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Rock-eeeez... Come out and play-ay.

Like I've been saying, hope they enjoyed that win streak during their 8 day vacation.


You know, I sensed the Rockies were going to have trouble once I saw that they are one of those "vest" uniform teams. Jeeezus.


Yeah, not only a vest but a purple trimmed vest. Are you friggin kidding me? Has no one in Denvah evah of heard of the psychology of color?


Seriously. You show up in a purple vest against a dude like Dustin Pedroia and it's like, yeah, he's not only going to take you deep in his first at bat, but he's also going to steal your lunch money and make out with your girlfriend while you watch, Francis.


Even I'm still having trouble trying to comprehend the absolute severity of this old school beat down — 9 battahs in a row reached base with 2 outs!? 11 for 15 after two outs through the first five innings!?


17 hits. 16 in the first five innings!


A World Series record of 8 doubles. An all-time postseason record 7 walks.


Fercrissakes even Julio Lead Bat Lugo had 3 hits.


Oh, right, and then there's Josh Beckett — Untouchable, unflappable, unbeatable.


7.0 IP, 1 ER, 6H, 1BB, 1.29ERA


And 30 of his first 32 pitches were 95-97mph fastballs.


Facing Beckett in Octobah is a bit different than facing him in June, eh, Roxie?


Read it and weep: "In 30 innings this October, Beckett has struck out 35 while walking just two in 30 innings, and his earned run average this October is 1.20 (four earned runs in 30 IP)."


And it's not like it's going to get much easiah facing Curt "Braveheart" Schilling tonight along with same balls-to-the-walls Red Sox offense.


Get your Bloody Sox on!



Nice. The Red Sox were all Ajax, Cleon and Cochise to the Rockies' Luther.

Not to get too picky but Beckett's lone walk last night was bullsh*t. Beckett struck out Spilborghs on pitch 5. No way it wasn't a strike. If anything the ball should have been creamed by their "DH". Funny to label that guy a "DH"!

I could just need caffeine but Morales' pitching line sandwiched between comments about Beckett's mastery threw into serious confusion for a moment. Must have Diet Coke...

Last night was awesome. My crush on Pedroia deepens each day, but don't worry, Tek, you and your thighs are still number 1.

Welcome to the AL bitches, indeed. LMAO.

If Lugo and Drew hit, no one can beat them. Do we sit Papi or Youk? How about whoever does not have 6 hits by the end of game 2 has to be a pinch-hitter.

All euphoria and giddyness after game 1. It won't be this easy (it can't be THAT easy). The Rockies are a good team and as much as I love these Sox they do run hot and cold. Looking forward to what Schill brings. A win tonight is huge.

No question about it. The Lords of Rocktober are as advertised: the best AA ball club to appear in the WS.

Listen they are 21 out of their last 23. Anyone in for 21 out of 26?

Looks like my Game 6 tickets will go in the drawer next to by Game 7 '04 tickets.

See you in the series...


When I was 11 or 12 we would play pick-up football games in Eddie Shopp's front yard. There was this one kid who was our age, but he was about 6'1", 180 lbs, mustache (he would get us all beer a couple years hence...should have nicknamed him "Ditka")and whatever team got him would just hand the ball to him and he would run straight ahead with the non-football-holding arm straight out. No one even touched him and it wasn't much fun for the rest of us. We hoped he wouldn't notice us playing.

Beckett reminded me of him last night.

After a long, thankless day at the coal face, I am finally getting to watch Game 1. The boys look awesome. The other chaps looked like, well, National League bums. Still, 3 games to go. Someone should convince Schilling that we lost.

//I could just need caffeine but Morales' pitching line sandwiched between comments about Beckett's mastery threw into serious confusion for a moment.//

Holy shit that's funny. What an extreme copy/paste error.

Fixed now with Beckett's line.

I cranked this one out early today with absolutely no proofing, so if you see any other real show stopper mistakes, please let me know.

BTW, too, I didn't link back to a lot of the source material for many of the lines. I figured I'd do it later, but now I'm like "meh."

I just want to soak up the bliss and enjoy myself...

Sox were more like the Baseball Furies, wreacking vengeance on those from the National League who dare challenge their supremacy.

Agreed about that Beckett walk: it was BS.

