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Sounds like "fuh"

At 9½ games up, at least some of The Soxaholix have reprioritized …

Well, that's it then. The Yankees are back and unstoppable. Just like Amy Fisher.


Absolutely. Our fate is sealed. The mystique and aura is unassailable. Time to put our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye, et cetera, et cetera.


So you want to do Thai for lunch?


I dunno, sometimes Thai is just, you know, a tad too Thai to the tummy.


Vietnamese then?


Now you're talking. Love me some Phở.


Seriously. I could eat pho every day of the week.


Well, like the song says — Qu'est que c'est phở phở phở phở phở phở phở phở phở phở bettah.



Actually, I think David Bryne was singing about New York System weiners in Providence.

He worked at one during his time at RISD. That's where his signature on-stage "chop down the arm" move came from.

BTW, I can't remember the last time I saw Wake's knuckler so flat and with less "knuckle." Almost every vone seemed up in the zone and with little movement.

Run run run away :)

STILL waiting on J.D.Drew to do something to help the team win. I mean, I like the guy, and he does play outfield very well, but he doesn't belong at number five in the lineup. Hopefully the Sox can at least win one in the Bronx, I could handle a 9 1/2 game lead coming out of this series.

Ah, c'mon, Deepsub. We'll take the next two. No despair!

hey deepsub - long time (2004), no talk! how are you? daubie

Why does ESPN, Fox and everyone else and his brother have to treat their win last night as “turning the corner/here they come!”? One freakin win. Sox had too many opportunities to blow it open and they blew it. THAT was annoying. Hopefully the good Julian shows up tonight. I smell possible sweep and then we’ll never hear the end of it.

Has anyone else noticed Julian's head shot on redsox.com. It looks like he is completely wasted. Cracks me up every time he pitches......

I'm afraid to look at Tavarez too closely, else I turn to stone from his Medusian countenance.

We're doomed. I am returning to my basement shelter to sulk the rest of the season. Once Clemens is back in that rotation they will be unstoppable.

Seriously aren't they playing for Torre's job right now. Wouldn't surprise me if the Sox get beat again tonite and Wednesday.



Now I am hungry for Vietnamese food.

$1,000 bucks paddy24 shows up today.

Go Batshit!

Why the hell is it that ESPN and Fox always treat Manny like it's a complete shock every time he makes a decent play in the outfield? He's always been a good left fielder, and he's improved markedly over the past few seasons, and yet it's still a surprise when he makes a diving catch, even though it was a surprise to them the last dozen times they saw him do it.

Guess I'll cancel my trip home this summer...anyone want bleacher tix for early September. No sense on going now - we'll probably be 4 1/2 back at that point.

Even flying through the game on Tivo was painful - 80 men left on base still hurts. But I think Moose will get banged around a bit tonight. Just hope batshit stays golden.

Look, I like Manny. I think he brings a lot to this team beyond his bat, including a great clubhouse presence that the media wants to crap on as "lazy being lazy" or "baby being baby" but his defense is shored up by a giant green wall behind him. He only has to roam 310 feet of distance and yet he still doesn't get to everything a more nimble fielder would. He dives on plays that shouldn't require diving because he just doesn't get there as fast as another LFer. The beauty is that he has an average arm and runners (in Fenway) don't think about the fact that he's throwing it in from about 70 feet closer every time he's on or near the track...so he gets a nicely inflated assist column by beating anyone trying to stretch a double off a low wall ball. Defense is not Manny's strong suit and that's fine with me too.

As for the season, I'm already making plans for October. Congrats to the Yankees for yet another post-season letdown but at least they made it in and the Sox missed the Wild Card by 1 game.

BTW, your wikipedia link for pho is really busted h.b.

Never liked OBie much before and last night didn't change that - guess I'm lucky he's forced on me only once a month - but if you voluntarily endure his big voice all season ALONG with Goofner then chalk another one up for pyscho Mainers

"batshit stays golden"
Sonoma-wasn't that an old Monty Python skit? "Your Majesty is like a stream of Bats piss" :)

'pyscho Mainers'? wtf?

whoa, that link was jacked. fixed now, thanks.

