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Oh and BTW Kenny Lofton is a dink

Thank you Josh Beckett for the win, and, just as importantly, for sparing us from having to enduah anymoah of those pathetic waving hankies.


No shit. How did the noble, history-rich, blue-collah Indians fans ever get duped into that? C'mon people, you're embarrassing yourselves.


Seriously. Waving the white flag of surrendah is nevah evah a cool thing.


It's Cleveland, Ohio not Cleveland, France, people.


Are you kidding me? He of the Bloody Sock is going to bring it like it's nevah breen brought befoah.


Now if certain membahs of the batting ordah can also bring it, is open for debate.


I love Coco's play in the field, but if I have to continue watching him flail at the ball like a dizzy and blindfolded kid going aftah a piñata at a Mexican birthday pahty I will kill a puppy.


Fercrissakes, let the real Indian get out there against the Wahoos.


Hell, yeah. Let Ellsbury go all mofo Little Big Horn on their asses. That's what I'm talking about.



Please Play Jacoby

I'm becoming a broken record, but...


Exactly. Coco is an exercise in futility. He appears to be growing smaller daily. I'm thinking we might be inside the Indian's heads now, and Gagne is well-rested [blech]

See you in the Series....


3 words for last nights game - "mr. big stuff" - that little ditty was perfect for Beckett

Let's hope Curt brings his big game with him.

And is Tim McCarver bad, or what?

So Manny makes his "who cares?" comment and then goes 2 for 4 with a walk and an RBI. Anyone who has a problem with him, or what he says, should seriously go fuck a duck until his stats plummet, which they probably won't for the rest of the postseason. He's the polar opposite of clubhouse cancer. Stay loose, Manny.

Probably should've pulled Beckett in the 7th and saved some of that arm for middle-relief work on Sunday, should the need arise.

And yes, pull Coco.

After suffering through McCarver last night I yearn for Frank TV ads.


Was thinking the same thing about Beckett, but it's obvious that Francona is in "playoff mode" now. You play to win today's game and not tomorrow's. (See: Piniella, Lou.)

And he really wanted to win that game.

I've totally changed my opinion on human cloning. Let's clone Beckett and put him in every night.

I hurt my hands last night trying to reach through the TV screen to throttle McCarver after his five minute tirade on Manny not running hard out of the box on his almost-HR.

You would think Manny had just been caught in the sack with McCarver's 16 y/o daugher or something.

Yeah, Tim, we all know he doesn't run hard out of the box. Come up with something original to say.

Anybody got a Twitter account? As I was skimming the thread at Sons of Sam Horn during the commercials it stuck me that Twitter would be a much better platform for in game commentary.

I'm chrisod on Twitter if anybody wants to subject themselves to my thoughts during the games this weekend.

Found on the "Play Jacoby" petition: 2015. Coco Crisp Yes, even I think he should play instead of me.

I'm heading south for a few days (NASCAR, golf, and cabin life for the weekend). I'll be watching anywhere I can get my hands on a TV or an internet connection. Go Sox!

Thanks for the link. By the way, I think they should remake Airplane with Manny in the Abdul-Jabbar role. :-)

"Question of temperament.

Of character.

Nothing you can do about it.

No use struggling.

One is what one is."

-Samuel Beckett on Josh Beckett (well, on Godot, but I use what I got).

Beckett was fierce last night... but coco's bat doesnt worry me. What about Nancy... he sucks too. I would rather see Jacoby starting for drew then coco. Then you get two awesome defenders and a good bat instead of awesome def. and a good bat.

I couldn't take McCarver anymore...I turned down the TV and turned on the radio and listened to Miller and Morgan...even with the 1 second time delay it was worth it not to listen to Tim "Mr. Master of the Obvious" McCarver.

Heh. My fav (?) McCarver moment recently was in the Dice-K game. His genius was evident when he said, "You know, sometimes Varitek has to use his thumb to give a sign. That indicates that Dice-K has more than 4 pitches."

My nightmare is that someone, somewhere will team Tim McCarver and Jim Plamer up... I'd rather poke a sharp stick in my eye than listen to that.

Like vancouversoxfan, I went to miller and morgan on XM, and overcame the 7 second delay by pausing the Fox feed on my DVR for 7 seconds.

Tarrkid, et al-
I agree McCarver is beyond pathetic, but he did have a good point about Manny standing on first base after that 400ft shot. If Papi, with a bad wheel, can score from first standing up then Manny needs to at least be on 2B before bitching about the call. Between that and his non-slide in the first, we'd all feel quite a bit differently if the Sox lost by 1 instead of winning going away like they did. And, to be fair, McCarver did exercise quite a bit of ball washing in Manny's direction re: his pitch selection and general unconscious hitting ability

yeah Bob, but how about Buck correcting him to say it meant he had more than FIVE pitches? As if Tek grew another finger or something

The best McCarver moment was game 1 when he told us, and it seemed quite shocking to him, that a lead off homer will lead to a multi run inning more often then a lead off walk.

COD- Firejoemorgan had an excellent riff on that exact subject yesterday. I apologize if that was already mentioned here yesterday- I know I saw it somewhere

Manny not sliding in the 1st is okay with me. DeMalo Hale should have never sent him - he was out by a country mile, slide or no slide, and if he slides and get hurt, then we are done. They never pitch to Papi again. Not running out of the box on the homer/single was terrible however. Since Mikey struck out, it didn't matter in the end, but with Manny on second, maybe Mikey takes a differt approach and bloops one...

He WAS probably still out, but, especially since Martinez had to leap to receive the ball, if he did a fade slide it would have been a lot closer and maybe would've stolen one

I don't remember what game it was; maybe it was just a nightmare, but I swear once heard McCarver say:

"That three and two pitch was low and away, and he didn't swing at it, so now he's standing on first base."