Also, Buck and Myers were both going on about teams that fared poorly in a series after bludgeoning their opponents in Game 1. What's that about? If the Rockies had won 13-1, the talk would be how they're so unstoppable and still rolling along, etc.

Another gem from McCarver, too: "Home plate is the next stop for a runner rounding third."

SDU: Berocca. Now. Please.

BTW, anyone else a little frightened that the Sox are facing a rookie pitcher they've never seen before?

That's haunted us all season long.

I'm afraid we might only win by 10-11 runs.

(That's a reverse gootch.)

Up 13-1 in the 6th, sorry to admit that I went to bed.


//Another gem from McCarver, too: "Home plate is the next stop for a runner rounding third."//

Last night at last my brain's innate self-protection mechanisms took over and I swear I never heard a word McBlather said all game. I heard the sounds but my brain refused to process them into sign/signified meaning.

You go brain. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah, too early to start the party, but this win plus a caffeine injection, and we're looking at the next 168 hours without sleep until the Jameson injections.

As mentioned above, if Lugo and JD continue to hit, there's no escaping complete and utter destruction. It seems like a couple of the fellas finally decided 'hey, it sure would be nice to have that ring after all'...

On a theme of (nearly) equal enjoyment, it's been confirmed: Steiny-Heiny's sons have not yet been located, although assumed to be near the schphinctal cavity.up their asses. See NYT.

//Do we sit Papi or Youk? //

Shit, at this point, sit 'em both- and Lowell, too. Play Hinske and Cora. And, what the hell- let's go with an OF of Jacoby, Coco and JD to run that shit down. We still win by 5 runs.

Command performance all around. And that was a yet another gem from McBlather. Also, his comments seem more and more to hinge on the gay side: "It's just beautiful how those two guys backhanded balls there." And, in the Clevleand series, he made some comment quoting "The Great" Mariano Rivera regarding Papi: "He used to have a number of holes, but he plugged them all up. Now if you want to get inside on him you really have to bury the ball." Or something like that. I blacked out.

...and how WAS that Seinfeld rerun Billy?

//Or something like that. I blacked out.//


I hate these slow starting games. Hell, the Sox didn't take the lead until the second pitch.

We've now seen this Game 1 movie 3 times this year:

Opponent: "Here's our best pitcher, he's got a great record and now you're not feasting on the #3 and #4 pitcher on some second-division team and he's been pitching well at the end of the season and he's got a great ERA and "


Yeah Youk...I caught that, too. He was explaining how involved in the game the third-base coach is, because the next stop after third is home plate. God Almighty...

Great result, but inhospitable of the Sox not to run the score up to 21-1 in honor of the Rocks' much touted recent W-L record.

I am in freakin love with Josh Beckett.

Re: "the next stop is home plate" - I just got a new Magnavox hi-def TV, so I'm really trying to restrict myself to screaming at the TV with the veins popping out and spittle flying from my lips rather than hauling off and heaving a full bottle of beer at it. Besides which, then the beer all foams up when you open it.

Is there any way to get the Sox's radio team on the internet somehow?

"Francis needed to change speeds effectively, and establish his fastball on the inner half of the plate to keep the Red Sox sluggers from reacting with ferocity to four-seam fastballs away."

Have these guys not seen what Ortiz and Manny do to inside fastballs? Has that one that ended the 2nd game against some other team from west of the Mississippi come down yet?

Early on last night McCarver also commented that the Red Sox have found multiple way to get on base during the playoffs. They have hit and they have walked.

Can't get too excited about this win. After all, everyone knows (according to the Fox announcers) that teams who score too many runs in one game ultimately lose the series.

RonF: since you asked (and honestly, why would you want to hear Geffner, as bad Timmy McObvious is?

Under broadcast rights deals, the World Series radio broadcasts are exclusive to The Alleged Worldwide Leader.

With exceptions.

The local flagship in Boston (WRKO[WEEI on Wednesdays--Game 1 and 6]) and in Denver (KOA) will have the home crews calling the game, just for that signal. The Red Sox spanish flagship (WROL) has the same deal.

So, with Dave O'Brien still doing MLB International, Joe C and Glenn Geffner will be limited to those people who can get the 50kw WRKO signal.

Of course, those feeds will be available on mlb.com.

More importantly, if you haven't had enough of Glenn yet (and who doesn't want more?), it's all on XM Radio: All three broadcasts, plus the nationwide ESPN Feed.

