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2007 World Champions!

Congratulations to the Best Team in Baseball!


Congratulations to MVP Mike Lowell.


Congratulations to soon to be named Rookie of the Year Dustin Pedroia, soon to be named AL Cy Young winnah Josh Becket, and soon-to-named 1st Gold Glovah Kevin Youkilis.


And congratulations to us!


The greatest fans in all of sport!


Let's face it, no productive work will take place today … …

Holy shit when the Red Sox get into the World Series, they don't just win, they friggin' Blitzkrieg.


Yeah, there's sweeps and then there's outscoring an opponent 29-10 and only trailing the opponent by a grand total of 3 innings out of 36.


I can just see it:

The Rockies:
"Jesus, why have your forsaken us?"

"Are you kidding me? I taught you fools how to fish, now I have to teach you how to pitch and hit too? And you call yourselves 'fundamentalists'? Maybe, my children, a little more work on OBP and little less prayer, know what I'm sayin'?"


Another World Series victory, can you believe it? …

Bob Ryan has it right: "2004 was an exorcism. 2007 is an exclamation point."


And don't forget Ryan's advice: "Go ahead. Call up the Yankee fan in your life. Be as obnoxious as you want to be."


All in good time. For the moment, I think we can let them just stew in their own self-inflicted misery a bit.


Somewhere in Manhattan …

Marty in his penthouse lair:



Go Sox!

Now I can die in peas.

The difference between 04 and 07 is that even when Oki gave up the two run homer to make it 4-3, my pulse stayed nice and low. I didn't get even twitch on the couch. I was absolutely calm, and certain that the Red Sox would win the game. Failure never even entered my mind.

I could get used to this.

Agree 100% with COD.

Also, I actually think I'm happier today than I was in 2004, or rather, it's just a different kind of happiness.

As great as '04 was, there was a big part of me that couldn't help but wonder if it was a once-in-a-lifetime fluke.

Now, with '07 I'm fully satisfied it was no fluke. The Red Sox are for real and will continue to be for real for some time to come.

That makes me very, very happy in a way I've never felt before with the Sox.

Great work, hb. Thanks.

Stuff I still can't believe:

* Eight straight WS wins.

* Lester ripping through the Rockies.

* Ellsbury's catch. Manny doesn't make that catch. (And Papelbon calling him "stud" in the post-game interview? Awesome.)

* Papelbon. Lowell was great and everything but how was he not MVP?

* How much more fun these playoffs were than 2004.

Hmmmm . . . The Red Sox win again and I still don't feel like I've lost my identity. What am I doing wrong?

I agree, COD. After the homer, I felt bad that Okajima might've felt as if he let his team down but not as if he let me down, since the Sox were going to win.

H.B. - Thanks for the the wonderful work you did all season.

Looking forward to next year Theo please sign Lowell and STAY AWAY FROM AROD.

Congrats to everyone.

A few thoughts:

1. My father (d. Oct 16, 2002) would be a pig in shit right now...

2. Singing "Tessie" to my so-named chocolate lab in bed at 1am on a Sunday and watching her bark and dance is the Nat-in-2007 32 year old's version of high-fiving fellow drunkards at the Hill Tavern in '04...I am officially old.

3. Memo to Lucchino et all: Re-sign Lowell (subtitle: Please no A-Rod)

4. I am looking forward to a Sox dynasty (young centerpieces Papi, Beckett, Papelbon, Pedroia, Ellsubury, Lester, Buchholz...sweet).

strange that Arturo and Lisa are the only 2 characters not present today. Think he's slipping her a red hot in celebration?
What a satisfying win by a great team.
Random thoughts:
-LOVED the fans chanting "Don't sign A-Rod (clap, clap, clapclapclap)" as Theo was being interviewed
-Kenny Lofton is still a dink
-Timlin and Wake are true class acts, as was mentioned here yesterday. And we don't win without either one
-is it safe to ignore the fucking Malibu now?
-good thing we didn't trade Lowell for that stiff Helton
-anybody want my taco?

Thanks, hb, for guiding us through the season with your usual wit, sarcasm, and spot-on portrayal of life as a Sox fan. And to the regulars and lurkers also, thanks for the laughs and insight. Especially Bob, SDU and Kaz- fun meeting you guys. Paddy24- how YOU doin'? Think the Sox are still gonna blow it?
And, finally( sorry for the long post)- As I've been saying all season (as lc might say "look it up")- can we PLEASE sign Mike Lowell now?


