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The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen

Don't look now but the Yankees are in 2nd place.


Yep, and just think, they may soon be at .500! Oh noz!


Their pace is relentless and scary. Somebody hold me.


Man, did Callahan dish it out with his "Pathetic in Pinstripes" column this morning or what?


Abso-effin-lutley I totally enjoyed this line: "You want to know why the Yankees had to get Clemens? Because they didn’t get Schilling, Beckett or Matsuzaka" Ouch.


So when an MSM guy like Callahan rips on the Tankees, do you think he gets bombahded with angry fan emails the way bloggahs do?


Are you kidding me? Right now the servahs at thesauras.com are working reving their CPUs as a couple hundred hair-gelled Neanderthals in velour track suits attempt to find some "big words" for their "Yankees r da winnerz youseguys and youse Red Sawx are da suck" missives.




Callahan's column was okay. But the best I've read was actually from the NY Daily News.


My fav line: "...Michael Kay, the voice of Al Yankzeera..."

BTW, how the hell does a paid employee of the Skankees get on ESPN shows like The Sports Reporters?

Check out this howler from ESPN:

"Clemens has been in such hot demand he has the luxury to not put his 44-year-old body through the extreme rigors of travel."

The extreme rigors of travel! Oh no!

(How do people who have to travel for a living *without* an army of trainers and doctors and handlers and wranglers manage, I wonder?)

Yup, Monkeys and Yank Fans, all tied up in a bow. Thanks for that, h.b.

I am going to enjoy A Return To The Dome, and not worry about the Second Place Team. Frankly, that will come soon enough, now that the the New Era has begun. I need some help, though. Is it the Mattt DiSalvo Era or the Darrell Wayne Rasner Era?

Or does Darrell Wayne Rasner have just enough syllables in his name to be a mass murderer?

Also, Mo, coughing up chunks against the RS is one thing, but the Mariners?

In peace,


LC, you just know what's going to happen. It's almost inevitable.

DeSalvo will pitch a 2-hitter against the Sox, and all the headlines will read "The Boston Strangler."

He's never been exactly svelte, but Roggger was looking a little thicker around the middle at his appearance on the reviewing stand... and a little hung over in that press conference.

Simmons quoted a good email about the Ricket's (not a typo) return. Something to the effect of:

This is historic... Who ever heard of a rat jumping onto a sinking ship?!


The Spanks should look in their rear view-the mighty Devil Rays are only a half a game back :D

He's never been exactly svelte...

I know what you're saying but actually in college and in his rookie season with the Sox, Clemens was lanky.

Pic from Univ of Texas days

BTW that Simmons quote of the email line is actually another Winston Churchill quote. I almost used it yesterday, but when with the lesser known one instead.

Nice one, Bob! Hadn't even noticed the DiSalvo-DeSalvo connection. Eerie!

Guys, I'm ready to watch some baseball in May and see what happens against Clemens in June. But wow, ESPN is not waiting till June. Holy smokes, they are loving this Rogah thing! I am seeing video of that announcement about as much as I saw the video on CNN & FoxNews of that orange-jumpsuited guy who kidnapped the 9-year-old kid.

Callahan's comment about 'our friend Suzyn Waldman had what has been described as a Meg Ryan moment' describes a posting either here, SOSH, or alt.sports.baseball.bos-redsox. Read a blog, write a column.

For some reason, I am more comforted with the Blue Jays in last place, rather than the MFY.


//Waldman sounded like Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally."//

From Griffin. Here. Yesterday.


My apologies for not digging a little deeper for the proper credit - a combination of laziness and adult onset dementia. At least Callahan did put in a hint of attribution - the fear of Mike Barnicle and Ron Borges is alive and well at the Globe.

Ok, I'll fess up.

I don't quite get the title of the strip. I guess it is the title of a CD by the Mekons, but beyond that, I don't get it.

Age and all.

Any help?


Actually, considering Rogah's weight gain, perhaps it should have been titled, "A Pound of Flesh."

"The quality of mercy is not strained". It's from Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice. But the alteration is due to the infinite monkey theorem. (The Mekons album cover had a monkey at a typewriter).

