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Error: Mass Storage -Master

Technical Difficulties

Over the weekend my computer suffered a complete hard drive failure. A new hard drive is in place and now I'm engaged in the arduous process of reloading all my software and retrieving files from my backup DVDs.

Strips will resume when the process is complete, hopefully, by tomorrow (Tuesday).


Whew. Good luck with all that. Hard drive failures are never fun.

The E# is 14. I love watching that number click down.

Maybe you can reload Dice-K's software while you're at it.

Although Okajima was back to form...

Sorry to hear that HB. I just went through partial failure the other day... I have an external drive for backups but I had gone about a month without one. Fortunately I was able to load Ubuntu on an older 60gig drive I had laying around and then successfully mount my old harddrive. Data lost 0%. Most harddrive failure for windows is more like corrupted windows system files.

My son's hard drive failed this summer. In his case, the only data he was losing was saved games, which IMHO was not worth any effort to save!

I route all my email though Gmail, which gives me an online backup for email, and a NAS drive backs up to computers on my home network. I still need to get to USB drive to back up the NAS drive though. The photos and MP3s that live on the NAS drive do not have a backup anywhere.

I'll take Hart's misfortune as motivation to get my rear end to Best Buy this week to buy a drive.

COD....nooooooooo! If your son was, say, three-quarters through a long FPS or adventure campaign, I am so sorry for him. I certainly spent maybe a bit too much time on the videogames when I were a lad (and I probably still do...), but lost/corrupted save files call for tons of pity IMHO. On the other hand, if he really liked the game or was already finished with it, it's just an excuse to play again!

Friend of mine (also my fiancee's sister) lost her hard drive a couple weekends ago. Issue for her...she just started her final year of nursing school to become a nurse practitioner...so she rather needs a computer for the schoolwork and stuff...ugh. Hopefully she'll get it up and running this week.

Wild card magic number is 10. Could the Red Sox, say, beat the Yankees sometime this weekend? Maybe even more than once?

Tough break, h.b. Sorry to hear that. I lost my 200GB HD in my home computer not too long ago. I was young and stupid and never backed anything up on it. Most of it was big game directories that were easy enough to reload or old doc files that I didn't *want* to lose, but I've never missed since.

The worst part was having all of my photos on it. That was the only place big enough to house them all and I had a wimpy CD burner and never enough spirit to do anything about it. I woke up one morning and the hardware wouldn't recognize. Damn. It didn't even make a grinding whimper or anything, just up and died (I'm wondering if it was the microboard...I saved the drive to tinker with later). Fortunately, most of the good images were always uploaded to my online gallery but there were a few sets that never made it off the HD.

Good luck getting it all up and running again.

best of luck getten back up and running... love your work!!

I too feel your pain, hb. Aside from my diploma somewhere, I have no record of ever having gone to graduate school since my laptop completely crapped out. Not that anyone really needed to read my dissertation on Massachusetts educational technology policy anyway...Though I did lose some creative non-fiction essays I'd hope to publish someday (at least there are hard copies somewhere). Good luck with the rebuild. There is nothing more annoying that having to start over with all your settings...

I think we can afford to give Dice K some serious rest, no?

A late season collapse, hb?

Interesting concept.

BTW, I just threw up in my mouth to realize that, after all my protestations of early season in re: Matsuzaka and his nickname, I wrote Dice K without even realizing it. What happens next? Thinking Don and Jerry are witty? Signing up for Sox Appeal? Having my photo taken with Wally the Green Monster?

Natalie, when you staht wearing a pink hat, seppuku is the only answer. Until then, you can blame it on being bombarded with the nickname and accidentally including in your lexicon.

Jason O. Very witty
Pre 2004 maybe but there is plenty of backup on this team. (And we test it regularly as a good sysadmin should)
Sorry about your loss HB.
If you are a Mac user and I got the sense your were, Super Duper and a honkin UDB HD worked for me. I make sure I am logged in before bed and and the backup up runs automajically overnight. Also the Mac lets me boot super easy from the backup drive to test if all works.
Let the wave of suggestions commence!!
I write because I care if only cause I am an addict and need my fix!!

I went to Fenway South (a.k.a Camden Yaads) yesterday. What a pleasure to see the pitchas in person. Even more impressive than in video. But the autograph signing was pretty non existent. Kudo's to Papi. But he could only sign some stuff for about 5 kids. Now I know the world of the Red Sox player is insane with all the attention and all, but are we left with going to memorabilia shops to get autographs from our favorite players?

And to add on. I could honestly care less. But it pains me to see the look on my sons face when he can't get a ball signed.

I hope we see a lot of this kind of action when we bring the Yankees to town this coming weekend.

I lost a hard drive once - all I got on start up was the BSOD. Lots of genealogy material and pictures. The stuff was priceless. Sent me into a funk for almost a year. Then somehow I decided to set up the old hard drive in a master-slave configuration and I recovered everything. This is what passes for euphoria in middle-age. A tech later told me that most hard drive failures are really just corrupt boot sectors. I am now a firm believer in external HDs. But I need to get another external HD to back up the first. Externals like to fail too.

Great weekend. Sox win some games, Pats look awesome (ring #4?), and ND loses (always a great weekend in my book). Downside - my daughter started at Michigan this year just in time for Lloyd Carr's impersonation of Gerry Faust (or Ed Chlebek if you want an East Coast reference). Hopefully Schilling will try to pick up a win tonight. Maybe if the Sox hint a 13M contract might be a possibility he will put in a little effort. Thankfully it is TB once again.

"A tech later told me that most hard drive failures are really just corrupt boot sectors."

That is what I was ineloquently (re: before coffee) trying to say in my earlier post.

Sorry to hear about the hard drive fail-tastrophe, H.B. I have an almost new Toshiba that's screwed-up, even our genius IT guy threw up his hands in defeat. It's now a large drink coaster.

Today begins my sports extravaganza week. Sox tonight, Sox -v- Skankees Saturday, Pats -v- Chargers Sunday.

Liver transplant Monday.

Gout medication around the same time.

ND - Michigan next week Yaz. Somebody will be 0-3 ;)

As a Boilermaker, I'm slightly more happy with an 0-3 ND. But just slightly.

What happened? Did workers on the Big Dig hit your house and cause the structure to shift shaking the foundation casing the roof tiles of your home to fall on your computer destroying your hard drive?

we got a new apprentice on the job from ethiopia and his name is as-hat thought id share


Wait, I don't get it. I thought this was an elaborate joke about the Yankees.

I hope my ants from a couple of months ago didn't crawl through the interwebs and into your hard drive hb.

Occasional Magpie report:
I flew to beautiful Melbourne on the weekend to watch Collingwood have its first 'playoff' win for a few years:


And I've wondered why i'm much more bored at school than usual lately..

Kaz, did you make the game last night? I was in my seat in the top of the second, which was somewhat miraculous.

Anybody going to the Skanks game on Saturday? If so, let me now, and we can meet up.

Unless you don't like blowhard boozers, in which case, screw.

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