After 2004 your felt like a thief in the night, somehow stealing something that never could belong to you.

2007 is vindication. A deserved victory. Wire-to-wire best record in baseball.

2007 is more satisfying imho.

It's so funny how we (at least the characters and myself, I assume you too) were worried that the Sox never win on a long win streak all season.

But in the playoffs they go and rip off 7 straight!!!

//-is it safe to ignore the fucking Malibu now?// Holy crap, that made me laugh out loud. People are staring at the office.

Yes, hb, thanks for making this the first site I check out in the morning, the site I most look forward to reading, and the site I tell everyone I know is THE best Sox blog on the Interwebs. Looking forward to post-season punditry and having you help guide me through my first ever baseball season out of the country in '08 (I'll be representing Soxaholix in London by Opening Day)....

Nat, you're far from old. I remember the last time the Sox lost a World Series game. That's old :)

And another thanks to h.b. for all the hard work making the Soxaholix. You bring much laughter to my cubicle.

Thanks for the Special Guest Quadruple Header, and for bringing the Victory Girls out. The Jameson's is arriving in about an hour, so it's paaahty time on the Eastern Front soon. Enjoy the one week vaca and 'soft landing' hangover...

h.b. Red Sox baseball would hardly be anywhere near as fun for me without a place to come and get inside the Boston mindset for a while. Thanks for everything you do. I *heart* Soxaholix.

Can we please throw the All Star game next year so we can win the friggin' WS at home?

Thanks h.b. for lotsa laughs and insight. I'm sure my co-workers are happy the almost daily forward (isn't that a Jewish newspaper?) will stop for a while.

and i quote "my resplendence has no bitch"

h.b. thank you for another memorable year of humour...and to the regulars that make the site all that much better...I may not post all the time but I read you faithfully...and kjc I couldn't have expressed it better myself.

Jesus loves the Sox too!

How sweep it is.

h.b., another fine year in the books. I can't wait to see what the toons have to say about the Pats (Indy is gonna learn what it's like to play a real team next week). This offseason has some interesting plots to play out (I'll pay Lugo to chauffeur me to work if it means we can put A-Rod at SS for under $30 million a year..yes, even with that douchebag announcement mid-game...I blame that on Fox for not having any couth or sense of timing). Schilling to Tampa Bay? 4 man outfield? Time will tell.

FYI: The Bruins are tied with the second best record in the NHL right now. The Celtics will play in the NBA Finals. BC in a title game? Love that dirty watahhhh.

4 strips in 1 that sum up just about everything in my head perfectly.

Thanks, h.b. for another great year of the best thing to have my coffee with.

Well done.

If it had to happen, I'm glad it went down the way it did. The Red Sox just made the Rockies, the D'backs, Cubs, Phillies, Mets, Padres, all of them look like a joke.

Thanks for an awesome and entertaining season of strips. This site made this season a lot more fun for me (even when things occasionally weren't going so well)...

Twice in my lifetime, and I'm only 25. These aren't my fathers/grandfathers/great grandfather's Red Sox!

We Won!!! I'm late to the party as usual. But I wanted to say a few things.

1. Thanks HB. The strip is great, it adds a ton to my enjoyment of the sox and the baseball season in general... plus it makes me laugh... which is what I need every morning around the time the strip gets posted.

2. Thanks to the regulars for the witty commentary, some of you guys are just as funny as the strip most of the time.

3. A little story from this weekend. I was at home depot buying lumber at like 6:45 on saturday morning wearing my sox cap and hoodie... a guy walks by with his little toddler daughter and I just kind of smile and wave... I live in atlanta and they aren't wearing any sox gear so I not sure why they are both grinning at me like crazy but out of no where the little girl waved her arm and yelled GO SOX in a little squeaky voice.

I love that stuff.

See you guys next spring.


2004 was special, but I enjoyed this year more.
I thought Paps should win the MVP, but I have no problem with Lowell getting the recognition, especially with the year he had.
Thanks HB for making this the best Sox related site and congratulations to every Soxaholick

Where's Bob?
Do we have extra Barocca on hand?

2004 - exorcism
2007 - Righteous (reference Psalm 37:19 right h.b?)

