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2 down, 2 to go

Well, I'm glad to see someone in the Rockies organization got the hint and banished the vests and limited the purple.


And look what happened — they may have still got the loss, but at least it was a loss with dignity.


Speaking of dignity, I'm astonished at just how much my watching-the-game mentality has changed since 2004. My never ending angst and jittahs has been replaced by a cool certitude.


Abso-friggin-lutely. Last night when the Rockies took that 1-run lead all I could think was "like your already hyper-distant win streak, enjoy it while you can, because it ain't gonna last."


Wait, are you tellin' me you don't pine for the days when falling behind in a playoff game would have you crawling on the floor like Scarlett O'Hara, starving and rooting around for dirty potato while beseeching God to spare you from such misery? Jeez.


Ah, Mike, glad to hear you're ovah the fan heebie-jeepbies, but you might want to speak with someone about identifying yourself with a chicks from old movies. I'm just sayin'.


OK. Do you love this Red Sox team or what? I mean one night they can go all 70s Red Sox on you with a thunderstruck offensive barrage. The next night they beat you by playing textbook "small ball."


And through it all is some of the most fantastic, jaw dropping pitching in the entiah history of baseball.


Schilling's only mistake last night was hitting a battah, or should I say, grazing a battah …


And then it was time for The Papajima show — Fade to black, roll credits.


So 55 teams have taken a two-games-to-none lead in the World Series. 39 have gone on to pop the corks.


Yeah, and of the teams that have taken Game 1 with 6 or more runs, all have gone on to win it all.



h.b. I actually went to be when it was 1-0 I was that confident they would win. woke up around 4 am though and had to check. Also, as a "chick", love the GWTW reference!

Papajima or Okabon? Decisions,decisions :)

"Yeah, and of the teams that haven't taken Game 1 with 6 or more runs, ..."

h.b., I think you're looking for "... *have* taken Game 1 ..."

Also; I don't think people should be getting their tacos just yet. I know the scorer rang up a stolen base, but there were two out in a one-run game, with runners on 1st and 3rd. No throw was made; in fact, the throw was faked, which shows you that the catcher made a deliberate decision not to throw. That looked like defensive indifference to me, and if it wasn't for corporate interference I bet that's how it would have been scored.

Okay, jenny, you're giving me the same stroke feeling I had yesterday.

I guess everyone is hung-over? Not me! (Heh.)

BTW, a couple of days ago, some guy wrote a letter to the editor at the Herald comlaining about how the Green Monster was defiled with ads being placed on it. He said it looked like "a giant NASCAR racing machine."

I had my response printed today. Last letter on the page.

(H.B. may get the Wall Street Journal, but I get the Herald Letters to the Editor section. Advantage: uh, H.B....damn.)

The Chicago SunTimes (think Boston Herald-Traveler-Record-American) (I can remember reading the Herald and the Traveler as separate papers, morning and evening) has 3 stories on the game today. One is about the game. One rips Lou Pinella (manager of the Cubs) for not handling his pitchers in the playoffs the way that Francona has handled his. The third essentially rips the Cubs for not being the Red Sox. I brought it in for all the Cubs fans here.

calm,cool collected. The new sox fan angst is "is this how Yankee fans feel?" Argg!!!

No Vaso (I assume that's you, despite the name typo).

It's how Red Sox and Patriots fans feel.

A Dominican bloke named Ubaldo
Appeared on TV with Geraldo.
They searched for his gestalt
In Al Capone's vault
But left there with just a free taco.

Yeah its me.
Thanks Bob. I was beginning to feel all dirty and such... although (I hope my relatives in NE will forgive me) have never really warmed to being a Pats fan (I think I was scarred by the "I gave the Pats a pat on the back" t shirts from my childhood) Through a freak geographic move to SoFla taken by my folks I became a Dolfan (talk about a tough year) before the Pats fan genetic trait showed itself. whereas the Sox gene was already dominant.

