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Satisfying and delicious

[Singing] Who can take a tie game
Turn it to 'Amen!'
Launch one in the wind out past the bullpen?
The Mannyman, the Mannyman can,
The Mannyman can 'cause to hit is what he loves
And makes the game end good.


Hell yeah Manny does! And so much for his slumping April.


But let's not forget to give some love to Kyle Snyder Brendan Donnelly, and J.C. Romero shut down the Mariners for the final four innings and set up Manny's bombastah.


Absolutely. And while we're recognizing the the total effaht, let's remembah how important a role Hideki Okajima and Alex Cora have played in getting to 17-9.


Bob Ryan says it so well this morning: "it's always nice to be reminded that what will always separate sport from entertainment is this wonderful element of the unknown. We do not know how the games will turn out and we do not know who will determine the outcome."


But you know what I didn't find particularly entertaining? Seeing Tom Brady in a Yankees cap.


You know the first I thought of when I saw that? In the next few days Peyton Manning should get himself photo'ed in a Red Sox cap.


Fatal error: exception Invalid_argument("String.create"). Brain shutting down.


Exactly! Our collective heads would implode from the mordant irony of it all.



Lisa schmisa. I Loooove Circle.

BTW-Kaz and pinstripe Blunder, that was like an old-school prizefight yesterday. "DOWN GOES THUNDA, DOWN GOES THUNDA!"

Leave it to Papi to get hugged-out. Warms the Haht.

Great to see Manny coming out of his slumber... But what about DiceK's case of Chuck Knoblach Disease?

How can a guy who "loves to throw" be unable to find the strike zone for one full inning per game?

Dispensing with all of the cheeriness, can we assume that perhaps Mothra is not exactly the lock for the Cy Young award that everyone thought he was. Sushi gone bad.

Pete's Pub. Late-ish. Bob getting a little too drunk for a Thursday night.

"Just hit the damn thing out, Manny. Please? One more Jameson is going to...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Thank you Manny, my dear, dear friend. I feel sort of okay today. Need 6 more cups of coffee, but okay.

Anyone who thought Matsuzaka was going to live up to the hype this season, has not been paying attention to the difficulty pitchers have moving from the NL to the AL (see Beckett, Josh) let alone moving from the Japanese league to the AL.

But just as Beckett seems to have needed an entire season to adjust and is now looking quite could, the same will probably hold for Matsuzaka as well.

He just needs to be an OK middle of the rotation guy for now. The ace stuff can come later.


Manny be my favorite. I loved the way he stepped out of the box before going all cheap seats last night.

Sorry (actually not) I missed all the Asstripe Blunder posts yesterday. h.b. please confirm that his IP address is the same as big brianna's mothers house.

On the MetroDome. Do you think they have landed yet?


I posted this on the other blog, but for those of you too cheap to use your bandwidth to go there, I thought you'd like to see this:

From Extra Bases:

On Wednesday, May 16th at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton, Red Sox fans and Brockton Rox fans will have the opportunity to see and hear two favorites of Red Sox Nation - Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd and Jerry Trupiano as Boyd leads his All Stars in an exhibition game against the Rox....Joining Jerry Trupiano in the broadcast booth will be his son, Brian, as they follow in the father-son footsteps of Jack and Joe Buck, and Harry and Skip Caray. The game will be broadcast on a taped delay by Brockton Community Access Television.



We're 18-9, H.B. I'm relishing every win these days. The next 6 games are going to be very interesting: 2-4, then we're just ok. 3-3, that will be fine. 4-2 or better and we can start thinking about 100 wins this year.

Well, if the plane landed in the early am, given the ban on greenies, expect a nice flat performance tonight. Oh, Wake might be sharp, but he'll get his usually absence of run support.

yb, it was curious that Wake wasn't sent ahead. he was in the dugout last night.

Yaz you're starting to sound a touch like paddy24. Ick. Get some rest this weekend, m'kay?

HB - nice to see you chime in on the whole alternative lyrics thingy. I've been enjoying the poetry slam of the last couple days. Thought Nola's haiku offering of yesterday was an underrated hit.

