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Keeping the cocky in check

I think tonight is the night we'll discovah for ourselves why Matsuzaka is a national hero in his native Japan — the dude lives for the big games.


Yeah, well, let's just hope he can avoid the big inning, you know?


Heh, speaking of big innings, Cleveland sure did enjoy hitting the Wang, eh?


Yeah, but it's only one game, one loss. I'm keeping my cocky in check until we get beyond the mere wishful thinking.


Ah fercrissakes you're no fun.


3 years aftah melting the Wicked Witch and yet you're still looking ovah your shouldah for flying monkeys. Jeez, what are you the Cowardly Lion?


Watch it or I'll thrash you from top to bottomus.





Am I the only one here who was rooting last night for a meaningless solo HR from the NYY 3bman?

I was actually hoping for a rally towards the end of the game, but for the tribe to still win. I want to see the bullpens get beat up and strung out and exhausted, so when we make it to the next level whomever we face has a tired pitching crew.

"Keeping the cocky in check" could equally apply to the Yankees themselves.

I wonder if we see Jason O or BM at all today...methinks not.

We're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz. Could that be Labron? Is he there man behind the curtain? Didn't it all turn around for the MFY when he turned his hat around? And typical MFY Fan... he leaves when his team is down in the sixth.

Yeah,they got their "boys waxed" fo sure :)

Think again.

I'm not the least bit concerned. The season doesn't hinge (for the Yankees, Angels, or any team) on game 1 of the ALDS. So keeping the cocky in check is a wise position.

typical MFY Fan... he leaves when his team is down in the sixth

so typical of yankees fans.. haha, gimme a break.

I am nervous about Dice-K's start. Will he implode in late innings since Francoma leaves him in a batter too long? Will Francoma try to "preserve" the bullpen yet again? Will Nancy bother to try?

Don't forget about Your Colorado Rockies decisive game 2 victory yesterday.

Will be hitting the bar around 5pm MST for pre-game refreshments.

Go Sox!

Good strip hb. Your continued creativity is impressive.

Is it sick of me that a Yanks loss can elicit a stronger emotional response from me than a Sox win? Wierd.

Well, Billy, when I lived in New York in the early '90s and the Skanks sucked, I could walk up to the ticket office at the Toilet Bowl and get a field box seat, no problem whatsoever. For a Red Sox game.

I know, I know, before 1967, Fenway could be empty, too, but don't try and tell me Skank fans are all that loyal and perfect.

Well Bob, if it was '92 - '94 I can understand. The games against the Red Sox wouldn't have exactly been pivotal. j/joshin

>>so typical of yankees fans.. haha, gimme a break.
Billy Mahty,
Why wasn't Yankees stadium sold out in May? Were were the hats then? Maybe in NY the hats were there but not in the rest of "Yankee Nation". Only when they were winning do the hats come out. Thats what gets me. I love NY, I even respect many of the Yankee players, but the typical MFY fan I run into outside of NY is decidedly fair weather. Thats what generates the real visceral reaction to a Yankees win or loss is whether or not I am going to catch shit about the "Dead Sox" (one of their favorite terms).

I was some what accosted by a yankee fan last friday. I was a a friend's birthday party, and one of her friends and I started talking about how we both grew up in CT. She started to assume I was a yankee fan and when on about the playoffs. I told her I was actually a red sox fan and she laughed in my face and asked me why were the Red Sox fans all such assholes. She went on about how she couldn't stand red sox fans, how we were so indignant and petty and all around general jerks.

I looked at her in disbelief, all I told her was I was actually a red sox fan, no more. I suggested she was the one being indignant, she said "fuck you" and stormed off.

(wow, I really should proof-read before I hit submit - sorry all)

OH MAN I love to see A-Rod's stock value plummet when we are all reminded - again - that he can't get it done in the postseason. Guys that hit 50+ HRs every year are nice, but not when they can't get it done when it really counts. Rodriguez has batted .133 and .071, respectively, in the last two ALDS.

Please can we put to rest once and for all these silly rumors about ditching Lowell and picking up Skank-Rod, we want to WIN championships and we don't need to be dragged down by any lip-gloss-wearing, ho-dating, wife-cheating, ball-slapping, hey-yelling metrosexuals like the MFY's unlucky #13. Let him go to the Cubs, he'll fit right in.

soxboy, people said Randy Moss would be a cancer on the Patriots organization too.

