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Mousing Around

Well, well, well, aftah 2 seaons of anticipation, we finally got to see A-Rod's infamous "dropping the shouldah move."


Though despite Slappy's "weight" and his tremendous fucking "velocity," Pedroia seems to have survived that most menacing and marauding of moves.


Thank God for the small miracles in life.


Yeah, well, I'm gonna cut those Guidos some slack.


How's that?


Think about it — Who knows what kinds of repressed A-Rod memories were triggered at Disney upon seeing a big-eared mouse wearing white gloves?


Yeah, it's a small world, aftah all.



An instant classic, h.b.

Even Mrs. LC, watching A-Honk go all rollah durhby on Dusty had a call-back to the manpurse chop at first base.

The game last night was sweet. The pattern to be followed all year, one hopes.

Now, though I have a new obsession. I need to get one of those skull-cap doo-rag thingies that Manny and Coco wear. Any ideas? They don't sell them anywhere that I can find on the Interwebs. Since yesterday's thread pointed me to a half dozen sources of Anchor Steam, it would seem that this new homework project would be a cinch.

And, somebody please throw Nancy a lifeline. He's turning into (RS era) Jack Clark before our eyes.


What an asshat :(

Best comment last night was from the Yankee fans in front of us, "Yeah so what, at least we have like 20 World Series rings." Right buddy, but I think it's 26 .. pretty much written everywhere in this stadium in big blue letters.

Nothing on Giambi this morning? Looks like he picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

I was actually hoping for Jeter and Matsui to get aboard in the 9th so Paps could stick one in Slappy's ribs. Can't wait to see his first at-bat tonight. Best camera shot of the game? 8th or 9th inning looking over the Yankee batter's shoulder and seeing the empty lower box seats. Rats leaving a sinking ship.

Instant classic, indeed. And I liked Pedroia's statement, too:

"I know now that when he's going in, my arm slot drops to the floor. Some people play like that, and some people come in with hard, clean slides."

"The Pedroia Arm Slot Drop" - Pat. Pend.

Beats A-Fraud's "dropping the shouldah move" hands down, er, so to speak. Next time he tries that move, ol' Slappy McBlueLips will be ‘Scarred for Life’ ®.

10-1 A-Fraud gets plunked tonight. Either early by Schill or late when the game has been decided by Delcaremen or someone.

eh, we're 10.5 games up and slappy's batting something like .240 in May, I say it'll be sweeter to watch the blue-lipped white-gloved purse porter go 0-4 with 3 k's and a popout in foul territory.

Getting beaned won't do it anymore. With how he acts towards our guys at Mordor, he needs to get spiked, hard, on a slide into third. Full on, Ty Cobb, knee-level, spikes-high.

He is a disgrace.

Oh, Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick.*

Posada is slower than molasses in February. What did you expect? Here, please, take the double play?

*Originally uttered to Mr. Poon by Stanton Boyd, President, Boyd Aviation.



//Posada is slower than molasses in February. What did you expect? Here, please, take the double play?//

Every shortstop or second baseman expects the runner to come in with a hard slide in an attempt to break up the double play. That's baseball.

What they DON'T expect is for the runner to pop up after the slide and throw an elbow at their gonads.

If you can't tell the difference, you're either a moron or a Yankees fan.

Oh my god, seriously? Defending A-Rod for that bush league move? I LOVE IT! Weren't Yanks fans the ones whining and bitching and moaning about Tek taking A-Rod down wearing his catcher's mask (as though it was some premeditated BFD, "protecting" himself from big scary A-Rod by not removing it in the heat of battle)? Hypocrisy is hilarious.

tnx Bob, but me don't like ebay

Um, guys, while I hate Blue Lips as much as the next guy, remember O-Cab did the pop-up elbow trick during the 2004 WS. Let's just sit back, enjoy our lead, and move on.

Someone needs to tell everyone in Brooklyn that 'doing what it takes to win' is not the same as 'impersonating an ape'. It starts with no-class jerks like ARod and works its way down to the fans. There is nothing redeeming about Brooklyn, the people who live there, and the team that makes it's filthy existance off those people. The fact they have won so many championships is testament to the fact evil never dies, it only multiplies.

SOSH has a whole thread about how Yankees fans act in the Toilet. The thread is here:


They go on to talk about what happens when these trolls come to Fenway. There is video included (NSFW on all these):






Based on the evidence, I am fully convinced that a 5th place finish for the Yankees will result in a massive purge and anyone with a B on their head in NYC will be in mortal jeopardy. I fully expect this is the year when the Yankees go back to being a backwards team incapable of success at any level, professionally or individually. I predict that at least one player will have criminal charges filed against him for on-field activity before the end of the year. I am preparing for these eventualities by scheduling travel for all of September and early October, fortifying the walls of all real estate I own, and watching every George Romero flick between now and then in case it comes to having to deal harhly with these hordes of mindless cretins.

