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Smokin' hope

Boy, it sure is getting late early out here.


You know, when they swept the Angels and then totally shut down the Injuns in Game 1, I really thought we'd seen the last of the "meh, so-so" Red Sox.


But the playoffs have been a mirrah image to the regulah season, haven't they?


Off to a ridiculous hot no one can touch us staht, followed by a rapid cool down.


Yep and totally susceptible to giving up the big inning like we saw repeatedly from June thru Septembah.


And totally likely to leave men on base and piss away golden offensive opportunities.


And pretty much totally tied to the fortunes of The Manny Ortez. When Manny and Papi are on, all is right with the world. When they aren't, it's waking up to being down 1-3 and on the brink of elimination.


Plenty of hope.


Are you kiddin' me? I'm friggin' high on hope.


Author's Notes:
The "late early" line in panel one is attributed to Yogi Berra.


Echoes of Millar from '04:

"Don't let us win this one, that's all I'm sayin..."

C'mon Tito, put Ellsbury in there, anywhere...

One win away from reclaiming the home field advantage!

The Sox are just pacing themselves. They're letting Cleveland get their hopes up and will crush them mercilessly for the next three games. It'll make the tears of the Indians taste that much sweeter.

It's the little lies we tell ourselves to get though the day. Besides, there's always our old mantra: "there's always next year."

Interesting fact I heard this morning on EEI: you know how Tito started Kielty in Game 1 because of his success against C.C.?

Well, he's had even better success against Byrd. Same average, more home runs and RBI.

So, uh, WTF?

Okay, okay, I'm calming down. Beckett. A team that knows how to come back. Two games back home with just more win.

It's all good.


There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Heh. have you seen this list of anti-Gagne Facebook sites? Kind of funny. My fav is "Eric Gagne deserves to be kicked in the balls by everyone in New England."


Observations from the NYY bunker just moments from Storrow Drive:

1) Ramirez must really be "in his own world," because to get a free pass after that last night's HR behavior is amazing. In all seriousness, he must have significant extenuating circumstances to not be earholed, Clemens/Piazza style.

2) Interesting, Pedroia looked for all the world as if he tried to slap the ball from Victor Martinez's glove on a play at first. Either:

A) He seeks every possible advantage, and if the guy drops the ball you could be safe...dammit, it's the playoffs. The team's fighting for its life. Sell out.

B) He's a fucking bush league wuss, let's photoshop him with a purse.

A man from Hyde Park named Delcarmen
While pitching did something alarming:
Adding fuel to the flames set by Wake
The Sox lost again at the Jake
Their results are disarming, not charming.

and they also need to stop keeping pitchers in so long. but keep the faith, remember in '04 we were down 3 games...

Thought somebody here might be interested in one of these part-time jobs:


//Pedroia looked for all the world as if he tried to slap the ball from Victor Martinez's glove on a play at first... let's photoshop him with a purse//

Considering that we live in a culture of instant photoshopping and meme spreading of anything that is remotely funny, I'm assuming you're the only one with the p.o.v of equating Pedroia with A-Rod's "killer move" else said photoshopping of Pedroia would have already taken place and would be spreading around the web faster than Paris Hilton's herpe vag.

There's a reason, you know, why the purse photo worked with A-Rod in a way it would never work with any other player.

A-Rod is special in that regard.

And that photo is as funny today as it was the day after it happened.

So why not let Dougie stay in the game one more inning, and have Ellsbury pinch hit for him to start the 8th? If he gets on, he immediately steals second (Shoppach would have had no chance) and thus we stay out of the DP...

A few thoughts:

1. I would have left Wakefield in longer. I had a bad feeling when he came out. The unraveling to that point wasn't terrible and knucklers can have a bad inning or so. Manny DelCarmen does not exactly inspire playoff confidence.

2. I hate to say it but I agree with Jason O re: Manny. I was embarrassed at how long he watched his moonshot. Just run, hotshot. We all know you're awesome. I wouldn't have blamed the Indians at all for drilling him in the keister the next time up.

