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And we think to ourselves...

OK, kids, today's vocabulary word is Schadenfreude.


Really there is no entertainment more beautiful than enjoining someone else's suffering.


With apologies to Mr. Louis Armstrong, I feel a song coming on …

I see Yankees blue,
With no fight,
All in a daze,
Turn out the lights,
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world.


I hear Guidos cry,
Cuz Yanks just blow.
So much for lore,
And all that dough.
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world.



Poetry. Sheer poetry.

Doesn't the sun seem just a bit brighter this morning?

Start spreadin' the news...

To quote Gore Vidal on today's theme: "It's not enough to succeed; others must fail."

those pennant-bound dreams...are meltin' away...
they'll make a brand new start of it...in spring '08...

Dang... i was really hoping another call to Mahty was in order.

A whole new team to face 18 times next year: i predict no Torre, Posada, A-Rod (who will go to the Cubs for more years of futility), Damon (who will be welcomed back to RSN after he joins a team like the Padres), Rocket (finally out of gas) or Pettitte (back to Houston0.

It was a good run this year, but this team has become the chokemeisters of the postseason. Certainly they've been outplayed in every postseason since 2000, but they also haven't lived up to their potential. I think there's a good chance Torre will return next season, but I won't cry if he doesn't. The team's rebound this year was amazing, but why did they get into such a big hole in the first place?

Posada and Pettite and Mo will be back. I think A-Rod will move to L.A.

With A-Rod and Clemens gone, who will be the main focus of RSN scorn?

ding dong...the sons o'bitches are dead.

Let's go Red Sox.

"With A-Rod and Clemens gone, who will be the main focus of RSN scorn?"

We'll always have Jeter.
Speaking of Captain Intangibles, where was he this series? His mom and dad had a bigger presence in the stands than he did on the field. His highlight for the series seemed to be shooing gnats off Joba C.
Yet, it's A-Rod on the back cover of the post.

Quote from the NY Post:

"We got beat in the four games played,' Damon said. "Overall, are they the better team? I don't know."

So much for sportsmanship, eh Johnny? Yes Johnny, the Indians are the better team. Have a fantastic off-season. See you next spring. Bon voyage. Sayonora. Heres an idea...see if Mangina is available to go after them for cheating.

Just a great day all around.

By this time next week, the Indians will be nearly toast.

Billy, Jason, congrats on a good run. Hate your team but I wish you a good offseason.

Pinstripe-remember this?: "See you in the ALCS"? Um, nope. Sorry fella. Back to the basement you go, tissues in hand...predictions, dreams and ego shattered.

Off to celebrate.

I think he meant that he was going to get tickets for the Sox-Indians games.

Cue Nelson Muntz Haa Haa!


Interesting stat. This is the first time in LCS history that 3 of the lowest payroll teams are involved I believe.

Arizona 26th
Colorado 25th
Cleveland 23rd

Well, it probably couldn't get any worse than NYY's best pitcher and most "clutch" hitter shitting the bed in the ALDS...

Wait a second...it just got worse:


This series loss wasn't A-Rod and Wang's alone (can it get any more phallic in here?). I can't even see blaming Wang for Game 4.

The vaunted lineup were shut down in total, especially with runners aboard. Judas was the only one putting any serious runs on the board. Posada, 2 for 15. Matsui, 2 for 9. Giambi only got 4 ABs (that's on Torre). Captain Jeter, 3 for 17.

And after all of the time Torre has spent in New York and all of the postseasons and wins and accolades...Steinbrenner has the gumption to bust his chops over this postseason? What an ass. Hell, I call my bosses "Dave" and "Frank". In the press conference, Torre was still calling George "Mr. Steinbrenner". What the hell is that? 10+ years working for the guy and either the relationship is so cold or so formal that Joe doesn't call him George? Joe deserves better and I hope he takes half the team with him.

Site won't load Jason O. I didn't realize we had the power to Slashdot a site here :)

The MFYs made a valient effort over the course of the season. But at the end, the bats cooled off and the pitching reverted to form. Not a good combination. It was nice to see Moose jump in at a moments notice and pitch with some heart. So un-Moose-like.