Anyone who wants to join me in Cabo St. Lucas in September is welcome...


Mikey - I'm sure you meant The Bronx, not Brooklyn. The Brooklyn team left for the Left Coast a good while ago. And my time living in Brooklyn, "The Borough of Churches" left me filled with some very nice memories.

Another great game by batshit. Despite the walks he pitched himself out of jams and never gave up the big hit.

Is Mussina finally showing some age? It wasn't too long ago that he dominated the Sox as a member of the O's. I am "scarred for life" from those starts and am happy as can be whenever the Sox can defeat him.

I'll come to Cabo, but you'll have to give me directions, Mike.


Last night's win was big. The only way the Yankees were getting any serious momentum out of this series was if they swept it, and that's off the table now. Even if they beat Schilling tonight, we've only lost one game off a huge lead. Not too shabby.

I've gained a new appreciation for Batshit. At the beginning of the season my thought was "please o please, get Lester back in the rotation asap," but given the way Tavarez has held down the fort (and, of course, the huge division lead) they can afford the luxury of taking their time with Lester. Leave him in Pawtucket for awhile to build up his strength, I say.

Yeah, that Drew contract is looking better and better, isn't it? Of course, I wanted them to trade the farm for Andruw Jones last winter, so what do I know. :)

So if Youk was on first with less than two outs and Papi hits a grounder to start a DP, then Youk wouldn't try to break it up? puh-leaze. If it's that bad, let Schill plunk A-Rod and watch Petite do nothing.

I live in Brooklyn, and I think it's pretty nice.

I dunno, I think the hubbub over the elbow issue is a bit much. It's pretty cheap, and I don't think I'd be happy if one of the Sox did it, but it seemed fairly heat of the moment, and it DID let a run score. I'm not too worked up over it. As many have said, I'd prefer a win in today's game over other kinds of retribution.

jax - I don't think anyone has isssues with runners trying to break up DPs. It's the way A-Fraud went out of his way (and in incredibly clumsy manner) after the throw was already made to jump up and give Pedroia an unnecesary shot in the ribs with an elbow.

If you're honest with yourself looking at the replays, you know it was a cheap hack. I can't imagine the din coming up from the southwest were someone to put that same elbow -- in the same manner -- into precious Jete's ribcage. And Schill doesn't have to plunk the dumb bastard. An 0-fer night with a E6 or two ought to do it. :-)

//Um, guys, while I hate Blue Lips as much as the next guy, remember O-Cab did the pop-up elbow trick during the 2004 WS.//

That was bush too (and Cabrera got a verbal warning for it from the St. Louis second baseman). Does that somehow excuse A-Rod? No. A bush move is a bush move, no matter who does it.

The 2 spitters from Long Isle can use their mug shots on their xmas cards, just like last year, and the year before...

So, does Shilling throw it at A-Fraud's head so that everyone in the world knows what's up, or does he throw at the knees so that he's really trying to do some actual damage?

Schilling will throw at his head, both dugouts will empty (out of reluctant obligation on our side), and three more Yankee pitchers will be injured in the resulting fracas. Just what we needed. Thanks, biatch. It was a cheap shot, but neither A-Rod nor Giambi count as Yankees. Then again, maybe a good fight will wake us up.


Or he could throw it at his balls where it would absolutely no damage.

By the way, I linked to video of the bush league move by A-Rod in yesterday's comments, but MLB had YouTube take it down. Here's a link to the Extra Innings coverage of the play.

I welcome all ill advised attempts by A-Rod to act tough. Without this particularly sad attempt at aggression, we would not have this quote: "I’ve got to turn two with the Yankees 19 times a year, so I know now when he’s coming in, my (arm) slot gets dropped to the floor. That’s it.” Priceless. Lets me know a little something about Dustin too. Good times.

Contempt for A-Rod is the universal constant that unites even Yankee and Red Sox fans. Where we differ is that I want to send him to you wrapped in a little blue bow at the end of the season in exchange for Schilling (speeches, socks and all) and Manny (Manny and all).


PT - Throw in the Brooklyn Bridge, Philip Hughes and a case of some New York System weiners and I'll consider it.



Rob -- You can have Hughes four or five times a year for the next decade. Fair enough?


Thunder - Nope. Every fifth day, or nothing. :)

My money is on Slappy bolting to either the Angels or Dodgers this winter. Both teams have loads of money, excellent pitching staffs, and mediocre offenses. Both will be susceptible to the "we only need one big stick to put us over the top" syndrome, and both will dangle wads of cash under Fraud's nose.

I've heard the "Rodriguez to Boston" rumors, and I don't believe it. Why would he want to switch sides in a rivalry where both fanbases already hate his guts?

Aaron -- You're probably right, but a guy can dream.


