

I mean, I'd like to have Lowell around for reasonable years and reasonable dollars, but I'm content to let things sort themselves out and keep basking in the effing championship season.

I'm with Youk et. al.; I have a feeling it will all work out fine.

I don't have a problem with Lowell goin to the Yanks if he got 60mil/4 years and I agree with Jar, this has a Pedro/"He's Dead to Me" Damon flavour to it. IMO Lowell becomes a liability in year 4 and maybe year 3.

//Kasparov in a gorilla suit//

As some of you know, I do a little side-work managing local indie bands.

I now have a new name for the next one.

Thanks, Harwich.

(BTW, I read in some pub or another the other day that "Theo Epstein is an accomplished guitarist." Uh...so far from the truth it makes drummers laugh through their vomit.)

Sonoma Sox: Mike Lowell was born in 1974. He's 33. In 4 years, he'll be 37, not 40. I still don't know whether he should be making $15M playing for the Sox in 4 years time, but then again, he's got a good case arguing with Theo about JD Drew's contract as a starting point.

JD Drew: 32; 5 years, $70 million ($14M/yr)

Lowell: 33; looking for 4 years, $60 million ($15M/yr)

Given the production and lack of injury by Lowell last year compared to JD...do the Sox really have any level ground to argue on?

//if we come anywhere close to the money he gets offered elsewhere (like if we say 3/$42 and they say 4/$56), then he'll stay here in Boston/

Aw Kaz, that's so-oo sweet!

step back from the watercooler Mike and Al. geesh, you guys want meds with that?

Note on the characters:

Typically Doug is the resident cynic of the group, and I debated having him be the voice of optimism today.

But I decided to go for it because I wanted to put forth the idea that winning 2 of the past 4 WS is a huge and has had an effect on many a Sox fan psyche. So having the most cynical character "changed" in this way (at least today), seemed to make sense.

I'm following H.B.'s mantra from last week. I'm gonna trust that Theo knows more about how to build championship baseball teams than I do. At least until he does something really stupid ;)

Yeah, then he's a bum!

Is it just me or does Doug have the voice of Randal Graves from Clerks when you read his lines in your head?

yeah, Kaz numbers were never my strong suit.
But I think it's bourbon & vodka, sriacha & ketchup...apples & oranges.
JD is valued relative to other RF or outfielders and ML w/ 3B. Don't know if the pay is accurate per those positions but I'll leave that to Theo & Co and trust them.

Check out "thanks goodness for the Bruins" on you tube.


Japan will be fun but I still think $elig is a greedy sonuvabeeyatch. Just check out his woody when discussing MLB's record revenues in 2007 (http://tinyurl.com/yvo3). He might be down to halfmast now that Bonds has been indicted. Soxaholix, can you imagine the Sox opening the season in the Dominican Republic instead? Imagine the country's joy -- the country that gave us Papi, Manny, Pedro, et al. And hell, make it a charity event -- floods there recently killed, displaced many. That will never happen under $elig... time for a new commish to clean up MLB's sorry act.

NYSF - nice thought but don't hold yer breath!

NYSF, that's a really great idea. I would LOVE to watch the Sox play a regular season game in the D.R., and the charity event would make it even better! Plus, practically the same time zone as the east coast.

Cafardo is an idiot. That just about covers it.

Bonds indicted.......finally.

"This record is not tainted at all. At all. Period," Bonds said.

Ah, yeah, right. The guy could run for the http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22769105-5001021,00.html "> Australian Prime Ministership

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