The Tribe looks tough. Hopefully Borowski in the role of closer will prove to be their downfall.

Ha, Jason, something we can agree on.

Seriously though, why wasn't Pettitte starting games 1 and 4? Might have been a remarkably different series...if the Yankee bats could do something other than hit an occasional home run or double.

Ah well, on to the matchups this weekend - Beckett and Sabathia, Dice-K and Carmona - this ought to be a very enjoyable series.

Ha, Jason, something we can agree on.

Seriously though, why wasn't Pettitte starting games 1 and 4? Might have been a remarkably different series...if the Yankee bats could do something other than hit an occasional home run or double.

Ah well, on to the matchups this weekend - Beckett and Sabathia, Dice-K and Carmona - this ought to be a very enjoyable series.

October sure looked a helluva lot like April. Guess any season that begins with Carl Pavano on the mound isn't destined to end well.

No, the ALCS prediction didn't work too well. Go ahead and wallow in our misery. You know I would do the same for you. All I can say is that I wish you A-Rod.

On the other hand, I hope Torre comes back. 12 years, 12 playoffs, a class act throughout and a reminder that, occasionally, there is crying in baseball.

Where the hell IS LC? He should be here to enjoy this.

Good luck the rest of the way, I guess.

Peace out...

I thought I saw on ESPN last week that they were predicting the Phillies and Yankees in the World Series?

Funny how things turn out.


Is that an "au revoir" or an "adieu"?

Will we be hearing from you during the playoffs, or have you resigned your commission for the rest of the postseason?

Not to add insult to injury...actually, yes, to add insult to inury:

(I apologize if this was previously posted)


To Mahty and Jason O:

I certainly respect the MFY for being a formidable team, but I most certainly do not like them. Bill is oh so correct in the word of the day: schadenfreude. Hell the Joy of Sox blog has a continuing series of it which makes it all the more hilarious.

I'm sorry to see Wang go choke on you not once but twice and that Torre had to gamble his last chips only to see the Tribe, who in my mind is a much more deserving team this year, succeed. Your offense gave us Sox fans a scare a/g the Indians, but in the end justice prevailed and that little mousey shit known as Posada sealed the deal with the K.

I give much love to the Indians as they will be a respectable opponent come Friday, and there won't be any trace of NY fandom. Being in Boston University for 4 years dealing with NY/NJ (and including Long Island) pollution, this comes as a sigh of relief as I make my way back to Beantown.

So in closing to the MFY: Good effort kids...good effort, but in the end justice prevailed.

Mystique and Aura have been replaced by the Shock and Awe of Papi's and Manny's bombs this past weekend...Beautiful.

True schadenfreude - Suzyn Waldman crying on air in the post-game.

Really. Keep it together, honey...

Wow, that Suzyn Waldman thing is nutty and pathetic. Has SNL or anyone spoofed her yet? Or is she already such a spoof that she can't be spoofed?

I think it's the latter, hb. And speaking of spoofs, what's up with Herb Tarlek as sideline reporter during the Spanks series?
Jesus, if it went 7, I expected him to dust off the green velvet tux and ruffled shirt combo

Hey, I can't really make fun of her. After all, I wept when I listened to that clip.

(Sure, I wept with joy, but hey, why split hairs?)

Since so many people have a problem with Columbus Day, I suggest that we officially rename the first Monday in October as Yankee Elimination Day.

If you were wondering where I've been (doubtful), let's just say it involves a bullwhip, a nun, and a bottle of absinthe.

On a somewhat respectful Skankee note, if this is indeed Torre's last hurrah, I will say he was one of the least loathsome Skanks of my lifetime.

I can remember several times walking down Salem Street and seeing him dining at Terramia.

That's one of my fav restaurants, so he must have taste in food, if not third basemen.

That kid in the red shirt with the panda on it in the last picture; is he the kid that caught/stole Manny's foul pop in Game 2?

O.K. So - where does George find someone who

a) he thinks can manage the Yankees
b) actually can manage the Yankees
c) will put up with his constant stream of shit?

I dunno, h.b. I consider Fred Thompson to be a spoof of a presidential candidate...and yet they skewered him really well to start the show this past weekend. Good stuff.

