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Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables

I think it's time we begin preparations for whatevah rituals comfort us in saying goodbye to Mike Lowell.


Yeah, if he wanted the Sox 3 year offah he would have taken it already. Instead, he wants to see what's out there.


And with the Yankees offering Posada 4 years, he knows what's out there.


Yeah, you may not be getting any more World Series rings, but you will get a long contract from the, er, less strategically thinking teams.


You know as dumb as some of the Yankees signings have been in recent years [cough, Johnny Damon cough], this one with Posada still floors me.


But Yankees fans are lovin' it. What declining fruit bat have they been seeing the past few seasons? But whatev, I'm happy to see them make these kinds of deals, too.


Remembah when Theo took ovah as GM and he talked about not outspending but the Yankees but outsmahting them instead?


Well, "Operation Mensa" proceeds apace.


And, you know, if Lowell does decide to go elsewhere for a more years, who are we to judge or begrudge a growing evah longah in the tooth ballplayah for sacrificing the WS bling in favah of an extra year or two contract cushion?


Seriously, just ask any Yankees fan and they'll tell ya — Who needs to win in the present when you can bask in the dim glow of the past?


Clap Clap



There's an interesting thread here about salary inflation - lots of rough numbers, but makes me think that the Sox may spend big, either for Lowell, or that other guy.

Posada is like, my age, for God's sake. Now granted, he has less of a chin and worse knees, but that contract is insane.

As for Mikey, well, he's gone, baby, gone. But somehow, I believe he won't sign with the Skanks. Deep in his soul, he knows how utterly evil that is.

He'll get almost as much with another team, and not have to spend time in hell after he dies.

Oh, and thanks for the DK's reference. A guy I knew years ago worked with a flannel/denim hippie at a record store in Denver. The coworker went to San Fran for a weekend as hippie Eric and came back as the landlord-lynching Jello.

The Posada link is non functional

The Bronxbanter blog link? Worked for me. Posada may be a DH for the last year or two of that deal, but he's been pretty durable. His relatively late conversion to catcher may add a year or two of longevity over the typical catcher's career.

I got teargassed at a DK's show in Long Beach (a longshoreman's hall) when I was in college.

link fixed

Link is working now, either HB fixed it, or it was a web server issue on the other end.

I don't think we have much to worry about yet. I know that Lowell wants to see what he can get elsewhere, but he'll look at the two offers and the comparison won't be different enough for him to leave.

I get a different vibe from him than a JDamon. It's not the self-representation gotta-stay Schilling vibe...but it's definitely one that might leave a 4th year if the money's nearly the same or less than we're offering. Lowell knows that in our lineup, anything he's got is amplified by those around him and so in 3 years he can get better than a 1 year deal to keep playing and so in the long run, 3 now with more later is more than 4 now.

More risk, more reward...plus he gets to stay here for 3 more years where he's happy.

Sure, that could be wishful thinking and he jumps on the first 4 year deal waved under his nose today...but it doesn't seem to be his M.O.

OMG, rumor is that the Yankees put a 3 yr/$45 million contract in front of Rivera! $15m for a closer who is 38 and shows TONS of signs of slowing? Wow. Posada and Rivera would cost NY about $28M in 2010 with Posada being 39 and Rivera at 41...lol. Talk about your overripe fruitbats.

The most expensive catcher (barely more than Pudge) and closer (by nearly 50% more than Wagner @ $10M) in the game once both these deals are done...crazy.

The Yankees have a PR problem. They chased out Torre, lost Arod, and are losing Pettite right before they open up a new ballpark. They probably should be in a rebuilding mode, but they can't really afford an attendance dip they could come with a 2 or 3 year downturn while they rearm for the future.

Tough luck for Beckett. He'll have to settle for the World Series Ring and ALCS MVP, and the awesomeness of being Josh Beckett.

Listen, I don't have a probablem with Sabathia winning (the voting did take place before the post-season afterall).

But the margin seems ridiculous:

//The Indians ace received 19 of 28 first-place votes and finished with 119 points in balloting by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Boston's Josh Beckett was second with eight first-place votes and 86 points, while John Lackey of the Los Angeles Angels got the other first-place vote and came in third.//

the rediculous part is that 4 of the 28 voters had Josh at 3rd and two didn't even vote for him at all. I can accept the two NY writers not voting for him at all, and the two Cleaveland writers voting for CupCake and Fausto first and second, but what the hell is up with the other two guys?

They were probably getting blown by George King at the time.

Humor and a Dead Kennedy ref....nicely done

does Beckett have a problem with the media? I mean wot the fuq?!? CC had decent numbers and certainly logged a buttload of innings in a tough division... but come on! BTW, the initial Boston Globe e-alert on Cy Young read: "Red Sox ace Josh Beckett won the American League Cy Young award today, edging the Indians' C.C. Sabathia." guess they couldn't believe it either...

We gave our lives for that Cy Young Award.


Many Creamed Filled Donuts

Once I started to read comments from sportswriters several years ago about how proud they were that they not only didn't understand basic sabermetrics but also went out of their way to denigrate it, I lost most of my respect for all the year end voting as well as the HOF voting.

It is what it is... And worth about as much as Oscar wins, Grammy wins, etc.

At least with sports (unlike movies, music) we do have another way to absolutely determine who is the best in all the categories by way of the actual results of the games played and won other than what a collection of mostly dipshit voters think.

Well, the fat guy did pitch 40 innings more than Beckett - that should count for something in the Cy voting. Of course, it also counted in term of fatigue factor in the ALCS.

Well, the fat guy did pitch 40 innings more than Beckett - that should count for something in the Cy voting. Of course, it also counted in terms of fatigue factor in the ALCS.

Maybe a little Red Sox fatigue in play in the Cy Young voting?

Sure, CupCake won, but I bet he'd give it all away for just 1 win in the ALCS...

O.K. Say Lowell leaves (sob!). Then what?

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