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Barbarella, come and save me from my misery

Despite avoiding the sweep by the Mets, you've got to figure that right now Yankees fans are feeling like beachgoahs at Maho Beach in St. Maartens as the Red Sox seven-four-seven makes it approach.


No kidding. As David Ortiz says: "We don't need to worry about nobody right now. Everybody needs to worry about us."


But speaking of airports, I got stuck yestahday in the air traveller purgatory of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Craport and had to enduah watching Kason Gabbard's superb debut via the technological backwater of TBS.


Ah, yes, "the chatty, focused, yet effusive," Chip Caray.


Dude, did you know TBS has the rights to this year's Division Series?


I vaguely recall hearing that — But can't be any worse than ESPN or FOX, right?


Well, you'd think, except that as my 5 hour, vodka-tonic drenched relationship with TBS made as clear as is possible in 480i — TBS does not broadcast in HD!!


Ohfercrissakes. You mean in a year when the Red Sox have a 95% chance of making the playoffs and we are going to have to watch the games in the standard definition slums?


Seriously. What the frig is wrong with people?


I guess it's what you'd expect from Ted Turner. The guy was cutting edge at one time but is now stuck in the past.


Seriously, just look at the Braves. Hey, Ted, 1990 called and they want their wife beatah manager back.



Don't be mean to Bobby Cox. He's old and he'll die soon.

Cox thinks cryogenics gives him a shot at Connie Mack's record!


Don't get HD. Don't need it.

Just give me Glenn Geffner and a tub of Wild Turkey and I'm fine.

Nice try at bashing RSN yesterday in the NYT (17% owner of Your Beloved Boston Red Sox). Something about Red Sox Fans being uncouth haters of all things Yankee. Well, yah... but it's not our fault. We don't like the Blue Jays or the Orioles (kinda like the DRays), but we're not hatin' on them. No, asswipes, the problem is that Yankee fans are subatomic dicks. Just sayin'

BTW, how do the 3rd and 4th years of Damon's contract look now? Maybe they can build a chute in Center Field in the stadium so he can roll it in underhanded when he's not giving the ball a little giddyup from his glove over the wall.


Don't get too cocky, Doug. The pitching matchups ain't that good. paddy24 predicts a Yankees sweep and a meteor strike on Fenway this week.

I'm good with TBS on the divisional series as long as Buck and McCarver aren't there.

Somebody tell Joe Morgan that we all get it ... Tyler Clippard sometimes falls toward third base and sometimes toward first when he pitches. Sheesh.

Stuck in hotlanta airport? To bad Doug couldn't get out to enjoy the weather...

We only have a few more weeks until Atlanta reverts back to the 9th layer of hell.

lkeG-my thoughts exactly re: Joe Morgan last night. I've noticed it before, too, he has OCD when it comes to proving his point. He HAS to mention any evidence of his being right EVERY SINGLE TIME. Insecurity anyone?

I am now the proud owner of 2 tickets to see The Police at Fenway in July.

It's looking like a good year.

It's a 95% chance of making the playoffs using their original version. But when the Electric Light Orchestra is brought into play, the chances drop by about 10%. ELO has always been nmore of a New York band ayway.

Kaz, I got a couple tix to The Police, too (10th Man plan don't ya know). But they're for a co-worker.

I'm more of a Clash guy myself.

Oh god, one of the worst nights of my life was spent at Hartsfield Craport. My father and I were flying back from Florida, and the entire airport closed down because of some freaking rain. So, we slept on some incredible uncomfortable seats at one of the gates since we had a 6 AM flight the next morning.

Every 30 seconds the "make sure terrorists don't steal your bag" announcement would blare, making for one long-ass night.

Atlanta can suck it.

Kaz, when's the Fenway show? I'll be seeing them at Churchill Downs on July 14th. My seats are on the track itself.

Yeah, getting stuck in Hartsfield sucks and it seems like a given that you will get stuck if you have to pass through there.

But I guess it's better stuck there then at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport which has to be the worst, in particular the dreaded "Concourse C."

Oh, hey, digging pretty deep with the Barbarella-Ted Turner connection. The Dennis Miller comment from last week must have inspired you, hb.

"Somebody tell Joe Morgan that we all get it ... Tyler Clippard sometimes falls toward third base and sometimes toward first when he pitches. Sheesh."

Ah, but what dipshit Joe failed to mention was Clippard was doing that to avoid broken bones on any potential combackers per Gene Monahan's instructions!


Seven yrs of Chippy doing Cub games about put me over the edge. He's unlistenable

Tarrkid, I think the tickets are for July 28th if I'm remembering correctly.

