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Let them brush your rock and roll hair

The Yankees return to their wicked winning ways.


Is it just me, or has Schilling pretty much been "teh Suck" against the Yankees since the Ballad of the Bloody Sock?


Yeah, well, the shutting up 55,000 Yankees fans consequence of the Bloody Sock pretty much gives the Schill a perpetual carte blance with me with regard to performance.


Besides at 9½ up, it's hahd to get too flustahed.


Seriously. You know things are going well when Yankees fans are pining for the good old days defined by "the all-id Yankees of George, Billy and Reggie"


Ah, yes, the glory days for New York. Maybe, too, if they bring back disco, the Son of Sam, double-digit inflation, the Love Canal, and garbage strikes all will be well again in Skankeeland.


Good times, good times.



Aaaah-that little band out of Carlisle :)

Woof! Disco and Son of Sam. I lived in the City that Summer of Sam, Studio 54 and the Big Blackout. Sumbitch that there were some frightening-weird times. I truly am "Scarred for Life®" by some of those memories. Mr. October and Billy the Kid did a lot that Autumn to heal some badass Dharma Karma® that Fall.

Good Times, indeed.

My two cents on yesterday's troll debate: the trolls are those who scream out for attention. I look forward to reading Jason O's thoughts because, Yanks fan or not, he contributes and gives me something to think about. I read the strip and comments daily. I contribute when I feel that I have something to say. I personally don't care if PT or anyone else comments but, like Reggie, seems mostly to be stroking himself and hoping that we'll join the party. There are trolls in all parts of life...at work, in the neighborhood, etc., and they are displaying their low opinion of themselves. Fine. Whatever. But let's see it for what it is.

H.B., I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - that you didn't win a few hundred thousand from this:


So wish I would have seen this one earlier today as I would have included it in the strip: Sox prospect outperforms Clemens.

If you're feeling a bit down this morning, please, read the above. It'll perk you up. I promise. (Dislaimer: Paddy is excluded from this implicit guarantee.)

Cool, The Cars

In any case, Walt "lives".

Welcome to the future, Jack is already there.


So I'm buying another bottle of the Suntory Yamazaki 12 year before the game, then I notice that they have the 18 year and also the highest level hibiki (teh xpensive) and I ask the counter guy (I'm there a lot) about it.

"Yeah, we brought it in and people are drinking it b/c of Daisuke"

I confessed I would be drinking b/c of Matsui. The look on his face was as if I had insulted his mother.

Love this town.

CB Bucknor should never be home plate umpire again. That was ridiculous on both sides. Al Leiter once remarked on YES that stadiums with QUESTEC virtually guarantee that umps will squeeze.

I know it is early to write the obit, but I'm feeling kinda glad that Theo didn't extend Schill without kicking the tires in 07.

The past belongs to the old (Schilling), the future belongs to the young (Buchholz)!

Thanks for the story, H.B.; I could use a little pick me up after hearing Sterling and Waldman gloat over the XM about the various home runs given up last night.

Meanwhile, I agree with Bill regarding carte blanche for Curt.

What is up with C.B. Bucknor?, not so much for the strike zone but didn't it seem like after Lugo complained he made it a point to kick-up his already exaggerated punch out call, its like he got swept up in it all and started playing to the crowd. He didn't even wait for an appeal on Coco's check swing.
Francona came out of the dugout not to argue but to tell him to go back and call the game...who the hell is this umpire?

Thanks for the link, hb. Sent it to my little brother who was at the Thunder game last night and it put his panties in a right twist, the (horror!) implication that a team would be better served by youth than Clemens... His snarky email response just made my morning!

Followed Buchholz vs. The Old Fat Guy via the MiLB web site last night and couldn't stop giggling with glee. The inning after the Sea Dogs took the lead (with Clemens giving up a run by walking, of all people, Iggy Suarez with the bases loaded) was especially telling: Strikeout looking, strikeout looking, strikeout swinging.

