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Haven't won anything yet

I get the whole rally thing, yet I'm of the mind the City Hall Plaza events should be reserved exclusively for victory celebrations.


Yeah, you've got to give credit where credit is due to the Yankees for being the only postseason team to decline MLB's desiah to do these pep rallies across the country.


Well, that's one way to look at it. The othah way is to realize the Yankees brass had no choice but to say no for fear that Torre would pull his Chris Crockah act again and start bawling all over the stage.


"Leave the Yankees alone! W-w-we b-b-been through s-s-so m-m-much. [Sob]"


Hey, you know, somebody has to put the "Her" in Herculean effaht.



The Skankees had a rally, it was just a little under the radar. (A parade in the Village with A-Fraud wearing a Barbra gown and Jeter in a Rosie pant suit).

What a Douche-pickle :)

In A-Fraud's case, it's more like a douche-gerkin.

Ba-doom. He's here all week folks,try the gherkins :D

Gerkins and veal?

I think not. :))

Looks like we're playing tennis, Harwich.

I think MLB is supportive/suggests the rallies as part of its "Rally Monday" program.

I've been out of Boston since 1986. The last City Hall rally I went to was a Celtics celebration. I remember the team up on a balcony, high over the crowd. Very papal. Yesterday's celebration looked lower, more part of the people. More democratic.

An excerpt of an interview with Winston Churchill's daughter:

Q: What kind of thing made your father cry?
LADY SOAMES: He was moved by events and tragedies, by people behaving nobly, by poetry ... I've seen him recite Shakespeare and his eyes brimming with tears. He wept easily. He wasn't ashamed of it

Winston Churchill wept when he was moved?...what a wuss.

Churchill didn't weep when he came in 4th. He got pissed.

But what about Ward Churchill?

Reason #175 why God invented Sports Bars - Sunday, October 7

1PM - Browns at Patriots
3PM - ALDS Game 3 - Sox at Angels
6PM - Someone call me a cab!

Reason #207 why God invented beer:

Friday, 8:30, Fenway Park.

Sunday, 1:00, Gillette Stadium.

Monday, 8:30, uh........

Ward Churchill only cries when he sees yet more evidence of the neocon international zionist U.S./Israel conspiracy that faked the holocaust, assassinated Dr. MLK Jr., JFK and RFK and also pulled off the Sept. 11 so-called "attacks."

H.B., according to Ward Churchill, Winny was a imperialist trying to expand his empire.

Of course, Ward is a dickwad. Winston is one of my top 5 heroes.

Hmmm, J.O. and I can agree on something, anyway.

Listen, you all can shut your eyes and ears and be sheep...I've seen "Loose Change" and I'm down with the 4-1-1, bro...

Small Change got rained on with his own 38...

Bob, color me jealous.

Tarrkid, it's only jealousy until you get The Gout.

/runs to doctor

I think all of the Yankees should be arrested for False Communication about an Explosive Device. They insist on the nickname of Bronx Bombers in a city that still has uncomfortable feelings in its no-no place when the 11th of September rolls around each year.

I knew a Native American Indian girl whom everyone called Loose Change.

Is that because, as per Borat, her "Vagin was like sleeve of Wizard?"

Harwich Rich - Was Tom Waits talking about Schilling?

I wouldn't be surprised Larry

Nice Waits pick-up larryhere. Everywhere he goes...

I'm sooooo tired.

Anybody have any meth?


Black Beauties?

Hell, what about a beer?

Giambi could help, Bob, if you want your head to blow up like a basketball.

Matt Light's neck > Matt Light's head.

Something to ruminate on.

Yes, Jason, she was a cheap date - for dinner, she'd be satisfied with khrums

Strange, Vermonter, how those 'roiders heads grow larger, while their boys shrink to the size of garden peas.

I'll stick with beer.

We just got finished burning down Denver.

Philly is next!

Go Rockies!

Oh, completely forgot to tell you all about this creepy-but-funny story.

Heading from Copperfield's to the park on Sunday. Outside Gate B having the sausage with peppers AND ONIONS.

