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Biding time

This is frustrating. I feel like I'm parked on the tarmac at Logan waiting for a gate to be freed.


Seriously. Would they hurry up and win the Division already? It's getting old.


Well, at least I've got my SI Pap's covah to get me through the day. Hummena hummena hummena.


So you're not dissuaded to by Schilling's quote that Papelbon's ""not exactly a charter member of Mensa …""


Are you kidding me? That's just how I like my men — hot and dumb.


Yes, why not? If men can have their "women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant" thing, then we are entitled to our "man in the backyard sweaty and splitting wood, shirtless."





Uhhhhhhh...lack of timely hitting...lack of timely hitting.

I'm going out to chop some wood now. By "wood," I mean my wrists.

Gawd,I hate being objectified.

Sorry Becks...we love you but that was a rough patch. Then again we understand since you were so hot for so long. Let's hope Dice-K got enough rest and our bats got recharged to undo the damage from last night.

Also root for Baltimore. They need it.

Oh it's bidin' time again,
the division's fleeting.

I can see the longing look in
Fenway eyes.

I can tell by the way Phil Hughes beat Kazmir,
Again tonight on Yawkey Way it's
bidin' time...

-Huge apologies to Buck Owens, RIP

Actually Jason Hughes didn't best Kazmir...he just beat their relievers. It was poor coaching from TB. Kazmir shamed your lineup with 10 Ks which is a little more than what he deals us.

Also, which team do you think the Sox have a better chance beating/have an easier time beating the MFY? Angels or the Tribe? I'm torn...

Speaking of Mensa. Heard a great Pinella comment on the radio this morning. Referring to the Cubs losses in Florida while talking to reporters, he said if the team goes to Cincinnati and takes three games, 'this conversation becomes mute'.

Colin, I'm not actually talking smack...the reformulation of Owens's classic is an ode to RS fans everywhere, 3 of whom I was with last night at a new hotel bar with no TVs, as they frantically refreshed their PDAs with every pitch.

There is one metaphysical truth upon which we can agree: Praise the God of your choice that we are not Mets fans.

I think we have a good chance of beating both teams. Better chance beating the Angles. Especially @ home. But the west coast trip is a big reason why I don't want us to play them. Go O's, Go Sawx.

Ok Jason. My bad then. I usually get irrationally defensive when I don't get enough sleep. And I'm putting my bet on us vs. the Angels and hoping this surge from the Tribe will be enough to counter New York.

JO, right on re: the Mets and their fans. That must suck bad.

Don't care who we play in the first round, but just like 2004, the most rewarding scenario for a World Series championship is for us to go through NY and play the MFY in Round 2....and then bring on the Rockies? D'Backs? Mets? Phillies???

Yeah, Paps has a little hummena hummena action. But no one has come close to 90s thirdbaseman Timmy Naehring. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... (visibly trying to collect herself).

Given where I grew up, I praise God every day I am not a Phillies fan. (shudder).

Not too distressed yet, though last night WAS a bitter disappointment. Will reserve alarm bells until after the result of tonight's games.

By the way...Phillies are on fire recently. I'd like to see them make it to the playoffs.

Kazmir shamed your lineup with 10 Ks which is a little more than what he deals us.

The Yanks sat six regulars last night, and two rookies got their first-ever hits off Kazmir. Shameful? Not so much.

Okay, this must be the 10th time this year we've had the bases loaded in the ninth and not scored a stinking run.

It's weird.

I blame Hillary. And Mitt.

//I blame Hillary. And Mitt.//

Well, I heard Ahmajinidad say that in Iran they never strand baserunners. The concept simple doesn't exist.

HA! Touch of class h.b. touch of class.

Perhaps we could learn from Ahmadinejad and his baseball supremacy.

I believe he said "we don't have THOSE KIND of stranded baserunners."

You know, the really flamboyant ones.

I wish we didn't allow THOSE KIND of fan in the bleachers. Not those that Ahmadinejad speaks of but those dinks in the bleachers that actually CHEER??!! when Beckett gives up another long ball.

They're not even wearing pink hats anymore. Wow look a ball landed - I might be on NESN. **jump up and down**

Watching complete asshats in the bleachers was just as frustrating as stranding half the population on the bases

And now they're allowed to buy my seats. I'm gonna slather them with Sriracha. The pink hats AND the seats.

