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My kundalini is rising

OK, hands up, who bailed out yesterday on these guys trailing, 5-0, with one out and nobody on in the ninth?


Heh. Who knew that watching the 2007 Red Sox would require the patience and perseverance of a tantric sex act.




Jeez, haven't any tautologous Yankees fans reminded them (and then reminded them) of the Mystique and Aura and how early it is yet?


Meanwhile, memo to Josh Beckett: It's ok to throw your slidah, but, er, stay away from the slicah, mmm-kay?


What the frig it up with dude's fingahs? I mean my gay hair stylist Stéphane has toughah hands than Beckett.


Yeah, anothah friggin "Mission Accomplished" there I guess.



Honestly, when they changed pitchers in the 9th, I just knew it was going to get interesting.

I love that Mike gets a pricey Newbury Street haircut. In Stephane's defense, those blonde highlights he must have to painstakingly apply to Mike's head are sure to toughen the old epidermis.

I scared the dog yesterday with my hooting and hollering and impromptu boogie in the 9th. That was FUN. Bring on Los Tigres!

Holy crap on a stick. Yesterday was a good day. At the park. Beckett strikes out five of the first six. The crowd start booing ground-outs….All of a sudden, I notice Snyder warming up in the bp. Wtf? The Guthrie guys was lights out. And then…

Thanks for coming, Orioles. That is a game that kills a season. Guthrie has pitched 90 pitches (67+/- for strikes), Manny has been pulled. Ramon (check him for sharp objects) Hernandez muffs a pop 5 feet in front of the plate. And then……….Perlazzo takes out Guthrie (why?). A few walks, etc., and in comes the Closah, Chris Ray. Who shits the bed. The O’s don’t come back from something like that. Not this year. One of the more amazing days at the ballpark I can recall. Right up there with Gus Triandos’ grand slam in 1958 (look it up).

Then, on the ride home, the pleasure of hearing the Mariners’ closah shut down the Yanx in a 2-1 game. Thanks, XM.

Since it was my first trip to the Pahk this year, let me say that Fenway, the rathole that is our cathedral, has never looked better (grudging thanks to Luscious). Much better ingress and egress before and during the game. My ass is still not suited for circa 1920 grandstand seats, but who cares? All the work they did along the right field line has improved the situation for people under the new construction as well.

Beckett has a boo-boo. Is that all we can complain about?


I don't get NESN out here in the midwest, but when I walked away from the computer I held only a glimmer of hope. Pops woke me up with a phone call and I knew exactly what he was calling about. You have to be happy about winning a game in which Joel Piniero pitched for more than an inning.

I'm not optimistic about Beckett making his next start. In fact, I think he'll miss 4 starts. (Willy Tyler and) Lester, where you at?

Oh, hey, speaking of XM, lou ... does the Mariners announcer sound like Bea Arthur to you?


definitely. He was verclempt in the 9th.

I too was folled into switching the channel. The game looked like a dog in the 7th and my son wanted to watch 'spongebob' or something. What's funny is I didn't know they won until 3-4 hours later.
The way the Red Sox are going right now is amazing. The rule of thumb in baseball is you win a third of your games, you lose a third and the other third is up for grabs. And that final third determines your season.
The Red Sox are winning the games they are supposed to win, winning all the games that are up for grabs and winning a lot of the games they are supposed to lose.
I haven't seen anything like this since the '98 yankees who won 114 reg. season games.

Becketts "boo boo" is something to worry about. To me the word "tear" is just a cover up for "popped blister". It will heal but the real issues are when Beckett changes his pitches because he is afriad of blisters, then he gets smacked around like last year.

I had to leave to do a Mother's Day thing in the 6th inning. I (naturally) did not have a good feeling about the eventual outcome of the game.

But thanks to the magic of MLB-EI and TiVo, I started zipping through the rest of the game after the kids were in bed.

It took me a couple minutes to scoop my jaw off the floor. I actually rewound it and watched the entire bottom of the 9th a second time.

Way to hustle, Lugo!