Time will tell.

"The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen"

Stream of consciousness on why the title for today ...

"Mekons one of my fave bands from back in the day. Mekons album cover shows monkey at a typewriter implying infinite monkey theorem which is part of today's strip. Title of album doesn't make sense re word 'strnen.' Not sure if that has deeper meaning but it kind of sounds funny. Also the notion of 'mercy' seemed to fit today's theme in that the characters are enjoying not showing much mercy for the current Yankees state of the club."


Thanks for the explanation re 'Strnen'. That's awesome and now even funnier.

Tnx hb and tk.



Anyone seen 21 over 22?



Title now reminds me of a Simpsons ... monkeys typing away in a room, editor comes over and grabs sheet of paper out of one of the typewriters and reads "'It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times'? You idiot!"

Thunder is back (hold the applause). Sorry if a few of my comments last week curved foul... watching a half dozen arms blow out makes for a long spring and cranky Yankees.

You won't be surprised to hear that, six games down or not, I still like our chances to win the division. The Red Sox have a good team, but not .667/108 wins good, so you'll drift back to the pack, our arms will get healthier and there isn't exactly heavy traffic between us and Boston within the AL East. It will be Yankees and Red Sox in September, as it should be, and the rest of the division remains filler.

Even with our MASH unit rotation, we went 5-2 the past week (.714 for you stat freaks) and gained 1 1/2 games on you. I'll take 1/2 game a week between now and August... six-game leads in May are hardly daunting.

Before you rail at the Thunder, let's look objectively at the matchups...

1B -- Mientkiewicz/Phelps v. Youkilis. ADVANTAGE RED SOX, but being better than Mientkiewicz and Phelps isn't much to brag about and, with all due respect, neither is Youkilis.

2B -- Cano v. Pedroia/Cora. ADVANTAGE YANKEES. Despite Cano's slump, Pedroia is not quite ready for prime time, and Cano will have better stats than Cora by June unless `06 was a total fluke.

SS -- Jeter v. Lugo/Cora. ADVANTAGE YANKEES. No contest -- don't even try to argue this.

3B -- A-Rod v. Lowell. ADVANTAGE YANKEES. A-Rod deserves every name you and I can call him, but he's still a superstar and it's no contest.

C -- Posada v. Varitek. EVEN. Both aging, both adequate (I'm being generous here). Only Wakefield gets to vote for Mirabelli.

LF -- Matsui v. Manny. ADVANTAGE RED SOX. Clearly no contest but, for all your talk of Yankee dinosaurs, Manny isn't getting any younger himself and won't put up 35/120 much longer. Like Rivera, his April slump was a glimpse of the future.

CF -- Damon v. Crisp. ADVANTAGE YANKEES. Crisp will get better but, whether you consider Damon a traitor or not, Crisp will never be as good as Damon, even if Damon can't throw out his grandmother.

RF -- Abreu v. J.D. Drew. EDGE YANKEES. Drew is the poster boy for squandered talent.

DH -- Giambi v. Ortiz. ADVANTAGE RED SOX. Obviously no contest. I'm more embarrassed to have Giambi in pinstripes than A-Rod, and he doesn't even give hugs.

SP #1 -- Mussina v. Schilling. EDGE TO RED SOX, but Mussina is still a great money pitcher and Schilling isn't getting any younger either.

SP #2 -- Wang v. Beckett. EDGE TO RED SOX, but not by much. Wang won 19 last year, and both Don Schwall and Roger Clemens got off to 6-0 starts for the Red Sox. Beckett could still be Schwall this year (15-7).

SP #3 -- Pettitte v. Matsuzaka. EDGE TO YANKEES. Maybe Price-K adjusts and comes into his own next year -- as h.b. said, good middle of the rotation guy for now.

SP #4 -- Clemens v. Wakefield. EDGE YANKEES, age and all, ERA inflation and all, salary inflation and all. Clemens will win big games in August and September if he's healthy, whether his ERA is 2.30 or twice that. Wakefield's ERA hasn't been below 4.00 in five years.

