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Happy Thanksgiving!

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'm heading out early for the Thanksgiving holiday and will return next week.

I hope all of you have a great holiday. God knows we have a lot to be thankful for this year!


You too h.b. Thanks for all you do.
I am really happy we got Lowell back. He just seems like one of the good guys. But I am wondering if he will return to form (.280 life time hitter) or not and whether we overpaid. But it is still nice to see that glove on 3rd and have him in the clubhouse.
p.s. Weirdest thing. This strip disappeared for a few. I was commenting, went to post this comment then poof!!

Pumpkins abound. Is it me or does the one on the right resemble E Gagne?

And M. Lowell, thanks for staying.

Bob, thank your liver, for making it this far.

Thanks to Jacoby Ellbury's parents for birthing him.

Thanks to Theo for being smahtah than me.

Thanks to J. Henry for being a stat geek with money.

tanks fer nuttin, Luscious.

Thanks to $chill for being the most interesting annoying bahstad I have ever come in contact with.

Thanks Manny, for being, well you know...

Thanks, Nancy, for finally showing up.

Thanks, Tek, for entertaining Nat with those thighs.

Thanks to pt for going away.

Thanks to Beckett for being a redass

Thanks to Papi for being a badass.

Mrs. sdu, thank me for giving sdu an excuse to fly to Tokyo in March.

Thanks to hb for tirelessly cranking this caca out every day (or nearly so). As the famous wrestling fan clip says "it's still real to me, dammit".


Forgive me.Whats a redass?

I have turkey duty this year. Doing the Good Eats brine treatment before roasting. Please pray that I don't screw this up.

And a happy and safe T-day to all in Soxaholix land, even the Skankee fans ;)

Redass: (red-ass) - In Texas: one who is beyond being a bad ass, one who will do whatever it takes to get the job done and will shoot first and ask questions later.

Thanks to the Steinbrenner boys, for ensuring several more years of Sox glory.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (a little early).

I'll be making my annual Thanksgiving pilgrimidge (get it? get it?) to my best buddy's family's home on Mission Hill. Where, in the kitchen, dinner will be served under three framed pieces: a photo of JFK, an illustration of Jesus, and a signed Minky photo of the Last Out.

It doesn't get more Boston, or much better than that.

This year, I'm giving thanks to H.B., all of you crazy loons, and to the (clear throat) World Champion Boston Red Sox.

It could be the jet lag but lc's list of thanks made me a little verklempt. There is indeed a lot to be thankful for this year... Tek's thighs near the top of the list :) Yay to resigning Lowell. And most of all, thanks hb for this wonderfully creepy site and community.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

And thanks to all of you who keep coming here every day and reading and commenting and making it such an enjoyable and creepy community.


>>Redass: (red-ass) - In Texas: one who is >>beyond being a bad ass, one who will do >>whatever it takes to get the job done >>and will shoot first and ask questions >>later.

Yep- he is all that!!!
Thanks for expanding my vocab by one more word.

Happy Turkey Day to my American brothers and sisters...Thanks to h.b.; Thanks to our beloved Red Sox and Beckett's redass...and lest we forget, Dave Roberts stealing 2nd base.

Let's also give thanks to the baseball gods for making Boras and AFraud look like complete idiots. It was a great start to the offseason.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe holiday travels to all.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

COD - I always brine my turkey for Thanksgiving, keeps it moist. I cooked professionally for over 10 years, so I have a lot of turkey tricks.

One more everyone: let the turkey rest for a good 30 minutes (if not more) after you take it out of the oven. Don't worry, it won't cool down, it's actually still cooking, and will help keep the breast moist.


hb, the strip, lc, Kaz, Bob, yazbread, harwich rich, and everyone else:

Sucks. Hard.

I brine my balls for Thanksgiving. Otherwise, they get too acidic.

I'm thankful that the Red Sox won the World Fucking Series.

Thanks to Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Brady. Without you two lovely ladies, we wouldn't have the best team in the history of the NFL.

Thanks to the Houston Dynamo. Without you, we could have taken every sporting trophy home and made MLS a legit US sport by including it in the ranks of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL (come on B's, I know you can do it!)...instead, it's our weak point in sports championship lore. I'll put a footnote up your annals for killing our dreams of making soccer legitimate in the US...but thanks for reminding us to stay humble in the second-tier sports.

Thanks to the Grousbecks and Stephen Pagliuca. John Henry went out and put together a great team, spending a ton of cold cash and passing the buck on to the fans' ticket prices. You did too. We'll pay if we see production and getting Garnett and Allen is production. And as a side-thanks, thanks to you, Pierce, for sticking it out with us even in the lean times.

Thanks to Theo for netting us a second championship! Putting together 9+ guys to take the field each night is harder than the NBA's "get 3 stars and the other 2 just don't screw up". Not only that, but the starters have to be brilliant or it doesn't matter who's behind them (see: YANKEES).

Thanks to the Yankees. Without you, it wouldn't be as sweet. You're the cocoa powder on our Venti Cafe Mocha double-shot half-skim half-soy extra chocolate and a shot of vanilla. We love it how we've got it, but it's so much better with you in the mix as well. Don't ever change!

Thanks to h.b. and the rest of you. I wouldn't come back here for the coffee if I didn't like the atmosphere.

