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A little Monday R&R

Hart Brachen:
Your humble author Hart here on the trolley of life just letting you know I'm taking a day off today to continue the celebration and anticipation of postseason play.



Good times.


We were never really in doubt, were we?

Nope...knew the division would be ours all along.

Sad day in Shea.

In the day to day watching of the Sox it was hard to keep in mind that they maintained the best record in baseball for most of the season.

I'm enjoying the moment and letting Wednesday take care of itself. This is the luxury we have as fans and not players.


I've never felt better this season.

I pity Mets fans -- I wish it had been the Yankees.

I was at the game yesterday with a girlfriend who is a HUGE Mets fan. Poor thing...

Bob, nice meeting you and your friend! Thanks for getting those tix- great "seats!"

Hey, Natalie, nice to meet you, too. Although I felt like I knew you before somehow...maybe some creepy blog had something to do with that

I'll tell you what though, those right field roof seats make for inatentive fans. It's far, far too easy to get beers and food. Even I fell into the trap (as Natalie can probably attest to, as my eyes were spinning around like Linda Blair's head aound the sixth inning).

Of course, the game meant absolutely nothing, so I don't feel too bad.

Anyhoo, anybody going Friday?

You ain't kidding about the easy access to beer and food, Bob! It was like being at a very expensive outdoor bar rather than a baseball game...No long bathroom lines, a seat at the bar, tables, real food...and the game laid out in front of you (should you care to watch!) Those right field roof deck seats are awesome.

Just wanted to let everyone east of the Mississippi know that, for the first time in 12 years, Denver is a baseball town.

Here's hoping to see the Sox playing at Coors Field in approximately two weeks :D

Totally off any relevant topic, but thought SDU would find this funny (Yass is a town in Australia).


Of course, it could also be a billboard A-Fraud purchased to entice Jeter's interest.

Is it just me that's feeling more relief than excitement. Maybe I've turned into one of those RSN geeks...oi vey. See y'all at City Hall

If anybody wants to stop by Pete's Pub (aka Durty Nellie's) after the rally, I'll be there. I sit at the bathroom end of the bar. Heh. Maybe I should call that a "stool."

SI cover..."Kings of New York"...indeed.

How bout them Rockies!

Biggest baseball game here in Denver in 12-years this afternoon.

If you like the underdog root for the team from Colorado tonight.

Hopefully they can find a way to beat Peavy and will be off to Philly on Wednesday.

Will be flipping between the Pats and Rocks on the new HDTV tonight.

Go Rockies! Now THAT'S a story!

Been watching about since their winning streak hit 8 last week. Fun as hell. Thanks, San Diego! Wanna lose one more?

Jason O., do you feeling like talking smack about Alabama and Auburn this morning.

With the Sox and Cubs (hubby's team) clinching, the AU upset of Florida, Alabama losing to FSU, and the Saints not losing this weekend, it was a great sports weekend at our house. And even Tulane was leading LSU at one point.

hb, pardon in advance for the SEC tangent:

NoLa: All credit to Auburn: They got the job done. But I was struck by the fact that the cracks FL showed when they escaped against Johnny Reb were split wide open by Auburn...it's not that hard to gameplan against FL's offense when Tebow's going to run 75% of the time when FL needs 5 yards or less.

You're going to be surprised this weekend on the plains...Vandy is not going away this year. BTW, I'm going to be at Kabby's Sports Bar bright and early (for New Orleans) at 11:30 for the kickoff at Jordan-Hare. Go Vandy.

If Colorado's game against Oklahoma was any indication for the spirit of the Rockies coursing through its sports teams, the Rox are going to win and it's going to be an amazing game.

I was up on the roof deck Sunday as well (didn't meet Natalie...Bob, you scoundrel) and concur with the "omg, how much did I just spend on beer" and "is there a ballgame today?" atmosphere. Although the second sentiment could have been due to the utter lack of necessity the game held and I couldn't untangle whether I was getting that vibe based on the seats or the standings. (Damn, I'm witty)

Next game: Wednesday. Let's show Lackey another great Fenway welcome with a spanking the likes of which hasn't been seen since yesterday's beating of the Glavine.

Jason O, we'll see about Vandy. I think LSU will have watched the AU game and will beat Florida as well this weekend. They will have to send a thank you to the other Tigers if they do.