Past, meet future. :-)

Nat-Wasn't Snarky one of the Banana Splits?

Last night, I went with some coworkers to a "New York style pizzeria" near our workplace to catch the game. (Since it started at 4:05 out here, we had to leave work a bit early. Priorities, priorities.)

The game was on the big screen in the back room, and several folks in attendance had Yankee hats on. They attempted to talk a bit of smack as the game went on and the hits kept piling up against Schilling, but it was obvious their hearts weren't in it. How much smack can one realistically talk when you're nine games back in May?

As we got up to leave at game's end, a kid sporting one of those assinine "cockeyed" hats (you know, the ones that have the logo off-center so it will point forward when you wear the hat sideways like a moron) shouted "1978, Holmes! 1978." He seemed flummoxed when I asked him if he had even been born in 1978.

My "Congrats! Just three more wins and you're back to .500!" parting shot wasn't the wittiest I've ever come up with, but it seemed to annoy the kid, so I left happy (and buzzed.)

While everyone is getting sentimental out here over the 40th anni of the Summer of Love...nothing says peace & love better than the Splits

Think those guys were sippin' Kesey's punch?

I look forward to years of Clay v. Clemens match-ups...oh wait, this just in, the Yanks traded Clemens for Jamie Moyer.

While everyone is getting sentimental out here over the 40th anni of the Summer of Love...

Wait, when did we jump from that late 70s to 1967?

Was it The Banana Splits reference? (Technically, that was 1968-70.)

I'm still over here listening to Big Star and Television and not ready to go back further on the nostalgia wheel today.

But if you choose to go back, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and all that...

I'm still over here listening to Big Star
"September Gurls" (sic)

Well, right now anyway.

I wanted to parallel the lyrics of that song to how attractive (in my eyes) female BoSox fans between the ages of 17 and 35 are but I can't remember the lyrics...

Beats me. I'm still trying to figure out what "'78 Holmes" means. And why shout it at Curt Schilling?

Sorry HB for the decade leap but the Splits reference took me back to my time watching channel 56 on snow days

Can we get Clay B. a nickname...maybe Scud Buster since he took out the Rocket? Pretty lame but weren't those made at Raytheon?

Booker? Bookman? Clay-bomb? I think the name should have something to do with the nickname, and I'd hate for the kid to forever be identified with the fat HGH-using Rocket, even if the nickname indicates that he whooped him.

Talking about the '60s, my man Charlie was denied parole again yesterday. Sweet.

Also, it's Bob Dylan's b-day today. He's 66.

//Welcome to the future, Jack is already there.//

Yeah, that was actually pretty cool. But he seemed quite distressed; wants to "go back."

BTW, Mr. LC, thanks for calling me a "drunken ass-hat poster" yesterday. That was just cruel. Cruel I tell you.

Glad to see that the "is P.T. a troll?" debate is quickly dying out, and I'm certainly not looking to rekindle it. Unlike a genuine troll, I didn't like becoming the brief focus of attention. I'd rather see Soxaholix comments return to the combination of baseball, culture and wit that attracted me in the first place. I have to confess to being a functional computer illiterate and didn't even know what a troll was until I looked it up after the first "don't feed the trolls" warning, and I wasn't pleased with what I read. Not my intent...

Thanks to Rob in CT and da kine for the votes of confidence and Jason O for the wise counsel from our Latin elders. It would be dishonorable to reward you with churlish behavior in the future. I respect lc and others' skepticism and accept that I will be guilty until proven innocent in their eyes. I suppose I have only my own "Thunder has spoken" posts to blame.

