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With a rebel yell she cried- "more, more, more"

Well, can't win 'em all.


Hey, at least Youks extended his hitting streak to 22 games.


Wodnah if he'll blog about it.


Don't you mean "wondah if some poorly paid mlb.com lackey is gonna blog about it"?


True. The Jewish God of OBP doesn't have time for blogging.


I didn't think it was possible, but this latest scream in the ear of an infieldah actually surpasses the ALCS slappy play in terms of bush leagueness.


I will give him this, though. Unlike his previous knavery, this time his "move" was actually successful.


Maybe "the scream move" is something he recently learned from his 5-tool Toronto taht?


Yeah, right now the Yankees front office is on the phone with someone from US immigration trying to get her an expedited visa to travel with the team and teach A-Rod some more tricks from the Brass Rail manual of success.


Seriously, I can just hear King George yelling, "Cashman? Cashman! Get that young lady off the stage pole and get her on the payroll!"


Of course, she could just cross the bordah and work here illegally like everyone else does.


Oh, Doug, c'mon. This is not some two-bit vaudeville act we're talking about. These are the New York Yankees fercrissakes. And the Yankees have a Tradition™ that does not abide cheating or rule breaking.


Oh, right. How could I forget?



I've been thinking, and that lovely lady is less a 5-tool-taht than she is a seven-stroke-strumpet.
But then, that's just me.
I'd like to give a shout out to the last place NYY.
As for A-Honk, I am quite sure that I got thrown out of a Little League game for pulling that same shit in 1959 (look it up).


I'm talking about the taht, not the chant.


For someone who prizes his image, A-Fraud sure does go out of his way to "taint" his. Heh. Taint.

That said, we've all done it. In high school, I remember being given a break from a basketball game, then "accidentally" dribbling a basketball off my foot from the bench while an opposing player was on a breakaway. The ball rolled onto the court.

Idiot ref blew his whistle and stopped the play.

Good times, good times.

Amazing. How low can this guy go? The really remarkable thing is that the Cubs will no doubt pay mucho dinero to snag him after this season. With God as my witness, I swear this is ARod's last season as a Yank . . . and good riddance . . . bring back some class on that team so the rivalry can be fun again.

Bronson Arroyo, who played against A-rod in high school, really nailed it in '05 when he said he was a whiney little prima donna way back when. He's never really changed.
He's totally bush league.
I liked Matt Stair's comments in the post:
"It was a [horsespit] play; I hope you use that," Stairs said. "Ask his teammates about it and if they say, 'No comment,' that will tell you."

Derek Jeter did exactly that.

This just in... the spanks are makin' their move,only 13 1/2 back lol

The Man, please tell me you're actually Matt Drudge. Mahty will be pissed off.

Mahty has been awful quiet lately. Is someone gonna give him a call or what?

How the fuck did Doug change his clothes that fast?

Lucky for Clark he didn't use his patented "drop the shoulder" move on him :-D

Actually, J.O., that last frame takes place 10 hours after the previous frame. Doug is talking to his date, admitting he's late for their dinner together.

(H.B.'s heavy into the Tarentino time-fuck.)

And now he's changed his clothes again.

See what I mean?

I wonder if Arod would have had the balls to do that if it wasn't the last game of the series? If they were playing tonight he would almost certainly be taking one in the ass on his first at bat.

The only way that A-Rod story could have been funnier to me is if he had yelled "Noonan." What a tool. Oh, sorry, what a 5-tool.

COD - luckily, they get the Jays about 9 more times this year . . . should be hilarious.

I mean, I'm sure Dustin McGowan would LOVE to prove himself "one of Gibby's guys" . . . like the anti-Hillenbrand?

This articles says it all:


Lap dance in Toronto: $50
Flying your ho to road games: $500
Watching the Yanks deteriorate as their "star" is more interested in hitting on skanks than hitting a baseball: priceless

The shoulder dip at second was bush, the bitch slap was egregious. But The Shout last night was so juvenile it was kinda endearing. A-Rod is going to reinvent himself as an athlete with great entertainment value, from third base all the way to the tabloids. Soon he'll be Broadway Joe A-Rod. Sorry, but I LIKE The Shout... and, of course, love the resumption of the shout outs for my last place MFY's from lc. Makes me feel whole again.

So is his name "Hey!-Rod" today?


That "Noonan" reference by Nat totally made my day!

Today is my birthday, and I was expecting a Sox win last night as a present. Now I am sorely vexed.

However, I will accept a 3 game sweep of the Yankees this weekend in lieu of a win last night. And if every Sox runner rounding third could scream "HEY!" in Slappy's ear as they run by, that would be even better.