A caution (and I am a big XM honk), the delay between the XM feed and the TV feed is on the order of 3-4 seconds (given the number of audio legs the signal travels to get to your XM unit), so turning down Tim McCarver ("the team that scores first generally takes the lead") is not a realistic option.

However, if/when the Sox get to the clinching moment, this is a necessity (assuming they do not clinch in the 10th inning and Glennski is on the mike). In '04 I was in the desert in Northern Arizona listening on the over-the-air broadcast from ESPN in my rented car. However, when the ninth inning came around, I went back to my hotel room, and listened to Joe ("Stabbed by Foulke") on a dialup connection



Another Onion link:

The Curse of Curtis Leskanic


As a person who listened to probably 150 out of 162 games on the radio this year, I have to ask, why the Geffner hate? I think he's done a great job...as has O'Brien.

THAT bit was a least funny, but the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that Royce Clayton was fed the material to maximize Taco Bell's sponsorship investment

//Early on last night McCarver also commented that the Red Sox have found multiple way to get on base during the playoffs. They have hit and they have walked.//

This is funnier than any line I've ever heard any comedian deliver. So perfectly inane.

//I have to ask, why the Geffner hate? I think he's done a great job...//

Oh FarmBoy, I do hope that is a joke (seriously, was it? Do I need MORE caffeine?). If not, you're fairly late to the party, but... welcome! Sit down, grab a beer, and let the fine gentleman from 38cliches.com, Mr. l.c., tell you all about it.

From 2004, but still worth a look:


Nat, in the spirit of Christianity, which, after all, favors [flavors?] the Lords of Rocktober, I will not rise to the bait. Farmboy is on his own on this one. If he thinks Mr. 3x5 has done "a great job", who am I to whizz on his parade?


I can't get over last night's game lasting only 3 1/2 hours, particularly in light of the 34-minute bottom of the fifth. Early on, I thought I was going to have to crank up the still to get me through the latter hours of a five-plus hour marathon game.

lc- Fair 'nuf. I am an exceedinly lapsed Episcopalian, so the Christian thing often escapes me. I just wanted to ensure FB had access to the repository of information that exists on this particular topic (compiled so elegantly at 38cliches). :)

I caught up on my Sudoku last night, but I did catch some of the game as well.

Let's not forget that the Rockies are the Team of Destiny. Don't you want to know what's going to happen? You've got to see how it ends!

I don't see how the Lords stand a chance against the red-socked studs with such classy, shall we say, George Michael-esque, beards.

Tessie, thanks for the onion link. My favorite line "I just pray that my son can see the Sox win at least one World Series in his lifetime," said Boston resident Sal Fischer of his son Cody, 2."

This morning I was thinking about my daughter hopefully having a Sox championship for her first birthday. I swear, if it happens, she's having a Sox themed birthday party - no princess crap for her.

ooh- surly, lovable AND elegant?

//Seriously. You show up in a purple vest against a dude like Dustin Pedroia and it's like, yeah, he's not only going to take you deep in his first at bat, but he's also going to steal your lunch money and make out with your girlfriend while you watch//

Thats hilarious. Thanks hb

I just saw a stat that shocked me. Guess what the Rockies are hitting as a team to this point in the post-season?


wow- that high, Bob?

You'd think that winning 7 straight playoff games would equate to at least a .280 or so average, right?

No shit- the Rockies won 7 playoff games in a row?? I hadn't heard....

"Welcome to the AL East, bitches."


Other breaking news, Buck: there's a new show coming in the Fall called "Frank TV."

hb, I too have been blessed by my brain: I don't process anything Buckarver says, it's all just so much white noise. And oh, the bliss.

lc, if you have a TiVo or other DVR, dealing with the radio delay is easy: just pause the TV for as many seconds as the radio is behind, and voila.

Too bad our local WRKO Sawx affiliate is too low-wattage to penetrate our living room windows. :(

Wow, thanks Bob- and I hear I should always order chili on my nachos del grande, too

Yeah, Buck. Wouldn't you know if your brother has a dog? Geez.

merideth: that's the best advice I've heard all week.


Hitter, you talkin the girl or the glorified Swiffer in her hands?

Red Sox: "Throw the ball, bitch."

RonF, that's great.

