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Descartes, Leibniz, and Spinoza walk into a bar...

I don't know what is more surprising — The offense finally getting to Kazmir or that Timmah is now 9-0 with three saves at Tropicana Field with a 2.16 ERA.


And how about the Yankees suffahring a nut wrenching extra inning loss? Things are looking good again.


C'mon now, fellahs, let's not be like buoys floating on the daily tide of emotions following a win or a loss … Remembah there are only two kinds of truths: truth of reasoning and truths of fact.


What the fuck are talking about, Willis?


The way things have been going, I just thought we could use a healthy dose of rationalism around this place, so I'm quoting a little Leibniz, last of the great Rationalists.


OK, listen up. You want to know what is irrational and unbelievable? Yestahday I walk around all day uttahring my "recalling the pleasing melody of a rusty trombone" line and I get nothing. No snickahs, no smiles, nothing but a wall of blank faces.


What is everyone in this place so pussy whipped by the H.R. depahtment that you can no longah acknowledge scatalogical-based sexual humah?


Cogito ergo sum, bitches!


Righteous, bro.


Author's Notes:

Once again the comments you've left at one day's strip have gone on to provide the creative spark to light the fire of the next day's strip.

A virtual yet veracious tip of the cap to all of you …

Creepily yours,

— Old Yeller


'Cogito ergo sum, bitches!'

That's a seriously creepy way to avoid a drink with Kaz. Welcome back.

[Extremely grateful there was no
link to enlighten us on 'scataogical']

I thought it was: "whatcha talkin' about Willits?"



"One bubbled-brained creature said -
'I am loved, therefore I am' - :
And well by now might the lion
Be lying down with the kid,
Had he stuck to that logic."

- Auden, Bucolics.

Bibo ergo sum, bitches.

Nice game last night, huh? First inning was a little dicey with Cash dropping everything, but all's well that ends well.

Today at least.

"What the fuck" is from the latter day Avenue Q era Gary Coleman.

"Whatchu," not "whatcha."

Nice - edgy, defiant, philosophical...back to the roots...

The rational thing to do in this situation is shriek like a fanboy banshee:


"Red Sox Rule!!!!!!!111 Yankees Suck!"

Rays C Josh Paul with the mustache reminds one of Todd Parker (Thomas Jane) in Boogie Nights.

Any mention of Leibniz brings up a really interesting aspect of human innovation, i.e., that there's quite a bit of evidence that L. and Isaac Newton both developed calculus during the same period, each unaware of the other's work until after the fact. There are numerous other examples of this phenomenon throughout history.

Anybody see this? Papi's on eBay:


Willy Mo is hitting .455 as a Nat...

'rusty trombone'? eewwww!

"Cogito ergo sum, bitches!" is a Kintees shirt waiting to happen.

They say hitting well is the best revenge.

I woke up this morning in a rather pollyannaish mood. 37 games remain, 19 games against Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore, and a five-game lead. We are just a few more wins away from laughing at the baseball gods who have toyed with us since the end of May.

WiMP is indeed tearing the cover off the ball for my NL team. All things in cycles. He'll most likely be whiffing all ovah the place soon enough. Or he's the next David Ortiz.

Like I said: cycles.

So in the end the Sox traded Arroyo for a player to be named later. Any one know who the Player to be named is yet I haven't been able to find it.

Chris Carter


...and Descartes says, "I drink; therefore, I am."

Merloni: We're getting 1B Chris Carter (rotoworld.com). Hope that helps.

It sounds like he could be useful platooning at first base or pinch hitting in September too.

from Wiki: "Spinoza lived quietly as a lens grinder" hmmmm- another name for trombone player, perhaps?

As I commented earlier, denversoxfan:

Bibo ergo sum.

Ok, I'll rise to the bait:

Descartes, Leibniz, and Spinoza walk into a bar. After a few rounds, the bartender asks them if they want something before last call. Descartes says "I think not" and disappears. Leibniz and Spinoza both ask for margaritas. Spinoza says, "Blend mine. I hate it when the spirits seperate from the mix." Leibniz says, "Salt on the glass, please. It's the only way to drink it."

The bartender says, "Ain't that the truth?"

Leibniz replies, "That's a fact. It's the truth of seasoning."

I season, therefore I cook!

Please take the time and effort to try these. They are the best thing also called an enchilada that I've ever put in my mouth...




Actually, I was going to comment on "scatalogical-based sexual humah", but I figured that everyone getting this recipe was much more important.

Priorities and all, you know...

Too funny, Kaz.

P.J., think I can replace the jalapenos with habeneros?

I like my food nasty hot.

(And my rusty trombones.)

just watch out for the caballeros

not original I know, but, given his plea, it's a good thing Mike Vick knows how to do it doggie style

I was just going to say that I want a tee shirt that says:

"Cogito ergo sum, bitches!"

But I see someone already beat me to it. Maybe you could make that the next Soxaholix shirt HB.

Thanks, h.b. Glad to see you got your groove back.

Good one.

I'm thinkin' HB looks like the guy on the left.

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