While I will be back on and off during hot stove and lostaholix time I need a little break. I watched at least an hour of all 162 games (a first for me, thanks mlb.tv)
Thanks h.b. for all you do and all the soxaholix (Why does this feel like the academy awards?) for being the best fans by fah.

I was thinking the same thing 'bout Bob. Hope he didn't land in the clink.

Supah wicked season, that's all I can say.

This team is the real deal.

Choke on that, A-Rod.

Did I miss something? From the tone of these blogs it sounds like you're shutting it down for the off season hb

I'm here, I'm here. Just got up though (thank God for having the insight to get a half-day today).

Sure do wish those Beroccas had arrived though. My head feels like a Jackolantern, after being scooped out.

So how about that baseball team of ours? Jeez they played great the last 7 games. So happy for Mikey and his MVP award.

In 2004 I cried like a baby. Last night, I just couldn't quit cheering, laughing and I still have a giant, shit-eating grin on my face.

I kinda like the difference in emotions.

Oh, you know what else I couldn't believe? That ARod didn't show up to get an award from Hank Aaron? WTF? You're stiffing Hank? Just suck it up and be there.

//In 2004 I cried like a baby. Last night, I just couldn't quit cheering, laughing and I still have a giant, shit-eating grin on my face.//

Oh ditto, Bob. That was it... in 2004 I was a heaving, sobbing, hysterical mess of mixed emotions: personal pain and extreme elation. This year, just giddyness from toes to ears. I can get used to this. And I think I'm going to have to... :)

To quote an 80s lyrical genuis: the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

hee heee!! i love that you brought back marty in this strip. i love it.

Thanks hb! It's been a great year of checking in daily with the Socaholix crowd. This Rhode Islander for one is walking around looking like she ate a canary.

I work with adult students and half of my class is MIA today. There are, however, a couple of mumbled voice mails...something about staying up late.

Trivia question for 10 years from now.
Who hit the game winning homa in the 2007 World Series? and for bonus points how long was he on the team? and for super bonus points who was he traded for?

Quick shot of my cubicle wall

Funny you should mention those lyrics, Natalie. Want me to send you the source pdb? :)

Bonus points to anyone who can name the bridge (and/or city) on the postcard in the right side of the picture.

//From the tone of these blogs it sounds like you're shutting it down for the off season//

Not a shutdown. But after the post Championship euphoria settles down (1 wk? 2wk?) I'm going to just go to one strip a week (probably Fridays) just to take a break and recharge the juices.

If something major happens during this reduced publication period, there'd most likely be strips to discuss whatever that major event is.

Meanwhile, too, I'm working on a total visual redesign of the site. I won't say too much, but the way things are falling into place, I think the look/feel will match the quality of the Red Sox. The best for the best, you know?

That'll be slow in coming though, as I only work on it a few hours on the weekend and it's a considerable amount of work. Definitely by Opening Day though. Hopefully sooner.

Too funny, Kaz. And I believe that's Prague Castle, no?

Ugh...source pdf...sigh. PDBs are the computational protein structure file format that I use to do my work.

...only 110 days until pitchers and catchers report...only 110 days...only 110 days. [deep breath] Ok, I can make it through the day now.

Sweet, sweet victory.

This one was more fun, less stress. I now feel like I could die without thinking the Sox had gipped me.

Best team of 2007 without question.

Also...FUCK YOU, MARTY! You fantastic representation of every asshole I run into in New York who has words for my Sox cap (not that many, really) and the dicks in my office who kick me when I'm down while I don't do the same.


Close, Natalie. You've got the city. I had it wrong in my head and had to check the postcard again (headslap). I thought it was Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) on quick glance, but realized there was no water just a second ago..hehe.

It is a church in Prague, but not in the Castle (the church in the Castle is St Vitus Cathedral).

Devine: just to follow up on the point about Manhattan, I walked around in Times Square last night with a Red Sox sweatshirt on. I heard 'Red Sox Suck' about 10 times from various passers by, but it was like it was a reflex action. There was no gusto to it. It was like these people knew our team is better than theirs and they were mouthing the words just to have something to say. Made me feel very special.


Did you see how Peter Gammons was really digging into A-Rod about the timing of his announcement?

Said he understands why A-Rod has never been to the WS.

God I love winning, it's like better than losing!

