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Game 2 Not so feasty

No, thanks for the asking, Nicole, but I just don't feel up for a movie today.


I know, I know, Kate Blanchette, but I'm just really tiahed, can't focus.


Guy trouble?  Yeah, well, you could say that.


What's his name?  His name is Eric Gagné and he's a worthless sonavabitch.


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I think we're all agreed on that point Susan :(

...and where did you get my grandmothers stockings?

Hey, Schilling gets a nice share of the blame as well. He was certainly serving up the gopher ball last night. And to think he is ours for a mere $13M. Thanks for '04 but hit the road Curt. So glad the pitching rotation was changed to give him two shots in the ALCS.

Beautiful use of a slate gray to suit the mood, h.b. Borderline metallic. Aston Martin puts out a DB9 in exactly that color. No good will ever come of the Red Sox continuing dalliance with Gagne. When they go all Jeff Weaver on you, they never seem to turn it around.

Ugh, and Lt. Col. PileonaThon felt compelled to say something. Go Pats.

[Nice art, hb]

and where is Batshit?

I could swear I had this conversation. Augh. *Sigh*

We never, ever, ever should have gotten to the 11th. Ramirez-Ortiz-Lowell in the bottom of the 10th. I should have shut my TV off right then.

I agree with flatbug, we have Gagne over Taveres why?!? Is it based on what Gagne "proved" to us at the end of the regular season? Whoever set the roster needs to review some video!

Just keep thinking "Best of 5!"

I loathe Gagne with a passion that is only matched by my love for Tavarez and feel better today just because a couple of folks here have validated my view. Not to be too touchy/feely or anything, cause the hatred bubbles up again. I really, really cannot stand that game screwer. Gone, yea. That's what I'll be sayin'. Sooner the better.

In the 7th I said Tavarez should start the 8th, not Papelbon. If it was going to extra innings (and everything was leaning that way) then you want someone who can go 3+ possible innings instead of starting to draw out every 1+ inning reliever you have (regardless of whether they're getting today off or not). We ended up with Gagne, because we didn't have Tito planning on a long haul and just wanting to go 1....more...inning...at...a...time.

Poor planning from the coaching bench. Too short-sighted.

WTF? Sorry about the blank post. Not real sure how that one happened...

Love Susan with her hair up, but what the frig's up with the bag lady outfit. Agree that the color is spot on for the mood post-Gagne, but yikes!

Looks a touch like the J train to me. Is Susan on assignment in NYC this week?

Love the new image. HATE effing Gagne. As if my night wasn't already bad enough...was reduced to watching the game in a DORM LOUNGE sneaking chugs of Natural Light (!!!wtf?!!). Then Gagne took the mound instead of...oh I don't know ANYBODY ELSE. I was nearly in tears. A marginally bad night- completely ruined. Better luck tomorrow, bous.

boys. that should read "boys".

Can someone explain the misplaced euphoria Saturday AM, given that Sox gave up 8 hits Friday, LOB 21, then 17 hits plus 8-9 walks on Saturday? Did someone actually believe that Cleveland would just be rolled over? No dominating performances, yet.

'Gag-me and Nancy up in a tree

I said in the 10th inning to my wife, if we don't score in the 10th, our chances of winning drop dramatically: our best bullpen pitchers are used up, and the worst part of our order is coming up.

I should've turned off the TV too, but at least I wasn't surprised.

I won't say "I told you so" about Gagne. I was one of the more vocal opponents of the trade, because I thought we didn't need him, not because he would suck. I was right that we didn't need him -- we won the best record in the league despite him hurting the cause -- but no one thought he would be BAD. Or anywhere near THIS bad.

Maybe Gagne should stop looking at the plate. Seems to work for Oki.

Schilling should have done better, and we'd not have been in that situation, but ... man, they just hit some good pitches. I replayed that 3-run shot, and it was exactly where Tek spotted it, it was precisely what they wanted. And it went out anyway. Sometimes your best isn't good enough.

The Indians are no joke. We need to play a little better on both sides of the ball. There's a better-than-even chance we'll win two of the next three (with Beckett in Game 5), and if we do, we just need to win one of the last two. I like our chances.

As to the World Series (apparently) vs. the Rockies, who knows. The Rockies are just weird. 20 of 21? You kidding me?!

LMAO...oh honey, I hear ya.

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