3. WTF is up with all the f'ing off-days in this year's playoff schedule? I have found this whole postseason really disjointed and weird. Baseball is steady and rhythmic during the regular season for 162 games, then all of a sudden it's stop start stop start. Jesus. Thanks, Bud.

Okay, done now. Will go get my cranky self a Diet Coke and hope the day gets better.

A question now- Ellsb'ry or Drew?
Someone must come up big here, but who?
Pitching Beckett is great, but
if no runs cross the plate,
the Red Sox are mightily screwed.

Speaking of A-Rod-esque, that triple homer (first time ever in the 12 years of the LCS!) had all the significance of a Slappy late-inning rbi. Maybe A will fit right in with this squad next season.

I believe this is the farthest in the hole the Red Sox have been this year.

So true, Billy re the significance of the 3 back-to-backs and the comparison to A-Rod.

But rather than dwell on it, I'm trying to see the positive, i.e, the offense woke up too late last night to be of any use, but if they can remain awake, there's a good chance they get right back in this thing.

At this point I rather have Ellsbury for Crisp. So far Drew has atleast hit the occasional dribbler through the infield.

let me lead the chant
"wait till next year"

Given that the offense did nothing after the back to back to back, I unfortunately have to consider it an aberration and not a trend.

But then I didn't even see it as I needed a break after the 5th and watch Monday's Heros instead.

What they were doing against the Angels was getting the leadoff runner of the inning on base. Now, we have chances to move the runner forward, bunt, steal, hit and run, create some havoc and maybe score. The last few games, when someone does get a hit, it is with two outs. Now, the only thing to rely on is a big hit, and that has been rare.

There are too many hitters who look tight and not confident (Crisp, Pedroia, Drew, Lugo). What would be great would be a big run scoring game tomorrow, get everyone involved, uild up the confidence, and head back home determined to win, not scared to lose.

Let's all take a deep breath.

If Beckett can do it again tomorrow night, we just need a couple runs to win it.

Then the boys come home. Schilling in game 6. He is a big game pitcher, he can do it. He was pretty decent in game 2, but we lost it in the 11th.

Then there's game 7. Who's pitching?? Is this the stuff legends are made of? Can Mothra come back, get it done at home?? It is our home field, and we know how to deal with the pressure.

I think it's coming down to game 7, and that's going to have us all on the edge of our seats.

Bring your popcorn...

I went back into our schedule to see if there's any times this year where we lost 4 in a row. Unfortunately there are 3 times and two of them just happened in the 30 or so games of the season (Yankees & Toronto). The other was Oakland in June.

Against Cleveland, we've lost games to Carmona and Byrd during the season. What we didn't do is lose to Westbrook (making Game 3 an even uglier loss in the face of history compared to the mess it was anyways in extra innings due to Gagne). We beat CC tomorrow, we stomp Carmona for once this year, and we ride over Westbrook like we should have done the first time (unless the Indians are desperate/crazy enough at that point to go with CC for his 3rd shot at losing on 3 days rest for Game 7?). It's not impossible and tomorrow's game feels good given our history of winning over Cleveland in the regular season. We're just back to a one game at a time mentality. It's all we've got left.

That should be the *last* 30 or so games of the season...

A game 7 for Mothra would provide him the opportunity to redeem himself and the honor of his country for the very average season he provided.

I said 'your place or mine'.
She said 'either is fine'.
I know you're a rake,
but they're playing at the Jake.
And baby, this year, it's Tribe Time'.

Here are my proposed pitching set-ups:

Game 5: Beckett (8 inns), Paps 1

Home at Fenway
Game 6: Shill 4, Dice 4, Paps 1

Game 7: Wake 4, Lester 3, Timlin 1, Paps 1


Is it permissible under MLB rules to have batters "pass" when it is their turn in the lineup? Y'know, it's time for Lugo or Nancy or Cocaine to bat, and they just look at the ump, wave their hand, and say "pass" and take an automatic out? It's a good strategy if you think about it, as all three seem to have a knack of making two outs whenever they are up, let's just take a "pass", ring up the out, runner stays where he is, and at least the inning lasts for one more out.