My reaction to last night's game while watching Oki-dokey do his thing was how misplaced our September angst was. Everyone was all about, "damn win the east before the victory parade Tito!" Now how does that look? An incredibly effective and rested Okajima doing his slight of hand tricks. Gotta give Tito his props.

Even up 2-0, I still think this is coming back home though.

HB: the Scarlet O'Hara reference was laugh out loud funny! I had the same feeling, 1-0, NP, we'll get them. I used to have to throw the blanket over my head. I couldn't bare to watch! Now, all smiles and confidence and Wachusett Country Ale.

The other baseball story in the SunTime is how the Yankees are lost at sea with their rudder broken, their sails torn, the captain's drunk and there's an epidemic on board.

O.K., those are my analogies, not the story's (I'm a better writer, that's why), but the spirit is the same. They see the Yankees as being in big trouble with George making mistakes as he edges towards senility and his sons taking over without knowing what they're doing. Apparently the son-in-law was lined up to take over, but a divorce has killed that.

Yankee fans don't have feelings...

Yes on the haven't/have typo. Man, I'm so giddy, I'm just sloppy as hell these days.

Tired too. I just don't sleep after these games, too wound up.

Gotta give Francona his props. He had some injuries to deal with late in the season to key personnel, but he didn't panic and sacrificed victories and got to the post-season with a full roster.

After the Rox scored in the first and the Sox were hitless for a few more innings, I turned off the TV and said to my gf, "I don't have a good feeling about this game."

I'm glad I was wrong.

I still have the angst and jitters when I should probably just Feel The Certitude.

I got to sleep, but when I woke up my wife said "It wasn't a dream, was it? They did win, didn't they?"

And she was born in Chicago - she's a White Sox fan. Although we did live in Boston for a couple of years while I finished up at the Institute.

A buddy of mine is a catcher - he says that the throws over to 1st base before the runner went and the fact that the 1st baseman was playing over by the bag instead of behind the runner means that it wasn't defensive interference. Hm.

The Denver Post story had something interesting. They referred to Lowell's slow down around second as deking RF Brad Hawpe. Something I hadn't considered (of course, not something that Buck McCarver had, either, but I expect that). That play was the difference in the game.

I wouldn't call the SB defensive indifference in any way. The defense most certainly cared about the SB but cared about the runner on third more.

How cool was the Papal pick-off?

What's the over/under on hearing the name 'Apodaca' in game three. I'll set the line at 35. I think Joe Buck has Tourette's and get mind-numbing pleasure from hearing the word 'Apodaca' roll off his tongue.

And stop with the human interest stories, please! I can't follow the thread - all I could figure out was Yankee intern gets hit by bus driven by Ubaldo Jimenez's father while on the way to the hospital to get a bone marrow transplant. If I want human interest stories, I'll watch the Olympics.


Game two, bats quiet.
Matters not. Schill, Oki Paps.
Rocktober? Go screw.

I think Ron means "indifference".

H.B. - I was thinking the same things on the way in about attitude differences from '04. In (and prior) to '04, the WS was sooo stressful - the Sox just HAD to win - almost a life or death feeling. Now, after '04, the WS is completely exciting, thrilling, and wonderful, but I don't feel at all life or death. I am not overconfident they WILL win, but I have a good feeling. But, more importantly, I am not "desperate" for them to win like the "old days".

I wondered if this was what Yanks fans felt, and decided it was not. Yanks fans were much more self-righteous. They KNEW they were going to win, no other ending was plausible, therefore nothing to worry about. I don't feel that way at all. I feel it is a battle to be fought, which could be won or lost, and as long as we put up a good battle, we've done well, hopefully with a win.

//Tired too. I just don't sleep after these games, too wound up.//

No kidding, h.b. At least here in Alabama I have the advantage of the Central time zone.

Speaking of articles, does anybody else find it amusing that Jason Stark can be so effusive with his praise of the Sox, while two days ago he was leading the Rockies Team of Destiny bandwagon?

Thursday morning it was "Greatest Offense in History." Today he's slurping Schilling so hard 38pitches may need to file for a restraining order.

