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A little R&R for the Soxaholix gang

Lisa the Temp:
OK, peeps, Lisa the Temp is here with the news.


Lisa the Temp:
As mentioned previously in this space, The Soxaholix are going on a temporary reduced schedule during the first part of the offseason.


Lisa the Temp:
Bill (fat drunk), Mike (never trust a dude who doesn't make eye contact, people), Doug (#1 Masshole creep), and the rest (and by the rest I mean you Susan, the Boarding School Bee-tach) will appear weekly, on Fridays I've been told and with "greater frequency should big news develop".


Lisa the Temp:
Whatever the fuck that means.


Lisa the Temp:
Well, that's it. Move along now. Lisa's got important volunteer political work to do.



I don't know if my body can handle this ;-D

Great. A Lisa strip. Now I have to go back home and change my pants.

In less messy news, met up with Vemonter and his brother after work at McGann's. Really nice guys. Great Soxaholix. And they got to see a really exciting Bruins game.

SDU, the Berocca arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you thank you thank you!

Posted this on yesterday's strip, but it's too good to hide:


That video is great. Though I might have gone the extra and had the gay son in a pink Yankees cap.

Or had him wearing blue lip gloss, and slapping a ball out of his brother's hand.

Yes! And wearing white gloves, while doing the slapping.

too funny.
Thanks Bob...

Let's hope for big news developing. Staring at that mynx with four digits on each hands for a week will be troubling in the extreme.

hugz n' kizzez,


That video wins.

Lisa's working for Jobs, and Larry L. is working for Hillary..

Heh. Some clown at work wrote "Bama" after Berocca on my packaging of the stuff.

h.b., I'm not one to tell you your schedule...obviously. But what would you think about a Monday strip? I mean, I know I'll probably still be coming here every day. The great things about blogs are that the content is generated by the owner AND the visitors. A new post on Friday means that we all glom onto something reacting to last week's news for the M-R that follows as we catch up with each other and share links in the comments until the next Friday post. Know what I mean? There's gonna be a bit of a disconnect between the comic at the top of the post and the next week's worth of comments that follow.

Please, don't take this the wrong way. I'm happy that you're gonna be coming by and dropping bombs on us once a week as it is. I completely understand the whole "it's work to do this for fun" problem. It'll be great to bask in your creative genius once a week anyways...I just figured if it were feasible for Monday instead of Friday, it might flow better as a weekly update.

Let's cap this season off with some class:

O sibile, si ergo.
Fortibus es in ero.
O nobili, deis trux!
Vates enim? causa an dux!

--Roman Philosopher, Canis Latine

No baseball and no Soxaholix? It's like there are bugs all over me!


That's a really good idea. Makes total sense.

My only hesitation with Monday is that typically is the day when I'm not only dragging from the weekend but also is the day I often (50%) have to be into work super-early to get a jump on the week.

But one workaround might be to an open thread empty holding strip where you could being comments and then I can put the strip in later (perhaps as late as Tuesday)?

Could also just have a dedicated Monday morning catch-all blank strip and then add the post later with it's own dedicated comments section.

Other ideas?

Kaz, haven't heard that joke since my Jesuit grammar school days. Brings back some fun altar boy memories.

(BTW, why wasn't I ever molested? What, I was THAT ugly?)

Well,judging from SDU's pictures..... :)

just kidding Bob

Haha, h.b., an "empty" strip could actually be pretty fun for us for the week. It might give you an interesting challenge too and mix-up the hum-drums.

Put up a blank strip. Pick only the number of panes and the characters with empty speech bubbles (so we know who's saying what and in what order). We all spend all week filling in what we think the bubbles will/should say...

Friday, you fill it in yourself. Don't necessarily put up the blank on Monday with any preconceptions...this could be fun.

Given that it is the off season, you could probably write the strip on Friday, post it on Monday, and none of us would know the difference.

True COD, unless in 2 months on Friday he writes up this great "14-0, look out '72 Dolphins!" strip, and then the NY Giants proceed to dismantle us on Sunday.

Then, not so much.


As semi-pro lurker/once a monther poster not sure how much the vote counts...but really like the "empty" strip - blank bubbles approach. Sort of like a madlibsaholix.

btw - our early 80's 3B hero Cahney Lansford is back in the game. Hitting coach w/ SF Giants.

//Well,judging from SDU's pictures..... :) //


I WAS eating a sausage with peppers AND ONIONS, loaded with Srircha at the time, I'll have you know.

Sorry, I meant "blank/empty" just in a "for placement only" strip like I've done before when I've been on vacation or out of town on business.

