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I has no timez!!

Lisa the Temp:
Have you noticed, peeps, how the 3-day weekends are stretching into 4-day weekends around here?


Lisa the Temp:
Luckily Lisa is on the case and picking up the slack.


Lisa the Temp:
Busy, busy, busy temp worker I am … I mean, c'mon, these cat pics don't caption themselves now do they?



Sorry for today's abscence, folks.

It was not planned.

The boss told us early in the week we could cut out by noon today if all our crap is done.

Well, I was sitting pretty yesterday as of 4pm and already making afternoon plans for today when my phone rang … seems a project I'd sent up the pipe a few weeks ago ran into problems and is now backing up right back into my lap.

I have to fix it and send it back. Could be one of those things that takes an hour or takes 10 hours. But either way it has to be done. Today.

So have a great weekend if I don't talk to you again before the end of the day.

Lisa. Cat. Lisa's cat.

More than we deserve, h.b.


Either way,have a good and safe holiday hb

Fun and safe weekend to you all (even PT, or Pin-knife Chunder, or whatever his name is).

Thanks for leaving us Lisa in your absence, H.B. With her new keyboard, she pushes even more of my buttons.

Some of the enterprising folks at Surviving Grady have even turned to making lolDustin pics, like this.

I think lolcat pics are hilarious most of the time. You can even make new ones yourself easily at Lolcat Builder.

Here's my brother's cat doing his lolcat impression.

Thanks, Bob. You, too... Enjoy your trip to NY, Kaz. Safe holiday to all...

Thanks, Bob. You, too... Enjoy your trip to NY, Kaz. Safe holiday to all...

Those lolcats are damn funny... they need a similar site for dogs. I'd post a picture of Tess carting a tree branch around with serious pride. (Seriously, small sticks, forget it. Massive branches that make her look like some hormonally advanced reindeer need to be carried around the neighborhood for all to see).

hb- good luck with your work, hope you get out of the office at a reasonable time. Happy weekend to one and all! Thank god for glorious weather- it's time for a beer at an outside spot tonight.

Enjoy it all. Root for a sweep in Tejas. I'll be at the pahk Monday night to see if Schill still has it.


Thanks, Nat. You, too. Have a great weekend. Enjoy that cigar!

The weekend starts.....(wait for it...)

NOW! Woo hoo!

I'm still at work. Anybody there?

(Advertising. A glamorous business indeed.)

yeah, Bob I'm still here. til 8. and again all weekend *sigh* Thank Al Gore and the interwebs for Slingbox

Yikes. At least I get three solid days off.

Well, I have to get a few work things done, but they won't take me more than 5-6 hours total. And it'll be at home, which makes it tolerable.

Enjoy the weekend as best you can, buck.

Thanks, Bob- you too. And to anyone else still out there

(crickets chirping)

(Tumbleweeds blowing down street.)

(And through office.)

(I'm out of here.)

OMG - what a love in! HBs been putting MDMA in the water cooler.

Just a two day weekend down here - grumble bloody grumble.

Mellow out, SDU...chill...

(Okay, NOW I'm out of here.)

Mellow schmello! - ;)

BTW I was able to get out of work just after noon. I tried leaving a comment, but TypePad was down...

Enjoy the 3-day (or the 2-day depending on your national circumstances)!


If there's E in the water cooler, it's leached into the system here in KC. I had a colleague volunteer to take my Saturday assignment, meaning my four-day weekend starts when I leave the office at half past midnight.

It'll be my first Memorial Day off in years. (OK, so I could have used the double time holiday pay, but I'll live.

Been a while since I've gotten to read in. So, apologies for these being late:

Pho: Here in KC, I recommend either Viet Nam Cafe location (had the pho dac biet yesterday ... mmmmmmm).

Steak: One of the best rib eyes I ever had was at Casey's Cowtown Club in Dodge City. Makes sense -- the stockyards and the packing plans are both right there.

Kansas City's got some good steakhouses, too. But that's one thing I prefer to do myself, even if I can't spring for prime at the market.

Packing *plants*, I meant.

Sheesh, and I call myself a professional.

Also neglected to add, "Be safe out there," to all traveling this weekend.

I feel your pain, buckman. It's Saturday, and I'm at the office. I'll be there the day after that...and the day after that...and the day after that...

