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So close now...

Fr. Tim give his 3 games to 0 homily …

Scene from a church:
As our beloved Red Sox are on the precipice of anothah magnificent victory


Father Tim:
And we reflect upon a this season and the many seasons that came before that were not without trial and tribulation, let us recall the words of Psalm 37:19.


Father Tim:
In times of disastah they will not withah; in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.



Bonus strip. New art work. A 3-0 lead. What more could one ask for? How about some professional announcers? Last night Fox gave up all pretense of doing play-by-play. Tonight will be worst. John Lester (cancer) versus Aaron Cook (blood clots). Game commentary will be provided by Marcus Welby and Ben Casey.




I have no doubt that more than a few priests around Boston worked the Sox into the homily this morning.

AMEN! I am enjoying this plenty!

This is why you never name your team after a cartoon squirrel...

more a verse for the Rockies fans. No famine here.

MMMmmmmm, homily grits...aghlgghhghghgh.

They are still confident on Denver's airwaves. Rockies in 7 now...

What a game. Can you believe Dice-K's 2 RBI hit? Are you kidding me. He just earned the paycheck right there. Wish he could have pitched a full 6 innings though.

Nice job coming back and slamming the door on the Rockies come back. I kept waiting for the Rox bullpen to falter and it finally did.

Headed to the Pats game this afternoon. Sadly I am not in Denver to watch the series.

I have to say, this one made me emotional. All those years.....
I told a new convert to the True Faith, when his belief faltered during August, "For penance give me five Our Papi's and four Hail Terry's."

//more a verse for the Rockies fans. No famine here.//

But that misses the point. There have been times when it was only famine and no feast for the Red Sox.

And those times will come again, eventually.

Like another Psalm says, "To everything there is a season..."

But the true fans will be there and have been there when times were the toughest.

The homily today is an acknowledgment of those fans and of those hundreds of thousands of fans who passed before they ever had a chance to see these good times.

I was gonna come in and make a funny joke of the Byrds' song, "Turn Turn Turn" based on that bible passage, h.b.

Then I found it it really was lyrics taken straight from the bible. Except it was Ecclesiastes 3, verses 1–8 (KJV)...not Psalms.

Besides I like my Daft Punk "One more time" video from yesterday's comments better than the Byrds.

“We don’t want to eat the cake before your birthday.”

-Manny Ramirez

Oh, right, Ecclesiastes. I always make the mistake of thinking of the "turn turn turn" as one of the Psalms... I guess because it's so Psalm-like in its tone.

I like it, too, because even if you're the most dogmatic atheist, it's difficult to refute the wisdom of "A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant." etc.

And the line I just quoted above is especially pertinent to Theo GM'ed Red Sox.

Letting Pedro, Lowell, Damon etc of the 04 team go, was a perfect example of "a time to uproot the plant."

And sow new seeds, if you will, that are now blossoming in the 2007 WS.

Bite your tongue, h.b.! We let go of Lowe! We're *never* going to let go of Lowell!!

Hehe. With Damon, it truly was a time to love...a time to hate.

Oops, mind said "Lowe" hands typed "Lowell."


Man, this is great.

I had a chance to listen to Miller/Morgan on the radio while watching the TV...But McCarver and Buck are such aa audio train wreck that I can't peel my ears away from them...I love it when Buck/Mccarver say "...and that pitch was right down the middle" when the replay shows it was biting the outside corner at best.

Let's go Red Sox, Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap.

Letter from Paul to the Corinthians:
Verily, game 3 was a blast.

//This is why you never name your team after a cartoon squirrel...//
Cracked us up down under.

"If he had slid over the plate instead of behind it he would have been safe."

"Uhhhhhh, ok thats a good answer, I'll accept that."-Only cuz we're up 6 runs..

In pre-schools throughout New England, small Sox fans are saying, "Please win just one World Series in my lifetime."

h.b. you are a magnificent Red Sox fan! there are many of those here who have believed through the famines and have had faith now, enjoying the harvest, giving thanks, blessing our forefathers, and digging the fuck in! Go Red Sox.

Fuck yeah

You have to check this out...


avoiding FOX...

lou, that's the Leskanic thing? saw that, it's too freaking funny.

h.b., I sense Jesuite training...takes one to know one. Come on boys, I have to work tomorrow...Timlin do your duty!

WTF! This is the Red Sox WS and MF McCarver and Buck are talking about A-fraud? Don't they have to have Selig's permission? Fuck that!



I almost crapped when Carroll hit that fly to Ellsbury.

Wild season, folks. Celebrate like crazy!

My heart was in my mouth on that liner to left, but Ellsbury made a great catch. Hard for this long-time Sox fan to get used to success, but this team has great hitting, great pitching and great defense. There's no question they are the best team in baseball. Down 3-1 to a team with an equal record, they turn around and win 7 straight. The whole lineup did the job.

Sublime...certainly different than 2004, but this vintage is pretty fucking awesome. Scars of past failures are now looking more like the required pain to justify ultimate victory. We are the most excellent fans in the world, and we deserve this excellence. Thanks Mike, Manny, Papi, Tek, Pedroia, Paps, OK, Dice, Youk, Ellsbury...Theo, JH, etc. Great season.

And fuck the Yankees!! Woo-hoo!

wewt!!!!!! What a season! Way to go Keilty!!!!

2007 World Series Champs!!!!!!



Happy days are here again!!!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! Thanks for another great year h.b., cya next spring!! GO SOX!!

We don't suck anymore!!!!

I'm sitting here in my office in Japan, listening to the game on my computer between classes. My mind goes back to 2004, to the last time I experienced this amazing feeling. When Paps struck out that last batter, I threw up my hands, let out a scream, and then sat down to savor the moment completely. Life doesn't present you with such highs all the time, and I'm really really enjoying this one right now. This blog has been a big part of my fun this year. I've kept up with it day in and day out, through all the ups and downs. HB, you really know how to capture the true life experience of a fan. Hey, if you ever compile a season's worth of strips into a book, I'll buy it in an instant. What a great story that would tell!

Take care, and I look forward to next year!


World Champs, baby!!!

Kenmore is rocking!

Choppahs everywhere!

FAN de monium!


Where to start? First things first: h.b. - thank you once again for the insight, humor, wit, and effort that goes into the Soxaholix. The same goes for the regular contributors. As for this evening (and this whole season, really), I find it particularly appropriate that the MVP went to Lowell, who typifies the smarts, talent, class and downright dirtdawginess of this team. Speaking of class, if ever AFraud demonstrated that he has none, it was tonight. Talk about not knowing when to keep your trap shut. It's a much-hackneyed phrase, but the AFraud/Boras axis knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Anyway, enough about the Ringless Wonder - we have bigger duck boats to sail. World Champions 2007. Nuf Ced.

Surreality abounds. I constantly ask my wife if I am dreaming. I am not, but I am still in a waking blissful state. Go Sox.

Timlin speaks up for Wakefield

While it's up on Youtube and not taken down...enjoy.

Wakefield. Timlin. Class acts!

now, I can die in peas

Roflol. Thanks lou

swirled peas right?

what I love about this series.

We win big, "Welcome to the AL East"
We win close; playing small ball
We win with the NL rules, double switches galore
We win gutting one out.

The Sox are a solid solid team.

The only downside was A-Rod showing how classless he truly is allowing that announcement to come out during the final game. Shameless.

But even that can't lessen the victory. Thanks HB for the fun during the year.

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