As to last night's game, tough one on Mothra, but honestly, watching the game while doing some basement den renovations last night, I really never felt like we were ever out of it, even down 5-0 after half an inning. Just a feeling right along through the evening that someone was going to jack up the ride. Glad it was Manny-man.

Pega luna Manny
Brilla diamante

And the green wall’s rising
Like a killer in the sun
If he doesn’t judge carom
Than he’s knocking in a run
Every guy wants to be him
And the ladies go crazy
Manny, hit me home with a moonshot, baby!
(credit to Joe Pernice)

My husband is in the same "give him time" camp re Matsuzaka. I'm singing, "Say, who is this walking man?"

lc - i do check out your blog most days, but don't want to be a suck-up by commenting, plus I don't get the radio broadcasts down here, so don't have a dog in the fight.


Pete's Pub in Haymarket? I thought they closed down... At least the big sign on the front was taken down.

Great dive bar.

Miketc: they're renovating downstairs. the already renovated upstairs bar is open. You have to enter through the rear alley (heh-heh).

It's going to be called "Durty Nellies."

(Like anybody will ever call anything but Pete's. :)

When I left work, the first inning had just ended and several coworkers had stopped by to inform me of the score. I was all ready to jump up and down on the panic button...but by the time I got home we had already tied it up. I paused and reminded myself "Oh, right, we're playing the Mariners," and knew everything would be ok.

Now here I am, bright and surly at 7:45am, ready to mock...and those same coworkers are nowhere to be found. Quel surpris.

Oh well, picking on Mariners fans isn't much fun anyway. They're such a downtrodden lot, you feel guilty afterwards.

Regarding Tom Brady wearing the Mark of the Beast: I don't stop rooting for Schilling just because he's a fundie wingnut, so I can forgive Brady for his supremely horrific taste in headgear.


//I can forgive Brady for his supremely horrific taste in headgear.//

I think Giselle is his real headgear.

I couldn't give a rat's ass about Brady's hat.

Just Win Baby!

I think Giselle is his real headgear.

Thanks a lot, Bob. My computer monitor really need that coat of coffee.

//I think Giselle is his real headgear//
Talk about your pinstripe thunder....

With the Brady hat thing, I can't help but wonder if it was intentional, i.e., the media is constantly telling us that the Patriots hate it that the town/region still belongs to the Red Sox and hate it when the Red Sox steal the headlines even during football season.

I sort of always dismissed this a more BSM muckraking, but a part of me wonders if Brady wearing the NY hat isn't an intentional FU to the Sox.

Probably I'm reading too much into it, still...

Schilling is a social conservative.
Carl Everett is a fundie wingnut.

Of course I'm making the massive assumption that you can tell the difference.

I just defended Red Light (FATAL ERROR: EXCEPTION....)

I see they're also taking out the rack and putting in another bland hard rock cafe. I only went to the rack once in a blue moon and then only because it was the most perfectly named bar in history...

For perspective, Lisa the temp's Bismarcks would have been less than one standard deviation from the mean in that place, let me tell you.

Actually, JO, they're not putting in another bland Hard Rock. They're just moving the current bland Hard Rock to the Rack location. Actually, business-wise, probably a good move for them due to the hordes of tourists swarming in that area.

When I see Tom in a ND hat then I'll know the apocalypse is approaching :)

Of course I'm making the massive assumption that you can tell the difference.

That's awfully gracious of you, especially considering how incredibly important your opinion is to me. I'll make a concerted effort to ask myself "Would Jason agree with this?" when tossing out offhand snarky comments in the future.

Yessir, vermonter. You creeps (and I mean that in the nicest way) can have Lisa the Temp. It's all Circle all the time in my head (y'know, as far as Soxaholix chicks go).

I love Manny and the offense in general for picking the team up when the SP couldn't have a quality start (not worried about Matsuzaka...call me in late August). And thanks, hb, for giving a shout-out to the bullpen, who reminded us it's okay not to throw Okajima and Papelbon out there every damn night (though the 9th did give me a small case of fits).

