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One track mind

Yes, we are overly obsessed with a number …

Bill (thinking to himself):
the numeral five



OK... we split with Oakland & take 3 of 4 from Minn., and the Skanks only have to lose one.

...this is the sort of math I'm working with right now.

Number five...number five...number five...(play it backwards and you'll hear "A-Fraud is dead").

BTW, Natalie, on Sunday, I'll be wearing my Soxaholix T. My buddy Robert will be wearing his baby's vomit. The stain will form a Red Sox logo of course.

I am not a number, I am a free man.

Bob- not sure what I will be wearing on Sunday or with whom I'll be, but I am a 5'9 light brunette these days- probably fairly hard to miss. Are you going to be somewhere for a beer beforehand?

We all live in a little Village... Your village may be different from other people's villages but we are all prisoners.

Speaking of numbers how many games has Gagne blown? 4 or 5?

Manny will be back tonight at least according to Remy.

At least the MFY are 2 games behind thanks to Litsch's gem.


Hmmm, 2:05 game, right?

I'll probably be downstairs at Copperfield's (or "Down Under" as SDU knows it).

If that changes, I'll update at this creepy site.

Facing Oakland and the Twins huh? Oh man...anyone got assessments?

We have Schilling and Lester going against Oakland. Oakland should be a walk in the park but I have no faith in Schilling. Maybe if the team dangled a $13M contract in his face he would put some effort into the game. It could be his last game in Fenway depending on how the playoffs go. Maybe he will crank it up. I'd rather his Bucholtz in there.

Sox take 2/3 in both series. Yankees go 5/6.

Maybe Millar will do us a solid, for old time's sake, and help the O's steal one of those games.

September 25th, 2 game lead with 6 to play and already IN THE PLAYOFFS!

This is fun.

Did expect such a dower Bill this morning, h.b. I was actually anticipating a little spit n' vinger...all this morning I had different and defiant phrases roaming around my head. First it was Arlo Guthrie, "Kill! Kill! Kill!", but I setteled on Senator John Blutarsky's final words, "Take no prisoners!" It is gut-check time for this team...time to show their mettle.

Ooops! Didn't expect such a dower Bill...sorry...Nurse, more coffee!

I thought it was Russ Meyers not Arlo who said "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Oh yeah, that was just "Kill! Kill! Faster, pussycats!

I made note yesterday that historically, the Yankees are 50/50 against the Orioles and Tampa Bay combined this year. On top of that, Camden has not been kind to them and that wasn't April/May, it was June/July (going 2-and-4 in 2 3-game series in B'more). They've had more success in Tampa but just barely.

They're currently matched up:

Clemens/Hammel (tossup)
Wang/Howell (NYY win)
Hughes/Kazmir (TB win)

Mussina/Leicester (tossup)
Pettite/Cabrera (NYY win)
Clemens/Burres (tossup)

That makes only 1 guaranteed loss*. We need to win 4 to make this a certainty. I count both Gaudin and Blanton as wins for us meaning we need to take 2 of the Minnesota games and I think Beckett and Daisuke can give us those.

So, I like the rest of the season. The only thing I don't like is the rain coming on Thursday. If it rains out, I can't use my ticket because I'm flying out Friday morning for my brother's wedding and flying back Sunday morning to use my tickets to the last game of the season.

Speaking of Sunday's game, where are we all getting together now? Because I'm totally there again. Let's pick the place and time soon so I know where to parachute out on the flight back from Baltimore.

* - Kaz guarantee only valid in the following states: .

Kaz, Natalie...you want to just officially make it downstairs at Copperfield's on Sunday?

Or would you prefer The Baseball Tavern?

Show of hands, please.

Never been in Copperfield's, so that's fine by me. What time?

Well, I'm going to try and be there by noon. But anytime before 1:15-1:30 and you'll still catch me.

Remember, Kaz, it's DOWNSTAIRS at Copperfield's. I believe it really is called "Down Under," much to SDU's glee.

Yeah, I know the sign (seen sdu's pic too) . I'll see what I can do. I land at 11:50 AM and I'll be coming in my Ortiz jersey on the plane. I'll just have to figure out where to dump my bag(s) and then I'll be at the bar.

Is this an open party for all Soxaholic fans? I've contributed here and there over the years...

The more, the merrier, in my book.

Absolutely. End-of-the-regular-season Soxaholix party. Anyone who can join us, do it!

As a diversion from cardinal obsession and to fill the time between now and 7:05 (what's work?) here are a couple of Sox related anagrams:

Joe Torre?! = Root? Jeer!
Dustin Pedroia = Super Addition
Red Sox Nation = Nix, Stone A-Rod
Tina Cervasio = Antic Ovaries

Any others?

Hm... I'll be having a Soxaholix party for 1 in Austin. Rhymes with Boston...

Evan, what would you list as the top three landmarks in Austin (I'm working on a mailer for a surgeon trade show there)?

I know Taco X-press took down their great Taco Goddess sign, and that flamingo farm place is kinda cool.

Anything else?

UT Tower is a great Austin landmark -- of special interest to trauma surgeons.

Heh. Charles Whitman, right?

Well, these are spinal surgeons, but that might still work (assuming there was at least one sniper shot through the spine).

Hm, I'd probably have to throw the UT Campus on there (partly because i'm sitting in the middle of a courtyard with my back turned to the UT Tower and my front facing the Capitol building. Although, because of Whitman, you have to be on a guided tour to get to the top of the tower.

Mt. Bonnell should also make the list. Highest point in the city, beautiful view.

Then there are the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens that are also worth a look.

Also, a good recommendation lunch/dinner wise for someone who hasn't been to Austin would be the Oasis...dining off a deck 400 ft above Lake Travis. http://www.oasis-austin.com/

Hope that helps.

Recommended viewing for the surgeons to really rub in the UT tower flavor - Bogdanovich's Targets


//Remember, Kaz, it's DOWNSTAIRS at Copperfield's. I believe it really is called "Down Under," much to SDU's glee.//


Have fun ya bastards...

On Sunday, I'm gonna make rolls with sausages AND ONIONS, ketchup and 'that hot sriracha' sauce and drink a couple of beers. I'll even pile on the sriracha.

I expect you to endure at least four full Sriracha squirts, SDU. (And no, Srirachi isn't an escaped prison inmate.)

You're on, Bob. Have five or six beers for me.

Five or six?

Jeez, what is this, prohibition?


maybe some Sriracha on Manny's bat to get things going...

He's back - batting 2d - as if none of you are at any other site on the interweb

anybody going to be in mlb chat for the game today?

Three is the Magic Number

Three is the magic number,
Yes it is, it's the magic number.
Somewhere in the aura and mystique
You get three as the magic number.

The past and the present and the future.
Ramirez, Karstens, and Bruney
No heart or brain or body
Gives you three as the magic number.

It takes three games to make a pennant
Or to make a Yankee sad.
It takes three wheels to fall off
To make the playoff.

Every K takes three strikes,
Bases loaded has three runners,
No more, no less.
You don't have to guess.
When it's three you can see
It's the magic number.

Jeter and A-Rod invited a laddy,
Yes, they did.
They had three in their gay orgy,
And that's the magic number.

Three is the magic number,
Yes it is, it's the magic number.
Somewhere in the aura and mystique
You get three as the magic number.

Good one Kaz: 1978 now mathematically highly improbable and, gosh, didn't the big Gag look good (not).


I'm off to a "company outing" today.

Good Lord.

If they make us do that "trust fall," the person's hitting the ground.

And they better have beer.

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