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When weary, rest

Now comes Autumn's dusk,
The shadows rake and lengthen
— a hero tires.



When asked if the physical fatigue merited some time off, Okajima became noncommittal. He shrugged.

"I don't know about that," he said.

To show my confidence, I just added Okajima to my fantasy team.

Dustin rides the pine.

Many runs get left behind.

Haiko doesn't rhyme.


Too many drinko's last night-o.

Haiko-aren't they that toy company that's recalling everything-o ??

I just figured out something pretty cool... A-Rod is now, after last night, tied for 17th on the all-time home run list.

16th place is owned by Willie McCovey and Ted Williams, 521 home runs, or 9 runs ahead of A-Rod's current 512. A-Rod has averaged one home run every 2.9 games this season, which means that he's on pace to tie Ted and Willie in the 4th postseason game this year, and to break the record in the 7th postseason game.

In other words, assuming the Yanks and Red Sox make the ALCS, A-Rod will surpass ole Ted either in Fenway or in New York against Boston.

Okajima's first half was too incredible to be sustained (his numbers in Japan sure weren't like that, though yes, he developed the split-change here). I viewed yesterday's loss fairly philosophically, even in light of the Yankees win.

First night in almost a week the magic number didn't go down. It sucks, but win tonight, Sox! (PS The Orioles' starting pitcher tonight sucks...not that that means very much if it's one of Wakefield's bad days.)

Hey Billy...not if Beckett puts a 95mph pill in his ear in the upcoming series, compliments of Joba the Gut.

Sorry, Billy Mahty, but postseason HRs don't count towards a career total.

Brian's right, Billy. Doesn't surprise me a Yankee fan wouldn't know that.

BTW, comparing Slappy McBlueLips to Teddy Ballgame sickens me. A war hero versus a lip-gloss wearer and hair-highlighter?

Ug. Ted would use A-Fraud for kindling at a fly-fishing camp fire.

Speaking of Teddy Baseball, can you imagine how much Ted would have liked Dustin Pedroia?

Interesting article in yesterday or Monday's NYT regard AHonk's half brother, who is a Lt. Colonel in the military. Nice contrast in career choices.

They know Oki is gassed, why not try to muddle through with the no-names, until L'Homme Chubby is right?

Finished RBCramer's bio of Joe D. last night. That was one fucked up dude.

On to B'more. Support your local crabs and all that.

go timmy.


"That little fire-plug is the finger that stirs our scotch and branch water."

-Ted Williams on Dustin Pedroia

Come to think of it, I think Ted would like that side of the infield. I mean, really, who DOESN'T like Youk?

So, does this really mean Oki is tired, or does it mean the "law of averages" is catching up to him? 10 scoreless innings, 10 scoring innings. :(

That little fire-plug is the finger that stirs our scotch and branch water."

-Ted Williams on Dustin Pedroia

And on a technical note...
He swings up!!!

I was wondering about whether postseason hrs would count -- that makes sense I guess. We'll probably have to wait until next season then for the A-Rod/TW comparisons.

Man, the personal insults around here are so juvenile.

- BM


Are the personal insults any less juvenile than a Yankees fan coming to a Red Sox fan site proclaiming how cool it will be when an over-rated Yankees player passes a record held by a legendary and loved Red Sox icon...?

Just askin'.

As far as Oki is concerned I still think he can deliver the goods, but yeah he needs a little rest. He's done so well in the past so I'll cut him some slack. It's the starting pitchers that need to do the shutting out/damage control. I know that newbie pitcher did a decent job, so maybe muddling around and giving Oki some breathing time might be an ok idea.

Ted W. on Pedroia? I don't think there'd be any doubt of his liking of the little guy. Still my frontrunner for ROTY.

It's nothing personal at all, Billy. I hate the Yankees, that's all.

It's just business.

It's a cool stat because of the historical implications, because Ted is such an icon and because A-Rod is so hated. If the record really were on the line at that moment, wouldn't we all be paying attention? Yanks fans would be rooting for A-Rod, Sox fans rooting for their pitchers.

This is more than a Red Sox fan site.

Thanks Bob, appreciated. ;)

Of course Teddy Ballgame would love Pedroia (or Pedroer as Remy seems to call him). Pedroia is Johnny Pesky Redux.

I never feed the trolls but...

Who gives a rat's ass about A-Rod breaking Teddy Ballgame's record? The only HR record that matters is the one currently held by Barry Bonds. Try posting again on this topic in a few years when/if A-Rod is nearing that mark. Till then STFU and enjoy his MVP trophy.

FWIW-I don't consider Billy and jason trolls.

//Pedroia is Johnny Pesky Redux.//

That night I had a dream.

I dreamt I was as light as the ether, a floating spirit visiting things to come.

The shades and shadows of the people in my life wrestled their way into my slumber.

I dreamt that Giambi and Bonds had decided to return to prison.