As for NYY fans, I'd like to reiterate something I posted late last night:

You stay classy, New York City. --Ron Burgundy

Regardless of my current dislike of A-Rod (blue lips, slapping, douchy comments in the press), I can't fully drink the Haterade. Dude, the guy had a season for the ages, he's like the best position player in the game bar none, and he's scary-ass when he's locked in. In re: his post-season "choke-itude"- too small a sample size, I think. Law of averages says he does awesome this October. I think most teams would be very lucky to have him. The more correct argument (although not for the Sox since we have deep pockets) is whether you'd squander all that money in one place...I now feel dirty.

Am optimistic about Matsuzaka tonight. Is it 8:37 yet???

I actually think Drew will do all right for himself this October before it's over, but that could just be me wishing and hoping that he'll pay attention to his little brother's antics over in the NL.

As for Matsuzaka...I am legitimately pumped to see what he can do tonight.

Why the F would the Sox spend that kind of money on A-Fraud when they could have Lowell and make a run at Santana? That's what I would do. But Theo is probably more worried about playing guitar at his charity event to think clearly about this decision.

6:00-ish. Tonight. Crossroads.

Be there if you can (or want).


Then it's off for sausage with peppers AND ONIONS. Oh, and the game.

Addendum to my comment: I am in no way suggesting we actually get A-Rod. I like not spending all that money for him... and agree I'd rather keep Lowell and go after more pitching. However, if we WERE to go after him, there'd be worse things. He's pretty damn awesome, douchebaggery aside (and shit, if we can put up with Schill we can put up with A-Rod ;).


If it was 'crossroads' in the Robert Johnson sense of the word, what would you offer for a second WS victory?

I know plenty of NYY fans that are OK (well, to a degree, anyway), and quite a few obnoxious BoSox fans. Both fan bases suffer from bandwagonism to a degree, it's just the nature of the beast.

I can't imagine what it would take to pry Santana away from the Twins, he's signed through 2008. Buchholz & Ellsbury, then have to throw a boatload of $$$ @ Johan? Hell, he could turn out to be the next Mike Hampton - there's no such thing as a sure thing.

Yazbread, I'd be willing to give up three inches. After all I can spare it.

(I'm half-Irish, so obviously that's a lie.)

Realistically, I'd give up 2 years off my life.

What about the rest of you?

Cocky? Wang? A-Rod? Priapism abounds. Just don't leave the "e" out of Dice-K.

Natalie do i know you? are you in VT?

Soxboy- don't think so, but who knows? After all, I found out through this site that Billy Mahty and I went to high school together in NJ back in the late 80s... :)

Yeah, unfortunately the Sox have their share of pink hats, too.

I will admit there were days this season when I was so disgusted by the Sox' latest somnambulent loss that I wore my Cub hat instead ... but nothing can take away the fact that I have irretrievably loved the Sox since the age of 7.

(BTW, it was SO SWEET to be sitting in a pub in NYC last night while the Indians were putting their 6-spot up on the Spanks. You could hear a pin drop in there. It was a beautiful thing.)

Re: bandwagon, when I think about team loyalty I think about my uncle. A second cousin of my father 30 years older, he had a copy of a poster from the 1918 series in his kitchen until he ripped it up in 2004. There was water damage, coffee stains, dirty fingerprints, and discolorations on the wall where it had hung and been moved over the years. The material of the poster was like old wallpaper, hard and brittle, and it really stood out next to the modern appliances he had in his house. He had it in a frame, but that didn't stop it from taking on a green sheen over the years. You wondered if you would get sick standing too close to it.

My uncle went to games every year and still remembered every line up even from the bad years. He LOVED the Red Sox the same way people love their families or their home town, the team was part of his life from when he was a kid to the day he died. He has a cross and a B on his gravestone under his name.

You knew where my uncle was when there was a Sox Yankees game and what he was thinking on every play. It's the same with most of my family, especially the old timers, there is no bandwagon, it's just a part of your life.

I can't picture a Yankees fan like this. Sure, there are probably some people who have loved that team their whole life, but that love was never tested the way it was with the Red Sox.


Amen brother

Random tangent: Did anyone see The Office last night? In the scene with old Mr. Dunder when he was telling a rambling story about Mifflin and some other folks, he refers to a (think he said) "Jerry Trupiano." Sox shout out? Did anyone else catch that or am losing my mind?

Nat in bed with Arod?

Hearing voices while watching the Office?

Meds can work ; )

Not sure Nat-I'm holding out for FNL :)

Anyone else see the sign in the Indians' grandstand last night: "Hey Wang, Wong Time!" I chuckled then thought someone in the production truck probably got his ass chewed for showing that sign! The fans also gave a poor attempt at a "Yankees Suck" chant. Only Fenway fans can pull that one off in unison.

Bukowski R.I.P. Of course, he'd rip us all new assholes and head out to bet on horses at the track... as for the MFY fans beat down on the Sox fan in Yonkers, well, karma is a fickle mistress, ain't she? All the more reason to keep the cocky in check.