A friend of mine is already jumping up and down on the panic button re: Mothra. ("OMG! He's a bust! We wasted $100 million!" and such.) Of course, he was singing the same sad tune last year about Beckett, and now loves the guy.

I try, in vain, to assure the guy that it's all about the adjustment period; just like Beckett had to learn the hard way that he couldn't overpower AL hitters with nothing but a fastball, so to must Mothra learn the hard way to stop trying to paint the corners all the time and and just go after people.

Fer chrissakes, the guy can throw seven different pitches for strikes. It's only a matter of time until he puts it all together.

Yeah, that long, golden cartoon hair gets me.

When I saw Gibson behind the plate at the start of the game I said "Uh-oh." The guy is notorious for his irregular strike zone and his quick trigger finger - not a good combination, especially for a rookie pitcher. Because that's just what Matsuzaka is, a rookie, and he's going to have his ups and downs, just as all rookies do.

His talent is undeniable. If he was throwing the ball all over the place or grooving cookies, I'd be worried. It's more a question of figuring out how to adjust to the American League. He's a smart guy, and he'll adjust eventually.

I miss my daily shout out to the last place Yankees. I hope you're not letting the facts deter you -- you never have in the past.

Funny how thoroughly you dissected last night's game with nary a mention, save for h.b., of $50 million Dice BB's performance and the invisibility of Papelbon. What is the new strategy for Paps? Long relief perhaps?

Speaking of relievers... the ancient, washed up Rivera had two more saves than Papelbon in one day. It commences to begin.

And now, as promised, an homage to ee cummings for Kaz...

i sing of manny
gladd and big
whose samba heart recoiled at work
a conscientious object- or
a statue
gazing at himself
trajecting through the full moon night
reflections of his rumpled self
No base path protocol for him
(in rio they don't run a lot)
see how red sox waive at him
forgetting nights in yankee bars
when he delivers in the clutch
they love him oh so very much
ritz carlton carlton
off the block
no hopes of buying good yankee stock
the Nation re-embraces him
as aristides goes to war
a statesman in a burlap sack
the Nation's knaves bow down to him
and offer him their muted praise
but memories so rarely lag
and with a smile he tips his cap
and says
"i will not kiss your f***ing flag."

Thunder has awoken, and now he's spoken.

And it's the University of Phoenix to you philistines, thank you.

Hey PissYellow Sphinchter.

They are not in last place. Go shit in Tom Brady's hat.


Ooh, the MFY won the battel of East - West doormats. I'm so impressed...

I hear $2+ mil per win Carl P. is headed for Tommy John surgery. There was a wise investment.

Next time you aspire to insult me, Lou (may I call you Lou?), please don't forget to turn your spell check back on.

Hey, LC, you got linked from
Scott's Shots!


I love Manny...that's pretty much that. Admire your damn moonshots, and work your damn ass off (and he does, despite his reputation). I don't give a rat's ass. Just hit 35+, 100+.

Tom Brady was not wearing a Yankees hat.

Bob Lobel made that video. He stalked Tom, took the video, and superimposed a Yankees logo using iMovie.

Over-weaned, Pinstripe Blunder, over-weaned.

Brevity is the mark of a good writer.


Even Joyce knew when to stop a sentence for God's sake.

Well, sort of.

BTW, why do Skankee trolls even come to this site if they expect anything less than pro-Red Sox comments?

I guess they're pissed that their brethren can't understand what they're writing if they go beyond, "yo - who stole my gold chain from my mom's basement? It was on the hanger next to my satin jacket."

Why do you take Marty's calls, battle the Boston media and rant at your fellow Boston sports teams if not to feed your collectively self-indulgent sense of isolation, angst and victimization? I seek only to be of service and give you what you crave. And you know that Joyce was anything but succinct...

The Thunder has spoken.

I'm sure Vin Scully was raw in the mid 1950's. Give Geffner a chance, lc, I think Lucchino's judgment could surprise you.

O'Brien's a professional...the team of O'Brien/Sutcliffe on ESPN is almost as authoritative as the Miller/Morgan broadcast tandem.

