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Hair of the Devil Ray that bit you

Christ I've got one of those hangovahs that only losing to the Devil Rays can bring on.


Can you believe frickin Tampa has beaten Matsuzaka 3 times this year?!


Oh, my aching head … Dice-K gets no run support at all.


Speaking of support, I hope QB Brady has his routing numbahs ready … There's going to be some serious monthly withdrawals from his bank account the next 18 years.


Is it me or does it seem like Bridget Moynahan has been gestating that fetus for like 3 years now?


Hey, do you think Brady ate the placenta?


For crissakes, Doug, are you trying to make me dry heave ovah heah or what you gross bastid?


C'mon that muttahkuchen is loaded with nutrition. I mean eithah you're doing everything you can to make anothah Supah Bowl run or you're not. Know what I'm sayin'?



Hey, 2 out of 3 against any team really ain't that bad. And five games up is certainly better than four.

Let's hope they can take at least 3 of 4 from the lowly ChiSox.

Heh. That gestation line cracked me up, H.B.

As for eating the placenta, my old college roommate and his wife did exactly that. Twice. Ug. Of course, the also had their two children at home without a mid-wife or anything. The wife pumped them out lying in the bathtub.

(My college roommate also thought a come-on note left on his car wndow and signed "ciao" was from a woman named "Ciao," so you know he's brilliant.)

Hey, what about this USA Today article:


Yeah, that f'n baby was gestating for at least 3 years. Probably even longer...

Don't worry, once Curt ships off to TB, they'll be unstoppable, especially if you consider the fact that they've got 3 superheroes playing for them.

Thanks for the post, Bob. Confirmed what we already knew.

(A good writeup, but it went on about 1,500 words too long, no?)

Agreed, Youk. It was kind of like, "uh, yeah, got the point, it's interesting, but I'm not even halfway through the article."

Best line of the game last night, from Orsillo:

"The Red Sox have left a village on base tonight."

Nice to know that los birdos have given up on the season.

Many years ago, an interview with Jane Curtin or Gilda Radner of the original SNL asked about skits that were cut because they were too edgy. One was a skit for 'Placenta Helper' - a product along the lines of Hamburger Helper. One of the characters would be revulsed at the idea, while the other would say they were going to use the product and were leaning towards the oriental flavoring.

"I don't see what the big deal is! I love polenta and eat it quite often! It goes with all sorts of main dishes and is good for you, too." - Emily Litella

I've eaten sheep's eyeballs, but I have to say the placenta eating imagery did produce a little bile backlash. Good one.

I don't like the White Sox and I'm begging the Sox home 6-4 from this trip. White Sox are like the sucky team with a lot of non-sucky players and that is worrisome.

Those crazy Germans!

Those crazy Birds!

Those Damn Yankees!

Well, that about sums up my morning.

Here's something to put a smile back on your face, Kaz:


You think placentophagy is bad, try the coprophagy the offense is forcing on Dice-K. What's Japanese for "respected teammates, please rouse yourself to superior effort in run generation."

I don't know what the Japanese is, ParkerStPete, but if you reverse translate it back into English, I think it says:

My team's offense gives me the runs!

Oh and Bob, Ga Ga GA Goin!

It should mean: who cares, I'm still getting 11 mill a year.

ha ha ha! Cluck'n chicken! Ahhh, back when SNL commercial parodies were actually funny. I think this one takes the cake:


As for last night's game, all I can say is, well, at least we weren't Baltimore.

For those 8 people who care, Curt just posted a response to his Tampa comments over at 38 special:


//Ga Ga GA Goin!//

I think the chicken stole that line from me. It's what I say every time I'm on the toilet after a few sausages with peppers AND ONIONS.

I know, I know. WAY too much information. But I'm just so charming in every other way, right SoxDownUnder, Kaz, Buck?


"What's Japanese for 'Respected teammates, please rouse yourself to superior effort in run generation?'"

"Gomen nasai most lespected team Captain Tek (bow)! In future, would you kindly preeze not reave eight men on base over the course of five at bats in your games? I mean we all miss Wiry Mo vely much, but damn! Domo arigato gozaimashita Captain Tek san (bow)!"

What Bob-no Sriracha? It burns,it burns :)

Ah, Sriracha. Feels as good coming out as it does going in.

(Good Lord, this thread is disintegrating fast, no?)

and I haven't even posted yet ;-) although, Doug in general seems to be single-handedly lowering the level of discourse this week. He needs a little slide oil for his trombone I think

(thanks for the SNL link, btw, Bob)

//I know, I know. WAY too much information. But I'm just so charming in every other way, right SoxDownUnder, Kaz, Buck?//

He really is! In every other way!

That's because I am....The Continental.

'the Continental' is a pub, right?

as opposed to some obscure 'rusty trombone' type reference?

Did someone say rusty trombone?

Thanks for a new blog for me to visit, Bob!

SDU, if you watch this for a bit, you'll make a visit to the suite of...The Continental.


Thanks Kaz - what a hoot!

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