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You've got your 1310, your 1490, your 1550...

OK, I was all set to watch the ALDS in the comfort of my own home where I'd maybe have a very responsible, very very responsible, drink or two, but, no, because Verizon has chosen to screw Red Sox fans I'll have no choice but to go to the bah to watch the games in HD where I'll be forced to consume ever lahgah quantities of alcohol and embarrass myself by hitting hopelessly on the hot young bahmaids.


Yeah, the next time they run one of those ridiculous "this house is lit" FiOS commercials they need to scroll a disclaimah saying it's a bit less, er, "lit" for baseball fans.


Seriously, instead one of the "the three spectrums of light" I'm getting TBS on the 4th one powahed by a cancah-stricken lab rat running his sick ass off on a rusty wheel.


Is it just me, or are those Verizon commericals with the FiOS tech dude and the little boy kinda high on the creep factah?


Tell me about it.  You know when the tech dude says to the kid, " light so clean it's +20db hot … it's true quam"?  Well, I've heard that if you play that backwards it say's "I want to touch your wee wee."



I hate that kid. I bet he's 24 years old, or something, and has some kind of growth ailment, Gary Coleman-style.

I don't know what I hate more: the kid's high-pitched voice or that sanctimonious "Fios tech" bastard.

//I've heard that if you play that backwards it says "I want to touch your wee wee."//

H.B., you should see his truck.

Comcast didn't have the Rockies game on in HD either on Monday night. Apparently they are adding it today or tomorrow.

I'm not sure about Direct TV. I guess I'll find out when I get home.

Go Sox!

Oh, I am SO happy about this strip. I LOATHE those Fios commercials and have always found them uber-creepy. Glad to hear I am not alone. Also glad (for the first time ever) I have Comcast. The HDTV will be rockin' tonight.

Speaking of commercials, the one I love love love is the "We Want the Funk" Mastercard ad. I fall off my couch in hysterics every time:


Cute MasterCard spot, Natalie.

I'm currently writing an ad for a colon stapler.

I'm gong to go jump out the window now.

ANYthing with 70's funk is good by me.

What I don't like are all the local furniture ads. They make me nuts. "Mattress-itis"? Inflammation of the mattress?

And the WB Mason chorus singing about office supplies? Ughh.

Makes me want to employ a colon stapler.

Bob. What are the odds?
Two members of the Red Sox nation writing about surgical staples at the same time.

My ad has a gastric bypass spin. Yipee!

In the words of Dr. Smith from Lost in Space:

"Oh, the pain, the pain!"

Sox in October=panacea for a floundering career

Joe, if you don't mind me asking, who do you work for?

If you want, you can click on my name to send a private email (wouldn't want J.O. to get the info on colon staplers, or he might give A-Fraud one as a present).

If you live in RI (Cox cable), tell me if this commercial for some 'make $12,000 a day' fly-by-night scheme burns your nose hairs: "You'd have to be crazy..crazy like a fox". I'd neuter the hack bastard who created THAT monstrosity of an add.

Anyone know who we should expect for commentary on TBS?

My TiVo just announced that it had received the TBS-HD channel from Comcast last night. I don't have HDTV or an HD tuner though, so fat lot of good that does me. I can only hope that my friend with RCN gets it in time for Game 2.

Why Game 2, you might ask?

'Cause I'm going to Game 1 tonight! Bangarang! GS 23, Row 6. Watching over the shoulder of every right-handed hitter and snagging foul balls from late-swinging lefties. Go Sox!

For the DirecTV HD folks, you should be good for tonight. TBS-HD launched on Sept. 26th...


I don't understand the hate for Bob's furniture ads - the Gumbyesque claymation, the anthropormorphic bedroom set, the duplicates of the blond floozy screaming "Busted" - it's all high comedy to me. That FiOS campaign is damned creepy, though, the kid emits a The Shining/The Other vibe.

Yeah, I was not too excited last week when I got TBS HD on DirecTV, until I found out this weekend that they'd be carrying the LDS! :D

DirecTV, Comcast, Cablevision, TimeWarner will all have TBS in HD in time for the playoffs.

Verizon and DishNetwork will not.

Unsure about the others.

Like Bill, I have Verizon. I cannot tolerate the quality of TBS in SD at least the way it displays on Verizon.

So... if the strips after these Red Sox v Angels games are delayed or nonexistent because I've gotten shit faced at a bar and blacked or forgotten my way home or just can't move from hangover or some combination of all, then, well, blame Verizon.