In which inning can we expect to hear Joestradamus try to predict the weekend fate of these teams ("the Red Sox are just 54 outs away from another World Championship"), like he does with seemingly every single play? "If Helton rips this next pitch over Manny's head and off the right rail of the ladder on the Green Monster it could roll around the outfield and could help the Rockies stake a lead here. Low and away, two and two."

I've got nothing bad to say about the team's play so I feel the need to rip something.

I too was noticing my zen like calm as I watched the game last night. It is an entirely different feeling than the 04 Series.

And about the hit batter. There really ought to be a rule that says if your body part is in the strike zone you don't get the free pass. With that ump, the pitch probably would have been a high strike if it hadn't allegedly grazed his hand.

Rooster is right. Yanks fans know that their team is going to win (I'm still convinced that the Yanks will pull this one off somehow.)

We also don't sit around talking about our feelings.

//We also don't sit around talking about our feelings.//

No, you sit around applying hair gell and polishing fake gold necklaces while folding over slices of Famous Rays.


Kidding BM. I actually find you pretty funny.

Unfortunately for you, that's the same feeling everyone has for the Skanks these days.

I agree regarding "Zen and the Art of Red Sox Watching"...Way, way different than 2004.

Also did I actually McCarver say something to the effect of, "When they drop the bat, baserunning is key"

'Also did I actually McCarver say something to the effect of, "When they drop the bat, baserunning is key"'

Please tell me you're on hallucinogens.

Hey Kaz, props to you for that link to Susie Davidson's picture a couple of days ago. I've blown it up, cut out the eyes and now have my halloween mask...Now I just have to get down the self-righteous, self-important, holier-than-thou patter down and I'll fool everyone.

//After the Rox scored in the first and the Sox were hitless for a few more innings, I turned off the TV and said to my gf, "I don't have a good feeling about this game."//

I had exactly the opposite feeling, because with each of the first three innings it felt like our guys were pushing steadily harder on Jimenez and that he was bound to break by the 4th or 5th. Meanwhile, Schilling was getting stronger. Pitch count confirms this. Schilling was 22-9-13-9-13 through 5; Jimenez was 6-13-25-20-26 through 5. They were dead even after 3 (44 pitches each) but Jimenez was heading south while Schilling was staying strong. And, typically, Buck and McCarver totally missed this arc.

Re: new RS angst. I drove the family in our Sox bumper sticker festooned Honda Minivan (the reality of suburban family life) from Boston to Philadelphia yesterday afternoon (going to the Navy game with inlaws Saturday) and definitely got some evil looks from other drivers in the greater CT/NY/NJ area. Are we the new bad guys? Do we care?



I heard the story on my way in to work this morning about Andrew Madden throwing out the first pitch. What an amazing story!!! Best wishes to him...I hope he got to meet a few of the players last night too. The best IS yet to come...

Ah, yes, young Master Andrew. H.B. linked to his story yesterday or the day before (they're all running together since I haven't slept).

hoohoo beat me to the haiku punch due to a meeting at work:

Old war horse gives five.
Hero in the dark comes to light.
Dancing closer does.

I am fed up already with the whole Red Sox are the new yankees crap that's floating around various outlets. Please - what could be more ridiculous. I see that from a distance baseball "fans" who don't really know either team or its history might think they are interchangeable based on the highly fair and balanced media portrals, (yeah, right)but nonetheless, it is old already. My fear is we haven't by any means heard the last of it. But those ugly vests - hopefully we can lay that visual assault to rest.

Yesterday I was in NYC (my work is based there), and of course I had my Sox hat on. I was interested to note that not only did I hear any heckling from the natives, but I got a few "go Sawx!" and the only Skankee caps I saw were on the heads of crazy homeless people.

Also, major points to the dude who had the balls to be walking through the streets of Lower Manhattan in an official # 24 home jersey over red long-sleeved shirt, Sox hat at a jaunty angle. I wanted to ask him where he was headed, but he was all the way across the street.

I am really tempted to resist biting at the "RS are new MFY", but I can't.

It's hogwash.

