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Comfort food

As full as I am from Thanksgiving, I can't resist metaphorically gorging myself on sweet morsels like this Jacoby Ellsbury returns home feel good piece in the Globe.


"… his first-grade teacher, wore his 6-year-old handprint over her heart, on the sweater her volunteer room mother had made as a Christmas present, little hands drawn everywhere."


Seriously, pass the treacle. Only an absolute cynic wouldn't get chocked up by a "kid makes it big from a town without even a movie theatre" story.


Love the Jaboby.


Are you kidding me. This kid is on pace to be one of the all-time fan favorites.


Dude, don't make me think on the Monday aftah a long weekend.



Nice piece in the Globe (no, not Amelie, the story about Jacoby).

BTW, I'm never going to eat turkey again. Well, at least for a full year. Or until Christmas.

Nail-biter at Gillette last night.

All's well that ends well though.

I found the Patriots to be unlikable last night. what's with the 4-spread offense. Never mind, doesn't matter.


The Eagles played really well. They did a real great job with Moss, well coached, Feeley was awesome. But they STILL couldn't get it done. I was surprised they put up that much of a fight. They were not in awe at all.

Bruins at Flyers tonight. Retribution for Bergeron?

I'm thumbs down on moving our young guns for Santana. I don't think we need him that badly...

Anyone else having a rough time getting back into this whole work thing? Luckily I am taking advantage of a little ritual known as "working from home" by which I mean, staring mindlessly at reports while watching paternity tests on Maury. :)

I'm with you, Natalie. Keep the young guns. See Gabbard for Gagne trade. A bird in the hand and such.

I work from home every day. Although I at least had the sense to not put a TV in my home office :)

List of really dumb things the Sox have done:

1. Selling Ruth to the Yanks to finance No No Nannette
2. Trading Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson
3. Letting the Rocket go because "his best days are behind him"

I think trading Jacoby would come in either just above or just below the Bagwell trade.

Natalie, I'm here posting instead of working aren't I? Isn't that a good enough pronunciation of how little I want to do today?

Unfortunately, the big chief is in the wigwam this week (ask Jacoby, he'll explain it)...so, I have to at least *look* mired in data. Ah, the cons of having a wide open office space...some days I wish I had the 4 gray walls of depression around me.

By the way, the 21 points the Iggles put up on the Pats in the first half yesterday were the most by any team against the Pats since 2005. Good for Mr. McFeely, but I'm glad he returned to form in the 4th quarter. There's a reason nobody predicted such a close game and I'd hate to be around Belichick today when he meets with his defense. The open underbelly zoning they maintained the whole game was atrocious and they barely ever even touched the QB who didn't need Speedy Delivery since he usually had 6-7 seconds to survey the field each play.

As for the trade possibilities, no Ellsbury, no Buchholz. Lester and Coco and a player whose abilities I know nothing about so I don't feel so bad when he's gone. That'd work just fine for me.

There are a couple of million racists in Philly for thinking they saw a better QB last night running the Eagles than they normally have setting up behind the center. While the Eagles showed everybody how to beat the Pats, there is a big diff between knowing and doing.

lc, I just saw this over at Surviving Grady, but the 2007 collector's edition DVD box set for the World Series lets you opt to listen to Castiglione or the Rockies broadcast team while watching the game instead of McCarver.

How sweet is that?

First off the bat - Jeffrey, thanks for the turkey cooking hint. Our bird was fantastic this year and I actually managed not to screw up the gravy (secret - remain relatively sober while cooking).

I would have to throw Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater as another trade that did not work out well for the Sox. I have said it before - Ellsbury will easily break all team stolen base records in a short period of time. Let the MFY throw their money after Santana.

yazbread, yes that would be in the top five. The list is endless, really, with "not signing Jackie Robinson when they had the chance" and "last team in the major leagues to integrate" right up there as well.

saw that kaz, unfortunately, with JoeC, you get 3x5 as well


Yes, but 1 3x5 is phenomenally better than Buck to go with McCarver...

Yazbread - glad it worked out for you. I went and had Turkey at a friends house here in Dorchester, and cringed quietly as they overworked the mashed potatoes (always have to find a balance in life between helping others and being a "know-it-all")

Speaking of turkey, some of our receivers last night still had turkey juice all over their hands, far too many dropped balls.

Speaking of turkey, here's the funniest Thanksgiving scene in TV history:


I remember almost peeing myself when it originally aired, and it's just as hilarious now.

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