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Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
So much for Manny "quitting" on the team.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Yeah, evidently that talk was a wee bit premature.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
What a friggin' moonshot.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Walk Papi to get to Manny 9th inning of a tie game. Brilliant!


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
I've never understood that when opposing managers do it.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
It's like saying, you know, I've got a bad feeling about this Titanic, think I'll try the Hindenburg instead. Gotta be safer.



Manny's towering blast.
Joba swatting bugs.
Lugo and Papi come home
to lots of hugs!

That one's heading for Landsdowne Street! Do you need new auto glass? Call 1-800-54-Giant!

Oh yeah, and Manny and the Red Sox owe Danny Vinik a sign of appreciation (maybe a World Series ring, perhaps?).

That play was awesome...and brought to you by the camera wells that I was complaining about on Thursday. If Mathis gets even with the wall, he makes the catch over the kid.

Awesome HR. The crowd appeared to be really quiet last night - until the blast. When Drew comes to the plate, I now begin humming a song whose refrain is 'but everyone knew him as Nancy'. Bring on the Tribe!

What's in that empty box Oates is carrying? Midges perhaps?

And how about that plague of near-Biblical proportions over at the Jake? Pestilence and death for the MFYs, followed by Manny being Manly. Gotta love the yin and yang of that.


And how about that plague of near-Biblical proportions over at the Jake?

It's not that hard to understand. Even Yahweh hates the Yankees.

I agree that the Vinik kid should get some sort of recognition. Maybe Tina Cervasio can take him out to lunch or something. That would work for me if I were the kid.

I can understand pitching around the first guy in that terrible twosome, if you can afford it. You want your pitcher to "face the minimum" in that situation, and I bet he'd walk Manny if he was up before Papi. I seriously doubt anyone in baseball who has at least a few rocks in his head is thinking "oh, Manny's a pussycat, easy out" in that situation.

Anyone hear Clemens pissing and moaning about the bugs at the Jake? He was whining about how difficult it is for their "young kids" to pitch with that kind of distraction. Yeah, like 45,000 screaming fans is an OK distraction but some bugs? They didn't stop Carmona from pitching two innings of shutout ball with nary a wild pitch.

I loved Chubba's slide into home trying to cover for the WP. Donny Baseball ought to teach him that you have to tag the runner to get him out in that situation.

"Careful, sir, I hear these bugs like to eat wood...teehee..."

Thanks for the post today h.b. Fantastic game last night.

Gotta give Manny the love...but I can see why he doesn't give interviews.

Maybe Johnny Damon should take a hint.

If you think Manny's post game interview was cute, you should see this:


or this


Bob, if you survived the experience, give us a blow by blow.

Meanwhile, A-fraud's biggest contribution to the post season involved a spray can of pesticide. [He he he]

And check out this BIG AD for Australian beer:


and this one's for Bob:

I've long thought that if you're facing Ortiz-Ramirez in a game-ending situation like that, whether or not you've got a runner on, you should intentionally walk both of them and hope for the best. Even walk in a run or two if you can maintain the lead. Those two are a devastating duo.

Just like the Friday Night meltdown to the Yankees gave me nightmares a couple of weeks back, I can't stop looking at Manny's 3-run jack into the Charles. Best 3-4 evah!

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