And then I dreamed on, into the future.

Where Dustin was returning to Fenway to receive a present from a kindly couple who preferred to be called The Epsteins.

I saw Johnny Pesky's grandchildren in the stands, telling wild tales of poles and glory.

And still I dreamed on. And this was a little cloudier 'cause it was years,
and years away.

But I saw an old man bein' visited by some Soxaholix. And the old man wasn't screwed up, and neither were his friends or his friends' kids. And I don't know, you tell me. This whole dream, was it wishful thinking? Was I just fleein' reality, like I know I'm liable to do?

A little strident with that bit of crumpet, Scott. I'll take Billy and Jason over PT anyday.

The bullpen will be okay. Delcarmen made one really bad pitch and Oki made a couple of them. He just needs a day or two off. I'm not ready to step out onto the ledge of the building yet.

As much as I frown upon it, I'd say the odds that Beckett throws a fastball at A-Rod are roughly 10 to 1. It's just GOING to happen and I can't wait to see the smirk on Joshie's face when he does it.

Sorry. I'm a bit surly today. Only 3 hours of sleep last night.

Geux Saints!

Bob,what WERE you drinkin' last night?

>>As much as I frown upon it, I'd say the >>odds that Beckett throws a fastball at >>A-Rod are roughly 10 to 1. It's just >>GOING to happen and I can't wait to see >>the smirk on Joshie's face when he does >>it.

So you don't think the Sox think justice was served when Joba was tossed, fined and suspended?:)

One of the great things about baseball is it's tip-o'-the-cap to the old West style of justice. Look out A-Broad.

Anyone that doesn't know that post-season stats don't count towards career totals can not be a legit baseball fan. Must have just started watching baseball this year.

"This is more than a Red Sox fan site"

That's like saying P Hilton is more than just a nopantieswearing slut.

Literally true, but the essence is what matters.

Jason and Billy hold their own = not trolls.

Hand in the air , "pick me!" guy= troll.

It's a tough room. I get sick of myself sometimes. But then, I'm not really him, just an actor who plays lc on the radio.

[tearing down the 14th wall, I guess]


Ooh, I like where this is headed...

"The Soxaholix site is to the Red Sox what Paris Hilton is to no-panties-wearing sluts."

Now that should be the new tagline.

//Bob,what WERE you drinkin' last night?//

Absythne. With my buddy who has a new kid and just bought a new home.

Needless to say, he wanted to have a fun night.

Thanks and apologies to the Cohen Brothers, BTW.

//This is more than a Red Sox fan site.//

And A-rod is more than 'hated.' He is reviled and mocked and generally regarded as a joke by even his own fans and hometown media. Even if A-fraud doubled Bonds' currently held record, he would never be the gentleman-player that Ted was (and is, if you take the time to have a conversation with his frozen head).

If you really want to see Yankees/Red Sox flaming/trolling/lunacy, I would recommend the RnR section of either the Boston or the NYC Craigslist. Always entertaining for a considerably less eloquent and provocative (in a "that's a good point!" sort of way, not a "what the fuck did you just say?" sort of way) than what is nearly always seen around here.

So, my TA caught me on this site during my wonderful Constitutional Law class. Tried to throw me out. I feel like Joba. Fuck Joba.

Wow, I think that's the most upbeat I have heard paddy24, especially following a loss...

I thought we agreed Paris Hilton was more a Yankees type... Sorry, but for some reason she really makes me shudder. If we need to align ourselves with nopantiewearingsluts, can't we at least be Lindsey Lohan? She has a modicum of talent, and is quite cute when not coked off her ass and crashing automobiles. Just sayin'... :)

Bob, I'm getting a little worried about sharing Sox tickets with you. I need to up my booze tolerance!!! I'll start prepping tonight...some light calisthenics if you will.

BM, I'm pretty sure A-Fraud will be racking up homers for years to come, breaking records every few weeks, but more likely in an Angels or Dodgers uniform. When that happens, I will marvel at what a great ballplayer he is. Until then, he's Slappy McBluelips.

I think that Jabba the Hut absolutely should have been tossed and I trust that Torre smacked him around a bit in the locker room after the game. I cannot abide Josh taking the risk of getting tossed against the MFY with two weeks left in the season. It isn't exactly like he can pretend it was a wild throw. He's too much of a cocky asshole to be a good actor. Which is kinda what I like about him...

The attraction of this site is a general understanding by those involved that human beings are tragic (in the ancient greek sense) and that we have no control over the good and bad fortune that controls life.

