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Happy Labor Day (the fun is just starting)

Hart Brachen, the dude behind the Soxaholix:
Nothing like a no-no to take the edge off, eh?

Have a happy Labor Day weekend, see you on Tuesday.



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Hey Mahty, how'd ya like them apples?

Ah wonderful weekend so far. Rays beat the MFY in a series (whodathunk it?) and we emerge 2-3 against the O's. God is setting things as they should be again.

A game winning dinger for Jacoby - how sweet it is!


Yeah, we more or less sleepwalk through the spoiler O's and Yankees get 2 taken out of them by TBD, the most recent of which at the suffering of their "stopper."

Anyone else sniffing a double-digit lead by the time they roll into town?

Seattle is hurting. Here's to hoping they want to stop the bleeding against their WC rivals.

great weekend! Nothing like a lil' infusion of young blood to wake a team up and get it going in the right direction again...
Did anyone else hear Remy describe Youk's HR Saturday as a "three-run dong"? hmmm.... guess that's what they mean when they say "I'd hit that"...

and does that make Lisa a Grand Slam? just askin....

Lemme guess- I'm the only one working today, right? SDU? anyone? Bueller?

Naw,I'm working too Buck :( (but not till 3)

Oh thank God- nice to be able to share my misery :-) Nothing like working on a holiday when 90% of the population is out enjoying the beautiful 75 degree day, eh HR?

Sorry I didn't get back to ya right away Buck,I was out enjoying the beautiful 75 degree day. DOH :)

Man, it's such a beautiful 75 degree day right now.

--Kaz, sent from my smartphone

(just kidding, I'm stuck at my house making sure my last roommate gets all of his crap out today so I can clean it for my new roommate)

I am at work as well. But I am a university professor so my definition of 'work' is suspect to begin with.

don't get me wrong- I never said I was working HARD; just said I was stuck inside at my job today. Big difference ;-)

I'm working Buckner - no labour day down here!

Sorry to those who are working, but if its any consolation I just spent 6 hours in the car. I did however get 9 holes in before, so feel free to hate me.

That no hitter (which I didn't get to see, being in Yanks country down in NJ) made me cry, watching the highlights. If anyone can see a team mobbing a kid whose wildest dreams just came true and not either laugh or cry needs his heart examined. My Yanks fan brother was even gushing...

I am back to feeling really good about this team's chances in the postseason, Eric "No Passion" Wilbur's article notwithstanding...

So psyched there is a Monday game tonight. Life is good...Hope all had great Labor Day weekends!

[4 IP; 8 H; 5 ER]

knew I could count on you SDU!

Nothing like facing an aging pitcher to reverse a nine game losing streak.

Begs the question, though ... why couldn't our guys hit the fatman?

Was at the Cubs game yesterday and saw the home team win on an 8th-inning HR, as the out-of-town scoreboard showed 3-2 for the good guys and 2-8 against the bad guys. Way sweet.

Snooty Chicago bar was also nice enough to show the last 5 innings of the no-hitter the previous night.

Dear Mr. Daisuke,

We got you more than the average 2-4 runs per game that we were getting you previously. You're welcome.

Please remember that our 10 runs does not mean that you can, or should, give up 9 to the other team.


I concur with the Red Sox offense. Boys, you played your heart out yes even you Drew and deserved this win. Free drinks all around and two for Lowell, Ellsbury, and Pedroia.

Daisuke, for God's sake get some coolant in you to get those meltdowns under control. Everyone else seems to have gotten the damage control going so I suggest you learn how to do it real soon. We got by this game but it should've been a blowout.

Red Sox Offense (sic) = vaporisers (sic) etc. Like it!

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