Jeez, you would think that if ARod was going to ditch the wife for a stripper he might have consulted Damon on the matter. For those that want to follow ARod's exploits in more detail I suggest 'On The DL' at


Lucky Dice-K. ARod steps into the spotlight and we collectively omit any sign of Mothra-bashing. I guess you had to think that the Indians would take at least one game. Matsuzaka happened to be the unlucky guy that pulled the trigger with the bullet in the chamber. Given his apologetic nature after losing a game, I fear that four or five losses in a row and he is committing sepuku on the pitching mound in front of a sold-out Fenway. That ticket stub would be a collectible.

I agree H.B.

How funny would it be if all at The Fens shouted "Noonan!" at random intervals to Hey-Rod this weekend, particularly during his ABs and popups to him?

My stomach hurts just from thinking about that much laughter. He might even laugh at that ala Mo laughing at the standing ovations he gets there these days...

So is it bush league if I yell while running from 1st to second to try to distract the 2nd basman from making the out in my coed softball league?? Haven't done that in a while and it never works anyway.

2 out of 3 is great but I am a bit concerned about Dice K.

Papi was a nanosecond away in his swing from a GS last night btw.

As I've said before, expect Matsuzaka to be inconsistent all season.

Remember the adjustment all pitcher's go through just coming to the AL from the NL.

Then imagine that times 2 plus having to adjust to new culture, new language, new food, new everything.

Did you read the Matsuzaka has been sleeping on the floor in hotel rooms because he can't get used to the US style mattress?

That's probably just one of a hundred things on a daily basis fucking with him physically and mentally.

It's going to take time and patience on our part as fans.

But he's going to adapt and be awesome.

Re: Matsuzaka. The parallels to Beckett continue in my mind: you can expect either dominance or getting rocked (though up till his last two times out getting rocked, he was beating himself with walks...the last couple times, hitters have just hammered him an inning or two--like Beckett last year).

So much for the "open marriage" referred to yesterday. Mrs. A-Rod has packed her bags and split according to this NY Post story.

Also from the article we learn that A-Rod prefers the "she-male" type of stripper.

What wasn't said is that when he walks into a club he asks, "Do you have any dancers that look like Derek Jeter."

Matsuzaka will look like Jarrod Washburn or Nate Robertson in 2 years. (I don't mean he'll be taller and a Caucasian, rather he'll be right around a league average 3 starter.) He was great in Japan, but those ain't AL hitters.

The real problem for him is the tsunami of expectations that began with the statements of the FO and continued on through the decisions of the RS media relations/marketing depts.

(See: Coco Crisp)

Fuck her. She's the sensitive, psychologist type anyway. Why have that when you can have a stripper do a line of coke off of your balls?

"Also from the article we learn that A-Rod prefers the 'she-male' type of stripper."


I'd be more than happy with Matsuzaka as a solid #3 in 2 yrs behind Beckett and Lester and then there's Buchholz, too.

Nice depth for starting pitching for the Sox.

But, alas, that can't measure up to having the maturity of a Moose or a Roger Clemens, now can it?

And on the subject of Coco Crisp, wonder how Johnny Damon will be doing in 2 yrs?

Still love that contract Jason 0? Heh.

My new name for A-Rod is Alex "School in Summertime" Rodriguez.

Also ... did you know the Sox are 5-6 in nationally televised games? More than a third of our losses have been on national TV. Absolutely freaking crazy.

Yes, I like the contract. Yes, I'm looking forward to Clemens.

What I don't want is games 3 and 4 of the Yankees turnaround this weekend ppd by rain.

Get on it!

Who's down with OPP?

Every last Yankee!

Totally OT, but hb and lc, here's some good advice from Information Week on dealing with community trolls.


lc = troll whisperer?


And on more of a Red Sox note, check out the May 17th entry on this site:


Loves me some fried chicken! heh.

(Yeah, I know. Slow work day today...)

We only need A-Rod to chant "heeeyyyy batterbatterbatter...saah-wing batter" when he's playing the infield and his regression to the age of 7 on the field will be complete.

R i C... that's a compliment, thanks.


No, Matsuzaka's going to be awesome, Jason O. You might as well get used to it.

And you'll be a game further back after this weekend. Get used to that too. (Me, I'd prefer three more games, but even THIS Yankee team deserves the benefit of the doubt and I believe they'll win one.)

Maybe A-Rod will wave his arms wildly while yelling, "DO OVER...DO OVER...", this weekend.

What a dick.

lou - it was meant as such. You 'da man. :)

Now that his wife has left him, who'll bring the orange slices and juice boxes for after the game?