...is almost as authoritative as the Miller/Morgan broadcast tandem

You're being sarcastic, right, Jason? OMFG you must be. The alternative is too painful to consider.

FireJoeMorgan.com is now my second favorite site after this one (props to whatever astute Soxaholix commenter gave the link there the other week). Ken Tremendous is hilarious, and his dissection of Joe's "chats" is painfully funny (as in laughter through tears, how-can-this-man-be-a-top-analyst-for-the-country's-biggest-sports-network kinda way).

God, I love come-from-behind wins. It's amazing how when I turned on the TV to a 5-0 score last night after my run, I wasn't even nervous, nor then surprised when the Sox tied it. 2004 definitely erased a lot of demons.

//Why do you take Marty's calls...//

I don't, Chocolate Plunder, I don't. See, the thing is, Marty isn't real. He never actually calls me. He's a cartoon character.

I save my hatred and vitriol for the real-life Skankees.

Oh, incidentally, I've lived in NYC. Twice. Not proud of that fact, but it's true.

Your "battle the media" line rings especially silly if you've ever actually lived there.

I suspect, however, that Chillicothe, MO may be your true home.

One other thing: don't even consider battling me about Joyce. You will not, cannot win.

The Lightning has spoken.

I heard that the ME can't find that missing body because he was claimed off waivers by the Yanks and is starting Sunday's game for Pavano

Thunder doesn't know the meaning of defeat.

"It was falling on every part of the dark central plain, on the treeless hills, falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, farther westward, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves."

"Silently, in a dream she had come to him after her death, her wasted body within its loose brown graveclothes giving off an odour of wax and rosewood, her breath, that had bent upon him, mute, reproachful, a faint odour of wetted ashes."

Brilliant? Yes. Beautiful? Unquestionably. Succinct? You tell me.

In any event, thank you for acknowledging that Yankee fans, be they from Chillicothe, Chincoteague, Chula Vista or China, span the entire globe and are not circumscribed by the narrow corridors of 495.

So now you are "The Lightning?" A bit derivative, n'est-ce pas, although imitation is the highest form of flattery?

The Thunder has spoken. Aren't you running late to get in line for Spidey 3?

Snort-gurgle-cough...(good one).

I heard the ME can't find the body because it's all the way in Tampa. Mumified and deranged.

//Succinct? You tell me.//

Dickwad Chunder, did you actually read my comment? You know, when I said "not really" about Joyce being succinct?

//Aren't you running late to get in line for Spidey 3?//

What the hell does that mean? I'm a dork? Meet you at Pete's tonight and you can see for yourself. I'll even buy you a drink. Choco-tini is your fav right?

Eh. I tire of you. At least BigBri was entertaining.

Ever notice that those people who feel the need to tell you they "have spoken" often have the least to say?

Natalie has spoken. :)

Succinct, Natalie, succinct. Want to go to see Spidey tonight?

Resorting to "dickwad" is usually an admission of defeat. What ever happened to the "you will not, cannot win" bravado? Oh, I forgot... you meant "wait till next year."

I can't make it to Pete's, but I'll be happy to treat you when you come to Chillicothe. If I had ever heard of something called a choco-tini, I wouldn't admit it. And you can't honestly believe that we have our hopes for the season pinned to the overpaid MASH unit Pavano. Unlike the blind and indiscriminate faith of Red Sox Nation, Yankee fans are discerning in deciding which of their players merit their devotion.

You can always treat me to an apple-tini. Do you like apples?

Heh. It was "Dickwad Chunder," not just Dickwad. See, the "Chunder" part made it more Joycian.

BTW, I never said a word about Pavano. Well, not today anyway.

And again, if you ever really want to get into a discssion/debate about Joyce, I'll do it in the middle of City Hall Plaza.

Oh. Forgot. Chillicothe only has a City Hall Orchard.

Lots of apples there, though.

Right hb. I think Geffner sounds like he won a "call an inning" sweepstakes from a RS radio sponsor. He's very nervous...like you could sharpen a pencil in his asshole.