While Beckett is throwing at him, your boy Clay Buchholz can break into the Yankees clubhouse and steal Alex's wallet, keys, etc....insult to injury and whatnot.

vasox, lion in waiting, et al- didn't you find it a little coincidental that Joba's suspension exactly coincided with the # of games the Spanks give him off after a 2 inning stint anyway? Far be it for me to sniff a conspiracy, but I think MLB HOPED that the Sox would be placated by the 2 game rest. Somehow I doubt it, and I think Slappy should invest in some Kevlar earflaps next weekend

somehow I picture Batshit being at the heart of the B+E ;-)

//The attraction of this site is a general understanding by those involved that human beings are tragic (in the ancient greek sense) and that we have no control over the good and bad fortune that controls life.//

Very nice. See...not a troll.

I'm with Natalie on the Paris Hilton thing.

I'd prefer the site were linked to, say, Selma Hayek.

Maybe, "The Soxaholix is to the Red Sox what Selma Hayek is to mammary glands."

Jason is subtly referring to a little pickle our boy Clay got into in HS, stealing computers from.

Not sure if teenage foibles are fair game unless you are making more than the major league minimum. Not sure. maybe we need a ruling from hb. In any case, your mileage will vary.

In any rate, the thought of JT and CB stealing AHonk's collection of "My Little Pony" tea sets from the Yankee clubhouse calls to mind "the Beagle Boys" from the old Scrooge McDuck comic books.

Anyone with me?


Don't worry Natalie, I don't bite much. Ask SoxDownUnder, Kaz, Buckner...I'm fairly normal (other than the eye on my elbow).

Oh Bob, not worried about you biting, more worried that I'll inadvertently find myself on the fifth level of drinking, across the state line in a bar with guys who have been in prison as recently as that morning, screaming "We're driving to Florida!" before passing out. :)


Even Yanks players are hoping that they don't make the playoffs:


Favorite line: "She doesn't want to think about it," Kennedy said. "I try not to think about it because she might get upset."

There's that famous Yankee backbone!

Did any of you see Federer last night? Roddick played the best tennis that he will ever play in his life and lost.

In the second set, Roddick hit a 140 mph serve and Fed. calmly dropped an unhittable return right on the baseline between Roddick's feet...he probably is the most dominant professional athlete in history.

Agassi last night on the call: "Any point with more than six shots, Roddick might as well hit the ball into the stands"...that's sick.

>So, my TA caught me on this site
>during my wonderful Constitutional Law
>class. Tried to throw me out.

Couldn't you think to claim violation of your First Amendment rights? If not, perhaps you should think about dropping the class.

Wow, some great stuff in the comments here today...just as I need to take most of the day off to actually deal with work. Such a shame.

So, Mahty and J.O. are cool in my book. They usually understand the oft unspoken boundaries of posting on "the other team's" website. Of course, Mahty, I gotta bust your balls for today's post even though others already have. Not just for the whole postseason numbers thing, but because you forgot who you're talking about.

A-Rod's abilities shut down on September 30th and he becomes sub-par at best. No way he'd maintain 1 HR / 2.9 Games into the post-season. Best luck next season.

//Oh Bob, not worried about you biting, more worried that I'll inadvertently find myself on the fifth level of drinking, across the state line in a bar with guys who have been in prison as recently as that morning, screaming "We're driving to Florida!" before passing out.//

Oh, so you want a really tame night.

Fell asleep watching the game, J.O.

I missed all of the tennis yesterday. By the way, tennis on the radio? Not so much. I never thought about how crappy it would be until I was trying to listen to the early match at work yesterday...

Ugh...even Geffner would be an improvement on that experience.

Aint that a bitch, yaz? In a constition course. The prof throws people out on a daily basis if he think they're full of shit. Half of the time, they aren't.

The Angel Hernandez of academia.

Kaz, tennis on the radio? Sounds almost as bad as women's basketball on tv.

Tennis on the radio?


That's like an audio book of braile for the deaf.


What brand of la Fee Verte did you imbibe? Do you do the whole process with the spoon and such?

Scott, my brand of choice is Zele.

And yes, I do the spoon and lighted suger cube bit.

The stuff is pretty frigging bitter without it, plus it's a fun little ritual.

Hero Tires?


It screams all the time. I no longer hear it, what with the kidneys and their constant whining.

Very good point Kaz. A-Rod has given no reason to have faith in his postseason performance.

I hear Sen. Craig has the Hero Tires factory photo on his office wall.

Hey everyone, we've got a long weekend down here (today, Friday, off). It's because your fabulous President and a bunch of other 'dignitaries' are in town for an APEC meeting. Yesterday, a bunch of scamps from a television programme breached the security by driving in a convoy of cars flying the Canadian flag:
The Police and Foreign Minister said it wasn't funny, very serious etc AND proved the security worked because, ultimately (when a man dressed as Osama Bin Laden emerged from one of the cars), the plodders arrested 11 people. On the other hand 86% of Herald readers thought it was funny:
More than just a red sox site for sure.

Natalie - in re Bob being 'fairly normal'- don't you believe it baby.

Bob's liver - hang in their buddy.

HB nailed the haiku - what can I say?

Oh, and the last line of my Oki haiku was to be:
'Gagne, where T F'.

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