Yes yelling at the second baseman is bushleague and pointless, people get made fun of for it at the field I play on whenever it occurs. I've had idiots throw there arms up coming into second before(last name Rodriguez...hmmm). I simply told the dude next time I would throw it anyway and we'd see where it hit him, problem solved.

Yes yelling at the second baseman is bushleague and pointless, people get made fun of for it at the field I play on whenever it occurs. I've had idiots throw there arms up coming into second before(last name Rodriguez...hmmm). I simply told the dude next time I would throw it anyway and we'd see where it hit him, problem solved.

h.b. -- After reading the Youkilis blog, I tend to think it is not written by anyone paid to write for a living (even a lowly MLB.com intern). It sounds like Youk himself, perhaps cleaned up a bit by whoever took the comments over the phone. We of the Mosaic faith are very proud of Youk's baseball skills, but he's not exactly the sharpest izmel in the drawer.

BTW, hb fine title today but I was always partial to "eyes w/o a face."

pudge - where'd you get those numbers? I actually checked into our nationally televised record yesterday and found us to be 6-5 (4-4 on ESPN, 2-1 on FOX).

h.b. - too bad about Mrs. Rod. Guess it was just a rumor after all... my apologies.

//We only need A-Rod to chant "heeeyyyy batterbatterbatter...saah-wing //

That's not even allowed anymore. I coach 13 year olds and they can't do any of that. They essentially can't speak to the other team unless it's to say nice play, good job, etc. No infield chatter allowed, and the catcher has to be a mute.

I wouldn't have lasted an inning. Creative insulting was my specialty as a little league catcher.

Todd Jones, blogging at http://playertalk.net/ submits via blackberry and it's edited on the way through and posted to the blog.

I'd bet a round of drinks that Youkilis doesn't even know he has a blog.


Jackie: from the Red Sox schedule on MLB.com. Losses on April 2, 11, and 28, and May 21, 23, and 30. Wins on April 8, 14, and 20-22.

2-1 on Fox, and 3-5 on ESPN.

Also, 3-3 against the Yankees. Yes, out of our nine games against the Yankees, our only three losses were nationally televised. Our first three wins were televised, and our last three wins were not.

h.b., I'll take you up on that bet.

I'll ask my friend in the front office if he can get me the low-down on it...

h.b., I join the bet with Kaz. And I must say I was hoping for props for the "izmel" reference.

Oh, I'm sure he probably has to "approve" the blog. But he doesn't write it. No way. I think the whole thing is put together from his post game statements to the media. At best, he maybe verbally relays the gist of the post and somebody then puts it together.

But him sitting down at a keyboard, writing, and then hitting the publish button? Nope. Not buying it.

Let's up the ante:

If I'm proven wrong, i.e, Youkilis writes his own blog in the same way Curt Schilling does, with some certifiable proof, I'll quit blogging at that moment.


While I'm sure you're correct, don't do it hb !! :(

BTW the comments on Youk's blog are gut wrenchingly nauseating, are they not? {'I love you youk' 'You give me the hots, Youk' - talk about the Yiddish God of Schmalz!}

spew away h.b., I'd bet my miserable existence on it. The blog is too well-put-together, with graphic qualities and pictures from third party sources. The site is actually a subscription site owned and operated by MLB.

Finally, here's all you need to know, posted at the very end:

"Posted by MLB.com during BP on Youk's behalf...he had to run"

"Run", get it? The whole blog entry was about how fast KY is.

[ I deeply regret introducing the KY notion to this audience ]

As much as I believe Schill's blog is a hunk of dog saliva, it definitely is him talking:

1. Promoting the shit out of his 38-themed crap [not www.38cliches.com, though]
2. Monstrous self absorption
3. Occasional typos
4. No graphic elements
5. Postings at odd hours of the day or night when he would be squiring overweight blonde sqaks around if he were Skank-rod.

Yah, so if you believe that Youk did anything but be interviewed by a summer intern to provide blog content, believe this: Jessica Alba is sitting here with me right now, "urging" me on.


Laughed out loud, more than usual. Thank you very much, h.b.

This gets my vote for 'Best use of the word 'knavery' in a sentence, 2007'.

I agree with the post above that this is A-Rod's last season in pinstripes, it could be by the trade deadline. It looks like the New Yorkers smell blood, if the NYT is getting into the act...


If this was the late '70s 'tension-with-George-Billy-Reggie' coverage, the Spanks would have a chance to recover. But this is pure A-rod as Lightning Rod coverage. He's a goner.

The sox should never pitch Wake versus the Yanks ever again. Period.

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