SP #5 -- Hughes v. Lester. EDGE RED SOX. I'll skip Taveras if you'll skip the Yankees #5 du jour. Hughes will be ready in June. Lester has one year on Hughes in seasoning, not talent.

Okajima et al. v. whoever. ADVANTAGE RED SOX. Obviously our worst category -- Farnsworth is probably the worst setup man in baseball. Now that Steinbrenner has made his grandstand "hero move," Cashman has to do the grunt work of finding a quality long reliever and a quality setup man. Nothing that a Yankee bankroll can't buy -- time to spend those pennies we were saving for Zambrano.

Rivera v. Papelbon. ADVANTAGE RED SOX. Youth be served, but Rivera isn't ready to be counted out yet. I still take the over/under on 30 saves this year.

Quite simply, our bats are better and your pitching, although very good, isn't Atlanta/Maddux era or Baltimore/Palmer era overwhelming. A Mussina/Pettitte/Wang/Clemens/Hughes rotation isn't half as bad as you'd like to believe.

Can we cut into your lead by an average of 1/2 game a week? Easily. Put into perspective, that six-game lead is no more daunting than it was in `02, `05 and years that shall remain nameless and numberless by the kinder, gentler Thunder.

Now I will return to proving the infinite monkey theorem by recreating the complete works of Shakespeare (or is it the complete blogs of Schilling?). I've gotten as far as "Rumour... open your eyes."


did somebody just fart?

Thanks, PT. By your own math, the Yanks have the edge in 7 head-to-heads while the Sox have the advantage in 8... of which 3 are starting pitching, 1 the closer and 1 the entire bullpen. I feel really awesome now. You're a champ. :)

Clemens was dead to me when he left for Toronto, but I have to confess to moments of a) wanting to see him come home and redeem himself and b) not wanting the Yanks to wind up on his Cooperstown cap, which is now more assured. Ah, well, it will be fun to see Clemen$ on roadtrips to Fenway (that is, if he pitches, because if not, lord knows he'll be thousands of miles away in Texas, screw supporting the team)

Yeah, lou and followed through too I fear.

Pinstripe, to be fair, I'd rather take 7-8 innings consistently of 4ERA starts than 5-6 innings of 2-3ERA starts, particularly considering the Yankees' bullpen, and the prices that each of those come at. $4mil a season, or almost $7mil a month?

Regarding Clemens v Wakefield, let's go to Mr. Mnookin, shall we?

The real reason the Sox don’t need Clemens is because of the ace of their staff…Timothy Wakefield. Wakefield, who’s set to make $4 million a year in perpetuity (or approximately what Clemens will pull down per game), is going through another one of his brilliant, unhittable stretches: his 3-3 record is the result of nothing so much as the criminally low run support he gets, as evidenced by his 2.11 ERA and his .197 BAA(!). To put that in some context, Schill’s ERA is 3.28 and his BAA is .298; Beckett weighs in at 2.72 and .219. Wakefield is, in fact, at the top or near the top of virtually every metric that looks at opponents’ offensive averages.

From "Who needs Clemens? We’ve got Wake…"

HB: Props on the Mekons reference. In their heyday, they made amateurism and shambolic noise sound wonderful - one of the TRUE D.I.Y. bands.

Is "pinstripe thunder" actually BigBri with a college degree? (ouch)


So what you're saying is that, despite the Yankees' admittedly pathetic start, we've already beaten the "ace of your staff" this year? That's encouraging. Granted -- Wakefield will pitch forever, and his overall metrics are impressive. Unfortunately, if you matched them up against the Red Sox run production (this year and last) whenever he has started, the Bosox numbers are even more anemic. For whatever reason, Wakefield appears even more skilled at silencing Red Sox bats than those of his opponents (reference Clemens in Houston, `04 and `05). Hard luck loser or not, an L is still an L and a W is still a W, any way you can get it. Clemens v. Wakefield? Yankees 3, Red Sox 2.


Roger is set to make more than the Devil Rays this year.

I'd rather have half of the D-Rays on my team instead.

Colin Cowherd (ESPN Radio) compares Suzy Waldman to Ric Flair

In case you don't get YES, here's the "Meg Ryan" moment.

