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Hey Big Spender

Hey have you heard? "It's Tribe time!"


Awesome. Does that means it's time to get hegemonized? Yeah, baby, it's time to get kicked off your ancestral lands and sent to a rez in Oklahoma. Waa-hoo!


Sort of fits the small-mahket vs big-mahket meme that is already getting implanted.


Yeah, well, it's hard to deny when the Sox spent ovah 80% of Cleveland's entiah 07 payroll just for the chance to talk to Matsuzaka.


Well, the worse sin would be to have the cash and not spend it.


That'd be the only sin. There's no need to apologize for being in a big mahket, being part of huge, global fan base, and having an ownahship group that not only likes to spend big but also likes to spend smaht.


You mean mostly smaht.


Right, I definitely Drew mean mostly smaht.



Anyone think karma might be against us? Sox win in '04, White Sox win in '05, and now the Tribe might win in '07. It's like some Supreme Being is just clearing the slate of all the drought-striken teams. Tribe this year and the Cubs next year for their 100th anniversary.

When will Doug get over that nervous tic in which he repeatedly looks at his watch when talking on the phone? He suffered with the for years now.

OK, Nancy came around.
RS are firing on all cylindahs,
Manny rocks.Papi too. Jacoby is a man. Dusty grinds. Lowell, sign the mofo

CC, thanks for dropping by.
Paul Byrd. What? Didn't you pitch for KC about 10 years ago?

I love the Sizemoah and the Peraltah and the Gahko, and the Trot. Maybe even the catcher guy(VM).

I have tickets for Game 6 of the ALCS. Not gonna need 'em.


ps. I was away, and didn't lurn until this morning that Stanford beat USC. I am a huge Stanford honk, notwithstanding my NE roots.

Don't ask. Tuition is involved.

Here's hoping the smaht money sees the folly of tying up $30mil annually on a bluelipped choker, especially when there's a very viable, consistent, professional and LIKEABLE option already on board that would cost less than half that. The "leftover" $16-17mil could buy a lot of spare reclamation parts, or one or more decent pitchers

"tuition is involved"
heh. Talk about smaht money

"Talk about smaht money"

After-tax dollars, mofos


I will say, the Indian's mascot has fabulous teeth. Must be that reservation dentistry program instituted during the Carter administration.

I wonder if Ellsbury will be secretly rooting for the Indians, because he is one.

I'm glad to see that the RSN has come around to accept the spending ways paved by the GBYs.

Haven't you heard? Lowell's going to be playing for the Yankees next season.


Talk about karma and schadenfreude - Harbaugh bringing the Cardinal back towards respectability during the same year that the assholes who stole our last good coach go sinking down the drain is sweet indeed!

Go Sox! - Beat Cal!

BTW, do you follow the WVB team? 16-0, and they've only lost 4 games in 16 matches - wow.

"after-tax dollars, mofos"
Been there, done that- glad the divorce is final.
btw, I think Nancy will win a game for us before all is said and done this season. He does well in NL parks against NL pitching

and, Billy, that's my biggest fear. When Slappy bolts for wherever, the MFYs will throw so much $$ at Mikey that he won't be able to refuse. I shudder at the thought. Never had to come to this

If you look at Mikey's home and away splits, you'll see that he hits almost 100 (.373 vs .276) points higher at Fenway, hit 100% more home runs at Fenway than on the road (14 vs 7), and drove in almost 100% more runs at Fenway (73 vs 47). He is a dead pull righthanded batter and not a good fit for the cavernous left field at yankee stadium.

Doesn't mean the yanks won't do something stupid though...

"Go Sox! - Beat Cal!"

Best. Cheer. Evah.

I would like to point you to www.38cliches.com which has published the very cool Sgt.Pepper/RSN take off, with commentary on those included.
[shamelss plug, I know] sorry, h.b.

When talking about parole disparity, is the cost of living in Boston or NY as apposed to Denver or Phoenix considered? Without me being versed in census data, I'd have to say that Boston and NY are more expensive places to live in, hense larger salaries.

I came up with this first in 2003, not the Globe yesterday.