Man, it's great going into a Yankee series feeling absolutely no tension, ain't it? That's the priceless peace that being 10 games up in the loss column brings. The pressure's all on them; if they get swept, their season just might be over. Yes, even in May. Conversely, if the absolute worst possible result comes to pass and they sweep us... we're only seven games up in May. Oh no!

They've got their three best pitchers going, but if Batshit can just replicate the performance in his last start, we've got a fighting chance in all three. I think we'll get two out of three, which is good but certainly not a kill shot.

I know others have said it, but I really think MLB needs to rethink its scheduling philosophy for this rivalry. Half of the games will have been played and it's not even June! That's just deeply, seriously wrong.

So my cross-continental trip this week, w/ my 7 month old - connectors coming & going through Hartfield - should go smoothly right? Nothing like waking up from a red-eye in Atlanta.

Sorry HB, but kinda glad my wife doesn't read this surly, lovable site.

Said it on Friday - but glad at least TBS is national. Painful to watch games on the computer & haven't ponied up for ExtraInnings yet.

I was talking to two friends of mine (ostensibly huge Sox fans) at work this morning who said they were having a hard time getting excited about this upcoming series... What? You've GOT to be kidding me??? I want to bury the Yanks, humiliate them, destroy their souls; I have never looked forward to a three-game set more! I remember too vividly the shit I took from my brother (yes, he's a Yanks fan... he's adopted :) and the other Yanks fans I am friends with over that 5 game sweep last Fall. I will be watching every game and hopefully cackling with glee. If the Yanks do get swept, what type of carnage do you think we'll see? Will the old Steinbrenner emerge and go scorched earth? That would be awesome.

Atlanta does suck to get stuck in. My favorite airport to be laid over at (if there is such a thing) is Charlotte. Decent sports bars. I have gotten very happy on Doug's vodka tonics in that airport. Good times!

Anyone else watch Sports Xtra last night? Wendi Nix SUCKS. She actually made the CHB seem more upbeat and optimistic about the Sox. The hell?

Dude, a Scott Weiland "12 Bar Blues" reference?


I thought I was the only person in America who owned that album.

I thought I was the only person in America who owned that album.

Did you buy it used? There's probably only one copy in existence, and it just gets shuffled around. :)

Shuffled-Vegas,I get it :D

I flew into Cinci/KY for a Phish show a few years back, and I couldn't believe it was a legit airport. It reminded me of the little commuter place in Lawrence Mass, not a major city's only choice for air travel.

Also, what is with that city? Reminded me of Worcester. The sports complex on the river is just weird, with that awkward raised area to get into US Bank Arena, and the complete lack of atmosphere generated by GABP.

Not impressed. But, the airport was better than Tampa, where I felt I needed a flashlight inside, and an armored car escort outside.

What's up with knockin wooster! I have nothing but fond memories from the city of seven hills.

Can anyone explain to me why the PECOTA-based projections and the ELO based projections are so different?

Typically, I find that the ELO predictions are full of some "strange magic." And, since I'm a Mr. Blue Sky kind of guy, I hope they don't bring me down.

Just hold on tight...

Dude, you are an evil man (digga digga digga digga doo) for putting those songs in my head

Awesome, hb. And here I thought there was "insufficient data coming through."

Sloooooow down... :)

Nat, you want to destroy my soul? How sweet. Gotta warn you, my chile, the "troll" has an old soul. If it survived the 12-year drought of the CBS Years and the 14-year famine of the Winfield/Mattingly era (no fault of Donnie Baseball, I'm sure), I think it can survive a couple bad MONTHS.

Khruschev wanted to bury us, too, and look where that got him.

Thank you for the hatred... it fuels me in my hour of darkness and awakens me from my torpor. Seriously... dish served cold and all that.

26-2 or 27-1
The season is over
When the fat lady's sung


ELO - Heh.

"I'm turning, I'm turning, I'm turning to stone..."

May Jeter's and Cano's hands continue to turn to stone (in the infield anyway...)

And just to pre-empt any "don't feed the trolls" remarks, you know I only respond when you speak so affectionately of my Yankees. You don't really want to be seen as thin-skinned schoolyard bullies who can dish it out but can't take it, do you? I didn't think so.

Besides, you're winning... chill and enjoy.

A boxing match isn't good sport if you tie the other guy's hands behind his back, right?


Aw PT, hyperbole and all that. You know I love ya like a brother from another mother.

While it will always be fun to momentarily demoralize the Yanks and their fans, if y'all were completely destroyed for the season come June, the Sox winning the division would lose a lot of its Aug/Sept fun. The rivalry fuels both ways... wouldn't want it to ever become too lopsided.