So what you're saying is that, despite the Yankees' admittedly pathetic start, we've already beaten the "ace of your staff" this year?

Ah, no, because I started to realize the error in making conclusions from a small sample size back in 4th grade playing Little League.

It's kinda sorta Baseball 101, at least in New England.

I don't know why the Sox have so much trouble with Toronto when they so obviously pwn the Yankees, but it would appear that we're at least getting the Jays at the right time, as they've lost six in a row.

And man, that hit piece in the Herald was just brutal. I'm betting it was as much of a schadenfreude-laden joy to write as it was to read. As the late Dr. Thompson used to say: "ZANG!"

na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-nah THUNDAH"-ACDC


Point well taken. It would be like trying to predict a 162-game season based on the first 30 games, a point that Yankee Nation labors patiently to explain to its prematurely enthusiastic detractors. BTW, despite the sturm und drang about our ragtag rotation, we STILL have seven quality starts in the past eight games. We do have "second act" issues (read seventh and eighth inning) that Mr. Cashman needs to solve sooner rather than later.

Kudos to Natalie for an excellent glass half full analysis. What I was saying was that we have an overwhelming offensive advantage (don't take the shot -- it's too easy), you have a narrow edge in SP and we need to bolster our bullpen. Sounds like the makings of another September horse race to me.

Off to give the monkeys a well-deserved banana break. They've been typing like crazy.


Oh, Dr. Thompson (RIP)




H.I.SoxFan - That was very funny. You know what made it better? I have been listening to a Classic Rock station on Accuradio this afternoon and that song was playing when I brought up your post. Chuckled out loud...

Seems that Big Bri's mail order diploma came in. His mom must be really proud. If only that transparent tape would stick to the cement wall in the basement better.

Just to elaborate further on what may have occurred to h.b., the group Mekon took their name from the comic strip character The Mekon.

The Mekon was the leader of the "treens." You can think of him as a superevolved troll with a brain genetically engineered for superior intellect and acquisition of superweapons designed for world domination. He was, of course, evil. And that would, of course, be a completely different interpretation from the infinite monkey theorem.

A member of the Evil Empire with intellect and vision... your worst nightmare come true. If the spikes fit...


I would like to point out that I gave Soxaholix a shout-out in a comment on the Mnookster's post yesterday (comment #4).

//A member of the Evil Empire with intellect and vision.//

And Wikipedia.

I need a drink.

Meet me upstairs at Pete's in an hour and I'll buy you one.

Against my better judgement. :))

I'm not sharing any of my Sam Adams Utopias.

I'm going to buy J.O. a "special" drink, Kaz.


I'm out tonight, work related. I look forward to it soon.

I'm also building up a resistance to chloral hydrate so when I do have a drink with you guys there's not some kind of compromising photo on soxaholix the next day.

Jason O.,

I realize your comment was tongue-in-cheek, but I suspect the entire readership would like to rehash the last fifty years of the rivalry (one-side, I will fully admit) over a bar. No Mickey Finns and no attempts at de-programming - maybe just a small and discreet RSN tattoe.

pt ... highest fielding percentage of any third baseman ever??? mike lowell... you can keep blue lips... oh btw you had mikey didnt ya?

pt ... highest fielding percentage of any third baseman ever??? mike lowell... you can keep blue lips... oh btw you had mikey didnt ya?

Mike -- Yeah, Mike Lowell puts even Brooks Robinson to shame. You probably even have the Coco Crisp probabilistic putout model to prove it. Sorry, but Lowell peaked (young) about three or four years ago, and sending Anibal Sanchez to the minors won't change that. I don't particularly want to keep A-Rod, as I've pointed out several times. The guy is a stat-hungry, narcissistic, socially maladept jerk. I simply made the point that he's better because... he is.


By gum, I am enjoing this game tonight. Geffner is on fiah.


Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh - mlb tv has the NESN telecast but they cut updates by Hazel Mae - as said aaaaahhhh. I guess it's back to the Geff for his illuminations. Nooooooo.
Frustrated downunder

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