My fear of putting up blank speech bubbles with the characters is how it would confuse the first time visitor.

It's bad enough in "web time" to take any sort of hiatus at all, so I really want to be protective of the "brand" so to speak.

On the other hand, I like the idea of user generated strips.

I'm going to think some more on this.

Hey guys,
I'll miss the banter.

I don't always contribute but i read every single day.

You guys are great.

H.B., you did an incredible job this year.

See y'all next Friday.

Ooo, we could do a secret Soxaholix club for regulars where only we know the password to get to the madlibaholix strip.

Kidding, unless HB thinks its a great idea, in which case I'm a genius and want all credit.

Oh, almost forgot. Promised this for Vermonter last night (just click on MO):


Enjoy the break (for want of a better word), h.b. But I'm still irked that we haven't gotten Marty's perspective on events

//But I'm still irked that we haven't gotten Marty's perspective on events.//

But we did.

It was: "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Hey all. Bob, great to meet you and Abby last night. It was an added bonus to an already fun trip! I hope to have the chance to meet as many of you soxaholix as possible. It was nice to shoot the shit with a fellow Boston fan. Let me know if you're ever up this way.

We saw a great Bruins game. I chased my Guinness' with IPA and UFO's and my brother managed to get a broken stick for his son. Back to McGanns afterward to see if you were still on the same barstool. Must've JUST missed you.

Back home in VT a bit crusty today, but readying myself for the big Pats game this weekend.

BTW all-Bob's gray Loyola-Marymount t-shirt WAS clean. I felt honored.

Did anyone else notice that the son did his pirouette on the lawn just as the announcer mentioned Jeter's name? Coincidence? I think not.

Bob - re Berocca - yay for the outstanding co-operation between the USPS and Australia Post. Just in time for the aftermath of your meeting with Vermonter and the Colts-Pats stoush. What do you think of the new yellow flavour?

Re Lisa - mmmmmmmmm.

//BTW all-Bob's gray Loyola-Marymount t-shirt WAS clean. I felt honored.//

Full disclosure: the underarm area wasn't clean. But I kept my arms by my side.

SDU, haven't tried the yellow yet, but did down a purple this morning. I'm all giddy over an embarrassment of Berocca riches.

Thanks again.

We could collectively pen the "Adventures of (Don't Be Like) Timmy" to get through some serious down times in the offseason. Rough first draft.

"How did you get that gash on your forehead, Timmy?"

"Went head first over my handlebars."

Thinking to himself "I never should have gone in the woodshed with Bobby to drink that green stuff."

"And your eyebrows are singed..."


Thinking "he nearly burned it down when he dropped that match"

"The nurse will be in shortly with the antacid."

"Thanks, Doc."

Thinking "that wasn't ketchup he put on my hot dog."

Doctor thinking, "It's a good thing the Sox won the World Series in this kid's lifetime already"

Timmy thinking "I'm gonna puke"

//Full disclosure: the underarm area wasn't clean. But I kept my arms by my side.//
Mrs SDU: 'Gross, he should remember that we're reading this stuff at 6-00 o'clock in the morning.
Don't take all the berocca at once or you'll be b-b-buggered (and yes, that is a reference back to Jesuit school).

Kaz, if I may:

Caesar aderat forte
Pompey adsum jam
Caesar sic in omnibus
Pompey sic intram

//Mrs SDU: 'Gross, he should remember that we're reading this stuff at 6-00 o'clock in the morning.//

Sorry, Mrs. SDU. But you Ozzies DO eat vegimite, and that stuff smells just like my armpits. :))

Mrs SDU: Well, that's the end of vegemite for me.

H.B., I understand your desire to take a little vaca, but you asked for more ideas, so here goes.

First, I love the idea of the madlibaholix.com, maybe you should set up a subdomain like soxaholix.com/madlib, where the regulars would know to go to.

Second thought, Is there a way to put a break in between days of comments? I can imagine during the slow news time, yet high speculation times, comments reaching a couple hundred (or thousand even) and scrolling/navigating through all that could be tiresome.

Just some thoughts. Love the site!!!

Off topic, but on a sucky point: Sammy Morris was placed on IR, ending his season with the Patriots. Frack.

Anyway, I'm going to beer cart.

Hopefully, we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. :))

//Anyway, I'm going to beer cart.//

I hate reading on east coast time but living on west coast time...3 more hours. Que H. Simpson: "So thirsty, now."

Sonoma - it's worse when you just wake up (the next day) and it's 12 hours until the putative beer cart!