Ha! Take your pick. I say if that dog was a fish I'd throw it back. And this applies to the dragon lady and said Swiffer. Speaking of that ad, it also hammers "Red Dragon Tattoo" from Northampton's own Fountains of Wayne into my head afterwards. I'm fit to be tied.

RonF and other, re: turning down TV noise supplementing with radio. Out in western Mass, we get an EEI FM affilitate 105.5 - normally it has the WRKO feed, but last night, to my horror was John Miller and...(wait for it)...Joe Morgan. Talk about bad options. I have MLB.com audio, so I fired up the laptop - between a 7 to 10 second delay. Unfortunately, I have not made it to TiVo. May have to heavily self-medicate to achieve hb's yogi-like calm with McCarver (pun perhaps intended).

I've gotta say, if anything has ever shaken my faith in statistics, it is these Red Sox.

PH, while I'm a born & raised native of the Paradise City (go Blue Devils!), according to the Wiki, we cannot take credit for Fountains of Wayne - they seem to belong to Berkshire County:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountains_of_Wayne

Wojciechowski's article on ESPN is a must read (Jason Stark's sudden change of tune is noteworthy if for the absurdity of it all . . . he of the "Rockies will win the Series" vibe.)


(Sorry I am not as savvy as many of you . . . don't know how to link.)

Go Sox.

Oh, and Jason Stark would like some mustard with that crow, but he did provide one sort of bizarre quote:

Asked to describe what it's like to see those Red Sox hitters stomping into the batter's box, Rockies pitching coach Bob Apodaca put it this way: "[They're] big hairy-chested guys, one after another, who work the count and pounce on your mistakes."

"Jayson, Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?"

Buck is surly and somewhat-lovable today.

SDU, send him a tube of Berocca, too. :))

My bad, Tito. I thought Adam and Chris from the band lived there at one point. Maybe they just stopped there for gas. I am a couple years and lines of latitude removed from my 'Hamp days.

I'm hearing impaired - deaf in one ear, hearing aid in the other. I use the captions with Remy and Orsillo. I haven't turned captions on for Buckcarver yet but I go to this site daily to check out what I've missed.

Do you think if Ellsbury doesn't hit Coco will be back in the lineup?

Betsy, I'd love to have captions when McCarver is bellowing. I'd imagine they go something like this:

"Third base is the base-thing after second base."

"The Red Sox ae no Yankees when it comes to winning World Series titles in the '20s or late '90s."

"I like pie."

"Sometimes, my dad would use a wood-burning tool on my ass."

and, "You haven't caught anything til you've received it from Big Bob Gibson"

What flavors does the Berocca come in?


Thanks, Bob. And I'm sure McCarver let you know that Beckett striking out the side and then Pedroia hitting a home run was a good start for the Sox

Buck, here's a pic of my beloved Berocca:


I play that gawd awful Fox montage at the beginning of the coverage last night was a one-time deal. That was akward. I had to leave the room.

Pro Hitter, either I just had a stroke, or you're drunk, or I am.

So the idea of buying some Berocca intrigued me so I went online to find it. I was in the checkout line when I saw the usual people who bought this product also bought that. Well the assocoated product was not something I would associate with Bob.

http://www.allcures.com/shared/product.asp?id=13181&txt=VASOGEN /> Stopped me dead cold!!:)

Thanks, Vaso. My keyboard, and my coffee-scorched nose thank you.

(I DO recommend Berocca though. Really. It's been a life-saver.)

Your welcome. So where do you buy it?

Well, normally, here:


But SDU is actually getting me a tube or two in Oz, and sending it to my home.

I like SDU. He's nice (even for a lawyer).

//SDU: Berocca. Now. Please.////
They are on their way but I can't see them making it before we wrap this thing up.

What flavors does the Berocca come in?//

LOL!! Mrs SDU also. There is now also second flavour. Cat's piss yellow.


Bob, I think it's a combination of all three. It's tough - the beer sloshes all over the place, especially when I pull the bus across train tracks. Actually we are slinging beers down for a Halloween party at work. Gotta love advertising...

thanks a lot Bob! now I know I have something in common w/McCarver...but Im not telling which one.

// Cat's piss yellow.

Sign me up! our best to the missus.

