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Big Tent

Anothah year, anothah ticket price increase.


Pfft [snort]


Ah, don't mind him Al. Doug's a Rethuglican, remembah, so he doesn't care about poor people


Man, you Taxachusetts liberals crack me up.


The Red Sox respond not only to the most basic laws of economics, supply and demand, but also respond to the competitive reality of playing in the AL East by raising ticket prices and it's all "Whaa whaa whaa."


But you same guys practically tear a rotatah cuff reaching for a pen to sign ovah more of your paycheck when Teddy Kennedy and his Big Government cronies come knocking with a tax increase to fund yet anothah boondoggle.


Oh, right, and your Neocon wars aren't supplied on the backs of the taxpayahs but are instead funded by scraping the gold off the gilded turds Dick Cheney shits out 3 times a day.


I can't wait to hear how your tune is going to change once Frau Clinton is the CinC.




Hey, guys, do you think we can turn this creepy corner back to, I dunno, baseball or porn or something?


Seriously. Let's stick to what unites us.


You mean something like this?


Jee-tah Suh-ucks.
Clap. Clap.


Righteous, bro.



Yeh, baseball. Let's play two.

As far as the ticket increase, if tickets couldn't be bought for 4 times face value on Stub-Hub/Craig's list, the Lucious couldn't do what he's doing. Be glad that the RS aren't going to a purely mahket based pricing system (150 for grandstand seats to Yankee games anyone?) In that circumstance, if you want to pay 20 for the seats at the pahk, enjoy the Drays [sorry, now it's just the Rays]

More importantly, it appears that the MFY are not only just old, money grubbing ho-ahs, they are also tax cheats. Captain Jetes apparently claims he is a resident of Florida to beat the revenooers. see http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/2007/11/16/2007-11-16_taxman_derek_jeter_cheated_new_york_out_-1.html

Finally, here's the headline I would most like to see:

"Dick Cheney Died For Our Sins"



Even my bleacher seats went up $3 a pop. For God's sake, BLEACHER SEATS shouldn't be $26 each. That's more than a field box in Kansas City.

Oh, wait. They suck, have no money, and they suck.

Never mind.

Everything in my home state is overpriced/expensive. Except wine for some reason.

If it makes you feel better the Rockies are raising ticket prices too. And they lost their starting catcher to the Muts.

Hey,can Bonds be a "free" agent if he's incarcerated? Just askin'

Harwich, I suppose he can, if he's in a baseball version of "The Longest Yard."

Gilded turds, indeed. I'm surprised that the Sox haven't yet made a move to variable pricing based on opponent.

You think he'll get drilled in the nads? I know I know-too easy

The great pendulum swings, the outrageous rise, the cost of attendance drives ever upward, Lucchino laughs from his El Dorado driving down the Ted Williams expressway.

100 years from now, when chess is the hottest sport going in Boston, will anyone remember these times?


Thanks for the link, but you should link straight to the shortstop post, here.

Thanks, David.

I meant to do that, but guess I forget I was in your category archive and not the post on its own.

Harwich, depending on who makes him his biatch, he might get drilled by The Longest Yard.

...or the angry inch*

So, Doug's a brownshirt?

Alright, hb opened the gates, so here it is. My latest YouTube music video.

Joe Nuxhall died.

(In best Jim Backus voice):

"Oh Pudge, you've done it again..."

Oh and one more thing: I will never forgive you, hb, for the "one cup" thing. DARN YOU TO HECK. May you become a Yankees fan!!!!!!

OK, I take back the last part. But still!

chrisd: Doug is a brownshirt like the rest of them are reds.

The commies are responsible for a lot more oppression and death than even the Nazis, so ... take your pick, I guess. :-)

I got yer "Big Tent" right here...IN MY PANTS!

(Sorry, that was rude and egregious and completely uncalled for. I apologize profusely. If the FCC tries to shut this site down for naughty language, I'll contribute to your defense fund.)