Rob Bradford agrees with me.

It's nice to see the MSM pick up the same story that those of us with a bit of insight, insider (just a little), and intuition already picked up on days ago.

Sox - 3yr/$37.5 = $12.5/yr
Phillies - 4yr/$50 = $12/yr

Lowell takes the Sox deal. He was only going to take a 4th year if someone else was going to give him superstar money AND the 4th year (he'd have been stupid not to). Just a 4th year for same pay meant he was going to stay here, just like I sai...

ok i just broke my wrist patting myself on the back. cant type more now.

//dinner will be served under three framed pieces: a photo of JFK, an illustration of Jesus, and a signed Minky photo of the Last Out//

I give thanks for not shoveling the driveway 4-5 months/year...but I do miss the classics! I need to get some pictures together to make it feel a little more at home for our NE expatriate thanksgiving celebration extravaganza festivus out here. Don't worry the turkey burritos come during the Pats game.

Happy T-Day to all!

Here's something I'm not thankful for: Sweet Caroline. Now, it's just surly and churlish to say that, but I am afraid that in light of the postings about The Holy Trinity (JC, JFK, and Minky), that we will have to endure more nonsense in re Sweet Caroline.

This link is not quite the content of 2g1c, but disgusts me nonetheless:


Oh are we doing things we are NOT thankful for, too? Goody, I have one. I am NOT thankful for yet another article that tells me I am suffering "a profound crisis of identity" since my Sox starting winning. God I hate that facile, idiotic non-argument.


LC, did you see Neal's version of "Morning Has Broken" on that site? I think that's a more appropriate song for the Sox these days.

(Although I do wonder when he'll change his name to Yusof.)

Speaking of things not to be thankful for (aside from the list of candidates for POTUS), I'd like to not give thanks for the whole PORN campaign. Hopefully, Remy's term is at least a decade long, so we don't have to endure another campaign until 2017...

You know, if we elect H.B. at the end of Remy's term, he'll have to identify himself...

By the way, did anyone else catch the "World Champ Boston Red Sox" pennant hanging in the "Android Dungeon" comic book store near the beginning of this week's Simpsons episode?

I guess one of the artists is from New England and it was their way of paying a little hom(er)age.

Hey Sean O., you the same guy that posts on mlbtraderumors.com?

I still like to think that hb is the barmaid at the Tavern- and if true, she'd get my PORN vote...
Thanks, all, for the many laughs and provocative insights this past year.
Thanks hb
Thank you Mike Lowell
No thanks to the IT police who have blocked my access to the site while at work

Jimmy Rollins won the NL MVP.

Thank you, Red Sox (all of you, from Little Jacoby to Veteran Mikey).

Thank you, Patriots. Just keep kicking ass.

Thank you, h.b., for sharing your twisted world.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

Happy and safe holiday, all. Thanks for the good work, hb. It's killing me that my new job blocks this site and I have to wait to get home before visiting.

Natalie, you're right, that article eats it. Your post cracks me up though ... "You know what bugs me? Crappy columns. Here's a link to one." Sort of like saying, "Hey take a whiff of this and tell me if it smells like puke."

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Amen to the blocking at work being annoying ikeG. Get to know your IT person and make it happen. I did. Now I just owe him coffee and Christmas gifts...

Thank you, Red Sox, for giving back. It was a great season from start to finish. Can't wait till 2008. Viva el Papi!

I'll jump on this bandwagon. Thanks to the ever humbling lc for a texas term I've never heard, despite being the daughter of a west tx rodeo cowboy redneck. Perhaps my credentials are not as sound as I thought. Thanks to all here for wit and insight and for making me realize I don't drink nearly enough to be concerned. Thanks for generous corporate relocation policies that have delivered us out of 100 degree summers that seem to last nine months and into snow on Nov. 20. Thanks for the reminder that I still need to get my requisite framed photos for the authentic touch. Thanks to the boys for an amazing season, the best mother's day treat ever and some truly kick ass October baseball.

Almost time for beer cart. Well, actually, I have to use my fab pipes to record a TV commercial at a studio in Back Bay soon, and then it's time to go home. And by home, I mean Pete's.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

And remember, Pinot Gris is an excellent wine with turkey.

And Jameson is an excellent drink with turkey.

And Dortmunder Ritterbrau is an excellent beer with turkey.

Mashed potatoes are good, too.

For those of you scoring at home (and I hope that you are), there is also a tasty series of brews from the Red Ass Brewery in Colorado


Have fun and be safe, kids.


that elusive beer cart seems so far away...bourbon cart would be better.

Eagle Rare is good w/ turkey...corner creek's not bad either.

Enjoy the holiday, everybody! Out of work in about 15 minutes...

Thanks to the National League for being so Gawd Awful at a time when our beloved Sox are winning AL Pennants.

The background animator on the Simpson's is from Chelmsford, Mass.


Yes, Evan, and I wasn't happy about the deal there either. Look at Lowell's first vs. 2nd half numbers stretching back to 2002, it's horrifying.

I'm glad everyone's happy about it, but imho, it was one of the (if not THE) dumbest things the front office has done.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, though not quite as happy as it could have been. Like, say, if I wasn't literally the only person in my company who had to work today. Talk about a screwjob.

Thank God, it's over:


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