Redesign? Please, HB, you must keep the CITGO sign.

GO SOX! The healing continues! The blogosphere is full of haters who can go screw. Sorry, we're not the underdog anymore.

Please please please sign Mike Lowell. A-hole might be a great player, but he'd wreck the happy family that just capped this series. Mr. Henry? Theo? You there?

No fears, the redesign features a background image that is so "Boston" that when you look at it you'll piss clam chowdah and crap baked beans.


Thanks H.B.

Thanks Red Sox for another great year.

For me, 2004 was great, but 2007 is so much sweeter, because this team is put together to just get better.

In 2004 we had Mueller, Millar, Petey, Damon, Nixon. We knew they were close to the prime of their careers.

In 2007 we have Jacoby, Dustin, Youk, Beckett, Lester, Delcarmen, Paps, and Matususaka. I am excited about the foreseeable future!!!

Thanks all!!!

Relax,retool,and recharge hb-you deserve it :)

At some point, I will go back and read my own posts from the entire season. I know in August and September I had absolutely no faith in the team. I'll probably burn in Hell. So be it. My definition of Hell is no access to MLB INDemand.

I am not jaded, but there is a big difference between '04 and '07. In 2004, the entire family was emotionally spent at the end of the Series. It was debilitating. This year, we were even-keeled. My wife and daughter went off to bed around 10 since they were both hitting the road early. I had an early start but watched till the end - I passed on the alcohol though (in 2004 I was blotto). That must be a sign of old age. I guess WS victories are like your first beer, girlfriend, ..... what follows will never capture the magic of that first encounter.

Many thanks HB for the entire season. My day does not begin until I read the strip. Likewise to all the posters - Soxaholix and the commentaries are perhaps the only light-hearted reading I do throughout the year. It definitely adds a certain charm to my obsession with the team.

Hot stove league is in the future so I will refrain from long thoughts. But unlike 2004, I don't see much dismantling. I hope Lowell stays, Schilling is a .500 pitcher from here on out, so I assume the team will not overpay. I hope ARod goes to the Cubs to dwell in NL obscurity. I hope Manny is here in the Spring - his free-spirit is a large part of the team and his production should remain at this year's level.

The only thing that remains is to figure out how much I am going to shell out on WS clothing, etc.

Oh no. Not the Citgo sign h. b. Every day when I come here the Citgo sign warms my heart because it was the thing I used to orient myself in the city so I could find my way home when I first moved there. It was the beacon then and it still is even all the way out here in RSN South.

Thanks for a great season.

I'm not getting much work done today. Just cruising the web for great stories and pictures.

Here's something that should make everyone smile, Daisuke Matsuzaka has more post season RBIs than A-Rod. Now that's funny.

Please don't sign A-Rod (Is there an online petition somewhere we can sign to show our anti-support to an A-Rod signing?)

Thanks for the laughs through another memorable season h.b.......enjoy your well-earned rest in the off-season! 2007 will be a MUST ORDER from Strat-O-Matic when it comes out next winter!

What a team. What a season. It's been great coming here and feeling at home all season long. Have a great friggin off-season guys... we deserve it.

Ug, back at work.

I must follow others lead in thanking H.B. for a marvelous year of strips.

What we affectionately call "a creepy site" just happens to be where we start and end our day.

It just wouldn't be the same without The Soxaholix; H.B., the characters, and you always hilarious, almost-always intelligent commenters. Even you horribly-depressed Skank fans.

I've made real friends on this site. And for that, H.B., you deserve far more than mere thanks.

Give me a hug, ya big lug.

I really appreciate all your kind words today.

We've got a nice little thing going here with the comments and the community around the site and the Sox.

Even the "bigBri" type of moments have been enjoyable (in hindsight, very distant hindsight, of course).

What a year. Congrats to Mikey Lowell for being a stalwart at 3rd and here's hopes that A-Rod launches his 800th home run off the catwalk in Tropicana Field while wearing a D Rays uni. Please go away, you douche.

My buddy is a sports editor and Sox fan who unfortunately had to work last night. I called to lobby for the "Fuck Yeah!" headline last night and even offered assistance in his job hunt. No luck.

Thanks for everything h.b. Great year. I'm so damn happy.