"United Nations"
Redsox Nation, Rem Dawg Nation, YankeElimiNation.

Noel, I think you mean "payroll". Unfortunately Massachusetts is well known for parole disparity, dating back to Wille Horton and the Dukakis administration

All this "we're just a poor, small-market" team crap is so much bulletin-board shit...of course, Belichick uses the "Us against the World" thing all the time...but if you need bulletin-board material this time of year something is seriously wrong...let's squash the Cleveland Bugs and move on.

The big market - small market argument is BS when speaking of the Sox. Look at the cities that made the playoffs this year:

NY - 8.1 M people - 1st in pop size
LA - 3.8 M - 2nd
Chicago - 2.8M - 3rd
Philly - 1.4M - 5th
Phoenix - 1.4M - 6th
Boston - 559K - 24th
Denver - 557K - 25th
Cleveland - 452K - 39th

Looking at that list, Boston is defintely on the small end. The reason Boston has so much bigger reveues, despite having the smallest ballpark in the majors, is that the team has built a huge following outside the city. That is something any other "small market" team has the opportunity to do - that they fail to do so is thier shortcoming - not the fault of the Sox. (hell, we are paying them luxuary tax each year)

City population is misleading; a better measure is census MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) which, for example, has Boston at 4.5M and Phoenix at 4.0M.

And here's the link to the Top50 Media markets from Nielsen where Boston is 7th.

But Cleveland at 17 isn't exactly small. Same with Denver at 18. More middle.

I'm tired of hearing shortsighted Tribe fans complaining about the Sox being "just as bad" as the Yankees. I ask them, "What should we do? Give up and let them have the division every year?" They don't get it and I doubt they ever will so, I don't talk to too many of them.

On another note, Logan's(my grandson who brought the Sox a 12-game winning streak when he was born last year) father got us tickets for game 3. So, I'll be representin at the Jake and hope to see lots of fellow citizens of the Nation there. Go Red Sox!

Sure, I'm looking forward to the CLE series. I've never been to the Jake, although I spent some quality time at the old Municipal Stadium. It's the only big league game i even attended where I could sit behind the first base dugout and here the SS talk to the 3Bman. Cavernous doesn't do it justice. I saw JuanGon crank one over the CF wall one night. Billy Smith (look it up) was playing 2B for the Tribe. At least the Injuns are a real ball team unlike the Rox and the DBacks.

I also sat in the end zone for a game between the Steelers and the Browns, along with the 3rd shift from the Fisher Body plant. horrific.

Just let's ease off the references to the RRHOF.


Holy Shit! When did the NHL season start?

Wow. Nuf Ced McGreevey. Thanks for that. I used to work with a guy named McGreevey, and he nicknamed himself Nuf Ced after his idol. Nuf Ced.

"All this "we're just a poor, small-market" team crap is so much bulletin-board shit" - exactly. So back to the game & JDD.

Looks like BK is taking his spot. He's 9-29 vs. CCS. JDD is 0'fer in 3ABs.

Little things make the difference - here's hoping BK connects.

lou, are you coming to Cleveland for any games?

//the Sox spent ovah 80% of Cleveland's entiah 07 payroll just for the chance to talk to Matsuzaka.//

*Bangs head on desk*

This is a fallacy that has driven me insane.

Boston could have TALKED to Matsuzaka until they were both blue in the face and it wouldn't have cost them one thin dime. They ponied up the money to SIGN him. No signee, no money.

//very viable, consistent, professional and LIKEABLE option already on board that would cost less than half that.//

You talking about Trot "watch me waddle in and overrun a dribbling single and turn it into three runs" Nixon? Yeah right.

So sad the season's over. I really miss watching the Red So...oh, wait.

Damn, it feels like a month between games. So tonight I just HAVE to stay up far too late and drink far too much to watch the NL ALCS opener.

All are welcome at Pete's (Durty Nellie's). I won't buy you anything, but I'll be a know-it-all for you.

And that's just priceless.

NLCS. So no backtalk JO or PT.

Knowing everything has its drawbacks. Such as dementia.

Thanks Buck. Good ol' haste and spillcheck does it agian.

The dementia has always been a given.