Much of what lc described yesterday is true, but it's not my desire to simply bait, taunt and create dissension. Unfortunately, he's simply describing the, um, endearing traits of my personality shining through. I am a rather ornery curmudgeon by nature. I bristle only at the allegations of being confrontational. Adversarial? On Red Sox/Yankee matters, often. It goes with the turf. Confrontational? Not deliberately. I grew up as a Yankee fan deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation (yeah, I know, I had a deprived childhood) and, when I bantered with my Red Sox friends, we definitely played hardball, but it was understood to be as affectionate as it was antagonistic.

As for NY in the `70's, we're willing to take the heat for everything from the garbage strike to Son of Sam, but you cross the line with disco. Much like A-Rod, disco was an aberration that transcended geographical boundaries. And Love Canal is another geographical stretch... we didn't exactly weep for "wide right," either. No mention of NY in the `70's would be complete without Ali-Frazier at the Garden, CBGB's (RIP) and Max's Kansas City. THOSE were good times.

And just as I'm quick to say that the season isn't over, I'm equally quick to admit that winning two of three in the last series was no turning point... just something we needed to do to survive. We're still 9 1/2 back, and you're still playing like the better team... for now. No more Thunder... just PT.

I've listened to September Gurls a couple dozen times already today. You're so right, that is one of the great rock pop songs ever.

I'm also feel the same way about Thirteen. What a song. I love the Garbage cover of it too.

H.B. - "Thirteen" - definitely a gem. You should check out Elliott Smith's cover of it as well.

PT - For someone not wishing to rekindle the troll thread, that was quite the post. Here's hoping you've overcome your attraction to the Dark Side. :-)

Couple side comments on NYC (I went to college and grad school there and worked for my first 3-4 years mid-town)...

re: disco - you're not selling your sidestep. Sure, disco was everywhere, but there's no arguing that NYC wasn't the center of it all with the epicenter located on 54th Street . I made the Studio 54 reference based on experience - a football player I shared a frat house with during the Summer of Sam ('77 for you youngsters) worked as a busboy there, and talked me into coming down with him to see the place one night. No one would believe the stories he was trying to tell us about the place. Afterward, no one would believe the stories I tried to relate. Scarred for Life® doesn't even approach what I witnessed there.

Ali-Frasier at the Gardewn was a good call.

There was a place down in, I believe, the Chelsea area of lower Manhattan call Keen's Chop House. Do you or any other Soxaholix cast member have any familiarity with the place? A roommate's father took us there for probably the greatest dinner of my life. After beers and hors doeurves, the biggest, thickest steak I'd ever laid eyes on plus dessert followed by good brandy and cigars, we embarked on a philosophical discussion of the Great Books and a survey of contemporary civilization that has guided and inspired me to this very day.

Sadly, that could never be duplicated in the same way in this day of 21 yr old drinking minimum's and smoke-free restaurants. (and please don't lecture me on civil health matters - I'm not going to listen.)

Among the gems I took from that dinner? "A woman is woman, but a good cigar is a smoke." Inspiring, isn't it? Apologies to the swell-est teal dress wearing Sox-Babe on the Interwebs. No lc, not you, I mean our Natalie. :-)

Ok, no more rambling. **Best sonorous announcer voice** "Now back to our regularly scheduled programming..."

Rob -- I remember Keen's Chophouse fondly. It's still there. It's on 36th Street just west of Fifth... my grandmother used to live on 36th a few blocks east. Some marketing whiz renamed it Keen's Steakhouse, but I hear the food is still just as good.

Superb steak, good lobsters from the tank, great creamed spinach and one of the few places where I would actually order string beans of my own volition. Pricey, but "IMHO" better than the good but consistently overrated Smith & Wollensky.

Your discussion there sounds almost Algonquinesque...

You're probably right about Studio 54 being the epicenter of disco. I keep thinking that the disco sucks record burning took place at Yankee Stadium, but I guess that's just a memory trick of wishful thinking... I think it was actually Comiskey Park.

The Garden was a great place back then for Events with a capital "E"... Ali/Frazier in `71, the start of the `69 Stones tour that ended at Altamont... that should send me into blissful reverie for the rest of the day and shut me up.