Love it. :)

Got off early Friday to play street hockey Fri. Sat eve in CALI. 72 degrees, brought my kids to entertain my parents in San Jose milking my 6th beer/first white-russian(old man drink my wife calls em) and just finished watching Paps shut down Tex on espn combined w/a mfy loss. Great ending to a nice day by the pool. Have a GREAT weekend! Prob see ya tomorrow eve.
Go SopX oopps sox ( dam booze)

Et tu, noble Derek? The fat lady still hasn't sung, but rumor has it that she was seen heading for the ladies' room with a big mother bottle of Listerine.

If 12.5 is the answer, what is the question?

What do you get when you add A-Rod, A-Brew and Giambi Juice, throw in a sprinkling of Cano, a dash of Mientkiewicz, a hint of Farnsworth, a nicely-seasoned Mussina, a well-aged Rivera, subtract Hughes and calculate Pavano at zero?

Alternatively, what is the midway point between a descent into the abyss of last place, 25 games behind, and a miracle comeback to tie it up?

It's beginning to look like a long season of drizzle, without nearly enough convective lift for Thunder.


And, at the risk of offending my Yankee brethren, I remember the Yankees of `78. They were fresh off two World Series, including a win in `77, and they were a team of excellent pitching and colossal talent who slumbered into August before awakening to their true potential. This ain't them.


didn't the '78 Spanks also change managers about this time? Went to Lemon? or do I have my years mixed up? In any event, here's hoping Joe Torre survives ;-)

It was Lemon, although I forget whether it was Lemon #1 or Lemon #2. Lots of musical chairs back then, as you know. No mas had a good article on the Madness of King George that h.b. referenced in the strip last week; I pasted it below.

If our death spiral continues, I'm hoping that Steinbrenner has the decency to let us play out the season in genteel mediocrity, but we all know better. I love Torre, but I doubt if he can make it to the All-Star Break if we remain double digits behind. The fact that 90% of Yankee fans are rooting for him won't stop the insanity. Maybe George will replace him with his prodigal son Rocket and pretend that he's amortizing his $28 million across two positions.

Talk about "seemed like a good idea at the time." If the Yanks continue to tank, Steinbrenner will regret the (prorated) $28 million spent on Clemens (if he doesn't already), and Clemens will be miserable leaving Texas to end his career pitching for a club going nowhere. I fear dark days ahead...


Looking at the standings, it isnt just the Sox beating up on the east, the 2nd place team (the O's) would be in 4th or worse in 4 of 6 of the other divisions. Its not necessarily the Sox fault we're so far ahead, but our division is weak.
...!!But we are 15-7 vs the east so maybe it is us...ah who cares we're kickin' ass & i'm lovin' it!!


Oka-jima san,
A Kintees Tee now honours;
Three saves in spring time.

let's play anagrams...

Hot fondled letters

zzz = mn = dontfeedthetrolls.org
Yes, yes, yes. Surely, life is too short. Focus on getting rid of Larry's Guy from the radio commentary.

How goes the Leiningen v. the ants saga, SDU? If it's any consolation, I'm working today, too, Memorial Day or not. I think my office is the original "city that never sleeps."

the ants are all DEAD!
new york falls further behind!
trolls dot com sucks arse!

and if 13.5 is the answer, dot dot dot ... ?

Puh-leeez make Cafardo stop. He's morphing into CHB in front of our eyes, giving a half-meloncholy assessment of Manny's year so far. Can't win for winning.

The last couple victories are ominous...if they were in July or August I'd say 'we got the mojo this year', but it's still too early. Paps giving up a run here or there, late inning heroics by Lugo and Pedroia...okay, maybe trying to lower my own expectations.

And on another random thought, Youk is looking like MVP material...

20 games over .500 in late May, beating a good Cleveland team...ridiculous...

g o
'half-melancholy'...'lower my own expectations' ... 'ominous' ... 'giving up' ... 'can't win for ...' ... 'beating' ... 'like MVP' ... ...

So 'ridiculous' is it, that I am almost afraid to come. But, nevertheless, I am coming.

Too easy, SDU. How many innings has Carl Pavano pitched since June 27, 2005? Seriously.

Don't get superstitious. I think this may be your year. It sure as hell ain't ours. Good work on the ants. Talk with you tomorrow...

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