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Is this it for '07?

You know, typically if I heard a playah going all la-dee-da with "If it doesn't happen, so who cares? There's always next year." sentiments, I'd be all ovah him like Ann Coulter at a Gay Jew convention.


But coming from Manny and I'm totally fine with it. Makes sense even.


Yeah, well, when a guy is hitting .429 with a .613 on-base percentage, a 1.000 slugging percentage, and 10 walks it's difficult to say he isn't a total gamah.


Besides the big lesson of 2004 is that we want a loose, confident team and the last thing you'd want is for your rostah playahs to have the same doom and gloom, white knuckle, cold sweats approach to the game that most fans do.


Yeah, there's a reason they are majah league hittahs and we are not.


Are you kidding me? Most of us mouth breathahs can't even get to .300 when it comes to hitting the friggin' bowl during a late night whizz, let alone hitting a baseball.



So true Mike,so true ;)

//Most of us mouth breathahs can't even get to .300 when it comes to hitting the friggin' bowl during a late night whizz, let alone hitting a baseball. //

Speak for yourself. I have a strong, frothy stream that never misses the mark.


That's right, keep it light.

side effects may include incontinence, flatulence, headache, weak muscle tone, anal leakage and priapism. If any of these conditions happen to you, stop taking the drug and seek out A-Rod's personal psychologist for some performance enhancement

piss in the bowl? Hey, I switched to adult diapers weeks ago, first pissing myself with excitement during ALDS and then crapping myself repeatedly every time Gag-me steps onto the playing field.

Buck, priapism would certainly affect my bowl-striking ability. Have to do one of those high-archers.

However, I believe even without that side effect, Manny will have good wood tonight, and make C.C. piss his pants.

In Beckett We Trust.

Let's see if CupCake stays true to form ("...and Leon's getting lllarrrrger...").

Win tonight, bring it back to Fenway down only a game. This is what this team was capable of doing all season. Let's hope Tito breaks out his Lex Luthor pullover for today's game. We need a mastermind to make sure we get the best guys in the best positions to give us a win and not this "gotta go with my money guys" hoohah that we've seen recently (it's already killed us by not having Tavarez as an option out of the pen for long inning relief).

I love how everyone who isn't a Sox fan is going nuts over ManRam's Alfred E. Newman bit.

If 38Pitches said the same thing, I'd crucify him. But Manny?

He's the drunk uncle telling the same stories each year at the family reunion. Just laugh and nod . . .

And pray he goes 3-4 tonight.

As much as it pains me to say it, there's a 70-30 chance that it goes back to Fenway. Sabathobeseia does not have it this postseason, much like CM Wang.

But there's always the possibility of a Game 6 Damnation of Faust(o)

Apologies to Hector Berlioz.

Mike & Mike on ESPN were milking the Manny comments to death this morning. One - it's only a game, its not the end of the world. Two - it's only Manny being Manny.

"one of those high archers" Bob,I didn't know you were a fountain model :)

Jason O, somewhere Berlioz is smiling through an opium-induced haze. There should be no march to the scaffold tonight...

Stay sanguine, people, and don't forget the goal is to win one at the opposing park in order to restore order (home-field advantage).

yazbread Mike & Mike on ESPN were milking the Manny comments to death this morning. One - it's only a game, its not the end of the world. Two - it's only Manny being Manny.

Only right on two counts... it sure as hell isn't just a game. With a name like yazbread Im suprised your so casual about us being on the doorstep.

I want a win tonight more then anything. Well I want seven straight wins more then anything, but it all has to start tonight.

Let’s just forget Manny. Great talent. A little light on self-awareness. Not unlike most people you come in contact with.

The Indians are playing well. The Red Sox look like they are playing in Kevlar suits designed by us fans that don’t let them breathe.

Now, with apolgoes to Dylan Thomas, or Bob Dylan, or Danny Thomas or Danny Bonaduce, here we go:

Do Not Go Gentle into that Good night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Manny should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though Sox Fans at their end know dark is right,
Because their games matter they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

JD, Coco, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced on a green wall,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Lowell who caught and threw the ball in flight,
And learns, too late, that Sizemore had game,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Line drives could sail like meteors in the gap,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my Sox fan, thinking our sad plight,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

See you in the Series....


I'm sure the suits at Fox will be pulling for the Red Sox.

This is already one of the lowest rated postseasons in history. Can you imagine how much worse it'd be if the Sox hadn't made it thus far? And how dismal it'll be for TV ratings to have Indians v Rockies?

"With a name like yazbread Im suprised your so casual about us being on the doorstep"

I'm 50 years old. I take the long-term view now. My days as a firebrand are in the past.

Hey there's at least 8 or 9 people that will be watching the Rockies here in Denver. That is unless the Broncos are playing MNF...

Seriously I could not get customers or anybody else to take our company seats this year. We didn't pony up the money for the playoffs either.

I find it very hard to believe that people in Denver are paying those high prices on Stubhub etc in order to go to the WS.

I'm cool with Manny's statement. For instance, maybe next year we'll have a manager that doesn't let Lugo hack away in the middle of a rally. Maybe he asks him to drag bunt, or hit and run. Maybe thre will be a steal attempt here and there. Maybe the most exciting player on the team will actually play, instead of the statue currently in right field. Maybe Beckett will pitch a critical Game 4, instead of a guy who didn't even make the roster the previous series. Francona did this in 2005. Millar should not have been playing. It should have been Youkilis. Coco or Nancy should not be playing. Clearly it should be Ellsbury. He's simply better. He plays play-off type baseball by doing all the little things right.

