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Rock-eeeez... Come out and play-ay.

Like I've been saying, hope they enjoyed that win streak during their 8 day vacation.


You know, I sensed the Rockies were going to have trouble once I saw that they are one of those "vest" uniform teams. Jeeezus.


Yeah, not only a vest but a purple trimmed vest. Are you friggin kidding me? Has no one in Denvah evah of heard of the psychology of color?


Seriously. You show up in a purple vest against a dude like Dustin Pedroia and it's like, yeah, he's not only going to take you deep in his first at bat, but he's also going to steal your lunch money and make out with your girlfriend while you watch, Francis.


Even I'm still having trouble trying to comprehend the absolute severity of this old school beat down — 9 battahs in a row reached base with 2 outs!? 11 for 15 after two outs through the first five innings!?


17 hits. 16 in the first five innings!


A World Series record of 8 doubles. An all-time postseason record 7 walks.


Fercrissakes even Julio Lead Bat Lugo had 3 hits.


Oh, right, and then there's Josh Beckett — Untouchable, unflappable, unbeatable.


7.0 IP, 1 ER, 6H, 1BB, 1.29ERA


And 30 of his first 32 pitches were 95-97mph fastballs.


Facing Beckett in Octobah is a bit different than facing him in June, eh, Roxie?


Read it and weep: "In 30 innings this October, Beckett has struck out 35 while walking just two in 30 innings, and his earned run average this October is 1.20 (four earned runs in 30 IP)."


And it's not like it's going to get much easiah facing Curt "Braveheart" Schilling tonight along with same balls-to-the-walls Red Sox offense.


Get your Bloody Sox on!




thank you, jacoby.

chris, I think you meant Tacoby Shellsbury.

wow, thanks kaz. that was fast.

did anyone else just here buck mention how good new england fans have it these days because the white sox are in the world series? maybe the rockies aren't the only JV team at fenway tonight.

Chris - I heard Bucky-boy say that, and thought, "Nah, I just heard him wrong..." Unbelievable. Those two just grind the game to mush, don't they? Drives me crazy that a better network can't decide to step up and take the mic's out of their hands. Sheesh!

Kaz - nice link to the Warriors poster. I laughed out loud at the title of today's column when I saw it. Any chance boston.com copped that from hb? Believable.

True story tonight...
I worked stupid late tonight at the client to meet a Monday deadline, and just walked back to the apt. about 1/2 hour ago. Two very boozed up Sox fans were just getting in the elevator, complete with "B" hats. One turned to me with his hand up like a traffic cop and said I could get on unless I could name the Sox's infield utility bench guy. Providing the answer, they high-fived me and one guy handed me a beer out of his coat as I got off on my floor. Heh. Sox fans. Gotta wait for teh beer to cool off before enjoying it. May save it for the WS win.

rob, thats awesome. i often do something very similar since i live in ohio and this state is the capital of frontrunning: whenever some starts to talk sox with me i'll ask them to name 4 out of 5 starters. it either shuts 'em up or makes me a new friend.

I would have asked them "Corner or up-the-middle bench guy?".

I mean, really, we have 2 infield utility bench guys...

Magic number = 2.

Beat you to it, sdu.

Let's go win it in Colorado!

I would have asked them "Corner or up-the-middle bench guy?".

I went with Cora up the middle, Kaz. They were pleased. Really had me chuckling. Chris brings up a point that's been made before in this space: There really ought to be a test before you're allowed to buy any team gear (including pink hats, which by the way, if worn by an informed female fan, can be darned cute in my book). Wouldn't even have to be four of five starters. Any two after our ace would probably due if I were giving the exam. :D

Oh, forgot to add, I hope you're feeling better, Kaz. Our win tonight ought to help you sleep well. Speedy recovery to good health to you.

You've always been too quick for me Kaz! On so many levels. Go the American League team from New England.

Glorious relief
Snows & summers grieve & dream
Oki oki. Ah.

[The middle line is borrowed from John Berryman's Dream Songs or sonnets.]

Awesome - Brain Takes a Holliday. Synchronizes nicely with Suppan's fart in 2004. Let's let the karma continue.

(The Barfly's Haiku)

Ooooo...my head sure hurts,

But my heart does beat in joy

Angina feels good.

3 flavours (purple, yellow and, sorry, orange) of B-B-Berroca on their way...but I fear too late.

Also, Red wine tastes GOOD with a 2 game lead. Oki sublime last night (today).

I think H.B. needs a Berocca this morning even more than I do.

BTW, SDU, my sincere thanks.

Many tix, beers, and sausages with peppers AND ONIONS await you upon your return to Boston.

See, I don't think the Taco giveaway should be operable yet. When you've got runners on 1st and 3rd with two out, the runner on first goes and there's no attempt of a throw that looks like defensive indifference to me, not a stolen base. I wonder what it would have been called if it wasn't for corporate interference?

Where's hb? Out waiting in line at Taco Bell?

Had a good line at Pete's last night when Jacoby stole that base and they announced everyone in America would get a free Taco Bell taco:

"Yeah, but then we have to eat it."

(Yes, it WAS right after a shot of Jameson.)

RonF, I agree with you. I'm not up on the inticacies of the defensive indifference rule, but that sure seemed like a classic case of it.

Heh. Be funny if somebody was at a Taco Bell getting that free rat-shit, when the official scorer changes the call.

"No taco for you!"

Welcome to the al east bitches!

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