Dave O'Brien and Sutcliffe are ne plus ultra in their reinforcement of conventional baseball wisdom. Plus, Sutcliffe sounds like the Abominable snowman from Bugs Bunny: "I will love him and pet him and hug him and squeeze him"

I was just fucking with lc, knowing that the Trupiano affair has cut him deeply.

Let the record reflect that Natalie landed the first and only jab of the day. Maybe she is Circle incognito. Wanna come be our #5 pitcher until Hughes' hammy heals and either Clemens or Zambrano joins the rotation?

Bob, happy to meet you at the OK Corral of your choice to wax eloquent on Joyce if the Red Sox can sneak past Detroit, Cleveland, Minnesota and Chicago (I'll concede you Kansas City) for the wild card berth and meet the Yankees in the playoffs.

Although last year's Boston Massacre was satisfying, we have never had an opportunity to properly atone for `04. And THAT would be entertaining...

As always... the Thunder has spoken.

The Lightning must sign off, too. Have to go have a drink with James at Davy Byrne's.

Sorry, I had to do some, um work.

1. I didn't know Jim Joyce was succinct.

2. People who speak of themselves in the third person are abnormally self-obsessed. Look it up.

3. Thanks h.b., lots traffic today. Probably almost as much as you get in an hour.

4. 細い縦縞の雷は猿の球を吸うことができる

5. Trust me, it's worth the effort.


just what I need heading into vacation... the 'clap' of Thunder

lc- I have NO idea what "to inhale the sphere of the monkey it is possible the thunder of the thin vertical stripe" means...but it sounds painful.

//I didn't know Jim Joyce was succinct.//

Oh, SBL, he wasn't. That's why it was followed with "sort of" in a self-deprecating attempt to prove my previous post, and, ah, whatever. I'm tired.

Need that Jameson now.

LC -- unquestionably guilty as charged. It goes with the territory. But if you want to see a true study in narcissistic self-obsession, read Curt Schilling's blog, along with its 1001 sycophantic comments ("great game, Curt"... "yeah, fantastic game, Curt"). Do you guys actually read that stuff? Seriously, how do you tolerate it? He makes A-Rod sound positively humble. (e.g., "then I made my first mistake of the evening"... do tell)

I'm thinking sort of a one-two punch of revenge... the Yankees win the next few World Series, and you guys get Senator Schilling (R-MA). Damn, that has a sweet ring to it.

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try some time you just might find you get what you need."

Jagger & Richards, c. 1970

Nat, even though I am no longer your second favorite site, it is a loose translation for "Pinstripe Thunder can suck monkey balls".

god bless,



Less is more.

It was 1969.

細い縦縞の雷- あなたの日の仕事をあきらめてはいけない。

Q: 'Do you guys actually read that stuff?'
A: No.

LC -- hence the c. Good point on the less is more: 26-1. Have a good weekend.

Annoint us with an irritant.
We only yield pearls.


18-9. Best record in baseball.

Anne & I went to the Metrodome once. It is a silly place (like Camelot). Twins were playing some team that wasn't the Red Sox. It was 2002 and David was still with the Twinkies. The Crowd was all over him to steal second. It was very funny. Little did they know they were in the presence of a genius. It was our first major league game so we have fond memories. Twins lost. You're darn tootin!

Thunder? What a pommy asshole. Nobodys afraid of the thunder.

Nice Weekend y'all

I wonder about the mindset of people who exist merely to irritate.

h.b., not that it really matters, but can the second line of Circle's song (I know she's prob'ly making it up on the fly) read "Launch one up into the wind and out past the bullpen"? For meter's sake.

M/CA - is(s)he a pommy? That would explain a lot!!

The D-Rays are 2nd in the Al East. The only other team besides the Sox with 18 wins is the Brewers. Easy...

'I can't make it to Pete's, but I'll be happy to treat you when you come to Chillicothe' - I had her/him down as a midwesterner? Videlicet:

Oh, and the translation back of my earlier effort in Japanese (posted yesterday) is:
'The thunder of the thin vertical stripe - work of your day does not have to be abandoned.' Found in translation.