I continue to struggle daily with the dark side, but I think I'll win... even if my Yankees don't.


Oh Rob, no offense taken. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a good cigar? :)

I remember NYC when Times Square was full of tranny hookers and pr0n shops. Does that make me old school?

Nat - You are a peach!

I mean, who doesn't appreciate a good cigar?
Monica seemed to - or so I heard.

Does that make me old school?
Heh. Class of '78, da kine. Love me some
Alma Mater
. I patronized one or two pr0n theatres in the district back in the day. F-ing Disney ruined everything! :-D

By the bye - thanks for the Keen's update, PT. Mayhaps next time I'm in the City I'll get re-acquainted with the place.

Stones was a good reference too, although before my tenure. I did see Led Zep there twice though, and once more out at Nassau Coliseum. They didn't bother to tell us that the f-ing trains stop running before the concert got out. Had to hitch my way back to Morningside Heights, or as it was referred to by the Hippy-dippy Weatherman himself, "White Harlem".

Now there's an old school reference for you, da kine.

Speaking of NYC, I'm headed down there this weekend with my roommate. Anyone want to toss out suggestions for what to see and do in a 60 hour span (Sat night to Monday evening)?

It turns out the guy lived down there while getting his Masters degree, but never actually got around to visiting places like the American Museum of Natural History, so he wants to go back and we'll probably rush a show on Broadway while we're at it. Myself, I only visited NYC for a few field trips from Baltimore in High School (Statue of Liberty with a Chinatown meal, etc). So, I'm a blank slate if there are suggestions for a meal, show, or event.

OT (if that caveat is required while we're yammering on about teh pr0n and Studio 54):

The Globule has finally gotten hip to the tabi socks. Two months late, boring broadsheet!

They don't even use the word "tabi". Maybe the editor thought the great unwashed masses wouldn't understand the strange furrin talk.

Oops. Here's the Globe link.

Kaz -- Jersey Boys is supposed to be brilliant (don't let the Franki Valli subject matter put you off), Wicked is supposed to be good and Legally Blonde is light but cute, I hear. Tale of Two Cities arrives on Broadway next year. And seriously... Rob was reminiscing about the best steak house in New York. Go to Keen's Chop House if you like steak and lobster. And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't remind you that, of course, you want to catch the Yankees-Angels. :-)


The extra jersey was a typo.

Yu like hamburgers, Kaz?

For the best in the world, go to Daniel Boulud's BB Bistro Moderne (West 44th St.)

The meat is ground prime rib, stuffed with braised short ribs, truffles, foie gras, and vegetable root.

I believe it's a modest $59 for dinner, although cheaper at lunch.

Don't forget Peter Luger in Brooklyn for the best porterhouse anywhere.

Oh, forgot to put the sarcasm symbol after the "modestly priced" line.


And it's DB Bistro Moderne, not BB.

BTW, despite that silly price, the burger is amazing.



Can we get Clay B. a nickname...maybe Scud Buster since he took out the Rocket? Pretty lame but weren't those made at Raytheon?
Yep, the good old Raytheon Company of Waltham, MA manufactures the MIM-104 Patriot. Wikipedia claims the missiles themselves were a product of Andover, MA.

That burger is ridiculous (in price and size). Thanks for the info, PT and Bob.

Peter Luger's completely, utterly, devestatingly ROCKS! Far and away the very best steak shop ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD (caution - big buck$). Can't speak to Keen's as I haven't been there in forever (as no doubt you gathered from earlier meanderings), but, if it's anywhere close to what I remember, based on PT's comments, it comes highly regarded if you don't feel like trekking out to the Borough of Churches.

However, if you do choose to go to Brooklyn, don't forget to stop in to Junior's on Flatbush for some cheesecake. Mmmm, mouth is watering like Homer Simpson's just thinking about it. I believe the D train drops you pretty close to the door.

lol nice burger

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