Sure James. You know, from the song lyrics: "Psycho Mainers... Qu'est que c'est. pho pho pho pho pho pho pho pho pho pho, bettah run run run awwaaaaay!!!" David Byrne really is a genius... :-D

Anyone else read the Pubic-Domed One's column today? Surprisingly sanguine about the Sox. I had it figured for certain that he'd go all Chicken Little on us today after stranding all those baserunners and (gasp!) losing one to the Skanks.

"wasn't that an old Monty Python skit?"

Can't claim I was going for Monty but pretty damn funny.

"'pyscho Mainers'? wtf?"

Easy James - don't go all batshit on us...before moving to Ahhhnold's state, I was a resident psycho for 30 years as is my wife. Still got mom & pops back there to keep the psycho edge. And we proudly fly Dirigo at our house!

Speaking of pho...

Pho Lemongrass in Coolidge Corner (on Harvard about 2 blocks towards Brookline Village) gets Kaz's Seal of Approval.

The beauty is that he has an average arm and runners (in Fenway) don't think about the fact that he's throwing it in from about 70 feet closer every time he's on or near the track...so he gets a nicely inflated assist column by beating anyone trying to stretch a double off a low wall ball.

Every other left fielder in Fenway has had the same advantage there. But the problem they run into is trying to figure out where the ball hit high off the wall is going to land. If they don't figure it out, they'll turn a single into a double as they have to run 30 feet to where the ball ended up.

Yaz was great at it. And this was back in the day when the upper half of the wall had tin (or some kind of sheet metal) covering it. Yaz had the difference in the bounce figured out. I remember seeing a number of visiting LFs completely befuddled and running around like madmen in LF, even with help from the CF. I saw a ball hit the seam between the metal and the wall once and the CF, LF and SS were all chasing after it.

Hey new guy here-

Batshit Tavarez?

Byrne slinging new york system dogs in Providence while at RISD?

Is this Nirvana?

Love the site. Stay tuned for more comments from the good Docter.

My point being that Manny does a pretty good job at figuring out the rebounds off the wall and keeping runners from taking a cheap 2nd base. It's not as easy as it looks.

James, I think SS was talking about me. I am a Mainah.

In re: psycho Mainahs.

"Dirigo" is latin for "I will tax the shit out of you and give you nothing but cheap coffee brandy in return"

Or something like that.

Sonoma. One of my sons lives out there. He always wants to know why I come visit him on my way to DC or Chicago.

I think we need to renew the Nancy moniker. Talk about a guy who looks lost.


>Is this Nirvana?

No, it's Iowa.

Stay tuned for more comments from the good Docter.

Whoa there, fella. Those are some pretty big shoes you're attempting to fill. If you're going to take Herr Doktor's moniker, you'd better be funny. "Teeth Like Baseballs, Eyes Like Jellied Fire" -level funny.

RE: Maine...yep, another Downeastah here. Moving back this summer, since the fiance inherited her grandfather's house there. The taxes are high, the wages are low, but at least the house is paid for. Yee ha!

...and the Allens is plentiful

//Stay tuned for more comments from the good Docter.//

Great, another deep thinker that refers to himself in the third person.

>Is this Nirvana?
No, it's Soundgarden.

...and the Allens is plentiful

More importantly, the Allagash is plentiful. On the rare occasions you can find it our here on the left coast, you have to take out a second mortgage to buy a couple of bottles.

//On the rare occasions you can find it our here on the left coast, you have to take out a second mortgage to buy a couple of bottles.//

Trade you a case of Allagash for one of Anchor Steam straight up.

One of the saving graces of seeing the A's at the Coliseum over the years is getting Anchor Steam at the pahk

I'll have a tripel.
If no allagash, try:


pretty widely available.

"No, it's Soundgarden."

Funny, with all of today's talk about pho, I thought it was an Octopus's Garden.

Amen on the Ayinger Celebrator, Jason. If "awesome" could somehow be made liquid and bottled, that's what it would taste like.

Good Lord, we actually agree on something...

Sam Adams 2x bock is also good, but it's available for about 5 minutes.

The Dogwood in JP has Anchor Steam on tap, LC.

So I just read that Friday Night Lights is moving to Fridays at 10pm. Now there's a kiss of death timeslot, eh? But I suppose beggars can't choose...

Nat - Did you catch the finale of Heroes last night? Was up late to watch it after the game, but boy, was it worth it! Thought they did a nice job of sort of tying up the various story threads.