Hey - news on the "Doing the Right Thing" front - Sox pick up option on Wake. But there must be a baseball decision behind it too.

Batshit's back for next year too...He's like Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four...

here's to a very eventful season of signings and re-signings.

Anyone see FNL last night? AWESOME. Who in their right minds can deny Eric Taylor sex? Or Tim Riggins, but we have discussed this already! :) Great ep.

Psyched to see they picked up Timmy's option. But Mirabelli filed for free agency. Is there someone in the wings who can catch the knuckler, because we know Tek can't (sorry Tek, you rock and I want to bite your thighs, but someone needs to handle that ball)?

Didn't Kevin Cash do a pretty decent job catching Wakefield earlier this season?

Cash is a free agent too. He refused his assignment to the minors and was released.

Day 1 in the Great Soxaholix Outage of 2007. I find myself stranded amidst the thoughts of the past 2-3 days. While I have a companion, Lisa the Temp, I take no comfort in her snide comments at this time of day on a Monday.

With the Colts-Pats game still looming large at the water cooler...I have no borrowed witty repertoire with which to amuse the office buffoons, those that do not know of the Soxaholix. We will just have to see how it goes...

Perhaps H.B. could have an off-season strip called "Lisa's Hot Stove."

I feel your pain Kaz. Days like this it would help to be Michelle Damon - purely clueless as to all the happenings in the world. Would make this, hopefully temporary, purgatory a little better.

And yes, that's meant with every double entendre possible.

//"Lisa's Hot Stove."//

(Homer Simpson) "Mmmmm...Lisa's hot stove..."

Great Patriots game yesterday. Late in the game when they were still behind Brady and the gang looked defeated...and they STILL won.

I kept saying that the Colts were not going to maintain all that energy through 4 quarters, especially Addai. Pats have been playing all 4 quarters all season long.

I am jonesin...
must see susan and circle...
I am reading the archives for god sake
I need some fresh soxaholix...

Seriously h.b. thanks for all you do. But I miss it...
Is there a 12 step program somewhere?
Do I want recovery?

Interesting article:


Funny how people are hated because they win. Isn't that the definition for "Jealousy"?

Growing up a Sox and Patriots fan in the 70s and 80s, it is a little odd learning to deal with all this hate.

It is nice to be the winner. The difference between us and the MFY fans is that we won't ever come to view winning as a "right".

Oh, h.b., this is gonna be a long winter.

If Lisa needs some extra temping hours somewhere, I'll be glad to help her out.

The zebras were definitely on the take yesterday. They did everything they could to give the game to Indy. Pass interference my ass. On a side note - I was in Indy with a group of students on Friday. Pats fans were beginning to emerge. I would briefly leave the students to chat about NE sports with anyone wearing Pats gear. Great to hear the mother tongue spoken once again. The students thought I was a loon talking to complete strangers.

Hung out with my Dad and my brother yesterday. We were all born about 5 miles from what is now Foxboro Stadium. I went down to Indy, they live there. My brother greatly enjoyed explaining the various bets he had down, the riches he was about to come into, and the humiliation of one of the bettors who is now required to purchase and wear a Patriots hat to work for a day. I find that Tullamore Dew greatly enriches a Patriots win.

Went to the NYC Marathon yesterday. 60-40 advantage to Sox hats over Yankees hats.

Jobs for president? And here I thought we couldn't get any worse than the present guy. Shows how much I have to learn.

..still happy about the Sox win.

We have Schilling! Latest reports say they settled on an incentive laden deal around 11 PM today! Woo!

But what about Mikey and
">http://www.boston.com/news/world/asia/articles/2007/11/06/fierce_resistance_targeted_in_pakistan/http://"> what about those lawyers in Pakistan

Hey - look Kaz - I did it!!! Almost

Starr v Favre!!!

Second time's the charm! Great work.

In myyyyyy day, we didn't have fancy methods of linking. We just cut and paste the URL, and we LIKED IT!

The Boston Red Sox is a great American team, and have a positive spirit. You could see, and feel the energy, of the very motivated Red Sox team when they play baseball. The Red Sox make the best role models for the young generation. Incredible team work, and love for each other. Very good sportsman ship example, when the Yankees were up 3-0, the Red Sox congratulate them, and wish them well against ST Louis. When the Red Sox came back 3-4 and won, the Yankees wish no well to the Red Sox, and just hated pure hate = evil. Red Sox = Sportsman ship, team work, love for each other, and fans, of all teams in MLB. I'm from New York City, and I had a good time in Boston, really nice place, and people. I'm proud to be a Red Sox fan.
Go Red Sox Go! 2007 :)

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