AYFKM? You guys have fiber to your homes and you won't get TBS-HD? Damn. I'm sitting here with Comcast coax into my house in the Chicago suburbs and I'll be watching this on HD no problem. My wife insisted on finally getting an HDTV because she wanted to be able to watch the Bears (just off a Super Bowl appearance) play in HD. Too bad the Bears suck green suppurtating donkey dick this year. They are scheduled for a lot of 2nd game and Sunday night appearances, but I bet we'll see those game times change back to the local game time of noon. But I get to see the Red Sox play in HD!

No, I didn't watch the Patriots play the Chargers Monday night. I don't watch my dog kill kittens, either. Besides, I had a meeting (unfortunately).

O.K. An actually important question:

Who's announcing this game? Do they know if the ball is blown up or stuffed? Do they know that a bat is not a flying mammal? Do they know that the infield fly rule has nothing to do with insecticide?

Or am I going to start screaming about 1/2 way into the 2nd inning? Will the national radio feed be any better? Will there be a webcast of Remy and co. available without having to pay for it?

As long as it's not TM & JB I don't care who announces the games this week.

Yeah, not sure why Verizon can't just flip a switch and send the new TBS-HD down the fiber. We'll probably get it after the ALDS is over and I now longer care.

In the meantime, though, I wouldn't trade my 50 Mbps broadband speed for anything. FiOS does kick ass in that regard.

It's true quam h.b.

LMFAO, Harwich. Well done.

//I don't understand the hate for Bob's furniture ads//

Give it time. You will. Those of us in CT have been tortured by him for years. After a while your ears will bleed when you hear his voice.

And isn't Orsillo going to do the game? I know TBS picked him up for the playoffs.


The Bob's ads I can still laugh at. It's the grey pony-tail dude that makes me crazy.

Talking couches? Dressers that move by themselves? Brings me back to my college days.

Every day of postseason baseball is like Christmas to me (at least until the Yanks are done). I'm excited... can't hardly wait to see what happens today.

Guy getting a massage in a Southwest Airlines commercial: Cindy - something else just came up!

Is it just me?

I miss Dean's Home Feenitcha ads. That dude was yularious.

Line of the day:

"About the only way I would be invited to Columbia Law School is if I were a middle east dictator with nuclear weapons"

-Clarence Thomas

Oh, hb, you're talking about that Verizon Fios ad...I thought 1.310, 1.490 or 1.550 were the choices for Alex Rodriguez's 2007 post season OPS.

Good luck with the Angels!

Thanks for mentioning how creepy those commercials are. How about the new one where the kid opens up the closet and the tech is just hanging out in there, R. Kelly style?

Also: "Ted Robinson (play-by-play), Steve Stone (analyst) and Jose Mota (reporter) will call the game."

No idea who these guys are.

h.b., if you see this could you edit my last post to take the email address out? Thought it wouldn't get displayed.

Easiest way to hide your e-mail address, chone, is to give an URL (I personally like giving a self-link back to www.soxaholix.com to potentially drive up the Google PageRank).

Steve Stone pitched for the Cubs back in the 70s.

Crazy, Crazy Like a fox....

No idea if you'll be able to see it enough times now that the Sox aren't playing on NESN, but if you see enough of them you will notice that the website changes depending on what time of day it is (168crazyfox.com, 302crazyfox.com, 666crazyfox.com, etc). Very Odd. Sometimes it changes between commercials in the same commercial break.

I just realized how inappropriate this name was considering who we're playing. Thanks for fixing that, btw.

Wikipedia says Jose Mota (Manny Mota's son) used to do Spanish color for the Angels, so he'll likely be biased against the Sox. It also says he appeared in a Kevin Costner film. At least it wasn't Waterworld.

I think I might be one of only a couple dozen people who actually enjoyed Waterworld and who will get sucked into rewatching it if I come across it randomly while flipping channels.

Explaining the 3 catcher set

I <3 Amalie Benjamin.

I sort of liked WW, also, and will stick with it for 10-15 minutes if I come across it while channel surfing. The Postman is another story - I remember seeing the trailer for it in the cinema, and the audience howling with laughter at how absurd it was.

I'm guessing you are all drunk at a bar somewhere.. Congrats to Beckett.

Magic number = 10

tbs = turds broadcasting shit

[that last post is a quote from Mrs sdu who is 'appalled' - she went so far as to suggest Joe Buck would be better than "Ted Robinson" (quien?) and "Steve Stone" (quien double plus??)]

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