No Kaz today? Or is he still in Appalachia? Wondering if he caught the mention of Eagle Deli's burger challenge during the "up close and personal, get to know the Rockies" segment on Francis. Good thing they shared that info- He wasn't around long enough to find out about him otherwise

Monty, I'm hoping it's pie...

Yeeee… hawww… it’s another episode of Appalachian Emergency Room! Netti and Percy Bo Dance are back again. This time around, Percy has a ceiling fan and a street sign impaled through his skull. But that’s not the worst. Velda Ray Tonkins has a whole can of silly string shoved up his nose while his mom wants one “of those surgeries to tighten up my baby hole.”

Then there’s Perdy Spotly who fell off the roof and landed on his wife’s boob job, exploding the saline out of her chest. To rectify this, they plan on filling them back up at the gas station; they’ve only stopped by the emergency room to steal a car.

Lastly, in comes everyone’s favorite patient, Tyler, who somehow managed to get an “Indian Rain Stick” shoved all the way up his butt. It involved a can of Miracle Whip and an old lady’s frog… don’t ask.

Hey, I thought the beer cart only rolled thru your office on Fridays? LMAO!

Jesus, judging by my # of postings today, I clearly don't have enough to do at work. When did I go into advertising?

I'm sober as an judge, Buck.

("What was she wearing, sir?"

Tube top and a mini skirt."

"Case dismissed!")

See, the thing about advertising is, you get your inspiration from all kinds of sources:

Porn, Sox blogs, porn, beer...

Bob, respectfully, I believe you have inspiration confused with dissipation.
go sawhx

actually there are i believe, 7 possible ways to reach base safely

If the Red Sox are just 1/2 as fired up as Bob has been today, tonight's game should be another walk in the park.

Lostaholix note: the actor who plays Jin was arrested for a DUI so you know he'll die next season.

And I'm not sure you can say "sober as a judge" here in New Orleans.

I am optimistic, but let's calm down a little. Beckett is the only lights-out stud in our lineup. And yeah, we got 16 hits in the first five innings ... and only one in the next three.

We killed two pitchers, and got shut down by the rest.

I like our chances, I do. But this was a beat down of only two pitchers, and our one extremely solid ace. It gets tougher from here.

Now, if we win tonight behind Schilling, and our bullpen doesn't get exhausted ... well, the Rockies are pretty well screwed. But we need three more, and even if we believe Beckett is unbeatable, that means we need at LEAST one more win out of a non-Beckett, if not two.

Go Schilling!

Go Sox!


Well said pudge. They are still picking the Rockies in 5 or 6 here in Denver. They figure they can beat up Schilling and beat Beckett at Coors.

Go Sox!

//I'm sober as an judge, Buck.

("What was she wearing, sir?"

Tube top and a mini skirt."

"Case dismissed!")//

Have you been sitting in the back of my coal face, this week?

Heya, bucknerWF. I'm around...barely. I was sick all day today and not up for typing much. Got back from the mountains on Monday night. Was a hell of a race at Martinsville (all the NASCAR nuts thought it was boring...well, la-dee-da).

Saw the sandwich and immediately said to my friends "That's an Eagle's Deli burger". About 30-45s later, the TV announces it as such. Yeah, I'm that damn good.

Another Schilling classic coming up tonight. I'll be watching out one eye from my cold medicine-induced haze until I pass out and hopefully get back to work tomorrow.

good to hear, Kaz- feel better. Hopefully the boys will have it wrapped up by the 5th again and you can get some early shut-eye.
Have we ever broken triple digits on comments before?

Just found a great Sox bar in Denver. The Pour House, on Market, between 14th and 15th, about 7 blocks from Coors Field. It looked like it could have been a bar in Pawtucket for all the Sox/Pats jerseys I saw.

Interesting, Jim. The Pour House is also a great Boston bar here on Boylston St. Cheap beer, decent eats.

Catcher's interference
Dropped 3rd strike
Fielder's choice
Slap the ball out of Arroyo's hand
...I count 8

h.b., I found this on boston.com today, just for you: Warriors -Sox movie poster

PS - While I detest directing any traffic to a website called "F*Boston!"...they do have the 23 ways to get to first (as determined by the Baseball HoF and others): http://blog.f-boston.com/2007/08/08/ways-to-get-to-first-base/

Check out this Sox-John Denver parody video:


I can't Believe mcobvious just told us that after batting baserunning was the most important thing

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