First of all, last night's win was the best exemplar of how planning, scouting and stat analysis makes this team WAY SMAHTAH than most.

The only way Paps wasn't coming in to face Holliday in the 8th is if the fat cop ate him on the way out of the pen. They were planning on him facing Holliday in that spot since about September 15.

Same with the pick off. That call came from the dugout. Somebody, somewhere picked up a tendancy of the sort that we harangue McCarver or Geffner for coming up with: In the eighth inning with two outs with the wind blowing North-northeast at 8mph when there is a full moon, than runner leans toward 2d too far. Damned if it wasn't spot on.

As for fandom, we RS fans are insufferable honks, but we will never have the smug,(e..g.i know the inside scoop, just slip me 20 bucks and my boyz will take care of that mook who is dating your sister) certitude of New Yorkers. That's part of the Yankee deal, too.


At least FNL is on tonight

Yes, I definitely feel calmer watching this year...but I too am wound up after a Sox game...generally can't sleep for at least a couple of hours afterward...especially when they win.

Damn, in retrospect, that game was fucking awesome. Especially Okajima and Paps's pickoff. That kicked fucking ass.

Papelbon's pickoff was ridiculous. I don't know about you but I was not waiting for it (and neither was Holliday). When he did it the crowd went batshit.

Yes, I was there - the illegitimate's girlfriend topped every birthday gift I have personally received by giving me front row seats behind the Rockies bullpen, out in Dewey's old stomping grounds. (Dewey was on hand with the kid to throw out the first pitch too!)

I didn't worry after the Rockies took their lead, especially after Schilling settled in and shut them down the rest of the way. I knew the bats would figure it out. What an atmosphere last night - the Fenway Franks tasted better, the grass is that much greener, Sweet Caroline is that much sweeter. I got to live out a childhood dream and see the Red Sox in the World Series at Fenway...

Am I the only one sick of the "sounds of the game." I must be odd. I would actually like to see the game as it happens not in replays because Fox was showing either the "sounds of the game" or some dumb ass interview they recorded earlier.

I'm not sure who is worse, TBS or FOX. I really try to not listen to the Fox guys. If only they would get Madden to do the announcing. John Madden is entertaining!!!

I'm still amazed at the Red Sox's season. Never mind the post season and never mind being in the World Series.


Yes tessie at about 9:30 last night.

Yes, McCarver really did say that once you drop the bat, base running is the key to scoring runs.

Re McCarver I was thinking how funny it'd be to spend an entire day at work speaking in McCarverism that pertain to your particular field.

For instanace,

Dr: When the heart stops beating, the next phase is death.

HVAC tech: Now your upstairs is always going to be warmer than your downstairs because the hot air likes to go up... it's like a person climbing a set of stairs.

Fireman: When you're totally surrounded by fire, you need to think quickly. And it gets very smoky.

Etc, etc.

Well here's hoping that McCarver will have the opportunity tomorrow to tell us that Josh Fogg is being "wild in the strike zone" (my personal favorite McCarverism) - just for the sheer repetition through the years.

In an advertising note:

//The first game of baseball's World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies generated a 10.5 household rating for Fox, up 31% over the first game of last year's Series. Viewership soared in the teams' home markets, with a 50.4 rating and a 70 share in Boston and a 35.8 rating and a 51 share in Denver.//

Heh. We outscore them in every way.

It's best to mute the TV the moment McCarver says "and what I mean by that..." It will save you a lot of brain cells.

Am I the only one who thinks Papelbon has Christopher Walken hair? Anyone?

What a helluva week to be on vacation. All I've done is take up space around my house during the day and sit transfixed in front of my TV at night.

Here in Denver it's still Rockies in six believe it or not...

Do they sit Youk or Papi? Or maybe sit JD and put Youk in RF? RF is not as challenging as the rest of the outfield at Coors. If Papi's knee is as bad as it looks I think he sits game 3.

Tremendous game last night. They were very close to blowing them out 6-1. Lugo's and Papi's foul balls were oh so close.

Scott, I think those two balls were foul by a total of about a foot and a half.