Are you kidding me? Lugo should have counted for 2 outs in the ninth inning instead of just 1! Beckett is going to be down until August with his finger woes, even though he hasn't had a DL trip since 2005! Sure, Hanley Ramirez went 0-4 yesterday on 7 pitches, but the rest of the season he's hitting .329! If Papelbon had pitched Friday instead of Tavarez, we'd be 9-1 for our last 10 instead of 8-2!

Whew, sorry, I was having a "paddy melt" that has lingered in my head since just before the ninth inning yesterday. But, man, those guys really know how to run with luck when it hits (or errors as the case may have also been).

Back in the real world, the whole "if the Sox go on a 2-10 streak while the Yankees go on a 10-2 streak" argument that was popping up last week (only the number was 4 back then) sounds as weak as I thought it would now. We just have too many good starters to go through the rotation nearly 3 times in a row and completely bust out against 4 different teams in a row. Meanwhile, the yAAAnkees don't have 4 starters (let alone a fifth, too) that can be as oppositely dominating and their lineup is very spotty it seems (Mr. April with 27 R, 14 HR, 34 RBI last month is now projecting a 16 R, 2 HR, 10 RBI month of May). If they get to play Texas and Seattle for the rest of the year, then their 8-5 record in May so far combined with a 9-14 April could project to a 95 win season! Alas, they have to actually face teams over 0.500 like the Angels, Mets, Red Sox, and White Sox for 19 of their next 22 games.

But don't misjudge what I'm saying. This is hardly a gloat. It's not the time for that yet. Yet, my sankhara is telling me to run with it for now...screw learning anything from the Pratitya-samutpada. The suffering from ignoring enlightenment might come later, but I'm living in the now, Buddha-boy!

It should be noted that Youk was clearly safe on the play at home. Lugo should have been batting with one out and the game tied, in which case the infield is in and his grounder to the right side likely gets through. Even if it doesn't they aren't doubling him up on that so it's game/set/match either way.

"Youk was clearly safe on the play at home."


totally agree.

I woulda thunk you guys would be rejoicing and celebrating your magnificent victory this morning, not gloating over the misfortunes of the poor $200 million MASH unit to your southwest. 2004 was supposed to cure you of all that. Yanno, when you get the message, hang up the phone. I should have known better.

The ultimate tautology
Obsession with your enemy

But if it's tautology you want, tautology you'll get. After all, tautologic is better than no logic at all.

Morning Is Broken

It's morning
Do not change the clock
Don't claim the tick
Without the tock

One to the infinite power of one
The night decides when the day is done

More talented? perhaps you are
Not always the decisive bar
In `49 we stole it, too
And viewed it as our rightful due
Expect no less than arrogance
Let commoners show common sense.

The brief democracies emerge
And toddle hopeful to the verge
Coveting their parity
Indulged by offhand charity
The empire ragged in its girth
Knows age and evil prove their worth.

Twenty-six breeds oh for six
I see a seven either way
And only fools roll dice in May.

Search for Jacob, finding jack
Oh hell, we're only eight games back
Just when you thought it was a Locke
A gunshot, then a bloody sock.

The most successful of them all
Will always lust for every fall
Yet since Jack Chesbro's wild pitch
We too have learned
that life's a bitch.

The monkeys need to take a break from typing now or they'll get blisters on their fingers. What's the ovah undah on them typing the same thing twice?


did somebody fart a parody of a radical islam songwriter's "hit" from 1972?

Maybe we can have a Ray Stevens parody or one based on the Archies.


I'll be traveling for business for the next couple days, so you'll be getting placeholder non-strips Tues, Weds, and Thursday.

I'll probably leave the comments open each day on the placeholders for the sake of community discussion, but I may have to do some "sending to the cornfield" first.

Took my Dad to the Rockies game yesterday. We did watch the first 2-innings at the bar before heading to the park. Then watched the mechanical scoreboard in right field for score changes of the Sox game. We were both overjoyed when they took down the 0 and replaced it with a 1. There is some life. Then really started to have hope when the 1 became a 4. Then high fives and cheers ensued after the 4 came down for the 6. What made it even better was seeing the F go up for the Skankees games. What a great day.