Не кормите тролля
Non alimentare il troll
Das troll nicht einziehen
Não alimentar o troll
트롤을 먹이지 말라
No alimentar el troll
Ne pas alimenter le troll

He ain't a troll. He takes part in the discussion. Trolls go something like this:

"Red Sox sukc! We have 28 rings and u r teh stoopid!!!1!Eleven!"

...never to be heard from again.

Magna res est vocis et silentii temperamentum
(The great thing is to know when to speak and when to keep quiet)

I concur, da kine. Geff got you on edge or something, lou?

Trolls also post crap like this...


"Good point on the less is more: 26-1. Have a good weekend."-Pinstripe Thunder 5/4/07

He's lulling some of you into his basement....you've been warned!

I think Slappy Bluce Lips is s a real dick (beautiful swing in April though) but I recall Orlando Cabrera doing something like that (to Mr Small Market I think) in game 1 (I think) of the World Series '04 and I bet we all thought, well dubious sportsmanship but at least he's out there to win, showing some mongrel and all that.

AC Milan 1, Liverpool 0 :(

I would prefer to believe that simple tenants of Board courtesy have have held sway over the posters. Like young Skywalker, he may have lost an appendage in the process, but he appears free of the power of the troll darkside. (Please don't make me eat these words later, Darth.)

Guess I'm a simpleton for this belief, but I'm an honest simpleton. Hope I never find myself in the Purgatory that is Big Bri's Basement. His mom's a shitty cook.

Tenants? WTF? I meant tenets. F-ing arthritic digits...

Bluce Lips? Isn't that an Aussie Rules football team? I heard they had a real cracker with Geelong this season...

sorry, I disagree.
I think PT is a troll.

here's why:

1. Always taking a confrontational position, particularly vis-a-vis individual posters (not me, since he knows I don't give a fuck)

2. Repeat postings to shore up his previous, but now shown to be bogus, posts.

3. Transparent attempts to ingratiate himself with the "crew" [i.e. "enjoy the weekend"]

4. Always wanting to have the last word.

5. Appearing to think that someone actually gives a shit. I don't and don't expect any of you to give a flying fuck about anything that I say. If you chuckle, that's fine, but that's all it's about.

6. Having a "persona" which was self-defined in his first one or two posts. [Ok, so my "persona" is "surly but lovable", but some drunken ass-hat poster came up with that one, not me. I would have taken "semi-illiterate" or "older than Don Zimmer's u-trou", but that's the one that stuck. If you want to change it to something else, fine by me.]

In summary, PT is a troll.

Thank you, and enjoy having A-Honk drilled this evening.


j-o, In Re: bluce lips - that would be the consequence of 5-00am (AEST) start; loved the latin BTW. And Geelong suck (not really but...)

If he wrote "26-1," he's not just a troll, he's an ignoramus.

lc, I'm an optimist, so I like to think of people as semi-literate rather than semi-illiterate.

What's wrong with having contrary voices? We don't want this to be an echo chamber like those rabid right-wing and left-wing blogs, do we? Why bother going to the comments section of a blog that has "OMFG! I totally agree!" written 450 different ways?

(I'm looking at you, Curt Schilling.)

Wednesday night game in yankee stadium, 5th inning.

Pettite is throwing blatent spitters. He should not be allowed to blow (heavily) into his mitt while the ball is in it.


Big dif between "contrary voices" ala Jason O and "trolls."

I'm with LC on this one. While not of the same flavor/intensity as BigBri, PT's comments here IMO brand him as one of that crowd.

And I wonder, too, if even bringing up the notion of an "echo chamber" is seeing this site as something it is not.

This is not meant to be a Red Sox news site or where people come to discuss the inner workings of the Sox.

Look, this site is a joke. It means nothing. The characters mean nothing. It's a comic.

So if you come here to argue with what the characters have put forth etc then that's just plain fucking nuts as far as I'm concerned.

The trolls more than anyone else seem to be unable to separate the absurdity of the site from reality.

For instance, to actually sit down and want to argue with something Doug or Bill etc says in the strip makes about as much sense as the following imagined comment to a Peanuts strip:

"Mr. Shultz. I hope you enjoy seeing Charlie Brown get tricked again by Lucy with the football. You crack me up. But just wait. The bald headed kid will get revenge!!!! And besides, if you weren't so stupid, you'd realize Lucy is a bully and should be sent to counseling for being emotionally disturbed."

Know what I mean?

WHAT?!? The characters aren't REAL? You mean the centerpiece of my daily existence is all a sham? A "joke"? WTF!?! Well hell, Charlie. Let me help you pull the hatch door closed then. I've no reason to continue my useless existence....

Actually, hb. I think there's a little something more to it than a meaningless joke. Yes, the site has generated more than it's share of laughs for me - not only your characters, but the witty repartee from the regulars here -- Bob, Soxdownunder, Jason, ol' surly but lovable, Harwich Rich and many others (sorry if I failed to mention anyone else - it's not an intentional snub.)

