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Now it's Red Sox time.

Rider on Green Line:
Let's play a 7th shall we?


Rider on Green Line:
And bettah late than nevah, J.D. Drew. What a way to bring it.



Go Sox.

Yes, GO SOX indeed. Last night's game had a lot of 2004 to it, guys besides Manny Ortez contributing for all those runs.

BTW, h.b., every couple of months or so I glance at the bios and wind up reading "Get Your War On" for about an hour. Good stuff!

The best part was seeing JD have some emotion after the Grand Slam Bamm Thank You Mam!

I guess guys from Maine are the only ones not at church in RSN :)

That was a great moment for JD. With one swing of the bat he proved why Theo & co. wanted to sign him. I think he will have a great year next year.

Go Sox!!! I can't wait to see Dice-K pitch tonight. I do believe we will be seeing a gem!

This just in-
Victor Martinez has finally crossed home plate

Oh man, that was a thing of beauty last night. Schilling proved that experience and brains can beat youth and brawn. Gives us 40-somethings hope.

BTW, it's snowing like a bastid right now here in Denver. I work about 5 blocks from Coors Field, and on Monday I hope to proudly parade down Wazee St. with my Sox jacket on. Let these Rockies bandwagon fans get a look at the freight train that's headed their way.


I can't wait to hear Commisar Bud's spin when a couple of games get snowed out ;D

Kevin Millah is throwing out the first pitch tonight. Shades of 2004 indeed.

Sox need to get to Westbrook early. Take those pitches, get on base, give Dice-K a comfy lead, get to their bullpen.

Go Sox! October baseball in Boston isn't done yet!

I guess guys from Maine are the only ones not at church in RSN :)

Practicing Catholic? isn't that an oxymoron?





MFY brought BFD back in game 7 of 04 to work the magic and we know the outcome. I hope KFM is not reverse mojo.

So is all forgiven where J.D. Drew is concerned?

To Jim in Denver,

there hasn't been hope for you for your preceding 40, I doubt the +40 years will be any better. :^)

That was a nice tidy game last night. Schill mixed his pitches nicely and the Sox O was there. Let's hope they treat Westbrook like a snotty bitch and not let him off the hook like they did in game 3.

How 'bout that Hank Steinbrenner too? That situation looks like it may go supercritical pretty soon.

I love me some Tito, but, dang . . . it was amazingly refreshing to see Jacoby making an impact.

Wonder if the switch had been made earlier if we'd be in game 7.

Now, here;s the question: Is CoCo back in tonight? Knowing how loyal Tito is, it wouldn't surprise me.

Wasn't Nancy's bomb something? What a shot.

Oh, and hell no it doesn't make up for his miserable year. No way.

all is forgiven JD--you'll see, he'll be World Series MVP!

I have struck the name "Nancy" from my vocabulary when dealing with Mr. Drew, starting...now.

My post from Sept. 7th:

"Nancy swings at the first pitch in the 8th last night. Double play. Ugh. Ever hear of a sac fly, Nancy? Best case scenario - he is in danger of starting the playoffs on the bench yet ends up leading the team to the promised land a la DLowe in 2004. I can dream, can't I?"

Sometimes dreams do come true.

Magic number = 5

Come on, Matzuzaka-san, do it for the Gipper.

yazbread, yes, Drew is the Bellhorn of 2004.

Which means he's got another HR coming tonight. After the game is out of reach by the Indians though! ;-)

Oh drat, I can't watch the game tonight, the GOP debate is on! ...

Ha! I kill me.

Like Doug said in the last strip... I may kill a puppy if we lose tonight.

"MFY brought BFD back in game 7 of 04 to work the magic and we know the outcome. I hope KFM is not reverse mojo."

Yazbread, I don't think we need to worry about that. BFD had a personal history against the Sox that caused the reverse mojo. As far as I know, KFM never did anything to Cleveland. It's a different situation.

Are they insane leaving Dice-K in for Sizemore?

How much money did the home plate umpire bet on Cleveland? He's been squeezing Dice-K all night. That's the most obvious strike three I've ever seen (to Cabrera).

John Clayton's got game.

So does Youk.

SDU, I'm gonna need a Berocca tomorrow morning.

Wow, I'm surprised to see Paddy focusing his angst on someone who isn't wearing a Red Sox uniform. Well done!

All I can say is, it's nice to see the offense finally show up.


This game is ovah! Book ya plane tickets to a Rocky Mountain High!

Snow Series!

Rox v Sox!


Yeah baby,thats what I'm talking about !

whew! breathing again. No let up now though. 4 to go.

Alleluia, alleluia. Fucking awesome, although it seems a bit of luck did roll the Sox' way, but that's part of the game... Bring on the Rockstraps.

After looking at that play at 2nd a few times, I'm not so sure that he didn't get the tag down in time. The perspective from behind the runner is deceiving. But in any case; we took advantage of their errors and they didn't take advantage of ours.

Holy shit. I'm all emotional and shit.

Incredibly tense most of the way through...I'm still high on victory...among other things...

magic number = 4

yabba dabba dooo!

//SDU, I'm gonna need a Berocca tomorrow morning//

Bob, I'm shocked and appalled!

Oka-jima san
Extending our precious fall
With 2 innings

bloggin' with meself but I don't care ...tra la

SDU, those of us who are separated from Fenway by such distance are allowed certain quirks. Amongst these quirks is following yourself in a comment section.

ah! thanks d-k (I'm sporting my sox fan being T as I type)

ok, I'll blog myself a bit too, since my day is ending and everyone elses is just beginning...

1. As much as I hate to believe it, Manny and Papi's collective karma is now indispensible for the Red Sox. I believe this is now fact. They simply keep the Sox on the right side of reality...

2. Pedroia was hitting .200 +/- until early May. If he does not get ROY, it's a travesty.

3. Youk rules like he did in 1st half of year.

4. Dice-K did not choke. Pretty good news.

5. Bringing back Millar took some balls, and was pretty cool. How many times can Yaz or Jim Ed throw out the ball? Just too bad that Dave couldn't make it.

6. I'm in a great fucking mood today. God bless RSN. And fuck the Yankees.

To complete the record, the last line in the fifth last post should read:
'with two fine innings'

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