Don't feed the trolls

Pinstripe Thunder? That's a flippin' riot. Write some more poetry for us, will ya?

//OK, hands up, who bailed out yesterday on these guys trailing, 5-0, with one out and nobody on in the ninth?//

What are you, nuts? You never, never, NEVER bail on this team!

And Beckett does not have a "popped blister," or even a blister, for that matter. It's a cut. Nothing to do with the blister issues.

Don't feed the trolls

Well, then I guess that's it for posting from me today...

Forgot it was an afternoon game yesterday. I turned it on just as Lugo came up to the plate in the 9th. didn't know they'd scored all the runs in the bottom of the 9th until afterward. Wow! (11-0 with Cora starting now - but they really had to pull the rabbit out of the hat to do it this time.) Excited about the Tigers series. I'll have the tv on at the START of the game this time.

Color me guilty. I was already at the Taco joint and got a call that I should come home and watch the end of the game when it was suddenly 5-4. Chris Rey and Mariano Rivera are now my favorite non-Sox players in baseball.

For as great an ending as that was, Beckett's finger really scares me. I used to play a lot of guitar and learned a couple things about the skin on your hands. Basically, some people just don't have the ability to build up big calasis' there to do lots of intensive stuff with their hands. Dunno if it's the same with throwing a ball, but cuts on the tips of your fingers really, really hurt and take a long time to heal. Not to mention it's sick watching a gash open fresh every day until you get healed.


h.b. I never would have thought watching the sox this year would be like developing a case of blue ba..s. but yes I agree. Man thanks for expanding my vocab with the tantric sex act!!

Manny has his hand up.


I scored last-second cheap seats to the MFYs-Mariners tilt yesterday, so I had to miss the big Sox comeback. When they showed it on the scoreboard at Safeco, I couldn't believe my eyes. Here I was, all mentally preparing myself to lose a game off the lead, and we ended up gaining one! Hot diggity damn.

Making the day even sweeter, there was a group of MFY fans sitting two rows in front of me who made it a point to turn around, point at the scoreboard, and talk trash to me whenever the Orioles moved father ahead. They also took great joy in the knowledge that Beckett was out of the game and injured.

When the news of the huge comeback appeared on the scoreboard, the Mariners fans around me took almost as much glee in taunting the suddenly deflated Yankee fans as I did.

Forgive me Fatha, for I have sinned...I turned off the radio at the bottom of the 8th.

Beautiful day out here in the western part of the Commonwealth and there was alot of yard work to be done. Finished with the power tools, and out quilt, went back to the tube, turned on the post game show just in time to hear Orsello go bananas on the recap...as Ryan writes in the Globe, I will now have to perform a baseball act of contrition which may involve attending some T-ball games or something just as painful.

Should have know better, I was at Fenway on April 20th when they came back vs. Stinkees.

hb- if it's kundalini rising for male Sox fans, is it nadis flowing for us chicks?

Oh, Natalie, it most certainly is...

Let the yab-yum commence.

Well, in the 9th inning I was kicking myself for staying home to watch this miserable game instead of going in to lab (work) and being productive. But I figured, as long as I had wasted my morning, I might as well watch until the bitter end.

And then my laziness was rewarded. Un-friggin-believable game. This team is really something special... as is the Orioles manager. You pull the guy who's been completely dominating after 90ish pitches for no good reason? Really? Terrible, terrible move. But I'm not complaining.

been away for a week, so I'm just getting caught up here... 3 hour layover in Atlanta, and all I could get was the friggin' Braves getting their asses kicked by the PIRATES! I knew Beckett had been pulled and Sox were getting shut out in the 7th, but then the mofo pilot only gave the Skanks score, and then NASCAR and golf as his sports report from the cockpit... last time I fly Delta. Finally, hb- I hope there's no blog equivalent of the SI curse re: Beckett and your 5/9 strip
On the positive side, I'm happy to report that Key West is as crazy as ever

//When the news of the huge comeback appeared on the scoreboard, the Mariners fans around me took almost as much glee in taunting the suddenly deflated Yankee fans as I did.//

That's an absolutely hilarious story. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anyone interested in one legged latino dancing should follow this link:


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