"How badly do I wanna be your president? On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm about a 6." --Darrell Hammond as Fred Thompson on SNL

Fred's got a great voice though. And I loved him in Red October.

But, yeah, he does come across as a bit too laid back with regard to the campaigning.

On other other hand, the folks who started hard core campaigning months ago maybe are trying too hard.

I'm still waiting for Big Al to join the fray just to piss off
the lez.

I'm serial.

Francona has revised his rotation:

Game 1: Beckett
Game 2: Schilling
Game 3: Daisuke
Game 4: Wakefield if he's back, or Beckett on 3 days rest.
Game 5: Schilling
Game 6: Daisuke
Game 7: Beckett on regular rest

Me, I'd love to see Wakefield pitch and win Game 4, especially if it's the clincher.

The New York Times totally eviscerated the TBS announcers here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/09/sports/baseball/09sandomir.html?_r=1&ref=sports&oref=slogin

Nice words though for our own Don Orsillo.

Summer of his third year, he and his squad went down in a chopper accident in the Med. Bad...pilot, crew killed. That kid spent ten months in traction, another year learning to walk again. Did his fourth year from the hospital. Now it's up to you, Charlie, but you might consider cuttin' the kid a little slack.


What are you talking about?

YR- My guess is JO is quoting the Fred Thompson classic "Hunt for Red October."

Anyone else think this overall playoff schedule just sucks? I mean, I appreciate the players getting rest, but this feels like the longest stretches of no baseball in years. Stop, start, stop, start, then a big gap. Argh! Between the weird schedule and TBS, this year feels a bit like amateur hour...

This is probably closer to the truth as far as movie quotes go with Thompson...

White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent (played by Thompson): [Horrigan, played by Clint Eastwood, is arguing with the Chief of Staff] This a just a big joke to you, Horrigan?
Horrigan: No, YOU'RE a joke to me, Harry! You have no idea what we do around here!
White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent: By God, if you call me Harry once more, you'll be busting counterfeiters in Alaska!

Or maybe this one:

"I don't know why the hell we still keep these nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert." -- from Last Best Chance

Well, it's not as embarrassing as her outburst when Roger announced he was coming back (I delight--even not really having been part of the history--in Clemens' inability to be the savior...HA!), but it is pretty darn embarrassing for Ms. Waldman.

'the least loathsome Skank'
- no doubt about it - remember the Fenway opener in 2005 when Torre had the whole Yankee club standing respectfully and clapping the Sox as they got their trophies

well said SDU, but how about the respect shown TO Torre by the Faithful when he returned from his prostate cancer problems? He was pleasantly surprised and moved by the show of support- not sure if he cried though

h.b. -- The word you were looking for above was "enjoying" not "enjoining," which would mean forbidding (another's suffering).

If the Yankees are really dumb enough to let Torre go, let them. His absence from the opposing dugout can only benefit the Sox.

Honestly, can anyone think of another manager with enough gravitas to control that locker room of rampaging egos and overpaid prima donnas, while still possessing enough tact and humility to not blow up every time Mount Steinbrenner has another tantrum and starts issuing new ultimatums?

Please, please, PLEASE let Steinbrenner can him and bring on The Big Giant Head Of Tony Larussa as his next manager. The only way the resulting toxic meltdown could be more entertaining would be if he hired Piniella away from the Cubbies.

As for Torre, he'll be fine. If the MFY's fire him, he'll have another job in a heartbeat if he wants to continue managing.

ding dong...the sons o'bitches are dead.

My goodness Tessie! Hope you don't use that language around young Logan! :-)

Obviously, I add my Hoo-ah! to the assemblage at the Yankees demise, but it's not without the mix feelings about wishing it had gone to five games just to f-up the pitching rotations a little bit. Plus another midge-plagued, extra innings loss at the Jake would have tasted pretty sweet in terms of the schadenfreude quotient.

Anyhoo, this is gonna be a schweet wekend of games. And one positive point about TBS -- Family Guy x4.

bashing Al Gore? c'mon, keep that Limbaugh suburban whiteboy crap outta here. Giuliani weeps, all is well. Go Sox...

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