The best part of that charade was the Dean declaring that he'd invite Hitler to speak at Columbia before WWII.

Which immediately reminds me of that Onion story reporting that the ACLU planned to mount a legal defense for KKK skinheads who had just bombed ACLU headquarters.

And then that Onion story reminds me of the great satirewire.com article: "ACLU Takes Over Terror Investigation, Will Focus Attention on No One In Particular." Hee.


I love it when you get in the ladies heads h.b. You're a little too good at it though.

Plus it reminds me of Jack Nicholson's character in As Good As It Gets when asked how he writes women so well... "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."

I can't believe I'm about to write this, but:

I think Schilling should be the #2 starter in the playoffs and bump Dice-K to third.

There. I said it.

I've long since grown tired of his big, fat mouth, and I won't shed a tear when he signs with Tampa for $13 million/year this winter, but he's been their second-best pitcher (after Beckett) for the past month.

At least we know we'll get 6-7 decent innings per start out of him, which is way more than you can say for Dice-K, Wakefield, or Lestah at this point.

[Eternal Optimist Alert]

Re: who we will face in the World Series. I sure as shit hope it isn't the D-Backs. For whatever reason, they scare the shit out of me. Every time I see them on Baseball Tonight, they're doing some sick shit, and they seem to have the right mix of veterans and young guys. Don't get me wrong; both the Phillies and Rockies are surging like Petraeus, but something about those rattling bastids freaks me out.

Oh, and I think 38lbsoverweight should be the #2 starter, too. His stuff is pretty electric lately.

couldn't agree more on Schill as #2... hopefully Francoma reads The Soxaholix so he can get a friggin' clue. This division should have been clinched a week ago! AAAAAAAAAAAGH!

well, Bob (and others):
Just in time for WS victory celebration
As reported in today's Globe

I'm sure the Puritans will be up in arms :D

Anyone know how to buy bleacher seats? (I mean the seats, not the tickets).
There was an article in the Herald that the sox were selling them, but no info as to where. (http://news.bostonherald.com/business/general/view.bg?articleid=1034661)
(Step 1: find website. Step 2: Convince my MFY fan husband that we need Fenway bleacher seats.)

Spoiler alert for FNL fans: The Season 2 premiere is online now! Squee!


I was excited at first, Buck, but then on the site they say they're able to import it because it doesn't contain any thujones.

Without that, it's not real absinthe.

No biggy. Anyone can still get it from overseas just by going online. Again, here's a good one that I like:


Signing off for the week (almost time for Beer Cart here).

Looking forward to seeing some of you Sunday.

Have a couple on Sunday for me, Bob (and Nat). Don't think I'll be able to make it in. Good weekend, all. I'll be celebrating the AL East champions in Key West on Monday

Yeah, have fun on Sunday - photos please Kaz. Go 'sox!

Bob, again with the absinthe. Are thujones like cajones or do the thujones make the cajones shrink?

don't they really have to rest dicey-k tonight? the guy has an era of close to 10 in september. the yanks took mussina out when he started to stink it up. he took 2 off from the rotation and came back OK. our guys stink it up AND STILL GO OUT THERE. they gave Ok a week off, he looks better. whassamatta with dicey k????!!!!
they are throwing the division title away!!!!!

Clay Buck. shut down:

re: shutting down Dice-K, I don't know, man. He likes to throw a lot, as we've seen. Sitting him for 10 days when we haven't even clinched? Might backfire. Methinks we won't see Freddy Krueger (aka Julian Tavarez) or Devern "El Nigaraguense" Hansack til after the champagne flows...

oops, that's Nicaraguense for all you fans of the SAP broadcast...

ZOMG!!!! AL East Champions!!! This is just amazing. What a strange game. This is just so weird!!! Surreal.


Bonus strip in order for tomorrow?


go (al east champ) sox!!!

MO blowing a 3 run lead

A-Rod getting caught with his pants around his ankles


susan reminds me of that old song -

i met a guy
he drives a truck
he can't tell time
but he sure can


i asked his name
and he had to think
could i have found
the missing link?

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