I wish I was astute enough to be a highly paid baseball analyst.

Bob -- Beckett was predictably brilliant. He has emerged as a true ace. But I thought the Samuel Beckett quote was on Manny (not Godot OR Josh)...

becketts comments after the game. NSFW, and very classic


As the camera panned Carmona at the end of the game last night, it seemed that he looked like he did not want to to be the one holding the ball on Saturday night. Maybe I am reading too much into this.

Yazbread-I have a feeling that the feeling on the entire Indian team reflects that doubt. I bet they know they are in big trouble, 3-2 lead notwithstanding.

I know this isn't a Bruins site, but Lucic kicks fuckin' ass. Great B's game last night. I'm optimistic about this season.

Mike from Phoenix - thanks for the link on Beckett - love it!!

BTW-Kathryn Tappan...mmmmmm....

Hey, everybody cut McCarver some slack. The man's grieving, alright? With the Yankees eliminated, he doesn't have Jeter around to verbally fellate on a nightly basis, and it's hard to fill up the resulting dead air space.

vermonter- how ironic is it that her show is entitled "Lights Out"? I don't think so...

Forward to me by coworker...wish I could take credit:

SOX Prayer

Our Father, who art at Fenway...
Baseball be thy game,
Thy kingdom come,
Playoffs need to be won,
On Earth, then on to the Cask 'n' Flagon.
Give us this day, a perfect Papi,
And forgive us our losses,
As we forgive those,
Like Eric Gagne.
And lead us not, into desperation,
But deliver us from any losses.
For thine is the Power,
And the Glory,
To beat the Indians,
Forever and ever.....the Yankees suck.

Breaking news:
There's a run-off election in Douchebagastan after Joe Morgan was ousted in the primary it's down to McCarver v. Geffner for supreme leader of douchebags everywhere.

Lofton's a dink for sure (it seemed Beckett was waiting for KL to throw one so JB could knock his head off)

I don't see how you can call KL a dink when Manny is framing "singles".

//I don't see how you can call KL a dink when Manny is framing "singles".//

You don't? Really? Hmmm....

Manny frames strikeouts...that's his genius!

So MLB just changed the rules this year in order to take away home runs from the Rockies and now Manny? I am still confused. If it hits the foul pole which it yellow it's a HR but if it hits the top of the fence which is also yellow it is not?? I guess no one bothered to tell the entire Red Sox team and coaching staff.

Great win last night. I'm happy with Schilling on Saturday. The bats must be more patient against Carmona who was wild during his last outing.

I'm just saying it is a bit hypocritical. Beckett takes issue with KL while his teammates do the same things. I know he is not going to change Manny but he could calm down a bit. FYI - I don't like Kenny Lofton and think Beckett is prob the best big game pitcher out there right now.

A calmer Beckett would not be as dominant. K L has been pulling other crap as well, like the 5 minute delays before stepping into the box.

"I'm just saying it is a bit hypocritical."

Of course it is. That's what we do around here.


Lofton is like Rodney Harrison, or Ken Linesman, or any number of others- total pricks when they wear the other teams' colors, but put 'em in a Boston uni and it's a different story

Well said, L.C.

If I had time I'd link to the strip where Doug says something like, "If in some bizzarro inside out world, where the current Yankees roster became the Red Sox and the current Red Sox roster became the Yankees, I'd root like hell for Posada and Jeter and rip on and hate Schilling, Varitek etc as much as I could."

awesome h.b. the soxaholix in Superman's bizzaro world

Wouldn't that be the Xilohaxos?


That is cool.

Assuming the Xi is pronounced "zi" (rhymes with "eye") that it sounds cool to say as well.

Observation for the day: it's not surprising, but it's reaffirmed - Beckett is the real deal, probably the best pitcher today.

//"I'm just saying it is a bit hypocritical."

Of course it is. That's what we do around here.


AMEN!! Have any of you ever run into a more volatile, pessimistic, "hypocritical" lot than Boston sports fans?!

For once we're in perfect agreement, Vermonter.

Schilling is a money pitcher and should be fine for Game 6. He has a good history in previous come-from-behind postseason series (Game 6 of `04 ALCS, obviously... Game 7 of `01 World Series).

Dice-K for Game 7 is a little more... dicey? Maybe Burton-esque is the word for which I'm searching.

The storm system in the Midwest is your friend. Encourage it to linger. Invite it home for a drink.

Schilling + Rain + Beckett = SoxRox.

Well, I'm out of here. Have a great weekend, all. (I guess that largely depends on the Sox.)

Hopefully, we'll have something fun to yak about Monday.

//How did the noble, history-rich, blue-collah Indians fans ever get duped into [waving white hankies]//
That is EXACTLY what I was thinking yesterday. Satchel would have puked.

As for bloody McCarver - for me the low point was when he told us that home plate is 60 feet 6 inches from the pitchers mound - I start listening to Geffner on the computer then and it wasn't even CLOSE to in sync. He also has the unnerving habit of not just stating, but then REPEATING, the bleeding obvious. I also get sick of Buck saying 'good pitch' and 'what a rip'. Let's face it though - we're stuck with this pair and hope we get to hear them call at least SIX [マジックナンバー] more games.

i hope the blood on schilling's sock tonight forms the words "hi gary thorne" and i hope mr. schilling pitches his greatest game ever. (til next week)

go red sox! let's take it to 7.

off to the game. go sawhx.

line up tweaked, Jacoby in centre



and I said, 'whaaaat?'



From the strip on Oct. 18:

paddy24: "Coco or Nancy should not be playing. Clearly it should be Ellsbury. He's simply better. He plays play-off type baseball by doing all the little things right."

pudge: "paddy24: Also, Bellhorn should not have been playing in 2004."


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