Hadn't seen this:

//John Henry, on George Steinbrenner's son Hank's assertion that it's a Red Sox Nation, but a Yankee Universe: "As far as I'm concerned, they can have Mars and Pluto."//

Pick-up from last Friday:

It's beer-cart time, and then I'm out of here.

Hopefully, we'll have smething fun to yak about on Monday.

I miss Bob.


Still here.

Well, leaving now.

Jeez, I have tons of work I have to do over the weekend. I wonder why? :))

heard a funny conversation between a red sox fan and a pink sox fan last night.

pink sox: "where's trot nixon?"

red sox: "uhh, he's been gone for two years."

pink sox: "really? you gotta be kidding me! i'm soooo saaaaad."

red sox guy confirms and then starts talking shit about trot.

A Dominican bloke named Ubaldo
Appeared on TV with Geraldo.
They searched for his gestalt
In Al Capone's vault
But left there with just a free taco.

lol! love it

Illigitimate Son of Dewey- Good for you! A lot of new names lately in the box, but I was glad to hear of a familiar name's good fortune. With a contact from a friend from Norwood(Paul O'D) I got to see the '99 All-Star Game. Teddy in the cart and Pedro-- what could be better? (Maybe seeing a Series game.)Your experience makes last night's win sweeter.

Hi all. Just abck from a gig. Went werll...really hrd to trype.

B-b-beroca needed.

Go Sxo!

BTW-there is nobody who deserves our respect more thsn thast Koci guy. Ok, ok...noit a Bruins site,...

Predicted McCarverism: "When an AL team has to play in an NL stadium, you just know the pitcher is going to have to bat in the lineup. That takes away one of the other bats that have been hitting all year."

Oh my god, the Rockies have white towels waving ala the Indians. I LOVE it! Go Sox!

Nat - I was just thinking teh same thing. I turn on the pre-game and see those f-ing towels. Huh? I thought we already beat Cleveland? Aren't we the ALCS winners? Some weird NYC Time warp or something? Can't believe they pulled those out of the Tribe's playbook! F-ing Great!

Quick story before the first pitch...

I had to stay in the City to work this weekend, and offered to get (Dunkin) donuts and bagels for the rest of the poor schmucks having to work along with me. As they are getting me my two dozen of each, a beat cop comes in and orders coffee. He turns to me as I pay over the $60 and says, "You lose a bet or something?" Then looks up and sees my "B" hat and goes, "Oh, I guess not..."

I chuckled and asked him if he followed baseball.

"Oh yeah..."

"Yanks?" (AS opposed to Skanks. I was trying to be nice - he WAS one of NY's Finest, after all.)

"No... Mets." The look on the poor cop's face was just plain sad. I felt so bad for him, I bought him his coffee. (I would have anyway, but it became an obligation after that.)

Let's Go, Sox!

Okay, McCarver is truly insane. Fire-breathing dragon? "If his stuff matched his heart he'd be a hall of famer?" What does that even mean? I may not survive this. hb- how exactly did you get your brain to shut this shit out????

. hb- how exactly did you get your brain to shut this shit out????

Hilarious! The guy is SUCH a tool.

Gotta get me some of those mittens Youk's wearing...

Fuuuuuck. Not a good start for Matsuzka. That was a solid hit.

Please let there be a short leash. Please, Tito.

Okay, reining in my knee-jerk pessimism where Matsuzaka is concerned and heading out to watch the game with some booze... as God and Bob intended. :)

WTF?!? Is that Frank Drebbin behind home plate? I call Bullshit on the ump over Manny's slide at home.

And Mothra helps his own cause!!

(Yahoo! Okay, I'm blogging to myself now. I'll give it a rest.)



or is that unA?

Nothing left to say...

Okajima san
Provides too much excitement,
Came through in the cold.

Okajima サン

Matsuzaka san
Nat's skepticism proved wrong
In five strong innings.

IMHO the best last line to any haiku is always,


as in

Early Spring Dice-K
Heart Stopping Summer Malaise

Holy Fucking Shit works too. :^)

this is pretty fun

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