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Funny how things turn out

Funny how we don't hear much yapping from Johnny Damon these days, isn't it?


Yeah, no "I love New York, Michelle loves New York and New York loves us!" soundbites.


No "They [Red Sox] made a mistake breaking up the '04 team." assured declarations.


Memo to Johnny: Don't change horses midstream.


Especially if you're getting off a Spanish Mustang in favah of a swayback caht horse.


Poor Johnny.  He kept hearing "Come to the Yankees for a trophy!"


But what they were really saying was, "Come to the Yankees for atrophy"



Oh snap.

I see what you did there in those last two panels.

I would buy a t-shirt that had the first panel on it.

The last two panels are so great I'm probably going to steal them and use them when I visit in-laws in Albany.

Nice wordplay, h.b.

Yup, Johnny got his. Lovin' it! How much longer do you think Michelle will be with him now that he is a, um...loser.

How DARE you be better than me at wordplay, H.B.

How dare you.

Heh. Funny:


(Sorry, Kaz and SDU, I refuse to spend time on making the link easy to reach. Or on actually doing work.)

I don't feel one ounce of sympathy for Johnny, is that bad?

Lovely strip today but poor Lisa is looking like she doesn't really know what's going on around here.

Wasn't there a difference in taxes that made NY's offer to him equal money with the Sox? I remember hearing this and thinking, 'what is this guy doing?' If the difference in money was only a couple million, he could have had a lot more going on for him had he stayed with the Sox, being around people that love him, having teammates who are proven winners, etc. It seems so odd to blame management on this one.

That said, he is trade bait this year. I think he's gonna end up with the White Sox who are going to love that arm of his.


Mike, I did an analysis on his two contracts given that he lived in downtown Boston (I think I gave him credit as "Back Bay" for ritz) and for a few million more, he'd be moving to Manhattan (figuring his wife wouldn't take anything less...and I was proven right).

The cost-of-living difference between Manhattan and Back Bay ended up *costing* Damon MORE to move to New York even with the pay increase. That's about the time I said good riddance to that douchebag. Claim it's for money, fine...but then to not even make enough more to cover the cost-of-living difference: douchebag.

what was the funny part?

I know I need to get a life, but I did the same as Kaz.

Since he's actually smart (DOCTOR Kaz to us), he probably used some algorithm he devised.

I just used this:


Checked in on a whim and am delighted to find the soxaholix in midseason form, h.b.

The Schill deal is a good one given the market and the makeup of the staff. Lowell is tougher: do they keep a great clubhouse guy who had a great year but who may tail off as he ages? If not, who replaces him? Ken Rosenthal dared to mention Ellsbury for Miguel Cabrera- come on. That guy is two donuts away from an intervention.

Haha, I love thinking about Damon watching the end of this October on TV and grimacing, grimacing...great job on this "off week" thus far, h.b.

I love the Spanish Mustang metaphor. The Sox have a whole stable of 'em, and Jacoby's ancestors probably rode one, too.

Totally off-topic, but saw this in a Globe article today and it cracked me up.

One of Massachusett's still-existing blue laws:

Exhibiting albinos for profit.

Heh. Guess I can't prostitute myself during the winter anymore.

Seems like Cashman should have proofread those assurances that Damon would continue to be out standing in the field.

//Guess I can't prostitute myself during the winter anymore.\\

Bob, that's why God invented Maine.

Ah, Maine...Massachusetts' younger twin.

Oh and Bob, I did the same thing (maybe even the same website, don't recall). I put my pants on one leg at a time, same as you! They just cost more and look better...but that's all!

Psych...I wear a pair of ratty jeans to work. It's actually pretty laid-back here for a bunch of PhDs doing "really important science".

My daughters still have their WWJDD
t-shirts although I have not seen the shirts in a couple of years. JD is one of the 25 (class of '04) so he is still a fond memory in our house.

Check this out:

Johnny D got assurances today of staying with the Yankees (in left field?)(on the only team that played the Sox tough last year??)

//Bob, that's why God invented Maine.//

Laughing quite loudly, LC.

Actually, shouldn't I move to Brattleboro, VT, for my hooking efforts? They allow full nudity downtown.

(BTW, see SDU's photo of me to guess how successful my attempts at male prostitution have been.)

Besty in RI,

Oh, wow, what are the chances that Damon would have one of his soundbites a couple hours after I post the "haven't heard from Damon" themed strip?

Too funny.

"I think we were the only team that really played them tough."

Hah! Same old asshole.

What will his teamates do without the full naked pullups?

(BTW, see SDU's photo of me to guess how successful my attempts a
at male prostitution have been.)

But does it cost extra for the
"> hard hat

[Cartman voice: step out of of the car]

hard hat =

If anyone is missing Lisa....I think this explains where she got that old 4 button computer (before her recent upgrade
Apple Lisa
As usual- Soxaholix makes my day.Thanks, hb for the strips.

I think we were the only team that really played them tough."

Johnny D - Ever heard of Cleveland? Seattle? Even the A's - I managed to visit my daughter in the Bay Area last June and be at 2 Sox losses...

Johnny Damon is an ass.

I'm glad the Sox got rid of him just when he became useless.

//hard hat =


Why just look at that handsome devil!

That freak in the Soxaholix shirt, now that's another story.

because all he can do now is, you know, stand out there in the field

The Sox won 2 WS in 3 years. When do Sox fans get over their second-class obsession?

You sound like the Southie losahs in Gone Baby Gone.

//The Sox won 2 WS in 3 years.//

I think the Cardinals and the White Sox might dispute that.

Damon's ego knows no bounds:

"[Manager Joe Girardi] told me I was going to be his leadoff hitter and left fielder," said Damon, who had been hearing trade rumors. "I know teams would want a player like me. A guy who keeps the clubhouse loose. A guy who has been very durable and will be durable next year. I think everyone realized how important I was to the team last year once I got healthy. When I was in the lineup every day, I think our winning percentage was around .700. I think that's a testament to the type of player that I am and the kind of stuff I can bring to the table. I think someone would have to [dazzle] them with an amazing offer."

That's right- it was DAMON who got the winning percentage to .700, not the extraordinary feats of A-Rod in the regular season. I imagine a "dazzling" offer for the Yanks might involve fungo bats at some point.

In re: mustangs and cart mules, as A-Rod and I always say: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." (Sorry, I heard that Big & Rich song on the way into work this a.m. so it's in my head. What? What?)

That's okay, Natalie. My fav singer of all time is probably Johnny Cash, so country is acceptable to me.

Of course, Big & Rich are kind of, uh, suspect, but whatever floats your boat. :))

Oh Bob, it was actually on 93.7, believe it or not, and while Big & Rich don't do it for me in general, that song makes me laugh. Disclaimer: I do LOVE country music. Not the mainstream crap that was on display last night at the truly awful CMAs (God, Kenny Chesney is brutal)... but stuff like Allison Kraus and Union Station, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Julie Roberts, Cash, Yoakam, Dixie Chicks. Good stuff.

"I resemble that remark"-nyuk nyuk nyuk

Natalie, I grew up "having" to listen to my Mom's country and western, and now, uh, just a very few years later, I absolutely love certain artists. Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins...

"Down in the west Texas town of El Paso..."

Now THAT'S country. Not this pop shite they try and pawn off on us these days.

The first song I ever learned to play on guitar was "Ring of Fire"

Hmm. Maybe that's why I like Sriracha so much.

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