As you said yesterday, h.b., "to everything there is a season." Amen to that. And congratulations. You guys earned it. I can't sincerely say that I'm happy for the Red Sox, but I am happy for all of you.

At least A-Rod is leaving. In baseball, as in life, we find our consolations where we can.

See you next year. In case you were musing about leaving on a high note, h.b., don't even think it.

Guess it's time for me to delivery my obligatory line --

Wait 'til next year.

Peace out.


As everyone has said, thanks for hosting our little slice of Red Sox Nation, H.B. I rarely post, but read every day.

Maybe I didn't get the same dose of 2004 kool-aid everyone else did. I was total white knuckle, fear and loathing through games 2,3 and 4, not to mention the ALCS. It wasn't throw up blood '04 stuff, but I sort of did the reverse Millar. "Don't let us lose tonight, because Beckett is due for a rough outing, and Schilling is 41, and anything can happen in a game 7."

Regardless, this one was better because my Mom and I got to go to a WS game, and she was over at the house for last night. Champagne tastes better with good company.

Thanks for the entertainment and insight all year--soxaholix is now an essential part of the Red Sox fan's experience.

Now watch this (my 3 month old celebrating the title!)


va sox fan's comment (re: this sounding like the academy awards) brings up yet another annoyance about the Fox broadcast:

Why did they steal Oscar music coming in & out of commercials? Did anyone else notice that? We're in route to win the world series & Fox is playing the score used to get Richard Gere or Sean Penn to shut the fuck up.

Mike H...I've also had a couple of smiles with fellow Sox fans in NY, so it's nice as well as nasty, but isn't it nice to shove it down the haters' throats with a smile?

h.b., always good work, thank you for your efforts through the years (can you believe it's been this long?).

When the Rockies closed to within one last night, this is what I was thinking:

1. Crap, they might win game 4.
2. Beckett is due for a loss.
3. Schilling can't work miracles every outing.
4. Matsuzaka is due for an implosion.

This is the marking of a true Sox fan - always ready for the supreme disappointment. It is the way I was raised. (When Vinatieri kicked the FG to win the Pat's first SB, I was screaming at the Pats for leaving what I thought was 1 second on the clock - more than enough time to run a kickoff back.)

I tracked the game on SOSH and a poster mentioned that it was worth checking out NYYfans.com. Boy, those MFY fans turned on ARod pretty quickly. Lots of hatred - obviously some selection bias at work, but hatred none the less.

Mancityheel, that section that starts around 1:43 is priceless.

Cute kid, BTW. Unlike most babies, doesn't resemble Winston Churchill.

Im so glad we won but so glad its over. I kept thinking no sweat, we lose and all we gotta do is win 1 of 3. Easy.
But my fingernails might all be gone if it kept going.

All I can do is echo the others, h.b., in sending along my heartiest congratulations and thanks on a job superlatively done.

This is the best blog on the Web, not just for Sawx ruminations, but for insightful commentary (in both the strip and readers' responses) on the human condition, of which Sawx fandom is a significant part. I've been a Sawx fan (a clipping from "fanatic," and in my teaching days I ALWAYS used "Sawx fan" as an example of that phenomenon in word change) since 1946, and it doesn't get any better than this.

Thanks to you, h.b., and thanks to all of you.

For all those suffering nightmares of Slappy in a Sox uni, relax! They're not going to blow up the payroll and shell out 30+ million per year for the privelege of destroying team chemistry (not to mention that they'd have to let the World Series MVP go in order to sign him.)

Plus, I can't imagine that A-Rod, even as self-absorbed as he is, could fail to notice that Sox fans loathe him over all others. If he thinks Yankee fans were nasty to him every time he failed in the clutch, what does he think would happen to him here?

Nah, he'll end up playing for the Angels or Dodgers, earning $35 mil for a fanbase that shows up two innings late and leaves two innings early to every home game. He'll have all the strippers and wannabe actresses he can possibly date, and no expectations whatsoever that he earn his salary in the postseason.

In other words, Slappy Heaven.

simply awesome. What a wonderful feeling. What a wonderful day. Thanks to you h.b. for all of your hard work and for creating a space where sox fans from all over get to celebrate, complain, analyze, and predict together. Natalie, Kaz, lc, bob, sdu - I love reading what you have to say. Thanks to all of you.
Wow. What a great season.

First off, nice work Sox. This is a team to remember.