Admit it, it's better than any strategy Francoma has . . .

Topic for discussion: Sox eat Francoma's really-quite-affordable contract in '08, and Torre coaches the Sox. Discuss.

Rooster-agreed re: confidence lost. I have never seen Papi before looking like he didn't expect success. Lately his eyes betray a man who knows he's gonna fly out. I no like.

One more loss and it's absinthe all around.

I think if we win game 5 tomorrow the series is ours. The injuns REALLY want to end this at home. They lose and BIG doubt flies back to Beantown with them.

In re Manny:

Absolutely hilarious...I love the stare and hands raised.
He has the same pose on a bloop single to left as w/ a moonshot. I think the players know that & realize he's not grandstanding - that's just Manny. It's absurd & funny. He almost has the same look when he strikes out looking.
Now if KY pulled it - he'd get one at the earhole.

Coco should just bunt each time. He's good at it, occasionally gets a single, and at worst it means only 1 out recorded.

I think the Sox executives are exceedingly happy with the way Francona is running the team. There is zero chance he won't be back next year.

Unfortunately, we are probably stuck with Nancy Drew. Coco gets traded for a prospect, or maybe a 3B if we don't sign Lowell.

I love Manny's antics. You have to understand that he's a big kid.





It still doesn't work out....


My question is why are the Injun's hitters treating the batter's box like their own personal barcolounger? Time to start buzzing a few of those fuckers with some chin music, starting with Messrs. Sizemore, Peralta and Martinez. (See '04 ALCS G4 for similar treatment). I gurantee they stop swinging from their heels as soon as one pitch puts them in the dirt.

Captain Redass is just the man to take back the inside of the plate.

I wanna saya to a the red soxa nation. Have a da faith. Pray for da pitcha Josh.

God no likea the indians. Otherwise we would stilla seea the teepees on da plains.

One thing no one has even considered is what happens if Sabathia finds his playoff mojo? He hasn't had it yet in the postseason, but big CC can certainly be a force when he is on.

The anagram for "It's Tribe Time"


Embitter, it is.

CC can't find his mojo because he is too busy looking for the buffet table.

another anagram for "It's Tribe time" is

Tribe Times It

Hey, a fat joke by yazbread. How original.

More anagrams for It's Tribe Time":

Bittier Mites

Bite Me Sir Tit

Embitter I Sit

Three games to One. There you go. The answer was 3-1 for how long it took the trolls to come here during the ALCS and grow the cojones to post. Ah, checking my betting board, it looks like Bob and h.b. split the pot.

I was sure they'd snivel and lurk until 3-3. What a shame.

Unfortunately I came up with "I'm bitter site"


Pedroia, Coco, Drew, Varitek, and Lugo's combined playoff stats: .198 with one home run.


The FO's oft stated goals for Red Sox performance: make the playoffs every year and win the World Series ONCE EVERY EIGHT YEARS. Francoma has made the playoffs 3 of 4 years, made the ALCS twice, and won one championship. He gets a pass from almost everyone for 2006 because of all the injuries. So there is no doubt he stays.

What seem more reasonable is him getting an experienced former MLB manager for a bench coach - one who knows something about game management. I can't beliver I'm about to suggest ---- The Gerbil!

If I don't fucking see Ellsbury start the remainder of the games in either RF of CF, then it's official...Francona has no clue. Ellsbury is a sensational player. He hustles, he makes diving catches, scores from second on singles, goes from first to third, steals bases easily. He is the spark that this team needs (and needed). He is the anti-Drew.

They're at the one game at a time mindset now. I was thinking today that if the Sox had'nt won the Series in '04, I would have hit the Panic Button 50 times!!! Just bring it back to Boston this weekend, and we'll see what happens from there. Go Sox!!


It's the 'Else' that bothers me, lou

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