Looking forward to next season. Hope the writing doesn't fall prey to a "Lost"-ian sort of sophomore slump..

I wanted more resolution on Heroes and instead they gave out a dozen more questions. That was my problem with the season finale.

(spoilers coming next...)

The Petrelli brothers flew into space to save the city? What about Peter's regeneration ability? He should survive, right? Why let Sylar get away? Are they not crafty enough to make a new enemy?? Who can see Molly when she looks for them? What happened to the Jamaican guy in all of this? I think Linderman is the only conclusively dead mutant (end of the road for him AND his mutant power)...what gives?

(end of spoilers)

Where's the a-ha moment? They've already started to go a little too "Lost" on me with Heroes. I like the "Law and Order"s, I can watch an hour and see a story, beginning to end. There are even deeper plots with the characters that persist through multiple episodes that are interesting (but even *those* draw to conclusion after appropriate lengths). Heroes is more of a single story broken into 23 hour-long chunks with all beginnings and no ends.

Next season, they're even planning on giving us *more* beginnings. According to the buzz, there's supposed to be a sister show that tells a story about some random person discovering they have mutant abilities and then we get to somehow vote on which of these characters we want to introduce into the main show. If this show continues to roll on the way it has, it really has the potential to lose me (and I doubt I'm alone). Even every comic book comes to some finality after a mini-series is run. Superman died. Sure he came back, but he was dead and buried and they had a nice funeral...he didn't just get pounded into the ground so deeply that we couldn't see the bottom of the hole and now is he dead or isn't he should we just assume oh my goodness look there he is again or is he...Chapter 2.

"One of the saving graces of seeing the A's at the Coliseum over the years is getting Anchor Steam at the pahk"

Jesus, that might be the only saving grace, well that and actually affording tix...4 game set in two weeks!!!

LC - if you're coming out you might have to pack an extra bag w/ for the Allagash.

Trader Joe's carries Shipyard out here - not a bad second choice.

So I need some advice. I announced last night (AEST) that I might be on Sportscentre when Matsuzaka-san hits a dinger into the bleachers at Petco Park and I catch the ball in my left hand, with my plastic beer cup held by my teeth, my fish taco in my right hand and the word soxdownunder emblazoned upon my tummy and my partner, the love of my life, the mother of my little boy (who is not, but should be, called Manny) said (and I quote): ‘don’t bother coming home’

How does one deal with such an appalling attitude? I may be ‘scarred for life’ ®.

Go Batshit!

sdu, i can't un-see it! Thanks.

Funny as hell, buddy. :)

Kaz, since Peter has powers of others why didnt he fly up himself, that way his bro doesnt have to go too. Also why didnt cheerhoney shoot him, then he could "die" and they could pull the bullet out later like they did with the glass in his head.

SONOMA: Have you tried "Racer 5" at the Bear Repulblic in Healdsburg? It has to be my fav right now. Just strtted selling it in bottles here in Petaluma.

Go Batshit!! I have!

There is water at the bottom of the ocean-vermouth...but thats another TH song...

Textmessages between me and the office Marty last night at 1830 HST:
Marty: Here come the Yankees! Red sucks.
Da Kine: It's on Tivo and I haven't seen it yet. Thanks, asshole.
M: My bad.
DK: You're still an asshole.
M: I know. Hahaha.


DK: Was your bullpen trying to give that thing away?
M: I don't care the Sox are still bitches
DK: Good luck tomorrow. Hooligan will manrape Moose and bring shame upon your house.

How sweet will it be when Hooligan triumphs over Mussina?

Monty - The Bear is about 23 seconds from my office...actually timed it once. Very fond of the Racer

Monty- I had the same thought re: Peter. I also think that the start of next season could potentially be anticlimatic- i.e. Nathan let go of Peter at the last possible moment, so he is safe, and Peter regenerates. Regardless, I loved it all! Great, great show. I hate no new TV til Fall. Thank god for baseball...

A-Rod proves he is yet again the lowest form of baserunner possible.

I hope Schilling teaches him a 91-mph lesson tonight.

Bush league.

Good win by the Sox.

What the fuck happened with the draft last night??? FIFTH?!?! Just shoot me.

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