By the way:

Today is the one-month anniversary of the last time a major Boston sports team other than the Bruins lost a game.

Game 4 of the ALCS.

I am going to celebrate by eating a donut.

Well crap, I am just spamming today. But I figured I should mention Thank Goodness for the Bruins for those who hadn't seen it. A non-Boston fan thankful that at least SOME Boston team loses sometimes.

OMG, I just got a call from Curt Schilling's sister telling me that I won one of the wives WS blinged out shirts!

YAY, NolaSox! I won one too! How awesome that you sent me that link!

Now I have to decide who to give it to...

...hmm, I know I have Lisa's e-mail address around here somewhere...

HB - As much as we all appreciate these off-season strips, you do need some downtime before the 2008 season. Seguing from the WS to winter ball to the MLB season will take it's toll on you.

Darn you NolaSox! I entered for one of those shirts, too (well, not me, since they're a little small and bedazzled for my shape and taste), but it would have made a great (and free)Christmas gift.

Oh well. Congrats.

Wear it with pride.

What the deuce!!! Kaz won one too?

What about MYYYYYYYYYYYY needs?

hmm the fix is in. I guess I shouldn't have started the name of the site with a 38

Congrats, Kaz. That's great that you won, too. Sorry, Bob. Don't give up hope yet, she might just be going down the list. I got my call 15 minutes ago and was here reading the comments when she called.
My kids better not get anything on my shirt!

I just got a call from Curt himself!!! I won his weight-clause money!

Sorry, Bob and lc.

By the way, I went back to the website to leave a comment under the "product" because I felt bad that I was caught off guard by the call when I got the first one. I wanted to let them know that as thanks for the free shirt, I have made donations to both the ALSA and Shonda's SHADE Foundation.

Evidently they get the reviews by e-mail for content validation and Curt's sister called me back after reading it to thank me for herself and Shonda. Pretty cool! Them Schillings are definitely good people!

I just heard that Curt's been spotted at Kowloon's all-you-can-eat duck fat fest.

Looks like I'm getting nothing.

Oh, so NOW I know what it takes to win, Kaz.

"Charity" and "good deeds" and "selflessness."

I'm shit out of luck.

Ha! You just need the good in yer hahht, Bob. I didn't let them know I was making the donations until *after* I had found out I won. The only bribery here is between me and Lisa now.

I don't know if there's good in my heart, Kaz, but at least my doc says it's enlarged.

That's a good thing, right?

Sure it is, Bob.....if you just stole all of the toys down in Whoville, anyways.

I did my time for that, Kaz.

Yes, Bob, I'm sure that's right - enlarged heart: good. Also, its important to give the liver a daily work out.

Absolutely, SDU. As my doctor says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and if you don't cut down on your drinking you're gonna die."

Catchy, no?

Anyway, it's time for much-needed beer-cart. Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

(Which is my birthday, hint-hint...)

You're not getting my Chix shirt, Bob! Stop hinting at it!

Hehe, see ya Monday!

//and if you don't cut down on your drinking you're gonna die.//

My Dad's doctor used say something like that so Da' changed doctors. Oh, and he died! Two of his favourite sayings were 'I don't know how they brew it [beer] so cheap' and 'You wouldn't be dead for quids', the latter truth is on his tombstone.

It probably already exists - if anyone can lead me to the "Barry's melon before/Barry's melon after" website, it would lighten the day. Muchos gracias.

Great epitaph, SDU. My personal favourite is on Spike Milligan's headstone:

"I Told You I Was Ill".

This good enough, G?

Just a single before/after...wasn't sure if that's what you were looking for or not.

A google search for "barry bonds before after" (without quotes) may turn up the page you are thinking of.

Thanks Kaz, that pic hits the funny bone. The prosecution rests.

What, you've never seen anyone with a batting helmet permanently implanted inside their scalp before? It's the latest thing among bling-infested MLB players.

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