Second, nice work Soxaholix. Reading made this season that much better, from the mother's day miracle to that sweet sweet comeback (oh, and the ws too).

Third, I think this ws victory has proven something to rsn : we can finally be normal baseball fans. If Manny had busted out his 'end of the world' comment in '04, I would have lost my shit. This year, I shared his nonchalance. I think we're inching ever closer to the way psychologically well adjusted fans approach the game. I just hope it doesn't slip into apathy...

// Daisuke Matsuzaka has more post season RBIs than A-Rod. //

THAT made my offseason (so far)

My gut says the front office will at least inquire about A-Rod with Boras. And if the price is within their overall budget (what $170-180 mil team payroll for 08?), they'll do it.

Fantastic year, fantastic strips, fantastic comments, fantastic everything.

Still laughing about the "piss clam chowdah and crap baked beans" comment. :D

It was me and the dog left awake at the end of the game. He got some really bigs hugs, champagne spilled on his big old Mastiff/Rottweiler noggin, and a midnight celebratory walk. I snuck in to take pics of my sleeping kids with their caps to document the occasion.

The A-Rod press release in the middle of the game last night and his no-show to accept the Hank Aaron award exemplify why I never want that clubhouse chancre in a Red Sox uniform.

Agreed, h.b. We're probably going to lose Schilling. We're definitely going to lose Gagne and Clement. That's 13+6+9.5 = 28.5 million off the books to start with. We add A-Rod at around 25-30$ million and monetarily we're on the exact same page. Lowell is already currently $9M/yr. We'll likely get him for similar money. We package up Lugo with someone and send them off to some NL team and put A-Rod back at SS. It's totally not off our radar and all we have to do is let go of Schilling (aging 0.500 pitcher these days) to do it.

If we do it, I'm not surprised.

If we don't, I'm not surprised.

It would take some crazy maneuvering this offseason to surprise me.

In re thanks: ditto all of the above, HB. You have a number of fans down here.

Sorry about the Beroca, Bob: it should not be far away now.

4 weeks ago, Mrs SDU went on the interwebs and bought me a bat signed by most (not quite all) of the significant players on the 2007 Red Sox; it must be worth a mozza now! God bless them all.

Sign Mikey, please, NOW.

Give Oki more money, just because ...

delirious and hungover downunder

Can I eat my cake now? Manny is the best. When he talks to the media, which is rare, he is off the unintentional comedy scale.

A great win and what a great ride thru the playoffs. Despite not being in Denver to witness it in person I am happy they closed it out last night. My liver has taken a beating. I have put on 10 lbs and scared away a woman I was dating after Schilling lost to the Indians. Most people from outside RSN do not even begin to understand.

Thanks h.b. for all you hard work. And thanks to all the witty posters here. I enjoy reading the comments everyday.

Congrats h.b., a couple things...Manny probably does not make the catch in the ninth that Jacoby did, and did Boras somehow get wind of a Lowell MVP vote after his home run? And then pre-empt a Lowell love-fest and contract talk by dangling A-Rod? My guess is the Sox will prefer to pay A-Rod $32M a year instead of Manny $20M & Lowell $12M, once the champagne has been cleaned up.

I must also say thanks H B, this is the one red sox site I always make sure I visit and love the strips and comments. Last night was awesome, made staying up until 4.30 am to watch them clinch more than worth it, was shitting it until that magical third strike though! 2004 was a great team but there's so much more you feel this team can achieve in the future.

Four year old sox fan with two WS in his lifetime:

At least he has Collingwood to keep things real.

Weird thing for me is I was already starting to think Hot Stove after the Sox pulled out Game 3 in a dramatic fashion. For me, that was the critical game. They had to take one at Coors field and with Lester in Game 4 I didn't feel confident about that and you don't want to have to rely on Beckett to be the hero again.

I was just amazed to see how great baseball could be. That was no punk-ass collapse. That was great play from the Rockies in and amazing play from the entire Red Sox team over two great games. Lowell with an amazing slide at home. Manny the night before with a great slide for him. Great catches on a deep warning track. Lugo with some amazing catches. Ellsbury and Pedroia getting on base virtually every single at bat. The Rockies continually hitting the long ball. And Bobby Kielty! Those two games were everything a world series was meant to be.