Heh. You sound just like my mom.


Schadenfreude that keeps on giving

It's like an echo...not as strong as the first time you heard it, but recognizable enough anyways.

Man, Suzy. Hand someone the shovel, you're just digging your hole a bit too deep.

//I actually thought I was very poetic.//

Oooookay, Suzy. No ego there.

Suzy cries out loud/Rocket comes to comfort her/She rebuffs him hard.


They spent $51 million on the bid to get exclusive rights to discuss signing him. That is more than 80% of Cleveland's payroll.

You can bang your head all you want but it's true.

Yeah, if they didn't sign him, they get the money back, but that is a moot point because they did sign him.

If you want to look at that as a "fallacy" be my guest, but the point of the strip is that a club like Cleveland would never pony up that kind of money to get exclusive rights to talk to Boras/Matsuzka.

That doesn't mean I think either club is wrong or right in how they chose to spend their money or not spend it -- it just is.

and I was referring to Lowell vs A-Rod, Griff. The FO seems enamored with the prospect of luring the Fraud here next year, and I just don't see the need when we have #25 already, even acknowledging Rod's abilities- At least in April thru Sept. In late innings of blowouts. Or when children are stepping off sidewalks on Newbury St

As much as I liked Trot and appreciated his on (and off) field efforts, I thought his time had come and gone here

although I WOULD like to see how much Cora would charge him for the uni number, though.
Alex Cora- now there's $$ well spent

The Yankees will win next year! The Red Sox suck!!!!!!!!

I think Mikey's a closet Sox fan...he's already got the "there's always next year" mantra already down.

But what I really came here to say is that if you go through North or South Station or Airport T stops in the near future, you'll hear the new concoction of those brainiacs at the MBTA who think we aren't already assaulted with enough crap waiting for a train. It's called T-Radio and my own experience with it today sucked cold rat turds.

If you feel the same, here's the link to tell them to turn it off: http://www.mbta.com/riding_the_t/feedback/

If they don't get enough negative feedback, they're going to expand it to a T station near you. That might also motivate you to read some of the blogs out there being written today about the crappy thing and help keep them from expanding (and preferably just turn it off and go back to do something important like stranding Red Line passengers on the salt'n'peppah-shakah bridge in un-air-conditioned cars). Thanks for reading my little diversion.

Awwww poor lil'Mikey. Now you see how we feel when your clean shaven and proper asses outdid us those years ago.

Let's see if Steinbrenner's not completely shit for brains and somehow pick the MFY up, but he'll most likely screw the pooch somehow.

i know its easy to pick on JD Drew but i can remember everyon rolling there eyes at having to take mike lowell. now hes being fellated on the morning boston talk shows and by "all" the blogs. i wonder what happens if Drew has a great alcs and (god willing) a great WS. to continue his last month and more important a great 2nd year how all will veiw him?

hey lil mikey (no relation) im not sure if you have heard this or not but YANKEES SUCK!!!!


It looks like the record books may soon indicate that Stanford has actually beaten USC 5 of the last 6 years...

See: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3056397

For someone coming from another team, the fan base and the media for both the MFY and the Red Sox take a little getting used to. Look for J.D. and Dice-K to both have better years next year.

Bob -- sorry, son. I thought you knew.

Suze -- "going to lose his job?" Would that be an exclusive? BTW, I think Patricia Schroeder, Ed Muskie and Jim Bakker are all calling you.

Não alimentar os trols

I hope Drew picks it up, and I also hope that "nancy" doesn't become red sox nation's answer for a-rod... you know, that guy that hits pretty well and helps the team out but still gets grief from the fans every time he makes an out.

Drew hasn't been great, but he hasn't been all bad, either- he carried the team in April, had a good September, and was respectable in the ALDS. I hope we don't prematurely label him a failure.

h.b., the exasperation I expressed has nothing to do with relative payrolls.

I'm a journalist, so perhaps I have an unhealthy intolerance for inaccuracy, but it very simply drives me crazy whenever I hear/see "They paid $51 million just to TALK to him!" No. They did not. They paid $51 million for the exclusive rights to SIGN him. There's a difference.

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