Watcha doing in New Orleans this weekend? With two kids, four tv's and a kegerator (Red Hook on tap now), our sport's bar is in the house. I highly recommend you check out Drago's downstairs at the Hilton for their charbroiled oysters, and that's where I go to get my lobster fix.

Kaz- sorry I missed meeting you. I was in a Titleist hat and gray/blue Varitek t-shirt... I bet we passed at some point as I kept wandering to the right side of the deck to check the Mets and Phillies scores.

I'm surprised Queens has not been washed off the map with all the tears...

Football news. ND goes 0-5, looks to start 0-8, and that Duke victory that was penciled in back in August might not be so easy. So much for the power of prayer. FYI - the rumor mill from the ND campus is that Weis is a complete ass.

Here's one for ya':

The Bruins scheduled two practices here in Vermont in part to "...reach out to their fans..." in the great Granola State. So Friday the B's go to the rink, have a great practice, 400 people show up...it's all real good. So my son wants to get up early to go see his heroes on Saturday. They were scheduled to be there from 9-11am. He's talking about it all night, can't wait to see his fav players...the whole thing. Remember the magic of that when you were a kid? So we get there and there is a sign on the door, "Sorry, no Bruins today. They cancelled practice". Great. Real nice Bruins organization. If you want to pull a 13 year old kids heart out, promise him he'll get to see professional athletes and then pull the rug out. Way to reach out to your Vt. fans. Just another disappontment from the Bruins, I guess.


Vermonter, it's hard to believe how far the Bruins have fallen. Unlike the Celts, who are at least trying to challenge the Pats/Sox atranglehold on the region, the B's seemingly don't give a shit. Which I find a real shame, because when I was a kid, I followed them religiously. My parents used to have a daily struggle to get me to leave the house in anything other than my Neely replica jersey.

Oh well, I suppose a world series win, another Superbowl title, and a college hockey national title will have to suffice. Go Black Bears.


Sorry to hear that. I stopped following professional hockey years ago. The college game is much more entertaining and affordable.

Tito confirms that Dice-K is starting Game 2, Schilling Game 3.


Yeah, it sucked. He got over it pretty quickly and moved on. I would have expected that they would be a bit more concerned about PR considering how they have played the last few years.

Me and the boy still love hockey. He plays and I think it's still an exciting sport. Needs fighting back, though. Grew up watching them on Ch 38 and they are still in my blood.

Still, it was a dick move.

He got over it and moved on pretty quickly. I would think they would be a bit more concerned with PR considering how they have played the last few years.

I still like the sport. My son plays locally and I grew up watching the B's on Ch 38. Neely was TEH man!

Still, it was a pretty rude move.

oops. I'm a double-poster.

Dice-K in Game 2? I really don't get Tito. Yes, the last start was his best in two months, but the numbers don't lie, and he pitches far better on the road than at home. Plus, you have to think Schilling has the fresher arm at this point, especially important if the Game 2 starter is required to go again in a possible Game 5.


This is not your daddy's Vanderbilt team:


I'm liking Matsuzaka for #2. Angels have never seen him. And he's got more raw potential than Schilling. Plus Schilling has said that he thinks the #3 game is the more important (over the 2nd game), so he's going to be pumped.

First YouTube vid Ive seen of the clincher.

BTW, I hear A-Fraud's in love with the part at 2:59.

Oh. Yeah. The vid:


From what I have been reading, the Angels are pretty well banged up. Our trips to the WS generally go thru the Angels (86 and 04 - OK, no lectures on small sample size Kaz). If they remember not to pitch to Vlad and no one channels the ghost of Donnie Moore, the team might move on quickly.

This does a body good:


The Yankees beat the crap out of the Indians this year.

The Yankees didn't face Sabathia in any of those games and only faced Carmona once.

The Yankees are about to have a rude awakening.

Magic number = 11

So, http://youtube.com/watch?v=xMgV_Fl1rZ0 appears to be the pictures from boston.com set to music. Great set of pictures - I enjoyed them.

One note: Check out the 0:45 minute mark. Is it just me, or is that a bit of Papel-bum hanging out behind Big Papi? Have Susan and Tara been notified?

Just finished listening to the Colorado radio call of the NL wild card playoff game. Geffner free zone and an instant classic.

Good God, after the Pats' game was "decided," I went to the baseball game. I'm sooo tired.

It was pretty exciting though.

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