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Operation Enduring Enduring

OK, tell me again why there isn't a baseball game tonight?


Seriously, this is ridiculous. We get all hot and heavy with playoff action and then nothing. Friggin' cold showah.


It's the biggest prick tease in the entire history of sport. Thanks for nothing Bud Selig.


I know. I haven't had blue balls this bad since the night I spent dry humping Denise Rigazio at the 8th grade dance.


Wore the friggin' cords clean off my corduroys but still staggahed home high and dry.


Speaking of high pitch counts but can't get out of the inning, Matsuzaka's been pushed back to #3.


Makes sense, plus he likes pitching at Jacob's, saying, "It was a comfortable mound."


Yeah, well, I said the same thing about Denise Rigazio.



Did you purposely pick a name for the girl that doesn't exist? I thought for sure something would come up on Google for Denise Rigazio.

And with Dice-K's zen-like attitude, he'll be able to deal with any midge attacks. "Little biting gnat/my face and neck repell you/into bug heaven."

BTW, H.B., I've found these pants to be especially useful for the dry hump and/or lap dance:


The unique design prevents cord-wear.

The name just sort of popped into my head as a "good sounding" one. So very glad to hear there isn't a Google-able Denise Rigazio.

Bob that site is fantastic. Love these two phrases:

"Death to Vertical Coruroy"


"Transylvanian hemp linen"

Hey, didn't anyone hear? The Yankees got knocked out of the postseason.

Let that keep you warm until Friday.


I guess she has mound presence (or presents)

As far as Rigazios go,

David is a RS fan

Mark likes ambulances

Beth has a schetchy writing career

Mike played Single A ball

yeh, I'm back and I'm bored.


Lou! welcome back!
Thought for sure you'd work Lisa into any discussion about mound presence

OMG Loooouuuuuu!!!!

And what a perfect comment to return with. You're like Manny -- out for weeks but comes back w/o missing a beat.

And, as for Rigazio, I like mine with a little clam sauce ;-)

Red or white, Buck?

Oh, and welcome back LC!

The Injun's pitiful slogan for the playoffs:


So, apparently LeBron got the message that a lot of Indians fans were pissed at him for wearing a Yankees cap on national tv at the playoff game, because now he's guaranteeing a Tribe win over the Sox.

Given his success at predicting playoff winners thus far this postseason, I'd say this augurs quite well for the Sox.

The only thing that slogan does for me is remind me that their team's name and mascot are abysmal caricatures of a once proud and now casino-driven people.

"Tribe" time...ha.

Yes, I had to go there.

Yo, LC, wb.

Just got an email from MLB, announcing the six nominees for their "Clutch Player of the Year."

No Red Sox. And conspicuous by his presence, one A-Fraud.

just curious, Bob- who are they?

LC - the board was worried. I did take a quick look at obitsarchive.com to see if you were still with us.

Wow. Today is the first day I'm wearing my corduroys since last spring. And there's Dougie chattin' up the cords. hb is psycho, er, psychic. I feel so out of fashion though, because my cords are (ho hum) vertical.

MLB's clutch players of the year:

A Rod
Aramis Ramirez
Jake Peavy
Mark Texeira
Ryan Howard
JJ Putz

A better list:

Jonathan Papelbon
Mike Lowell
David Ortiz
Dustin Pedroia
Hideki Okajima
JJ Putz

A. Ramirez? O fer NLDS, with 5 Ks and 11 LOB.
Peavy? Great season, but IMHO a starter isn't the same 'clutch' player than an everyday guy, or even a closer

I'd give it to Ryan Howard...but only if it's regular season and not postseason included.

He did wonders for Philly down the stretch.

I can't buy into either MLB or Betsy's lists.

I actually think most of the clutch players in baseball come from either the Red Sox or Yankees. In no particular order, I would rank them
as --

David Ortiz
Derek Jeter
Curt Schilling
Mariano Rivera
Ichiro Suzuki
Denise Rigazio

These are the players you want on the mound or at the plate who are as good as money in October (we know that Denise delivers in the clutch).

Mr. April is the AntiClutch.

Welcome back, lc. I missed you. Speaking of unhealthy symbioses, I am now convinced that Steinbrenner will keep Torre. Who else will call him Mr. Steinbrenner for the next 12 years? I think the Boss actually thrives on the tension inherent in their relationship, much the way he danced with Billy Martin over and over and over again.

And maybe I'm just kidding myself, but I have to believe that, if Torre was going, he would have already gotten the quick ax. I find it tough to believe that even the senile and felonious Steinbrenner is classless enough to keep him twisting in the wind for weeks.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Torre will wait for The Boss to publicly invite him back and then spit in his face. Now that would be poetic justice.

"maybe I'm just kidding myself"

no shit


LC's bringing surly back!

As it should be. All is right with the Soxaholix world again...

Derek Jeter was more anti-clutch than A-Rod this postseason. But nothing took the cake from Posada's postseason elephant fart.

BTW, h.b., in my first post I forgot to compliment you on the schoolyard humor in today's strip. Wicked awesome and exactly how most water cooler chats in my office often end up once we start heading down that path.


"Twisting in the wind" implies that he's already dead, i.e. hanging by a noose. So, no "quick ax" there either.

And don't put anything past Steinbrenner. All this talk about class, "who's classier," "which fans are classier" is making me sick.

Stop analyzing and just face the facts: Joe has gone to join Scooter Rizzuto in Hell.

I offer you my latest musical offering to tide you over until Friday: Tim McCarver Blues.

I was going to nominate Nancy for the anti-clutch list, momentarily confusing anti-clutch (worse in clutch situations) with just plain sucky all the time. Did Denise have a sister named Nancy?

Excellent Pudge. I just embedded it in my blog. That should be good for 2, maybe even 3 views!

Not bad, Pudge.

Also liked the ballad of your spoiled birthday.

Fellow fans of the Crimson Hose:

This happy headline showed up a few minutes ago:

``Rivera wants Torre back, will factor manager into decision whether to return to Yankees''

Ahh, there's a little unhappiness in the Bronx

Denise did have a sister. Her name was Magil, and she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy.

Sorry. Little punchy still.

And I agree with Youk Rules on one thing -- let's just agree that Yankee and Red Sox fans are all a classless bunch who thrive on bile, venom and vitriol and leave it at that.

And to answer your question from yesterday, YR, it was just au revoir. You're lucky enough to have me for the duration. My Yankees are dead until next year, but baseball lives on.

I now nominally and half-heartedly root for the Red Sox in a representin'-the-AL-East, I'd-rather-see-Bush-than-Bin-Laden-win-in-the-war-against-terror sort of way.

By the way, pudge, you should send a copy of your birthday song to Jacoby. Turned to see the scoreboard when he came up to bat near the end of the season. It turns out it's 9-11-83. He might get a kick out of it.

thanks ...

kaz cool! no idea how to contact him though.

writing bad coz baby sleeping on arm.

Ugh, will Friday EVER come?

Ugh, will Friday EVER come?

Denise is Pretty Clutch

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