Now I hate to play into A-Rod's hands by upstaging the Sox win, but I was honestly thinking about this before last night. It's going to be really hard for Theo to pass on A-Rod. At $30 million A-Rod is a great value for guaranteed offensive production. You've got Manny leaving or traded (where I don't know, but he seems checked out and after this post-season I'm finally convinced his defense and base running take a serious notch out of his offense). Who knows how long Ortiz's knees will fare post surgery and for how long. Lowell's a great gamer but the team needs somebody who can put up 35+ home runs year after year.

That said, A-Rod's FU to the Red Sox, to the league and Hank effin Aaron! Wow. Say it was Scott Boras, but if you're A-Rod, you have to know how that's going to come off. I think Peter Gammons has already left Theo a VM saying the Hot Stove concerts are off if A-Rod gets signed. I see Theo announcing an incentive-laden 3-35 or 4-40 for Lowell the week before Christmas tickets go on sale a la Varitek.

Meanwhile I'm not sure which image I love more... Grady Little being stuck with A-Rod or A-Rod and Lou Pinella butting heads every day.

Ease up on the Manny criticism. All will be well next year - I am personally buying him a helmet chin strap for Christmas so he can run the bases with greater ease.

Congrats to the Sox and the Soxaholix.

Much change here in the heartland, but that's a topic for another day.

and remember, folks, McBlather had it right: The team that leads off its World Series with a home run wins more times than the team that walks ;-)

Schilling has posted his post Word Series thoughts at

Great pic, SDU!

HB - fantastic season once again...although today's board sounds a little like 38pitches - it's well deserved. Always steering the emotional dinghy straight.
Congrats to all - the smiling won't stop - my office isn't sure if I'm still drunk.

Looking forward to the new look as much as next season.

Since SDU shared his adorable Sox fan, I thought I would share my son with two WS wins in his lifetime, my daughter with her first, and dog wondering what the hell I was doing to him.


Gotta get home and buy a video tape (yes, they still make them) so I can record the parade from NESN tomorrow. To all of you lucky stiffs who will be there, have a great time and be careful!

I agree. 100%
I think this was an awesome season for the sox and i think this win was bitter sweet and in a sense a little more satisfying then the sweep in 2004.
The red sox came to play this time. they had me on end there against the indians but dont they always do that to us! Red sox came back and dominated though thats for sure. I think the players were full of allstar players from rameriz ortiz varitek and the great shilling along with some amazing young rookies jacoby ellsbury and the amazing JOSH BECKETT wowiee what a time and an awesome defeat! GO SOX!! I know i made my obnoxious call to all the yankee fans i know!

Nola and SDU- gorgeous kids... so fun to see the next generation, and glad it no longer seems like potential child abuse to raise your kid a Sox fan. :)

Nola - v. nice!
Thanks Nat but he's a total rat bag!!

My 13 year old son has seen 4 WS wins by his teams. (He is also a Marlins fan).

He has no idea of how I suffered. Neither my father nor my grandfather lived to see it.

COD, you have it exactly right. My two daughters, 8 & 10, are now officially spoiled. We try to tell them about our pain, but it comes out sounding like, ``In my day, the snow was 10 feet high ...''

I sent the lovelies to school this morning with the admonition to avoid rubbing the poor Rockies' fans noses in it. Poor deluded bastards thought their team could actually hang with the Sawx.

we used to live in shoebox in middle of road but you try telling young people that and they won't believe you

I'd never thought I 'd see one World Series victory, never mind 2!

Hats off to the Red Sox for wining it all again & to HB for absoulutly nailing what it's like to be fan of the Olde Town Team!

GO SOX!!!!

Late to the party, but would be un-RSN like not to add my accolades to the 2007 WS Champs and to you, hb, for a heck of a ride throughout the season. Thanks for everything!

SDU & Nola - GREAT pics. The Nation is in good hands into the future. THanks too for everyone's alternating insightful, cumudgeonly, and oft times downright laugh out loud funny commentary. Very proud memebr of the Soxaholix community today and always.

Best wishes to all for a great offseason and Hot Stove. Looking forward to continued coverage here at the site.

Uh, when's Truck Day again?

And now as we gather together
In these seasons of inclement weather
Let us toast our dear Sox
Who've defeated the Rox
They're our team and there isn't one better.

P.S.: Many thanks h.b.- terrific every day.

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