I've also been directed to info on the Sox I'd not otherwise have seen. Not to mention tobe socks, Viet Pho food, Ditka, and trademarked catch phrases (some of which have me "Scarred for Life®.") Best aspect for me? The community of "semi-illiterates", smart-asses, wise-crackers, and Sox Faithful who show up most every day to offer their insights - both meaningful and absurd. You've cultivated quite a crop of crazies here, Hart. And from those of us who stop by throughout the day you are owed a debt of gratitude and a tip o' the bowler hat. The small joys I find lurking here brighten my day.

Many thanks.

Well said, Rob in Ct!!

I think it was Bob who said a few weeks back that it really hurts him when HB says the characters aren't real.

Yeah, that didn't come across as nuanced as I would have liked.

Didn't mean to imply the site has no value, merit, etc.

Was just trying to get across that it gets silly when people, and by people I typically mean trolls, insist on parsing every strip as if it's meant to be a Supreme Court opinion.

The strip/characters are intented to suggest a certain Red Sox fan zeitgeist, but if you look too closely at what they say to establish that zeitgeist, it won't, in most cases, hold up.

It's kind of like when a stand up comedian makes a joke about something. Typically that joke hinges on reality, but the way the comic addresses it does not.

For instance, take this Seinfeld joke:

Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant? I'm halfway through my fish-burger and I realize, "Oh my God.... I could be eating a slow learner."

Here the joke points to the irony of being at Sea World and eating seafood. It's funny.

But a troll would want to waste hundreds of words telling everyone in the audience that the restaurant at Sea World doesn't really serve food from the animals on display at Sea World.

And would then accuse anyone in the audience pointing out that it's "just a joke" as being part of some "echo chamber ball washing" cabal of the comedian's.

//but some drunken ass-hat poster came up with that one//

Gee, thanks LC. I'm hurt... :)


I missed these comments of yours that were posted yesterday morning. I guess it's audacious to disagree with you about your own comic strip, but I think you're being too humble. It's like the Beatles in the 1968 Hunter Pence biography insisting that people read way too much into their music -- they were, after all, just silly little love songs not worth parsing for deeper meaning. And, after that, that's what they became, and they were a hell of a lot less interesting than what Lennon and McCartney had written before.

It's less fun to believe that Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is just a little ditty about a drawing of Julian Lennon's classmate Lucy O'Donnell than to imagine something more fanciful. Nobody wanted to hear that the Beatles didn't have all the answers, even if they were ultimately proven to be as clueless as the rest of us.

Let people read whatever they want into your comic strip and your characters, but don't dismiss them as unworthy of fussing over. The humility, genuine or false, doesn't suit you. That's what literature is all about, narrative or comic, written or web-based. Once you put it out there, it belongs just as much to your readers as to you. Parsing every soxaholix strip for sly cultural references is part of the fun, even if half those references weren't really intended.

Your strip is "just a comic," but it has also created a community that has its own witty, ironic, slightly self-deprecating tone. That's what entertains me more about soxaholix than your typical blustery crossfire blogs that are all point counterpoint. And life does imitate art. Your commenters, from Rob in CT, Bob and LC to Kaz, Natalie, Jason O and Soxdownunder, have developed their own personas (personae?), just like Doug, Bill, Circle and, of course, Marty.

Just as your characters poke fun at themselves as well as others, my comments are usually intended to be tongue-in-cheek (don't take the shot --too easy). Do you really think that I have a point? Do you think that I'm trying to win a great debate with "I sing of Manny gladd and big" or "Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, the MFY are gonna win?" Do you honestly think that I'm trying to argue with your characters? I have real life TV characters to argue with, thank you very much. You're taking my comments far more seriously than I do, and more seriously than you want your own to be taken. Even I'm not egosyntonic enough to believe my "Thunder has spoken" drivel.

If I were a troll (and I STILL don't know exactly what the hell that is), I probably would have considered my mission accomplished and trundled cheerfully off the field when I got you to waste a portion of your day arguing about me. Not worth it and not my intent...

I'm just looking for a way to entertain myself (and, very occasionally, others) when I get bored at work (yeah, working today, too -- no rest for the wicked and all that), so please don't take me any more seriously than I take myself. Yankees-Red Sox is arguably the best sports rivalry in history -- where's the fun if you can't work yourself into a self-righteous lather about it? Apparently I like the sound of my own voice... not exactly a capital offense.

As for my Yankees, Huey Lewis may have been right. Have a good weekend, sir.


Meant Hunter Davies, not Hunter Pence. Hunter Pence is my second favorite rookie next to Philip Hughes (sorry, Dice-K). I really am getting senile, and here you'd deny a senile old man his fun.

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