[I am also knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder and all that crap, because 32 years of Sox fandom doesn't let me talk smack without feeling like I am tempting fate to strike me down.]

But despite my caveat, I will say: Putting the end to all that "Mystique" and "Aura," announcers and commentators slobbering all over the Yankees, them being the "best organization in baseball" crap we have had to swallow for years (which would have to finally happen if they don't even make the playoffs, right? right?)???? That would be priceless.

I love you, too, Nat.

My compliments on a very judicious use of "momentarily"... given our current level of ineptitude, I would consider emerging from this series with even one win absolute dollops of gravy.

As for your priceless moment, sorry... ain't gonna happen. We've missed the playoffs in one form or another 65 times, at last count, and the mystique and aura live on. And it has nothing to do with Steinbluster and the organization (although he gets props for rescuing us from CBS and the entertainment value of his feuds with Martin, Reggie, Winfield et al.).

It's, um, the Yankee thang.

From the torrid rain forests of the Amazon to the windswept plateaus of Tibet, the whole world knows that Rocket signed with the Yankees (a deal I'm sure both sides would love to annul at the moment). The Red Sox in first place? Not so much. It transcends good marketing, you know I'm right and you know that it pisses you off just a little bit.

By the same token, the Thunder giveth as well as taketh away (sorry, SDU, I'm back to my third person issues). `04 has a certain mystique and aura of its own that we can never take away from you, and you know that it will never be QUITE that good again (right?)

As for tempting the fates, remember what one of your own brethren said... don't stop looking over your shoulder until we're mathe-frigging-matically eliminated.

And I'm glad you admitted that winning wouldn't be quite the same if we played our way out of it by June. Beating Baltimore by 10 games? Eh.


The Police...The Clash...ELO. This joint just gets creepier and creepier.
Teh demagraphic is, like, way old. (I confess I'm with Bob on this issue).

2 monthly Collingwood report: The 'Maggies' blew a 20 point lead on Sunday to lose by 35 points to the dreaded Footscray (well that's what they were called when the Clash last toured Australia). We slippedfrom 3rd to 7th on the AFL ladder. Won 5, lost 3. Here's a link to a photo gallery of the game:

HB -- I don't want to bring you down, but I hope the pilot of your 747 doesn't mistake the airport at St. Bart's for the one on St. Maarten. I hear the runways are much shorter... they end in September.

I LOVE it when Big Papi starts making pronouncements and you start fretting about playoff announcers in May. I'll take my five percent and run with it like a thief in the night.


At least there aren't any Herman's Hermits references! Now THAT would be creepy!


SDU, why do they need so many refs in the AFL?

I would have to say most Americans would find it hard to cheer for a team in that uniform.


You're really starting to bore the fuck out me.

It's a fucking comic. Don't take it so personally. You don't have to respond to every strip, to every other commenter, etc., etc, over and over again day after day.

Just click off, go look at porn or something.

Your comic, your call. I misjudged your tolerance for banter. Next time any of you visits Yankee Stadium, please don't heckle. Thanks.


When we go to Mordor, we're too busy being spit on to heckle. Mystique and Aura apparently means acting like a jackass to opposing fans.

Worcester's fine, but here's my question, what major sports teams do they have? Cinci's had a major baseball team for the last 135 years, and Worcester's left in the 1870s. Cinci gets way more cred for a Worcester-y experience.

Also, it's a bummer the fashion outlets went to hell in the mid 90s. Those used to be decently fun.

One man's banter is another man's horse urine


NolaSox, Sorry for delay but the answer is something like this:

There are goal umpires at either end of the field who arbitrate solely on goals (6 points, through the big sticks) and behinds (one point through the outside of the posts). Because the game moves so quickly up and down the field the goal umpires have to stay behind the posts.

Then there are the field/boundary umpires - there are three (or is it four?) of them. They arbitrate on stuff like whether one bloke belted another legally or illegally; to rulle if the ball went out of bounds etc etc. There are 3(4) of them bcause of the size of the field (it varies from ground to ground but it is always big - much longer than the grid iron and almost round) and the speed of the play (eg two fifty metre kicks up the guts moves the action by 100 metres).

Incidentaly, the referees are called umpires officially. Unofficialy, because they used always to wear white, they were (and often still are) known as 'maggots', at least at Victoria Park.

Hope this makes some sense - Go 'Pies.


... and I just got the point about the uniform. he he he!

TBS plans to launch their HD station in September, before the start of the MLB playoffs.

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