"Launch one up into the wind and out past the bullpen"? For meter's sake.

No, that wouldn't seem to work, at least to my ears. The "up into" in yours introduces an errant stress that would throw the Candy Man song beat off.

E.g., "Soak it in the sun ..." matches "Launch one in the wind ..."

Whereas "Launch one up into the wind..."
does not.

Might work, though, if you were to say it "Launch on up in the wind..."

In any case, I'm glad you're reading that closely.

Late night, h.b.?

BTW, big ups to Wakefield tonight. Way to man up while not at 100% in order to go head to head with another great pitcher.

By the way, I think Eli Manning got screwed tonight. The Yankees shoulda gotten that roughing the passer call tonight to let them rush the TD to finish 18-15 instead of 15-11 as it ended up.

Timmy exceptional [yesterday]
Batshit v Cy Young [today] - yikes! (go Julian)

But how 'bout them 'Pies:

Collingwood 11/20 86
Adelaide 9/8 62.


I'd like to give a shout out to the last place (and second place) New York Yankees.

Tell me the standings don't look sweet. RS 6.5 games ahead of everyone in the AL East.


I looked at that this morning too, LC, and was like "WTF"? But I'll take it.

I really don't know what pinstripe thunder is going on about with his "it's only " stuff. If I were him, given A-Rod's history of turning in MVP seasons for cellar dweller squads, I wouldn't be too happy about his ascendance in the Bronx. Well, I guess it gives him something to cheer about. Like the Seattle and Texas fans...

Thanks for the shout out... I missed them for a day. Thunder is flattered that you're thinking of him/her on the weekend. Admit it, gang... deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.

I thought I might hear something about last night's game... pretty ugly. Wang v. Weaver looks like our one decent matchup of the weekend (Weaver makes a good matchup for anybody). At least Yankee fans are willing to see Igawa for what he is... a moderately talented long reliever and marginally appealing trade bait... in short, a mistake. But you will cling all season to the improbable dream of Dice-BB's rehabilitation in the harsh glare of the Boston media spotlight. Not going to happen, friends. Can anybody say Dice Irabu?

As for the standings, enjoy them while they last. A century of success has taught us confidence in the face of transient adversity.

Though mellowed by the weekend sun, the Thunder has been invoked and, as you wished, has now spoken.

BTW, I'm more than happy to acknowledge a good point when I hear it, and Illegitimate has one. I have frequently complained that A-Rod could well have the last laugh by turning us into a team in his own image, as he did with the Rangers and Mariners. Yankee fans differ from Red Sox Nation in our capacity for sober, clear-eyed realism and discrimination in selecting the objects of our affection. Which is why next year we will send A-Rod to you, with our love, and you will receive him as your prodigal... you despise him mainly because he spurned you. Next year he will be proud as a Schilling to don the Big B.

Wang is perfect through six innings and I thought somebody should make mention of it.

Pleased to oblige, SDU. Through seven now. That's the beauty of baseball... 15 runs against Igawa et al. last night, no hits against Wang so far today. That was then, this is now.


I'll take the two-hitter... a lot prettier than last night. I feel so benevolent I even wish Taveras good luck against God tonight... I'll say a Hail Mary. Now my real quandary... I believe everything perjorative I've said about Dicey K, but one of my fellow fantasy owners impetuously, even by my standards, got impatient and dropped him. I don't play by "no Red Sox" rules. Do I swallow my pride and snap him up?

pt plays fantasy basesball.

So do the Red Sox, or haven't you noticed? Unlike Red Sox Nation, which reflexively vilifies anything in pinstripes, we don't hate our Bosox brethren. We love to have you around to humiliate every September, and we'll use you like Kleenex when it suits our purposes (which means I did acquire Dicey K). I say that in the most affectionate and respectful way possible. No shout out today, lc? You must be busy polishing your rear view mirror -- please read the objects may be closer than they appear warning. Lest I sound perpetually snarky, I thought Taveras pitched nobly last night.

Comments are closed until further notice.

(Don't you guys grow tired of feeding the trolls? Fuck, it bores the piss out of me.)

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