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Work hard in the morning, so you can stream in the afternoon (2:05pm makeup)

Due to the postponement of last night's game, I'm giving the regular Soxaholix the day off and leaving the strip in the hands of everyone's favorite temptress Lisa …

Lisa the Temp:
Long time, peeps!


Lisa the Temp:
Did you think Lisa was mad at you for not gifting her a new iPhone as thanks for all of her tempy duties?


Lisa the Temp:
No worries. Lisa knows you are all savvy power user who'd never foist an inherently flawed 1st generation product on her but instead will wait to bestow a much improved 2G version.


Lisa the Temp:
OK, back to the grindstone … so much interwebs so little time.


Lisa the Temp:
Speaking of, did you hear Mark Cuban said the internet is "dead and boring"?


Lisa the Temp:
I think he was totally misquoted and really wasn't referring to the internet as dead and boring but was instead speaking to the play of his NBA team in the playoffs year after year.



Pray for good weather in Chicago today, folks, Because if we have to play consecutive double-headers on Saturday and Sunday, we'll be going into the Toilet Bowl with one very tired, out-of-rotation team.

Wait. Lisa has a new puter and keyboard. Welcome to the 1990's, babe.

Too bad you still have only four fingers on each hand.


hb, I believe the start is 2:05 EST, not 1. Not that I'm gonna work any harder, mind you

LC, Lisa's hands were mangled in a horribly misplayed attempt at breaking into the porn industry as a fluffer.

You shouldn't joke about her missing fingers.

Ah, the Globe probably had a "CDT" after the 105pm start notice that I missed.

If they play two DH's, with a spot starter on Sunday and a day off on Monday, it might not be that bad.

Of course, I don't like the looks of that, but it could be worse.

Yeah well, she certainly couldn't play World of Warcraft Burning Crusade on that old DOS relic. In fact, she's been away so long since getting the upgraded hardware and broadband connection, she's already got three level 70 toons with maxed out professions and PvP honor, tier 5 gear, and epic weapons!

It's very tough to keep up with that level of talent and God-given ability...

more importantly, she has a great rack

And a "landing strip."

Actually, Youk, from what LC told me, it's shaped like a Pepperidge farm goldfish.

one of the smiling ones, I hope

h.b., are you sure you didn't mean this xkcd comic. It probably fits the "so much interwebs" theme a bit better than a debian linux orphaned project (and is only off by 1 day's strip number)...

Let's hope Chicago's woes continue.

Good news on the Pats front. Asante will be reporting finally.

Cue Mr. Burns laugh.... "Excellent!"


You're right. 305 is better.

I also really liked 304 mucho. It's a truly great strip overall.

It is a great strip. Another shining example of minimalism letting the message get through without interference.

Speaking of xkcd...less than a month until Dream Girl "arrives". If you put the coordinates in, the location is a playground around the corner from Hahvahd near Mass Ave...

Anybody out there wanna watch the Sox tomorrow at Pete's Pub (Durty Nellies...ug)?

They have 4 brand new flat sreen HD TVs.

And of course, there's me. And I have a face for fashion. It's a fashion face.

I might have taken you up on that Bob, but my roommate is moving out and being the masochist that I am, I said I'd help.

Ug. That's what higher education gets you.

I'm still traumatized from that imagery of you from yesterdays post :)

Ga Ga GA Goin!

thanks Bob, but I can't make it either- gotta make the donuts tomorrow

Oh, I get it.

Just because I convert sausages, peppers AND ONIONS into solid waste, then push it out, somehow I'm a pariah...

Well, I'll have you know that Wily Mo Pena has more home runs this season than JD Drew, so who's the pariah now?

What a beautiful day (here). Double-header sweep to wake up to after a Friday of shit-tacular proportions. God Bless the Sox.

All we need is some late inning heroics by the Tigers and it's the trifecta. Torrecula bringing Rivera in while the game is tied...MFY bullpen will be Toasty Flakes of Wheat by mid-September.

Yankees lose! Yankees lose! Theeeeeee Yan-kees lose!

Woo-hoo! Time to drink 'til ya puke!

Leave it all out on the pahk, Genghis. (Collingwood won also, in case any bastard was wondering): http://www.collingwoodfc.com.au/Default.aspx?tabid=5586&newsId=49771).

As the old rusty T. would say: good times, good times.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Damn, I abandon you guyz for a week and you devolve into conversations about excrement and placenta cocktails. Can't leave you anywhere...

Welcome back, Rob in Metro NY. I continue the good fight to keep the dark side at bay. To keep The Force with me, I am visiting the HOF in Cooperstown right now. It is a truly magical place -- great letter from Ty Cobb to Bobby Doerr in one of the exhibits. I recommend it to all.

Saw the bloody sock yesterday and, even from a Yankee perspective, it looks pretty damn bloody. The larger blood stains also look like four distinct Rorschach inkblots. The one on the far right initially looks like a bat or a hummingbird beating its wings in a frenzy. But if you look carefully, the cognoscenti can see that it is an uncannily realistic likeness of HB's visage. I assume that all of you already knew that.

HB, hope you've recovered sufficiently from your creative angst to morph back into Red Sox fan angst this week. War begins Tuesday.

does it?

7.5 games out. If the MFY sweep in the Bronx, it still doesn't even cut the lead in half.

War. Huh. Good god. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Holy Batshit Batman! Clutch.

ok h.b., before you get the juices flowing...I hate this type of shit from todays Glob:

"Even before the Sox won -- scoring double-digit runs in four straight games for the first time since 1950 -- and the Yankees lost in Detroit yesterday, Clay Davenport of Baseball Prospectus, simulating the rest of the season a million times, had the Red Sox making it to the playoffs 99.6 percent of the time, with their chances of winning the division at 95.8 percent. Those numbers only got better on the eve of what had once loomed as a showdown series starting tomorrow night in the Bronx, with the Yankees still having to play the Tigers again tonight."

I wonder if the turdball that churned out that master baseballmetric model is also still investing in subprime loans. Last I checked, 1950 sucked and they didn't win the World Series. All this statistical masturbation is just a baby's way of taking a dramamine before the big waves hit the boat.

To paraphrase Ben Disraeli...'lies, damned lies, and statistics...'

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