Wearing my Soxaholix shirt.

Some guy walks buy and yells, "Hey, are you Lou Clinton?"

I kid you not.

(LC, I was surly but lovable to the guy.)


"Walks buy."

No, I'm not a male prostitute.

But I could be you know. I look like Tim Robbins.

And LC.

A shocker:


Ah, Wake...

Just to over-post further:

Dougie AND Cash?

What the deuce?


Jason Varitek
Kevin Youkilis
Dustin Pedroia
Julio Lugo
Mike Lowell
J.D. Drew
Coco Crisp
Manny Ramirez
David Ortiz


Eric Hinske
Alex Cora
Jacoby Ellsbury
Bobby Kielty
Doug Mirabelli
Kevin Cash


Josh Beckett
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Curt Schilling
Jon Lester
Jonathan Papelbon
Eric Gagne
Hideki Okajima
Mike Timlin
Manny Delcarmen
Javier Lopez

Bob, the shocker isn't that Wake isn't on the roster (ok, it's a mild "huh" but not too bad)...the REAL shocker is to then put Mirabelli AND Cash on the 25 with no Wake around?? What in the Sam Hell is going on over there in Fenway!? No Tavarez? No Royce? No Moss? But Cash??

It wouldn't be the Sox if they didn't give me a big WTF moment right before the first game...

//Ah, Wake...//

Oh god, this is deja vu. Please tell me this will not be 1995 redux in other ways, too.

Dude, Joe Torre as Chris Crocker had me in hysterics. I just kept visualizing Torre with dark eye-liner and blond highlights keening and wailing to leave his team alone. Funny stuff.

I'll take Jon Lester over Wakefield any day. What a relief!

And Tavarez hasn't looked all that good lately.

And who gives a f- about Moss and Clayton?

hb, pardon again the SEC FB detour:

NoLaSox, re: yesterday's tangent...don't take it from me...


Kaz, agreed about Doug and Cash (I beat you to the post by a few seconds). I Just. Don't. Get. It.

BTW, anybody going to the game Friday night?

With that silly 8:30 start, I have plenty of time to meet up somewhere.

Man that "are you Lou Clinton?" bit really cracked me up.

Perhaps we should have a t-shirt saying:

"I am Lou Clinton, creepy bitches."

//"I am Lou Clinton, creepy bitches."//

Hmmm, maybe YOU'RE LC, H.B....

That would just creep the living crap out of me. :)

Oh, did everyone notice that if there's a Game 4, it starts at 9:30 our time?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: What the deuce? Those LA of Anaheim of SoCal of the OC fans can't get to the frigging park by 5:00 or 5:30?

S--k my thunder stick...

Which do you think you'd more likely find yourself saying 5 days from now, YoukRules?

"If only we had brought Kevin Cash..."

"If only we had brought Brandon Moss/Julian Tavarez/Kyle Snyder/Bryan Corey/Royce Clayton..."

Neither. I never second-guess the FO.

I know very little about managing a baseball team. I know that Tito and Theo know 10 times more about baseball than any 10 people you can find here or on SOSH.

I know they have reasons for doing things that may seem unusual to us.

I also trust that the Sox are built for a championship and will do very well in the postseason.

The reason why you carry three catchers is because you can pinch run for one of them and then sub in the other without worries about injury and no backup.

And Wake's back is hurting; that's why he's not on the ALDS roster. They hope to have him back for the ALCS.

'Neither. I never second-guess the FO.'

Surely you meant I never second guess this front office and not the front office. The front office of the Boston Red Sox has a long history of spectacular fuckups and inexplicably bad moves.

Things have improved with Theo and co.

Im thinking Wakes back must be in terrible shape if hes not on the 25. Does this mean we wont see him in the ALCS? Its not like hes been a yankee killer lately...

But Griffin, without Wake, why in the world do we need additional TWO catchers?

Tek's gonna play every game (or almost anyway). You can pinch run for him and sub one of the other two, but why carry BOTH?

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