Beckett. Schilling. Rain. Beckett.

"Somewhere Berlioz is smiling through an opium-induced haze..." Nice line, Vivo.

There is a chance that Manny knows EXACTLY what he's doing, if what he's doing is trying to take some of the pressure off the Drews, Lugos and Crisps of the world. Those guys look like they're at a funeral, not a ballgame. They need to loosen up and have fun like Manny, and then maybe they can hit the ball. Manny knows that you have to be loose to hit; he's trying to get everybody loose. I saw in the papers today that the team was cracking up when Manny went to give an interview to the Japanese media. Maybe the "drunk uncle" is really crazy like a fox...

Speaking of rostahs, hows about switching Coco for Ellsbury and moving Dustin back to his spot of ass-kicking at #2?

must be the postseason... pawsoxpop is back and in playoff form :-)

just another fine example of Manny's subtle psychological warfare! who cares?

Don't fool yourself. Manny is a longtime studier of economics. He understands that the players must follow a largely laissez-faire policy at the plate and good things will come. I agree.

My problem is that Tito's managerial strategy mimics a policy of trickle-down economics. Boost the confidence of your highest-paid athletes and you will reap the growth and rewards for everyone. This is clearly not the case with Drew, Coco, etc.

We need a field general, not a Reagan. I hope the guy who was pulling all the right strings in 2004 reappears tonight and for the next 2 weeks.

Amen. Time for a little fiscal pump priming -- inject a little newly printed money (Ellsbury) into the economy.

Cleveland plays dirty by putting Beckett's Ex-GF out to sing the National Anthem

Ok, when they come back here to Boston, I say we have Immigration waiting in their locker room to check the papers on all of the Dominicans and Venezuelans.

After looking at her pic, I understand why she's Beckett's ex.


"Oh say, can you look the other way?"

Georgie: Torre! You lose and you're out of here!

Torre: Yes, sir, Mr. Steinbrenner. Well, it sure has been good of you to keep me this long anyways.

Hal/Hank: Wait a sec, Joe. Dad, you're old and senile. Get back in the house and put some clothes on. Joe, how about a 1 year deal...give it another go...?

Torre: Thanks, guys, we'll get 'em next year.

King Georgie's ranting is dead. Long live the King. Torre's about to ink a 1 year deal with the Yankees.

Strike that! In the 30s it took me to type up that last post, Torre just turned down the deal!

Torre: Thanks, guys, we'll get 'em next year...but I'm gonna do it with somebody else. I'm tired of all the shenanigans! Peace!

If Tito drops out at the ALCS...do we go get Joe Torre??? Hmmmmm....!

As I said in a comment a few days ago, Torre is one of the least loathsome Skanks in my lifetime.

Oh, sorry JO and PT...EX-Skank.

Think the Mets and Skanks will now "trade" managers?


Damn...I thought Tito's contract was up *to* 2008, but it's *through* 2008...so we'd have to fire him to get Torre.

If we ever got Torre (not gonna happen BTW), I can guarantee one thing:

He'd never want A-Fraud on his team again.

Everybody see Suzy Waldman's statement after Torre turned the Skanks down?


I don' t want Torre. He can often be miserable at managing a bullpen. While sometimes Tito is moribund (like this ALCS), I do think overall he is doing a good job; of course, anything is an improvement over Grady Little, Joe Kerrigan or Jimy Williams.

paddy24: Also, Bellhorn should not have been playing in 2004.

You have to love Bill Simmons. In his Page 2 column on ESPN before Game 4 he gets it exactly right. It should have been Ellsbury leading off with Pedroia back in the two-slot and Youkilis in the six-slot protecting Manny and Lowell. It makes sense for so many reasons. Drew deserves no loyalty. This would put Pedroia back where he did so well. Ellsbury usually doesn't even draw a throw when he steals. And no one pitches to Lowell when they know Nancy is coming up next.

i once peed in the hamper late night not my fault i was hit in the head with a bottle of scotch. and when my wife was thru yelling at me all i could say was.. at least i lifted the lid

Kinda pleased that Torre got the opportunity to say f*** you to the Boss. Reminds me a little of the Al Pacino final scene in Any Given Sunday.

12 good years. We'll miss him, but nobody deserves his freedom from the Madness of King George more than Joe.

You should want him... if only as a deterrent to A-Rod.

Now it will begin to go seriously downhill. I see lean years in the sunset.

Great one HB. Laugh out loud funny. My wife hates that (the swing and a miss, not the laughing)

anyone watching the game tonight??? We need more runs than 2. These guys can score runs, lets just hope Josh keeps his cool.

Nope Jeffrey, nobody here is watching the game ;)

these are the sox i love: having fun, manufacturing runs, showing the injuns how the game should be played.

and showing kenny lofton where the bench is.

I just thought there would be at least a little chatter here on the board.

I'm feeling some great energy!!

No 6 out request ot Paps. bring Manny in for two outs, then paps.

Manny can do it.

Ah, that's better. Heading home.

A battle of the stars tomorrow:
9.00 ERA v 9.64 ERA.


Firts i want congratulations for us page and really im writing is because i am tired search the theo epstein e-mail or something like but i only want say him is that he need sign a Joe torre for three years i am dominican and i live in dominican republic Manny and David are Twins Destructors

Boston red sox world champions 2007 and in Dominican republic will make one week drinking much.

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