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Soxaholix Out of Office Autoreply

I'm on biz travel, so I leave you with Lisa the Temp. (New image may require a cache dump or force refresh …)

Lisa the Temp:
Well, well, well, peeps, will you check this shit out?


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa's joined the Cult of Mac. Alas I, too, can ooze pretension.


Lisa the Temp:
Should I wear a black turtleneck now?


Lisa the Temp:
Of course, I fully expect an iPhone on June 1st.


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, peeps, I'm an ungrateful and greedy temp worker.


Lisa the Temp:
Don't you judge me.



Welcome to the 21st century Lisa

More importantly,Lisa, can you still access German porn on that thing?

As far as the RS go, you know, I could get very addicted to this whole 3-5 runs in the later innings thing.

Mothra was stupid good last night. I think he could have gone 12.


Oh, Lisa, your new Mac and little four-fingered hands are getting me all hot and bothered.

How bout the 4 step handshake with Big Papi after the game was over that ends with a bow? I love that stuff.

Yes, to the turtleneck so we can burn that Purple Rain era, LSU colored wardrobe. And I'm sure LC et al would much prefer a snug top.

I am bummed. I deleted my cookies, forced refresh and even restarted and the image is still blank for me. I wanna see new Lisa!!! Any ideas?

jamesfrmmaine- I totally agree. That shit gives me goosebumps, I'm such a sap.

Same thing; I blew away all offline files, did a refresh, and still no Lisa.

Finally! Now she need only install WoW BC to help her keep busy during the workday and she'll be all set! She'd make a great Bloodelf Warlock insert Fear/DOT here)!


Me too...no Lisa.

Loved this statistic mentioned last night: RS have outscored opponents 41-9 in the 8th inning this year.

Be. Here. Now.

I'm so pleased that Tito didn't "Pull a Perlozzo" and yank Mothra for the ninth. Suppose the prior day's lessons took root? Nice to see the standing O when he came out for the ninth. I was really stoked to see him pitch a complete game.

Also agree that it's time to update our Gal Friday's wardrobe. "Purple Rain era". Heh. Good one, NOLA!

I'll put up with the Purple Rain era clothing if Lisa will change her name to an unpronounceable symbol...Is it sick I have always found Prince sexy?

I loved noticing that the Sox have the lowest runs against of any team in MLB.

Also: ditto, RinCT. I was yelling at Tito in the 8th to leave him in to finish the game. Clearly my voice can penetrate technology, like a Hero (speaking of which, anyone else catch last night's show? Kick. Ass.)

Guys, if you can't see Lisa, try holding the shift key down and clicking the refresh button on your browser. That should do it.

No more 4 button keyboard? What next, a pile of rubble replacing Bushmiller's 3 rocks in Nancy?

Natalie, not so loud. Sylar can hear you.

Well, it certainly seems that Mothra is working out his control problems: 124 pitches last night and not a single walk. Question: if the Sox don't score 4 in the bottom of the 8th, and it's still a 3-1 game, does Francona send him back out there with 109 pitches under his belt, or does he call on the Papelbot?

To hell with Macs, and Microsoft as well. Ubuntu, baby.


I read yesterday, but missed the title. Nice reference to Nymphos of Rocky Flats by Mario Acevedo. Pretty fun new author!

Papelbot definitely in if still 3-1.

Turtleneck definitely out (it's not still snowing back east is it?) - you can't cover that body...c'mon people. I'm thinking low cut, sleeveless.

Ryan- "Boom." Creeptastic.

Nat - I did catch "Heroes", but only on tape delay because of the game. Ass-kicking good. I really can't wait to see how they wrap things up in the finale next week.

Last night was TV techno-hell for me. Wanted to watch the whole game, so had the main TV set to record "Heroes" while the bedroom tv was programmed to record "24". I watched the Mothra-thon from the downstairs set. Good thing I checked on the machines between innings around 9:00, as the time clock was off on both other machines. (Of course, this from a guy who has multiple blinking 12:00's on various elctronics around the house.) D'er...

Question for the more technically competent among the assembled: Can a DVR record more than one station at the same time? Thinking it might be time to upgrade the whole kit and kaboodle.

Rob- yes, DVR can record 2 at once, but you cannot *watch* a third while those two are recording- you have to watch one of the two being recorded. Sucks. Also, make sure to set your series priority. I was devastated that the Office didn't tape while I was out this Thursday because it was set to a lower priority than Deadliest Catch or something like that, which was showing a rerun.

Heros last night was great. How cool was it to see Sulu as a bad ass warrior?

I'm with Aaron on the operating system issue. I loaded Ubuntu onto my personal laptop a few weeks ago and have booted into Windows only once or twice since.

I am shocked that no one came up with a witty Lisa turning turning to a mac joke based upon the old Apple Lisa 2 project vs mac project and the eventual convergence of the two.

I think if you bring in the over-the-air channels via an antenna you would be able to watch one of the networks while the DVR is taping 2 other shows.

"Should I wear a black turtleneck now?"

Only if we can watch you change into it, Lisa.

Totally depends on the DVR, Rob.

My Tivo Series 2 can tape 1 show at a time and you can either watch that show or one of its previously saved shows.

My friend had DirectTV with a dual-tuner DVR/decoder. He could tape 2 shows at one time and could watch either one or a previously saved show.

Some DVRs can tape 2 shows but you can't watch a previously saved show if it is taping 2 simultaneously (just too much for its itty processor).

Or you can do like my brother and setup your HD cable with your HDTV in the living room. Setup a "game TV" next to that with its own cable box and 2 game systems attached to it. Add a Tivo that can display on either TV and then get a TV tuner card for your computer in the dining area that can be seen from the living room.

Thanks for all the assists, guys. Sounds like it might be easiest if I simply ask Kaz's brother if I can sleep on his couch. :-)

I suspect that an HDTV is in my future. Madame Tarot told me so. DVR with digital HD sounds like the ticket. If I can record 2 shows at the same time, I'll gladly retire to the other room to watch the game in comfort. Then again, I can't smoke my stogies anywhere but the basement, so guess I'll find myself back down there anyway. :-)

Is that last square a 'My name is earl' reference? If so, hilarious. If not, still hilarious. Brett Butler is hilarious in doses.

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