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When the going gets tough...

It's sad, really …

Rider on Green Line:
Clemens viewed Friday night's insect invasion at Cleveland's Jacobs Field from both the dugout and a television in the clubhouse, and he concluded it was too distracting an environment to pitch in.

"I would have probably pulled us off the field."



No doubt tomorrow he'll claim he was suffering from PTSD* when Cleveland puts the Spanks out of their misery tonight. Does Slappy have a hit yet?, Oh yeah- it's October
*Post Traumatic (Canadian) Soldier Disorder

and thanks, hb, for making the transition back to work much smoother with a bonus Sunday offering! Just off a 6-day buzz in Key West, where the sports bar was packed with Sox fans and the waiters and musicians kept you up to date on the ever increasing Indians lead... no wonder they call it Paradise

Buck-"buzz" heh

started about 11:30 on Tuesday at Schooner Wharf and continued right through... niiice.
Just finished catching up on the past week's posts here. Everyone was in fine form this week, I see. Bob, too appropriate that you were writing a colon stapler campaign! Thought of you when I was at this place in KW called "Peppers" (run by a dude from Nawth Dahtmouth, btw)... dozens of hot sauces from around the country served to you bar style, and you're encouraged to BYO. Of course they had srirachi, and some stuff called "One Fuckin drop" because that's all you need, plus stuff called 'Colon Cleanser' and others...

There's got to be a new way of expressing euphoria: "I'm feeling so good about this, I'm putting in Gagne".

Our pessimism of a few days ago now seems quaint. Bring on the Tribe!

I have a weird feeling. I want the Yankees to get swept and embarrassed, but if they prolong the series, the Indians will be more worn out when they arrive at Fenway. I don't know what to think.

I have to admit, when Gagne gave up that early GR double and then the wild pitch, I was worried...

Psych. Bring on the Injuns.

Pats, 5-0. Bring on the Cowboys.

It's about to get wild west up in this here Wild Northeast.

Magic number = 8.

I'm with ya da kine - we want the Cleveland 1-2 pitchers to have to pitch again but I couldn't cope with the stress (or the Stadium crowd) if the Yanks win the next two.

Perplexed downunder.

Oh, and Trot = embedded Red Sox. So it's all good. I say he gets a standing-O when he arrives for the ALCS.

"Bring on the Tribe!" "Bring on the Injuns."

Haha, yeah, ok. We will see.

Whew, Torre's job is safe for one more day.

Ok, Manny's back in good graces, and gotta love the quote after the moon shot.

"But I guess, you know, when you don't feel good and you still get hits, that's when you know you are a bad man."

>>"But I guess, you know, when you don't feel good and you still get hits, that's when you know you are a bad man."

WFT does that mean?
I listented to Manny after the game and it was great just to hear him talk to the press. But honestly I didn't understand much of what he said.

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