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Hit it now!

With apologies to the immortal James Brown

Fellas, I think they're ready to do their thing.


Ready to get into it, man, you know.

Like a playoff machine, man.


Pitchin' it and hittin' it, you know


Can I count it off?


Go ahead.


1) Youks and Manny

2) Schilling

3) That's the magic

4) Rays slam the Yankees door.


Get up. Stay on up.


Stay on the scene. Like a Sox machine.



Im smiling at the strip and at the win last night. My knee jerk reaction to the 1 1/2 game margin was just that, a reaction... looks like they knew what they were doing all along.

Say it loud-we're Sawx and proud :)

The magic number is a good number....it also feels good to be 3 games ahead in the AL East!!

5. JD Drew, 3-4, a perfect time to get hot

Classic, hb.

An aside, HB, but when I was a reporter in South Carolina I had occasion to talk to Mr. Brown. He had the greatest, gravally-ist voice ever. Of course, he was talking to reporters because he was in trouble with the law again ....

Great strip.

Good God, y'all!!!

Indeed, a classic one today, hb!

Thanks, HB, my internal soundtrack has replaced "3 is a Magic Number" with JB. Can't wait to add "My Hero, Zero" to the playlist.

Get up on yo' GOOD foot, hah!

The first time I saw James Brown "live" (on TV, not in person) he wasn't singing.

It was when I moved from Boston to Chicago, in the summer of 1968. I was 15. We moved into our house, plugged in the (black and white) TV and turned it on. There was a picture being broadcast from an outdoor makeshift stage. A black man I had never heard of called James Brown was telling a large crowd of black people (apparently there were a lot of black people in Chicago) that they should not burn down someplace called "the West Side" even though another black man I had never heard of called "Dr. Martin Luther King" had just been shot.

Then they panned to a helicopter shot. Judging from the large clouds of smoke rising from the area they were showing, there were a bunch of people not listening to Mr. Brown.

We changed channels, but all 4 of them were showing the same thing. That was my intro to James Brown, Chicago, and the effects of racism.

I should add that at that point I had never lived in Boston. I was born and raised in Franklin, about 9 miles north of Providence, and had never set foot in either Providence or Boston in my life. There were ~ 8500 people in the town and 386 kids in my High School when I was there, one of whom was black.

Now, let's finish it...let's drive the stake into the heart of the beast (at least for the regular season - like all good horror movies, the monster will likely come back when you least expect it...like in the ALCS...pardon the "Dark Shadows" metaphors)

Felt good last night...still enjoying it today, but it ain't over till it's over. Win again tonight (early 5:00 start).

I'm jacked and James Brown only helps. Thanks, hb.

NYC is out, London is in. Anyone have any good tips on where to live in London and if there are any good Sox bars? :)

So, I came to an ugly realization last night after the magic number became 3. I have tickets to Thursday and Sunday. If the Sox win tonight, the Yankees lose tonight or tomorrow, and the Sox win on Thursday, I could be present for the division win and celebration...BUT, it's supposed to rain pretty good on Thursday meaning that the game will likely be moved to Friday morning...and I have to fly to my brother's wedding/rehearsal on Friday morning!

Man, this sucks. I will sit through hell and high water to watch a game Thursday if today goes as we all hope it will.

RonF: but was the one black kid named "Franklin" too? :D

I am playing "Three is a Magic Number" on a loop ALL DAY LONG.

o/~ And three times one is three of course ... o/~


One black kid in Franklin in 1968?? I don't believe it.

Great night last night. Saw Alice Cooper RJD and Sabbath. Full moon in effect. Got home and the magic number is down to 3.

Priapism is a good thing.


I've taken to texting the magic number to all my Mahtys. It's quick and spiteful. Here's to typing '1' and hitting 'send' tonight.

Hit it and quit. Hit it and quit.

Just got back from our company outing at Kimball Farms.

Was actually pretty fun. No "trust falls," and plenty of beer.

See you all tomorrow. I'm tired and my back hurts from having to actually do physical activity.

I'm thinking of a worker's comp claim.


I live in London and while you'd be hard pressed to find an actual Sox bar if you get friendly with the owners of your local they'll concede a television if there's an early game on that day.

But as start times typically run between 12 and 3 am depending on the coast they're on I'm afraid you'll be setting up your own bar at home. Which, while fun, doesn't have quite the same effect as you'd hope. :)

Play Ball!
God I love whoever invented SlingBox...
I forget, was it Al Gore? or Ted Stevens?

As a caveat to my previous post-
This entire scenario is under the assumption that there's not football on that day and some salty old curmudgeon doesn't pop in to drink his four pints of Old Speckled Hen and complain they the footy isn't on EVERY tv in the pub.

Gee, I didn't know Bob had an office in London, too


Neat...frustrating early on, but victory.

Again tomorrow.

Beckett-Kazmir could be the one-two punch tomorrow.

I've come around to the "rest everyone til the postseason" stance. The Yanks (and the Sox for that matter) don't need to waste any energy fighting for the division.

I've been listening to "Refuse to Lose" since I saw today's strip.

Since people are on the topic - anyone in London this week? There's a good chance I'll be there.

I'll be at the Eagle Pub in London today, having the best steak sandwich in the world.

Well, I won't really be there today, but it IS a great sammy.

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