Rich- did you see that the full FNL season opener was already on the interwebs? (I posted the link last week). Awesome ep (will give no spoilers here). Hands down, best show on TV...

NYSoxFan: I don't think there's any justification for violence in relation to a game, but I do understand the way you Neanderthal are and have learned to expect you will compensate for your own team's inferiority by attacking humans. I do hope that, once Yankees fans master the use of fire and the wheel, we can look forward to a decrease in incidents such as this.

BTW, I have been in NYC admiring your cave paintings, when did you learn how to use the alphabet?


Okay, clearly it's a slow day at the office... but a friend just sent me this link of Sox players celebrating after the ALCS. How awesome would it have been to be at this bar on Weds night?


(sorry for the world's longest URL)

Sorry, meant "Fri night" not Weds...

Re: FNL. Nice appreciation in this week's New Yorker, especially of the relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife which to me is the heart of the show.

No kiddin!!!
Anyone know wher that bar was? I wonder what it would have taken to get inside?

Agreed re the relationship. Indeed, I feel it's the most realistic portrait of a marriage I've ever seen in a network TV series.

They had one of those Dustin pics in the Inside Track the other day, but I can't remember which bar it was. Probably Game On, but can't really tell for sure.

BTW, Natalie, the ALCS hasn't happened yet, so have you somehow transcended time and space to get those pics?

Bodes well for us if you have. They look pretty happy.

Bob- meant AL East Championship, but maybe it was clairvoyance! :)

No,I saw that Nat but I was holding out for tonight when I could actually "be there".Call me old fashioned :)

Fantastic pics! Man o man, I'll be sure to invite Pedroia to my next party. That dude knows how to party right. Let the f-in Jager flow y'all!

Thanks for the link Nat you get a gold star from me today . . .

I hate advertising account people.

Just saying. They walk up behind me and place an order like I'm a frigging fry cook.

I especially LOVE the youngins. All of three months out of school and they're ordering me around?

Heh. Let's just say I like to see them run off crying.

Jager! Wow, livin' large! L_I_V_I_N

Pretty certain that was Game On.

Mike, of course NYY fans never were tested like we (and our fathers, grandfathers) were, but they've suffered the Horace Clark years, and the Mattingly era as well. I know plenty of them who didn't have to run out and buy a hat 12 years ago, or dig one out of a closet for that matter.

I know plenty of them who didn't have to run out and buy a hat 12 years ago, or dig one out of a closet for that matter.

After 9/11 we hung out the flag. My son was 16. There was a story on the radio concerning the run on flags at the stores and how it was hard to get one. My son spoke up (unusual for him, understand) and said "Why don't they already have one?"

Same thing here. My hat does look fairly new, but that's because the dog decided she liked the taste of my old one about 3 years ago. I burned the remains like a worn-out flag and got a new New Era fitted cap (7 7/8, blue wool) out by Wrigley Field. 7 7/8, blue wool. There's a store near there that has every cap for every major-league team in a huge display behind the counter. I asked for a Red Sox cap and the guy called out my size exactly just by looking at me.

Wow, Natalie, those pictures are cool!

Wow. Sounds like RSN is getting ready to pass some tough immigration laws. I can see the questioning at the border: Do you now or have you ever let your RS cap gather dust in the closet?

My hat size is 8 and a quarter.

I have a pumpkin head.

Okay, off to The Crossroads to sell my soul.

Have a good one, all.

eight and a quarter! You have no idea how happy I am to find someone with a hat size bigger than mine (depending on the haircut, I'm either 7 7/8 or 8).

Here we go, game 2 - I'm hopin for a better outcome of the Indians game than now, but oh well...

OMG Nat...that is the best link ever. Those crazy boys. "Pedroia the Destroya" LOL. I am SO EXCITED to get to watch a game. Thank you TBS.

OMG-it's bug central in Cleveland :D

God sent a plague to ensure Jabba the Chamberlain didn't escape that inning.


MANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a freaking BOMB! My God, I love that guy.

Holy flippin' crap! Manny being Manny, in the good way!

And for the second game of the playoffs, God unleashed flying soldier ants upon Jabba's fat ass, and dropped a Manny bomb outside Fenway.

They can hear you through the tv if you yell loud enough!

Unleash the cocky.

That bomb Manny hit just came down on my patio.

I live in California.

Everything is going according to plan....

unfortunately. hahaha, egh, I'm not too concerned, yet.

My little 4 year old boy is marching around the house saying MANNY MANNY MANNY and now 'play baseball with Manny'.

oh and the magic number equals 9

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